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October 2019

21 October 2019

Members of Spain's Civil Guard were pursuing suspected drug traffickers in a high-speed chase off the coast of Málaga when the police boat collided with the speedboat being chased. Three police officers fell overboard, leaving their vessel unmanned and the officers in fear for their lives. The four occupants of the speedboat pulled them to safety and soon were arrested for smuggling drugs. More than three tonnes of hashish bundles were later found in the relevant portion of the sea.

Police have confirmed that 22-year-old Reece Ramsey-Johnson was fatally shot in 'non-suspicious circumstances' in the aftermath of a confrontation outside the Lloyds Bank in Sydenham, London: According to a high-street shopkeeper there, 'a big guy' with a shotgun approached a car containing several people, who swiftly fled. This suspected carjacker, Ramsey-Johnson, then attempted to smash the vehicle's windows with the butt of the gun, at which point his weapon discharged. Apparently, a round ricocheting/glancing off a car window ended up in his chest.

After a chase that wound through local streets, Flippin, Arkansas, police officer Kenneth Looney pulled over a vehicle with an expired registration, whereupon the driver, Jessica Bernice Kropp, volunteered that her licence had been suspended. The conversation soon turned to her hairdo, with Looney's 'Are you serious? You have a bow in your hair made from a bag of meth' earning a reply of 'I didn't know that was there - someone else put that there, and I didn't know what it was'. The baggie, with a rubber band around the middle, was secured in place with a bobby pin.
Asked whether she was carrying anything else illegal, Kropp successfully pleaded for the - borrowed - car not to be towed away, and she directed him to her handbag, containing several bags of meth, a vaping pen loaded with meth, and other drug paraphernalia. Though Looney agreed to lump the drug paraphernalia together under a single charge, her lack of driving licence and insurance and here five outstanding warrants pose further issues.

When authorities in Vernon Township, New Jersey, posted a warning to 'anyone who has farm-like property' about hand-crafted tyre-deflation devices left on or near farm roads, the numerous responses helped them uncover a link between the tyre spikes and an extended campaign of letters from a self-described 'animal lover who is open to experimental dating', requesting farmers to arrange a meeting and a sexual relationship with their livestock in exchange for care costs.
The New Jersey Herald reports that 31-year-old Richard Decker has now been arrested for asking to 'stud for' facilities such as stables and then, when his romantic forays were ignored, retaliating by such means as negative online reviews and his stash of caltrops. For instance, one woman reported someone having 'reviewed over 50 barns with 1 star reviews because we did not answer his email', and animal-rescue worker Caitlyn McCurdy described finding her car's oil filter removed shortly after she'd ignored a series of requests for a 'longer term relationship' with one of her horses.
Decker remains in custody despite his attorney's argument that the hand-crafted firearms found in his home might not even work and that his improvisations with dismantled fireworks weren't intended for use against anyone else.

Kenya's Moses Wanyoike, from Murangua County, woke up without a penis after a drinking binge with friends. In a panic, he rang another friend, who summoned county assemblyman Joseph Karanja to assist. After Karanja 'found the man in a pool of blood and [...] put him in my vehicle' for a trip to hospital, Wanyoike, 51, recollected the events at the end of the previous evening: while he'd been following friend Gerald Mbugua home from the bar at about 2am, the latter 'kept on saying he would circumcise me a second time'.
Mbugua was found in a 'hideout' elsewhere in the village, while the penis could not be located.

A native of Simpsonville, South Carolina, stole his brother's car and set off for Charleston to live with a man he knew only on Snapchat. Although our 11-year-old intrepid adventurer was using his father's tablet computer for GPS guidance, the trail ran cold a little over 300 kilometres into the journey: when the device lost its signal, the boy failed to recover the destination address, and the relevant Snapchat message had expired. Therefore, he drove up to a nearby police cruiser and sought assistance.
His father, who'd been in the process of filing a missing-persons report, was soon on the road to collect him. The father returned home without his tablet computer, however, which the Charleston police's Charles Francis said has been retained for forensic investigation.

After admitting to creating at least 369 Instagram accounts to threaten at least six former colleagues, Florida 'fitness influencer' Tammy Steffen has been sentenced to roughly five years in federal prison. Alongside threats to 'slice you up into little pieces' etc., she made a claim that a former business partner had stuffed a 'new toy for the kids' note inside a headless doll left on her porch. Five days after the doll incident, an attempt to frame the same person with attempted kidnapping was thwarted when Steffen's 12-year-old daughter, during police questioning, asked what would happen to Steffen were she to tell the truth. Apparently, Steffen had coached the girl to take the blame for devising a fake kidnapping if cornered.
Steffen's case was not aided by records of her recent purchases of items planted at the crime scenes or by the testimony of someone who described overhearing her discussing the doll plan with a friend.

A Russian man identifying himself in court papers as D. Razonilov has charged Apple with moral harm and damage to mental health in connection with a cryptocurrency-related iPhone application. In his lawsuit, he explains that he's expected to receive Bitcoin but instead had bought 69 GayCoin units, accompanied by an English-language comment meaning 'don't judge without trying'. He contends that he took the message to heart and therefore 'decided to try same-sex relationships', which left him 'mired in intimacy with [...] a steady boyfriend'. Finding that his life has 'changed for the worse and will never be normal again' on account of Apple-sanctioned homosexuality-encouraging manipulative tactics, he and lawyer Sapizhat Gonsnieva are seeking the equivalent of 18,000 euros in compensation.

Florida pilot Walter Gray hired a single-propeller aeroplane for a private flight from the Key West airport. Unable to get the Cessna 1725 to move along the runway, he stepped out of the cockpit to check whether the wheel chocks were still in place. He claims that he told wife Rebecca Lynn Gray, 45, to stay put at this point but she did not, then told her not to step in front of the aircraft. When she did this to remove a wheel chock, the propeller came in contact with her arm, removing part of it. She lost two toes also. The FAA are investigating.

Claiming not to be suffering any pain, a 22-year-old man in Saudi Arabia nonetheless decided to consult medics about something he did four years ago. One of the outcomes is an article in Urology Case Reports on the delicate procedure required for removing a particularly tricky foreign object from the male urethra under general anaesthesia: applying pressure to opposite sides of the penis to keep the pair of tweezers closed while they were squeezed out. According to the write-up, all went well except that the man refused the recommended psychiatric evaluation to address his history of inserting metal objects in his urethra.

Kaylene Bowen-Wright has been sentenced to six years in prison for seriously injuring her son, now age 10, by subjecting him to nearly a decade of unnecessary medical attention. According to court documents, Christopher was first abused via medical procedure when 11 days old, was seen by physicians 323 times over the next eight years, and underwent 13 major surgeries at her behest. While Bowen-Wright's husband, who now has custody of him, had raised concerns before, the authorities first took an interest in the case in 2017 when claimed seizures couldn't be substantiated. They then learned that the Texas mother had told people Christopher had cancer and that she'd attempted to add his name to a lung-transplant waiting list.

An unkempt twenty-something man in the Netherlands caught the attention of Ruinerwold bar-owner Chris Westerbeek by ordering and quickly downing five beers, mentioning that he hadn't 'been "outside" for the last nine years', and stating that he'd never attended school. Staff rang the police when the confused-seeming man explained that he needed help for his younger siblings back on the homestead. Officers retraced his 13-kilometre walk and found a farmhouse with a hidden staircase leading down to the basement where the man, his five brothers and sisters, and his now-bedridden 56-year-old father had been awaiting the end of the world.
The birth of several of the children, ages 18-25, had never been registered, as the family remained under the watchful eye of the small-time cult leader who rented the farmhouse - Josef B., a 58-year-old fallen-away Moonie who runs a carpentry business in a nearby town.

T[IMG: post-blood
basement]he Lestinas, a family in Bagley, Iowa, never had a problem with their neighbours - until a recent issue with a shared drainage system left the Lestina basement flooded with waste. That waste consisted of fat, bone fragments, and blood produced next door by Dahl's Custom Meat Locker. Owner Kaitlin Dahl stressed that the meat-processing business had been following established procedure as always and had no idea that the material rinsed from their slaughter room would end up in the family's basement. She has apologised for the blood flood and promised to help clean it up if the meat locker's insurance company continue to refuse.

In 2014, a Florida family hired nanny Marissa Mowry to look after their 11-year-old son. She ended up doing a bit more than that, and she gave birth to his child later in the year. The family found out only in 2017, after the boy reported the abuse and a DNA test proved his claim. Pleading guilty to various sexual crimes, Mowry was recently sentenced to 20 years in prison. Meanwhile, the victim looks after the resulting child when the two young men aren't both attending school.

During training for a dog-sledding competition in Montana, Jen Mignard's sled tipped over. She was jettisoned, while the dog team and sleds kept going. A neighbour soon rang her to report that her dogs had just led two police cars on a chase. The Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter released the team the next day, with a police officer noting that the cops' bonding experience with them was definitely 'one for the books'.

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