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Readers' comments

Below are some comments sent in by readers about Anna's News Clippings.


A UK company-owner who'd been involved in a silly incident described in a 2013 Clippings item informed me that (s)he had faced a charge for this and been acquitted. When I indicated that I'd be happy to add this and any further useful contextualising information to the item, this was the response:
You don't anything what happened and you can't judge a person.
People can accuse anything but court decides what actually happened and what's true.
You will definitely face problems in your life without any mistakes from your side and then you will remember these things.
You will definitely face problems in your professional and personal life for playing with other people emotions and trying to earn money with other people emotions.

K.N.G. (I've chosen to redact the name) - 10 March 2020


I just stumbled across your site- I love it! I am fond of all these bizarre news stories, and its good to see you've been archiving them. I look forward to being a regular reader of your latest pages.

Thanks for the great website!

Bob Skinner - 22 October 2004


Spent some time chuckling away at the DUMB people of the world...

Martin Sparkes - 10 February 2008


[in reference to an October 2000 item pertaining to an alleged cult leader's confession of rape before a 'channeler']:

The clipping is being used to harrass Mr. Geis to this very day. Is there any way you could remove this posting? It would be much appreciated. He has children that are being affected by this posting in school [some of his children remain in his custody]. [...]
Ava Paloma

I responded:
Please let me know which part of the story is inaccurate or merits further explanation. I could include some words from Mr. Geis or from you on this point, possibly even in conjunction with an update on this item - as it appears more has happened in recent years.
Regarding his children, it's alawys a shame when innocent people have to suffer on account of the choices of others. I hope his children (and former students etc.) are able to find a good path through what cannot be an easy set of circumstances.

She responded:
A few old students are using the past info to harrass him even more. If there is anyway to have this article removed, that would be the most benefical and helpful. If his name is google searched I know newspaper articles come up, so the info will still be on the web for people to formulate their own opinions. I just am wanting to remove as much as possible. [...]

I responded to those remarks thus:
I'm of the belief that having as much information as possible out there, so that people can form their own opinions, is the better course of action. Naturally, the presence of accurate and verifiable information is key to this. I hope you can provide me with some.

In response to her comments that Geis and his partner are innocent and that
'More hasn't happened in more recent years.
Also, the case itself was thrown out.
But see, no newspapers printed the verdict',

I replied:
You refer, I take it, to the sexual misconduct with a minor case. Since many papers deem resolutions on legal technicalities to be too tedious to report upon, I would be grateful for the court and police information that someone local can access.

2 February 2008


Hi Anna,

I just wanted to let you know how much I've enjoyed these since subscribing.

William Tunstall-Pedoe - 26 October 2004


Thanks for the great website!

Brian I. - 22 October 2004


Love your site

Shirley - 20 October 2004


I absolutely love your site. Your writing 'voice' is fabulous.

I found your site because I've been looking for more information on my son's best friend's father who just told me that when he was younger he trepanned himself. You mention he and his ex and how they filmed her trepanation. :)

I'm normal.

Gia Milinovich - 1 September 2004


[...] youre one of my fav bookmarked sites and i check for updates often. [...]

Mephisto - 22 March 2004


i talked to a lawyer about that and they he said you can't have it on there. please take it off or i will have you arrested!  

'TAKE THAT OFF OF THERE,.....NOW!!!!' - 8 September 2003


[...] Quite amusing. Please do keep penning your "News Clippings". There are many of us with a taste for the absurd. You must be an Eye-reader! [...]


Robert - 17 June 2003


I stumbled onto your link several months ago, but lost it somewhere within my poorly organized bookmarks, only to rediscover it yesterday. :)

I've sent the link along with your May additions to friends, and am sure that they will find the clippings an interesting addition to the popular [ ].

Take it easy...

Samizdatt - 7 May 2003


I've found you, via your news clipping about about me: naked in court for the right to be naked in public, UK.

I found the information about who you are. Interesting. So I thought I would contact you to see if you may inspire me in some way. [...]

Vincent Bethell - 14 October 2002

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