A thalidomide-related anagram

This anagram in three parts is rather politically incorrect in two of the three parts. If you laugh, you might feel guilty.

Three pregnant women were all knitting nice jumpers for their soon-to-arrive babies, and chatting.
The first lady said to the others, "I'm taking folic acid so that my baby will be healthy and have a strong, robust immune system."
The second added, "I take lots of calcium also, so that my baby will grow taller."
The third said, "I am taking Thalidomide."
The others reacted, of course, with due horror. "Thalidomide! No! That's really bad - why on earth would you take that?"
"Because I don't know how to knit sleeves."


What is the world's smallest pub? It's the Thalidomide Arms.

Do you know about the new thalidomide adult-movie star? He's got an arm like a baby's cock.

Some thalidomide couple were just arrested yesterday at Heathrow. They've been charged with trying to board a flight there with small arms.

Last, have you heard about that one local thalidomide kid who cacked it recently, on bonfire night?! Instructions on a firework read: "Hold at arm's length." Bang! - it instantly took off his bonce in its entirety.


The drug Thalidomide (called 'Talimol' etc.), developed by a German firm, was used in a lot of countries, worldwide. Many both took it to counter all morning sickness and took it as a light sedative. Soon that killed. Why? How? There were not enough hard safety tests carried out with it. Many a baby with a birth defect has resulted. Ten thousand kids have been born that way, many that had phocomelia (whole limbs terribly short) and the like. Just some of that ilk are: Terry Wiles, Matthias Berg, Giancarlo Cosio.

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