Anagrams referring to alt.anagrams in some way

In general, at the top are anagrams of the names or e-mail addresses of new posters to the newsgroup. Some anagrams that refer to the group in some way follow that. At the end are a couple of anagrams at the expense of members of the group who knew to take them in the spirit in which they were intended.

Anagrams that are new since the last update will have a 'NEW:' in front of them (not all new 'grams are necessarily at the top).

As I might say at the end of a post - and have done -
All the ideas contained herein are mine.=
Anna, elide the inane disclaimer hereto.

USENET newsgroup alt.anagrams =
Language prowess, trust me. - Anna

The newsgroup alt.anagrams = Throw an egg at users? Napalm?

Anagrams should be fun: ~ Go and ban harmful uses!

If you have to explain it, it is not a good anagram. =
Again, avoid initials, goofy portmanteaux, the 'O!', ...

Anagrams of names of posters to the group, or their friends/foes

Trent Morson
Without his middle name, he'd be a
'torn monster' with 'rotten norms',
the kind of person about whom someoen might say
'Mentor? (snort)'.

Phil Reynolds = Phone Dr. Silly!

Aimee Susan Massey = Yes, assume I am sane...


Love silent men?...    Steven M. O'Neill
Steven O'Neill = Nestle in, love.   <- A comfy welcome
Steven O'Neill = Tension level?
  Anagrams that might scare a lesser man away...
S.M. O'Neill =
I smell, no? =
Ill omens.
Steven Michael O'Neill =
Mine's _lethal_ violence. =
Hint: malevolence, lies
  And a few positive ones, perhaps even over-compensatingly so:
Steven Michael O'Neill = I even smell ethical, no?
Heaven comes, I'll let in ~ Steven Michael O'Neill.
  The most important thing we discovered is that this newcomer is the one behind some cinema blockbusters:
Steven Michael O'Neill = Ocean's Eleven

Giovanni Resta = Raving at noise!

Josiah Ryan Winslow = Oh, so wily. Ninja wars!
And his e-mail address = Crap man. Nobody.

Eli the Bearded ~ held a diet beer.

Delos Santos, Jomaline Klaire =
Major loon talks. Senile ideas. =
At ideal: OK. No major illnesses.

Marjorie Brabante = 'Major babe!' terrain.

Dagfinn Ilmari Mannsoker = Snarling freak, in mad mania.

Earle Douglas Jones, ~ Jesus, God: All are one.

Neil Ramsay ~ is a RL meany.
Neil Ramsay = Mainly arse!

Peter James Liddell =

Taneli Huuskonen = Usenet hunk! A lion!

It's clear why he decided to post... = Solitude's dull. At core, common filthy rat!
= = Magnet for 21 cocktails?

Did this man work for an electrical utility, where he made a costly mistake:
Sigvaldi Eggertsson = Voltage singes grids.
Even if so, it's not clear whether he's actually evil:'s big devil? Saint?
All the same, I don't know if I'd want to spend an evening with him:
Sigvaldi Eggertsson ~ digs revolting gases.

Mister Joe Mark Reynolds = Some jerk. Loser. Dirty man.

On the Internet, no-one can tell if she's really a man:
Belinda M. Paschal = Imp had balls, acne.
Or even one particulr man:
O. bin Laden = Belinda, no?
Either way, Belinda probably isn't boring:
Belinda Paschal = Bland, ha! Special!

Mad Rich = Card him!

Richard Alderton = A rich, ardent lord
He might be evil through and through, or maybe not:
Richard Antony Alderton = A hindrance or old tyrant.
Richard Anthony Alderton = Tyrant or honored cardinal?
He might publish racy items, such as the
Horny Hard-On Tit Calendar
or might prefer just to post on USENET:
Oh, rant on rather candidly.

This guy is a friend of an a.a. poster:

Mister Hywel Jenkins
= Sly Jew met inner Sikh.
= Slimy 'net jerk whines.
If we come up with really negative anagrams, he might check out the newsgroup and
see swine try 'h','i', 'j', 'k', 'l', 'm', 'n'...

Ron Raymond = Randy moron.

No lie - followers heed ~ Helen Elsie Woolford.
'We loosed hellfire on ~ Helen Elsie Woolford.'

Robert A Chisholm ~ has micro brothel
Other anagrams of his name include:
Carols bother him!
Blast Hendrix, Cream, or Hole?
Mind relaxer - herb at school.
Horrid man belches to relax.

This might not be a family-friendly anagram but is suitable for a hard man:
Erik Hardman - =
"My hairy 5-6" cock, a random hooker,..."

(Note where she's posting from) = Eating a seal/elk jam - apt.

He must have poor luck when driving:
Mick Brocklehurst = Truckers block him.
= Our genius's welcomed.
= Newcomer's loud guise
= Musing, cool weed user (Who might ask 'Is no drug use welcome?')
= Menu: woo/seduce girls.

Morgan Lewis
could be a surly priest or minister:
I growl 'amen's.
Since no-one in the group can see him as he sits at his computer, it's possible there are 25 of him:
Swarm! Legion!
He might even be a woman in disguise:
Morgan Lewis ~ is male. Wrong!

Mikael S. Hoilund = Human's idol-like!
or the nickname:
Mikolangelo = Male-looking.

Greetings from the group -
Onlookers greet antique beer-pig:
Peter George Quintenelia Brooks.

Her name before the wedding:
Becki Paterson = Beckon a priest.
And her name on the wedding night:
Becki Crossland = Caress, lick, bond.
= A foe, I can conclude. Lone killer.
= Code can alloc lifelike neuron.

Flavio R. Trillo
= Air of troll / evil robot.
= Lovable, I flirt or root.
And his e-mail address, has a suspiciously large number of troll-related anagrams.
Idiot! Troll! An evil felon!
A vilified troll / Net loon!
'A definitive troll, no?' 'LOL!'
= Sorry, we post Morse code only.
= News story: creepy odor looms.
= We do not cry 'Messy! Poor loser!'
= Lonesome, cross, wordy poetry.
= So, orderly newcomers spy too!
= types 'welcome' or 'so sorry, son'.

Paul Panayotacos
= Saucy an' papal too!
= Casual atop a pony.

Dave Laird
= Varied lad.
= Dead rival.
Carrying that theme further, not that that's a good idea, =
Grave came. Add soil.
As he's actually not dead quite yet, another option is
'Grave maladies, doc?'. = A mail's cool.
= Moroccan? Libyan?
= Cynical man. Boor.

Ricardo Wiggett ~ got weird - tragic!
= Crow 'Great! Dig it!'
= Wit/gag director.

An anagram for 30 Jan. 2009:
William Tunstall-Pedoe turns forty =
Witty, lame old fart in sullen stupor.

Danny Kodicek = Do kinky dance!

sovietjamaicanguy = Yon majestic vagina!

Newsgroup-related anagrams

Long live the alt.anagrams Newsgroup! =
We all marvel at patrons' huge noggins.

A member of the group wrote a book...
Zoran's anagram book tour =
An arrogant bozo roams UK.

Part of a post detailing the history of the use of anagrams as a means of publishing concealed evidence of, e.g., having made a scientific discovery:
> Haec immatura a me iam frustra leguntur o.y.
> (These are at present too young to be read by me)

Another alternative:
Hi, try our 'anagrammatical museum' feature!

Anagram of a spam posted to the group; reference is made to types of anagrams that had recently been posted to the group, and made also to a site whose users vote on anagrams they consider worthy of plaudits.



Hey, sheep, you could just surf to the Anagrammy site.
Help with the wordplay...
It spans filth (sex/cunnilingus/piss material), in-depth news, incisive satires, that tense poetic stuff, a re-worked Essex joke...
Thus, check it out!

The group's charter and an anagram thereof:

This newsgroup is for discussion about anagrams. Post here to
exchange them, comment upon their strange, visionary powers
as oracles of insight or worship the very electrons that carry
them from computer to computer.

Here's a start:

Elvis = Lives
Ross Perot = Sore Sport


I grew up creating tablets of gems that only I saw.
I am happy to discover USENET. (Fights, nuts, their rant posts, chaos, stress - I might never return to Liverpool!)
However, on some extreme occasions, such as computer crashes & storms, I may - horror of horrors! - resort to pen & paper.

Long-time poster Mick Tully passed away in August 2010. This anagram is in his memory.
Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rage at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.
     - Dylan Thomas
A n old goat and gent...
T oday the gang toast high
O utgoing friend, glad heart,
A mong the best codgers,
S on of Ireland, yahoo -
T ully, a delight.


Philip Andrew Paul Carmody is forty years old =
Estonia may reply rapidly: "Sorrowful chap ID'd".

What Phil Carmody loves most in life = Him? Well, a divine, costly maths proof.

Too many dingleberries? = Remedy: Rinse a lot in bog.

How could one pass up this challenge, issued in a thread about rice cakes?
>I'll jibe with the folks - quite the snazzy kickoff, JG!

>[Try and 'gram THIS reply, then. ;)]

> Welcome back.

>> PS This was my first attempt at a long anagram using Angram
>> Artist--What a GREAT program. Mike Keith you are a godsend!

> No argument there!

> Later,

> Mey K.
Yet, Mr. Kraus, I think using the writer's .sig, quoted or parenthetical stuff, and all that jazz might permit _easy_ rearrangement.

Golly, who knew praise of Jon's icky foam snack might make a "gram the 'Boy, that was great!' talk" game be tempting?


Mick wrote 'The top one-hundred grocery brands = Throng ponder on Cadbury desert, eh?'
Note the typo.

Mick's Cadbury deserts ~ seem bad. Dry crust - sick!
Is that a tasty Gobi desert? = Eat, state 'It's a bit dry'.

'Voting is open in the Anagrammy Awards' =
I get a man's NOM, pray hard, gain votes, win!

The clue for a puzzle was
'could this be a warning on a bag of fertilizer?'
The anagram provided was
'Upon terrorism, apply fee.'
and the correct answer was

'Penalty for Improper Use'
Naturally, I had to deliberately find a slightly different 'answer':
'Spray me upon petrol fire!'

A poster penned an uplifting anagram of the phrase 'The true brotherhood of all living human beings' My task was to summon the clouds with
The true brotherhood of all living human beings
Loot, harm, fight.
Burn unbelievers. Death is long.

One meme in 2003 was this:
"Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at an Elingsh uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoetnt tihng is taht frist and lsat ltteer is at the rghit pclae. The rset can be a toatl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae we do not raed ervey lteter by it slef but the wrod as a wlohe."
The challenge:
'Berad' could be either 'beard' or 'bread' under such a scheme, and so on. To maximise the ambiguity, the challenge was to find two - or more - reasonably reasonable parallel sentences following this scheme. After finding three:
(silly advice on diets, vampires, or Tonya Harding)
End binges on steaks!
End beings on stakes!
End begins on skates!
I had to see whether I could find a set of sentences where _every_ word is jumbled...
Demand files from incest trials!
Damned flies form insect trails!
And, if one is allowed to alter the punctuation:
There, pirates' patrol stops shooting fleeing slaves.
Three parties' portal spots soothing-feeling salves.

A rather crude anagram in honour of someone who keeps discovering dirty anagrams of one sort or another:
Prostitution - the oldest profession =
Rothstein tries to deposit spoonful.

And another crude one (I don't remember what inspired it):
Doctor David Laurence Brash = Doc craves a nude harlot bird.
David Laurence Brash = Bald. Has craved urine.

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