The August 2011 GBBF Meet-Up

On Thursday, 4 August, we gathered at Earl's Court mid-Great-British-Beer-Festival for some anagrams, chips, chats, and beers. While the meeting didn't feature any important resolutions being passed on anything - apart from the declaration of importance of 20-inch sausages and of writing down the anagrams on the pad of paper - we deemed it a success anyway.

Though various circumstances conspired to make our numbers small, we did see a new face after a fashion. In attendace were WTP, Horrid, Phil, and Anna, with Pedt appearing by text message conversation.

[IMG: A quorum - Phil, Anna, William, Chris (Pedt not pictured)]
The photo above (click for a larger version) shows those who were physically present.
The minutes of the meeting put it another way, however:
[IMG: William, Anna, Phil, Chris = Will, animal, hair 'n' chips]

Since the venue this time was the Campagin for Real Ale's Great British Beer Festival...
one of the first items on the agenda was to anagram this setting:

[IMG: Great... = See right rabble after visit  /  Serve bitter ale? Big his fart!] [IMG: Great... = Tribe visit bar, get fresh ale]
[IMG: Great British Beer Festival = Big 'Better ales!' fair thrives.]

The pad of paper bore witness to several variations on these themes, and things carried on from there.

[IMG: Twenty-inch sausage ~ causes anything wet]

The Great British Beer Festival itself wasn't the only thing writ large. As the image above attests, we soon found ourselves with twenty-inch sausages to anagram, for example.

[IMG: Various on pad of paper, incl. Twenty-inch sausage = Gay anus scent? We shit.   and   = Flabbier strategies thrive] [IMG: Yes, this is a real pasty]

And then there were beer anagrams to wash down the sausage anagrams:
[IMG: Revelation Cat beers anagrammed]

Things turned a bit introspective after a time (at least for the Man in White and Indiana Pus):
[IMG: The man in the white shirt: William] [IMG: Indiana Pus in his hat]
[IMG: William's anagrams = Wailing - 'mass alarm'] [IMG: Chris's anagrams = Sarcasm garnish / Sharing sarcasm]

Other Business:
Random anagrams also emerged. Honestly, they were random:
No Newcastle Brown Ale was drunk in the making of these anagrams.

[IMG: Random anagrams = Darn, a man orgasm] [IMG: 'Geordie Shore' anagrams] [IMG: Queen of Anagrams]

Finally, we began preliminary discussions concerning the next AGM. Two proposals were made, to be put to a vote by the alt.anagrams shareholders:

  1. Someone will bring a copy of Zoran's book next time

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