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April 2012

19 April 2012

Alan Golden, 22, decided to leave a New Mexico restaurant without paying for a $30 meal, following his two female companions out the door. He picked the wrong evening for this stunt: the night of a fund-raiser for the state's Special Olympics participants, at which area law enforcement officers were waiting tables and serving as hosts. Golden was soon arrested and jailed.

Munich disk jockey Dieter S. told newspaper T.Z. that he met a 47-year-old woman in a pub on Easter Monday and accompanied her home. After having sex with her three times, he decided to leave, whereupon he found that his 'sex mad' host had locked the doors from the inside and hidden the key. The 43-year-old man later said that he 'realised I was trapped and had to keep going until she fell asleep, so we had sex five more times' over the next five hours.
He rang the police from the flat's balcony as soon as the woman fell asleep. Officers arrived 10 minutes later whereupon, in the words of a police press release '[s]he tried to persuade the police officers to join her in "related activities" - albeit unsuccessfully'. She faces charges of sexual coercion and deprivation of freedom.

In Canada, we have a 43-year-old man who was trying to make some money as a door-to-door salesman. In Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, the man was knocking on doors and peddling a variety of prescription medicines, including Valium, clonezepam, and OxyContin. Someone rang the police to report this activity, and he faces a variety of charges.

Police in Bridgeport, Connecticut, believe that a five-year-old boy didn't know what was inside his step-father's jacket when he brought it to his kindergarten's 'show and tell'. But when he reached inside and discovered 50 packets of heroin, he became excited and waved the around with pride. His teacher swiftly confiscated the packets.
According to Detective Keith Bryant, the boy's step-father, 35-year-old Santos Roman, returned to the kindergarten and collected the jacket, sans drugs, whereupon he was arrested. The charges against him include possession of drugs with intent to sell within 460 metres of a school.

Argentina's Analia Bouter wanted to see the body of her stillborn baby. So, in the morgue 12 hours after the premature baby was declared dead, she and husband Fabian Veron prised open the coffin. Inside, the baby was still alive, trembling in the cold of the refrigerated facility. Bouter's brother rushed the baby to the hospital's neonatal intensive care unit.
Five hospital workers have been suspended in connection with the case, according to an official with the province of Chaco.

A police officer in the US Virgin Islands was conducting a routine traffic stop on the island of St Croix when he heard a baby cry. No baby was visible in the vehicle, so the officer asked where the child was. The driver picked up the handbag on the front passenger's seat and showed him her one-week-old girl. According to the St. Croix Source, officers brought the mother a car seat, and the case has been turned over to social services personnel.

Jessica Vega wanted a 'dream wedding'. This 25-year-old California woman set out to get one by claiming that she had leukaemia and wanted to marry the father of her child in style before dying. Friends and strangers alike in the local community donated the wedding rings, flowers, a $1,200 wedding dress, and a honeymoon trip to Aruba.
It was Vega's husband, Michael O'Connell, who discovered the ruse - when he contacted a physician she claimed was treating her. O'Connell went to the media. The couple soon divorced, but they have now reunited and had a second child.
Vega has been charged with five counts of grand larceny and one count of 'scheme to defraud'.

Frank Carrillo is a former professional golfer who is now behind bars for a series of jewellery thefts at golf courses. For a short while last summer, he was not behind bars, however. He was back on the golf course for a few hours - because sheriff's officer Jeff Donahue wanted tips for improving his swing. Donahue used a patrol vehicle for the excursion, and Carrillo was still wearing his jail outfit, so it wasn't the subtlest of moves. Donahue is now on medical leave.

Someone broke into the Lombardini Game Farm, in South Africa. After failed attempts to open the till and a locked cupboard, the miscreant raided the farm's bar and then pulled the rhino head from its mount on a guest house wall. The owner of the farm, Susan Lottering, said: 'When we came to the guest house the next morning, the rhino lay on its side dehorned.' There have been no reports yet of anyone trying to sell a fibreglass rhino horn.

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