Duck and Cover!

The anagrammed text comes from information published by the US government after '9/11' to help citizens prepare for terrorist attacks. Any typos and such are not mine.

What to do to prepare for a chemical or biological attack

Assemble a disaster supply kit (see the "Emergency Planning and Disaster Supplies" chapter for more information) and be sure to include:


Here is a little non-sarcastic protection tip: the magic words are, "Remember, kids, duck and cover!". This miracle formula means protection against nuclear fission, an asteroid impact, robotic zapper pistols, and lots more!

In the USA, Civil Defense people used to teach all about it.

Basic plans to employ when under bombardment by Russian forces are: If you should see a bright flash of light or the town air raid sirens begin, crawl under your desk. No, no, don't panic. Place your head between your knees, facing away from the classroom windows. Sit, hiding.

Bert the Turtle is an animated character who'd coach kids, explaining that logical drill procedure and political propaganda to a whole generation.

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