Music-related anagrams

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'Get a haircut!' ~ 'Or teach guitar...'

An opera singer =
Ergo, pain nears. =
Raping one's ear!

A triple-anagram:
Guitar solos =
riotous gals ~ is tour's goal.

Heavy metal bands ~ madly stab heaven!


The singer and proponent of gay rights otherwise known as George Michael:
Georgios Panayiotou = Notorious gay, I go ape.

Keith Emerson:
Keen trio mesh
Keen: 'More hits!'


Making reference to his foray into Scientology, alluded to in his 'Famous Blue Raincoat':
Leonard Norman Cohen = Non-Clear? No harm done.

Di'Anno: "Er, I'm ~ Iron Maiden!"

Voodoo Chile = Oh, cool video!

Judas Priest = Just despair.

This could refer to either the Iron Maiden song or the musical, I suppose:
Oh, the pop anthem to fear! =
'Phantom of the Opera'

Megadeth and Metallica don't always like each other much...
Metal band Megadeth = Agenda: Hammett bled.

Excellent fingerstyle jazz guitarist
Martin Taylor = Art. I'm only art.

Of the band Rush...
Vocalist Geddy Lee (Gary Weinrib) =
Weird, big-nosed legacy - try a veil!

A unique CD, heavy metal classics reinterpreted lounge-lizard style by Pat Boone
In a Metal Mood = Mad, emotional!

The guitar hero Steve Siro Vai = Ever-great virtuoso - he is a hit.

Yes, there is worse music out there...
Ringtone's ~ inert song.

By contrast,
Gibson Les Paul = plausible song.

What teenager wouldn't want to be a guitar virtuoso?
Al Di Meola = A male idol.

A rather famous dude and an Ozzy Osbourne song
Mister Crowley = I slew my rector.

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