31 August 2007: The Princess Diana Memorial alt.anagrams Meet

On 31 August 2007, anagrammers converged on the traditional gathering place for their London gatherings: the Metropolitan Bar, Baker Street. In attendance were Horrid Stretchy Pus, David Bourke, Mick Tully, Tony Crafter, William Tunstall-Pedoe, Larry sporting his usual beard, FatPhil, and Lardy. The date also marked the tenth anniversary of the death of Princess Diana, which provided fodder for the obligatory anagrams at the gathering.

The obligatory beer of the gathering for most was Grand Union Honey Porter (though it was the bitter that Mick would later recall in his anagram below). Though they had just feasted upon Baker Street Station Princess Diana Memorial Samosas, even FatPhil and Lardy had a pint, though it took some persuading from a kind member of the group, who bought them a pint to share - two straws included.

But the couple of the day were Dodi and Di, in honour of whom pen and paper were produced. And, largely helmed by Horrid, with ideas from William and others, the following 'group anagram' was born:

Lady Diana, The Princess of Wales ~
Was fine lass, decayed in Althorp.

Lardy came up with an anagram that she isn't 100% happy with, but here it is, in the interests of full disclosure:

A 'saint' rests, done, yet sad old ladies cry in pain =
Today, ten years on, Princess Diana is still dead.

Only later was she able to think of the pithier, though less anniversary-tied 'gram Car dispensed ~ dead princess.

In fact, several contributions to the anagrammatic output came after the evening had drawn to a close. Not all of them had to do with Diana, though several did. Among them were the following contributions in the newsgroup:



Diana, The Princess of Wales =
Wise? Speed on in fatal crash.



Mick Tully:

Metropolitan Bar in Baker Street =
Inebriate plonker-mob rate tarts.

The Metropolitan Bar in Baker Street =
Oh, prominent table; rare steak; bitter.


Tony Crafter:

The late Princess Diana's Memorial Service =
Camilla's secret pain - "She is revered. I am not."


Diana, The Princess of Wales =
She passed on in a car. It flew!!! =
Elton's friend is...... was a peach.

Diana, The Princess of Wales =
In finale, as swathed corpse.

The Metropolitan Bar alt.anagrams meet-up
Smart team gather at a pub. One more pint, all?


All too soon, we had to say our farewells, in hopes of meeting again soon. I don't know what the rest of the group got up to after we left (relatively early, unfortunately). Alcohol may have been involved, but I'll let the others report on that. Whatever it was, it apparently involved a need for some extra hair, at least on Mick's part.

The idea of having the next gathering slightly further north was mooted. We shall see.


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