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March 2024

2 March 2024

Fact-checking is good, isn't it? On this principle, Canada's Brian Paré, 30, decided to test officials' claims that climate-change-linked dry conditions have produced an especially severe fire season in Quebec. Believing that the government had set numerous forest fires itself, he hypothesised that the land isn't really that dry. Therefore, he set 14 fires, expecting them not to spread. They did, prompting several evacuation orders.
Thanks in part to a tracking device attached to his vehicle after he'd been found near one of the fires and 'demonstrated a certain interest in fires', he was arrested and has admitted his guilt.

After a transgender individual in Italy had received a mastectomy, medics began preparing for the next step in the gender-reassignment process, a hysterectomy. They found that 'Marco' was five months pregnant. The uterus removal has been suspended, and endocrinologist Giulia Senofonte reports that the same is true of hormone treatments. As for the legal side of matters, La Repubblica has stated that Marco will be declared not just the baby's mother but also, 'because at the registry office he now has a male identity', the father.

Florida anger-management counsellor Travis McBride's search for local homeless man Clinton Dorsey led him to a Deland woman's home, where, livid, he claimed that Dorsey had set out a jarful of glass to harm nearby dogs. A few hours later, the woman reported having witnessed McBride find his quarry - and shoot him. Authorities recovered the corpse held in the boot of the 46-year-old therapist's hatchback, and his employees at Starting Point Mental Health will cover his duties while he is being held in jail.

The figure at the centre of our next story too is in police custody; however, he has received rather more public support. Passengers scheduled to fly to Guatemala from Mexico City had been sitting on the tarmac for more than three hours without water or fresh air amid 'maintenance issues' when one of them had had enough. He opened the emergency door and walked out onto the wing for fresh air.
Fellow flyers' hand-written note to Aeromexico stated that all passengers regarded his action to have been 'for the protection of everyone, with the support of everyone'. In a document circulated via social media, they went further, attaching their names to the claim 'He saved our lives'.

The parents of a Wisconsin boy were displeased with the attention he'd received from his teacher, who had given him a Glock for his 13th birthday. Sifting through his mobile phone's message history while he was asleep, they discovered that the teacher, 35-year-old Tyesha Bolden, had also sent him a picture of her bare chest and professions of unconditional love. Once detectives entered the picture, Bolden told school supervisors that she'd let the boy stay at her home, later admitting that sex was included.
She stated also that she had called an end to the illicit relations by refusing to supply a second handgun alongside the cash the boy had requested. She nonetheless faces the prospect of 40+ years in prison.

In 2015, West London couple Arti Dhir, 59, and Kaval Raijada, 35, ran an 'adoptive child wanted' advert in Gujurat. It wasn't long before they had had adopted and taken out a 150,000-pound insurance policy on 11-year-old Gopal Sejani. For the next two years, the farm boy weathered various delays and two attempts on his life. The third attempt, by two men on motorbikes, was successful; however, the insurers - but not the police - found the circumstances suspicious.
The husband and wife have now been sentenced to 33 years in prison but in connection with another matter entirely: airport workers checking six unusually heavy toolboxes that the pair had shipped to Australia. They found 514 kilos of cocaine within. Authorities then uncovered 15 further shipments of this nature, the couple's money-laundering car wash, its associated 22 bank accounts, and a punching bag full of bullion bars in their Ealing flat.

Two sheriff's officers on a domestic-dispute call in Okaloosa County, Florida, bundled suspect Marquis Jackson into their patrol car before taking further evidence. While walking back to the car, deputy Jesse Hernandez heard a gunshot and hit the ground, breaking his sunglasses in the process. He proceeded to empty an entire clip of ammunition toward the handcuffed man, with his colleague echoing his live-fire response. The rear window shattered, but Jackson, 22, was unharmed. He later described slumping over 'to prevent getting shot in the head'.
Medics later refuted Hernandez's adrenaline-fuelled assertion 'I'm hit! I'm hit!', and video analysis revealed why he'd feared for his life: a falling acorn had hit the vehicle's roof.
An eight-week internal investigation cleared both officers of criminal wrongdoing. Still, they were deemed to have used excessive force, and Hernandez no longer works with the department.

[IMG: the missile A Bellevue, Ohio, man purchased a rocket at an estate sale. Upon his own death, his neighbour, unsure what to do with the rusty item, contacted the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force in hopes of donating it. He didn't expect a bomb squad to arrive at his home to handle what turned out to be a Douglas AIR-2 Genie air-to-air missile, an interceptor last produced in 1962.
Since the device is 'just basically a gas tank for rocket fuel' when separate from the 1.5 kt nuclear warhead for which it's designed, the police left the man to dispose of it on his own, according to Bellevue Police Department spokesman Seth Tyler.

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