Famous last words

The left-hand side is a list of 'famous last words' that does the rounds via e-mail every so often. The right-hand side is my list of last words one might encounter fairly often if watching science fiction and horror films.

 1. I'll get a world record for this.
 2. Let me reach in and get your watch out of the printing press.
 3. It's fireproof.
 4. He's probably just hibernating.
 5. I'm making a citizen's arrest.
 6. So, you're a cannibal?
 7. It's probably just a rash.
 8. Yeah, I made the deciding vote on the jury, so what of it?
 9. The odds of that happening is a million to one!
10. Pull the pin and count to what?
11. Which wire was I supposed to cut?
12. Hey, watch this!
13. I've seen this done on TV.
14. These are the good kind of mushrooms.
15. I'll hold it and you light the fuse.
16. Funny, you look just like Charles Manson.
17. Rat poison only kills rats.
18. It can't possibly rain for forty days and nights.
19. This doesn't taste right.
20. I can make it before the light changes.
21. Nice doggie.
22. I can do that with my eyes closed.


 1. They look like eggs.  Why not take them aboard our spaceship?
 2. Odd - it suddenly got foggy inside.
 3. We can search faster split in pairs.
 4. Oh, it's nothing, just a shy puppy.
 5. An icy pod!  Defrost the deadly crew within.
 6. I left something in the forest.  I'll get it and be right back.
 7. Fascinating.
 8. But it's only a baby, sir, and cute besides.
 9. Oh, it's just blood.
10. Say, what's in the jars?
11. 'Chosen One'?
12. That irritating historian can't prove his story.  It's a crazy yarn.
13. Oh, shit.  Oh, shit.  Oh, shit.  Oh, shit.
14. I can enjoy ultimate power!!
15. We're out of petrol...
16. ...I'll go in that old house and ring help.
17. You have angered it!
18. No, no, don't.  Don't kill it.  We could learn from them!
19. Nice Halloween costume!
20. Summer camp's fun.  Let's make love.
21. Fourth Reich?
22. I ain't afraid of no ghosts.

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