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----- [Note: If you want to see a bigger version of any of these images, please contact us and we will put you in touch with a therapist in your area] -----

As you can tell from our sight design, we VALUE using modern technology and taking advantage of the features the Internet has to offer. Many news providers and other sites now offer WAP and PDA services. Surely, we would be foolish not to jump on this bandwagon.

In addition to offering a "lite" version of this site, we also have an "Instant Noodz" service which brings images to your PDA, mobile, or toaster within 2 to 3 minutes. This page provides a sample of the erotic images we can send you daily as part of our Deluxe Members' Package.

Below, full-body shot of Jeri, lying exposed and willing.


Hans and Kim-chi demonstrate the missionary position, a tried and true favourite for many couples. You would never guess it from this shot, but Kim-chi is actually a RealNoodle. Not yet available commercially, RealNoodles promise to offer consumers the finest love noodles with the convenience of your local take-away. As an interested party in the RealNoodle venture, we will let you know when the products near release. Kim-chi is a number 3 body.


Missy emerges shyly from the bath, unaware that our hidden camera is capturing her every move.
     (        |      )
     |`"--.___|_,--"'|  ___,------.
     |               |-|___        )
     |               |     `""----'
     |               |
     |               |
     `-._        __.-'

Double penetration - Lorri is skewered by two tines at the same time.
   || \

! ! please note !
If these sample images are still too bandwidth-intensive for you, stay tuned for news on the PixelNoodz project, inspired by PixelChix.


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