Silly and non sequitur anagrams

You had to be there for the threads. But here is the out-of-context madness anyway. Every once in a while, someone on alt.anagrams presents a strange phrase and asks people to figure out what common phrase it's an anagram of. After figuring out the answer, I like to come up with less plausible alternatives. Several of the anagrams here were the fruit of such silly efforts.
Note that the anagrams that are new since my last update will be marked as such (they are not necessarily at the top).

President Barack Obama = "I dream Bonaparte's back." and
President Barack Obama = Aim: Bareback porn dates!

[From the Harry Potter thread]

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone =
Try dope/hashish/pot. Enter prone harlots.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets =
Arrest the French, somebody! The crap art...

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban =
Deep Throat, a thanks for any bizarre porn.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire =
Royal photo frightened far better!

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix =
Oh, no! Fear the horrid property tax! The end.

[A groany excursion with horrible letters]

Sharks with fricking lasers =
Fish shtick sinks larger war.

Virtual reality = Truly evil Atari!

[Food, mostly from the breakfast thread]

I've just discovered a lot about myself. I thought I had a healthy diet breakfast-wise, but it seems I often end up starting my day with
cask beer/real fat
= breakfast cereal.

Haggard, solemn. = Golden Grahams

Pale sick. = Special K!

Apricot preserves with toast
= Approve erotica's wet t-shirts.
= Oh, we crave spirits, taste port.

A banned book's taste = Baked beans on toast.

Chicken pasta alfredo
= Alert codfish pancake
= 'Freak spinach located!'
= Radiant peacock flesh
= Chef's Tackle (Paranoid?)

[From the 'Where is Osama hiding?' thread]

Osama bin Laden's hideout
= at Anaheim bus station, loaded. [a disturbing image]
= A sound homestead in Bali.
= Demon's abode's Lithuania!
= "I am based in Houston, deal?"

Osama bin Laden's secret hideout
= Absconded to Israel (humane site).
= Cambodia, on USENET (there is ADSL).

Fairy lights = Gay filth, sir!

[Where do trolls come from?]
= Format igloo from iceberg.
= Big, firm tool. Forego cream?

Mixmaster remailer = Large Mexican moron.

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