The left-hand side here comes from the Web site of the Centers for Disease Control. As I type this, it can be found on the zombie preparedness section of

The right-hand side, looking at some of the issues arising in the handling of Ebola in the United States, is another illustration of how well that agency's priorities are in order. The figure 110 was current at the time of writing, which made things a bit easier.

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Liberian guy Thomas Eric Duncan ended up bringing Texas Ebola (once 'Zaire ebolavirus'). When his high fever perplexed a hospital, no national procedure was in place.

Lacking proper mask, whole gowns, and good gloves, nurse Nina Pham treated 'patient zero' and got his disease. He died.

Centers for Disease Control director Dr Thomas Frieden blamed a 'breach in protocol'. Angry health workers (110, and pet dogs, are now isolated) told union people a sloppy agency with the job to perfectly control infection breached 'basic principles', 'cross-contaminating between patients'.

They allowed a second nurse, Amber Joy Vinson, to take a commercial flight; see family; and, after reporting a fever, fly right back. Passengers were later alerted.

Duncan's girlfriend ended up waiting weeks for folks to remove vomity/poopy bedsheets.

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