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February 2019

7 February 2019

People all over the world sought a glimpse of the 'super blood wolf moon' that appeared during the total lunar eclipse late last month. This included a couple in Florida, whose chosen vantage point in a park caught the attention of the police. According to the Palm Beach Post, a squad car patrolling the park ran over the couple, who were lying on a dark road. The 24-year-old pair soon were looking up at not the sky but a hospital-room ceiling, and the driver of the police Ford Explorer has been placed on paid administrative leave.

The Irish Medical Journal recently ran a report on a case of creative self-medication. According to Dr Lisa Dunne, a 33-year-old man sought attention at a Dublin hospital for forearm swelling and a rash after the injections he'd given himself led to an infection. For about 18 months, he had been infusing himself monthly with his saved semen in efforts to cure his back pain. This time, he deviated from his usual procedure and gave himself three shots.
The report, titled '"Semenly" Harmless Back Pain: An Unusual Presentation of a Subcutaneous Abscess', states that medical staff drained the pool of semen that had accumulated in the man's arm and sent him on his way.

Wisconsin's Anthony D. Washington, Jr, explained that he was simply 'in a rage' when he carried out an ultimately fatal stabbing. Police officers responding to a disconnected 911 call found a female friend of the 27-year-old Washington sobbing and cradling her pet rat in her arms. He had stabbed the animal with a kitchen knife and inflicted other injuries on it. Alongside one count of animal mistreatment causing death, Washington has been charged with forgery, on account of counterfeit money found at the scene. The fake Drug Enforcement Agency badge he wears for 'staving off aggressive social behavior' did not lead to additional charges.

Also in Wisconsin, teenager Damian Hauschultz maintains that all the fun left his life when the courts appointed his parents, Timothy and Tina, as guardians of three other children. At least one of those children may well have agreed with Damian's description of the home as akin to a prison, thanks to punishments such as 'carrying wood' for two hours a day for not having memorised certain Bible verses. Timothy, 48, selected logs of specific sizes for the younger children and ordered Damian, 15, to supervise the carrying.
For seven-year-old Ethan, the final punishment involved a stump about 2/3 his 37-kilo body weight. He repeatedly paused for more than the allowed five seconds before starting a new 'lap' of the garden, so Damian hit him 100 times for being ornery in the adults' absence. The punishment culminated in shovelling about 35 kilos of snow onto Ethan and packing him into what Damian termed 'his own little coffin of snow'.
A while later, Timothy and Tina took the young boy to hospital, where he died from hypothermia and blunt-force trauma to the head, chest, and abdomen. Ethan's two siblings have been removed from the home, and court proceedings are under way.

Officials at New York's St. Barnabas Hospital contacted Shirell Powell to report that her brother, Frederick Williams, had overdosed on narcotics and ended up brain-dead. She and her family members were present at the tube-festooned man's bedside for about two weeks before deciding to withdraw life support. When the autopsy results came back, she learned that her brother hadn't actually died of a drugs overdose - he hadn't died at all. From the Social Security card for Freddy Clarence Williams, hospital staff had assumed the unconscious man to be St. Barnabas regular Frederick, who was in prison at the time. This was despite neither the Social Security numbers nor the dates of birth matching.
Powell is suing the hospital for negligence and is undergoing counselling for her distress over her decision to 'pull the plug'.

Nebraska's Omaha World-Herald explains 21-year-old Samantha Kershner's rationale for engaging in an incestuous relationship with her father: she'd been competing with her half-sister to see which of the two could bed him first.
After charges were filed against both Kershner and her father, 39-year-old Travis Fieldgrove, she denied having had sex with him, but she later unchanged her mind. Fieldgrove, meanwhile, publicly protested that his name isn't on Kershner's birth certificate and that DNA tests proved negative. However, an official statement on the test results disagrees, estimating the likelihood of paternity at 99.999 per cent.
Fieldgrove and Kershner, who were wedded at the Adams County Courthouse, could now spend up to eight years apart, behind bars.

Arkansas's Texarcana Gazette reports on local 18-year-old Zemarcuis Scott, who really wanted to see rapper Famous Dex's show in Chicago last summer. At about 2:30am the night before the gig, guards saw him leap the fence of the Texarcana airport. Alerted, the police - who were familiar with Scott from previous encounters - arrived to find him in the pilot's seat of a twin-engine commercial aeroplane. He explained that he'd decided about a month earlier to reach the concert via a stolen aircraft. As for piloting skills, he said that flying the craft would just involve using some levers and buttons.
Pleading guilty of attempted theft of property and commercial burglary, he must pay a $1,000 fine and is on five years' probation.

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