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December 2012

21 December 2012

Hannah Sabata, a 19-year-old woman from Stromsburg, Nebraska, shared her good fortune via a YouTube video. In what she described on hand-written signs as the best day of her life, she posed with fistfuls of banknotes and shared that she is now the owner of a Pontiac Grand Am. Her good fortune didn't last long, in part because she felt the need to explain that she'd stolen the car and the money shown in the video, which she gave the title 'Chick Bank Robber'.

Scott Pipher, 34, rang the police in Portsmouth, Maine, to report that he didn't get his money's worth from a service provider, according to Sergeant Gerard Hamilton. More specifically, a prostitute 'shorted him 10 minutes'. Officers opened an investigation, which led to the arrest of two alleged prostitutes and Pipher.
Sea Coast Online reports that two Web sites where escorts share information on troublesome clients list complaints about Pipher, with one describing him as 'notorious for booking out calls and then not answering his door or phone'.

Texas's Brent Troy Bartel rang the police late at night to report that 'I shed some innocent blood'. When instructed to be more specific, he told the dispatcher: 'I inscribed a pentagram on my son.' Questioned further, the 39-year-old man stated that he did this because 12-12-12 is a 'holy day'. He then ended the 911 call.
At Bartel's home in Richland Hills, officers found a shivering six-year-old boy with a large pentagram carved on his back. A box cutter was nearby. Bartel is charged with aggravated assault of a family member with a deadly weapon.

The man picking up rubbish in the car park of the Ormond Beach, Florida, Walmart found it hard to keep up with a woman who was littering while driving around in circles. When police arrived, they determined that the woman, a drunken Deborah Brinkman, had been defecating on paper towels and then throwing them from the window of the car. When confronted by Deputy Alfonso Dillard, she tried to run him over, but she was eventually arrested, after damaging three patrol cars.
A week earlier too, she had been arrested for fleeing from officers, that time waving at them as she drove off.

When border-control officers at the Barcelona airport noticed fresh scars and bloody gauze on a recently arrived woman's chest, they asked her for clarification. She explained that she had recently been given breast implants. The woman, a Panamanian national arriving from Colombia, was taken to a local hospital for verification of her claims. Whilst she had been telling the truth, her breast implants contained 1.38 kg of cocaine.

Christopher Moore rang the police in Springtown, Texas, to report that 'some guy's got a gun on me' as he sat in his pickup truck 'out in the country somewhere'. The location was narrowed down thanks to a simultaneous call to emergency services by Lindy Gerow, who explained that Moore had broken into her family's home and that her husband and son were pointing guns at him.
While her husband told the son what to do if Moore were to get out of the truck - 'you ain't gotta kill him - just shoot him in the legs', she told the dispatcher: 'You better come quick or my husband's going to shoot him.' Officers arrived while both 911 calls were still in progress. Moore faces charges of burglary.

In Wisconsin, Racine County Judge Tim Boyle has ordered Corey Curtis to stop procreating. As a condition of his probation, the 44-year-old Curtis is not to breed until he can pay child support for the nine children he already has, by six different women. He currently owes the equivalent of 40,000 euros in child support, plus nearly the same amount in interest.
Curtis said that, while judges 'make [rulings] kind of hastily', he is going to obey this one, which the judge opines merely enforces common sense.

In Łowicz, Poland, traffic policeman Łukasz Molovik paid for his girlfriend, model Patrycja Pająk, to get breast implants. Now that she has broken off her engagement to him, Molovik is suing her for 6000 euros' worth of compensation, half the cost of the implants. He explains that he is suffering from 'loss of use' of the 32DD assets and that he didn't buy the implants for another man's benefit.
Pająk had dumped him because he'd begun nagging her to limit her photo shoots and modelling work once she'd had the implants. She also stresses that the larger breasts were his idea: 'Łukasz kept going on about it and saying how big his ex's breasts were', and his manner at the clinic had even led staff to ask: 'Are you getting the surgery or is your girlfriend?'. Asked whether he had insisted on the surgery, Molovik said: 'I do not remember - as a cop, I have a lot of things on my mind.'

The California Highway Patrol report that truck driver Antonio Zamora ploughed into about a dozen vehicles at a car dealership because of a sneezing attack at 4:40am. No-one was injured, and CHP officer Daniel Jacowitz says that investigators do not believe drugs or alcohol were involved.

The California Highway Patrol also responded to several reports of an SUV driving through California with blood seeping from the back. When officers pulled the SUV over, the interior and the two Sacramento men within were covered with blood.
Also, a deer carcass was visible in the back. Scott Lee, 46, and Nai Saechao, 32, had illegally shot the animal and been caught out when it regained consciousness and begun thrashing about inside the vehicle later. They stabbed it to death inside the SUV.
The two men were arrested on charges that include poaching and cruelty to animals.

A sheriff's deputy in Alachua County, Florida, pulled over Roger Alvin Henderson in the belief that Henderson's car had illegally tinted windows. When handing the deputy his driving licence, Henderson stated that he needed to urinate. The officer, apparently not hearing him, began speaking with Henderson's mother in the vehicle. Once he'd determined that the tinting was in fact legal, the deputy apologised to the mother for a needless traffic stop. He returned to his patrol car to find that Henderson had urinated all over the front of it. Henderson has been arrested on charges of indecent exposure.

Also in Florida, Archie Malone, 37, and his 16-year-old son Artavious B. Malone happened to be in Tiny's Liquor at the same time. Apparently still upset about his father having sent him to a juvenile-detention facility some years ago, the younger Malone jostled the elder. The father responded with a punch in the face, so his son left the store and waited with a gun. When Archie emerged, Artavious fired off a few rounds, none of which found its mark as his father ran down the street.
Artavious is charged with attempted murder and illegal possession of a firearm. He claims that he heard the shots being fired at his father but wasn't the source of the shell casings that officers found.

Florida also brings us Richard Newton, a 63-year-old St. Augustine man who continued driving after hitting a traffic sign. When pulling him over later, officers quickly noticed a portion of the sign embedded in Newton's head. He was taken to hospital with life-threatening injuries. Officers believe alcohol was a factor.

Finally, at a pizza parlour in St. Petersburg, Florida, 49-year-old Randall White began yelling at workers for being slow to prepare his food. Another customer, Michael Jock, 52, took him to task. White shoved Jock and raised his fist, so Jock raised his .38 Taurus Ultralight Special Revolver. He fired, hitting White in the lower torso. In the struggle that followed, he was shot again, in roughly the same place, and another bullet lodged in a wall. Then the two men went outside and waited for the police to arrive.
Jock claimed that the shooting was justified under the state's 'stand your ground' law, since he'd feared for his life. Police spokesman Mike Puetz said: 'He felt he was in his rights. He brought it up specifically and cited it to the officer'; however, '[w]e determined it did not reach a level where deadly force was required'.
White is still angry but now for different reasons.

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