The 50 states...

Here, the anagrammed text is literally the left-hand side, with the right-hand side extending from major products to major prejudices, from native sons to Native Americans.

The States in the Union 
(and DC)

Florida:                  Alligators
Maine:                    Lobster
Connecticut:              Yale
Indiana:                  Notre Dame
Rhode Island:             Small.
Louisiana:                A swamp
Texas:                    Kennedy assassination, Alamo
Arizona:                  Navajo
Alaska:                   Inuit
South Dakota:             Sioux 
North Dakota:             Oil
Washington:               Rain
Hawaii:                   'Aloha!', Mauna Loa
Utah:                     Mormons
Pennsylvania:             Amish
California:               Kardashians
Tennessee:                Dolly
Illinois:                 Muddy Waters
Colorado:                 /South Park/
Kansas:                   On to Oz!
Wyoming:                  Cacti
Ohio,   with its fences
Wisconsin:                Cheese!
Idaho:                    'Taters
Iowa:                     "A cow. Again."
North Carolina:           "A pig..."
Michigan:                 No auto work
Delaware:                 Dupont
Oklahoma:                 A reservation
Massachusetts:            I am Irish
Nevada:                   I wanna win at a Vegas casino!
Montana:                  Alone in a hut
New Mexico:               The tests in Alamogordo
Georgia   ...on My Mind
Alabama:                  Winn-Dixie
New Hampshire:            Fishin'
Minnesota:                Wigger Day
Mississippi:              Education crisis
Virginia:                 I was in /Shenandoah/
Nebraska:                 /Children of the Corn/
Missouri:                 I am a river
New York:                 Niagara
New Jersey   Shore
Oregon:                   Nisei
Arkansas:                 Clinton
Kentucky:                 Honest Abe
South Carolina:           Vanna White
Vermont:                  On marihuana
West Virginia:            KKK
Maryland   is in ...
the District of Columbia: Kickbacks! On cocaine.

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