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Running time : 10:14
First transmitted : 1st August 1985


(Another six blasts, followed by another, much louder, explosion.)

Barton : Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrggh. I'm awfully sorry sir, but I'm feeling rather unwell.

Doctor : Reposition yourself. Move away from the gunfire.

Barton : I'm afraid sir that the only position I can adopt is a horizontal one.

(Barton falls over)

Doctor : I'm sorry about this, but my friend has had to withdraw from the game.

Grant : Just keep your hands where I can see them, otherwise you'll be joining him.

2. Computer System

Computer : Are you there? The drone's been damaged!

Main Comp : Deactivate his conditioning circuit. I see no reason why the Time Lord shouldn't learn the truth.

Computer : Do you think that's wise?

Main Comp : Whatever the drone tells him will only feed his curiosity. That will be enough to deliver him into my hands.

3. The Ducting

Seedle : As a rule miss I'm quite keen on exercise, but strolling up and down dark, dusty ducting is not the most agreeable way of getting it!

Peri : Well it's difficult to say precisly where he was. It all looks the same, especially now that bulkhead door's been opened.

Seedle : I'm afraid miss that if you're going to invent your senario will have to become considerably more plausable than it is at the moment.

Peri : I'm telling the truth.

Snatch : You must co-operate miss, my collegue has a history of violently attacking people.

Seedle : I have beaten my fists raw on some of the finest criminals in the galaxy.

Peri : A-are you policemen?

Seedle : Certainly not miss! You'll just have to accept the somewhat implausable story that we are environment inspectors.

4. Ducting

Grant : No gun. You must be feeling confident.

Doctor : Never carry one. Causes my pockets to bulge, ruins the cut of my coat.

Grant : How did you get onto me? Thought I'd managed to cover my tracks quite carefully.

Doctor : I'm sorry but I haven't the faintest idea what you're talking about.

Grant : Oh come off it, I know you're the police!

Barton : There you are mistaken sir-

Grant : Shut up! You must be the police, otherwise the computer would have reported your presence.

Doctor : I'm afraid the logic of that statement defeats me.

Barton : The police often carry devices to confuse the sensors of survellance computers, sir. It allows them to abuse their authority by entering prohibited areas undetected.

Doctor : When you searched me did you find such a device?

Grant : No. So why didn't the computer report you?

Doctor : I think that's a question best put to her. That is after you've explained why you were so keen to see me dead.

5. The ducting

Seedle : You know Snatch, I think we've uncovered a den of iniquity here. When we've sorted this little lot out, there could be promotion all 'round.

Peri : Well, apart from falling on your friend here, what else am I supposed to have done?

Snatch : Several important art treasures have been stolen from various planets this ship has visited. We are looking for the person or persons concerned.

Peri : And you're still denying you're policemen?

Seedle : It's your credentials that are in question miss, not ours.

Peri : Alright, have it your own way, but I have nothing to do with the theft of any art treasures

Seedle : Really miss? Then it won't distress you to know that we are in possession of a gangmember's name.

Peri : Well if you know who this man is, why don't you go to the Captain?

Seedle : Heh, hardly miss, he may be involed in the crime himself.

Snatch : Tell her the name sir, we'll know if she's lying.

Seedle : I think for once you could be right lad. The name is Shellingborne Grant.

6. Ducting

Doctor : Well Mr Grant, it's fortunate for you I am not a policeman, neither am I particullary concerned by your petty activities, I'll leave that to the proper authorities.

Grant : A somewhat pompous statement considering I still have the gun.

Doctor : I don't care, I have more important things to argue.

Grant : Like what?

Doctor : Someone on board this ship is illegally experimenting with time.

Grant : Can't be, impossible.

Doctor : It's a fact. Now who might possess the necessary skills?

Grant : No-one, apart from the engineering staff who are drunk most of the time. The only scientific members of the crew are anthropologists, geologists, that sort of thing.

Doctor : Are you sure?

Grant : This is a census ship. We're making a galactic survey of all the known inhabited planets. How else d'you think I got close enough to steal priceless works of art?

Doctor : Could be there on official business.

7. The ducting

Seedle : Come on miss.

Peri : I don't know who this Shellingborne Grant is.

Seedle : Then tell me the name of this Doctor.

Peri : I don't know that either! How many times must I say it?

Seedle : How miss can you speak to someone on a regular basis without knowing their name?

Peri : I only know him as 'the Doctor', he's always maintained I wouldn't be able to pronounce his name.

Seedle : This is indeed a man of mystery.

Peri : Well what does it matter? He isn't Shellingborne Grant.

Seedle : But how can you be certain miss, paticulary as he refuses to tell you his name?

Peri : Because he doesn't lie!

Seedle : Such perversion, I'm beginning to find this all a bit strange Snatch.

Snatch : I think we should look further sir, he can't have got far.

8. Ducting

(A regular thumping sound. It stops)

Doctor : There has to be someone on board capable of time experiments. Think man, think!

Grant : I am thinking!

Doctor : The drone. Are you still functioning? Come on, don't expire yet!

(The Doctor kicks the drone)

Doctor : Oh.

Barton : I do beg you pardon sir, I was composing my epitaph.

Doctor : Where were you supposed to take me?

Barton : The Solar Lounge sir, I always collect two for afternoon tea at about this time sir.

Grant : Oh he's rambling.

(The Doctor kicks Barton.)

Doctor : Come on! Hang on to your memory circuits! What's the name of this ship?

Grant : The Vipod Mor.

Doctor : Drone, where were you taking me?

Barton : To the next level sir. A specially concealed compartment has been constructed to hide you sir.

Doctor : Location?

Barton : Near bulkhead door 681, sir.

Grant : There is such bulkhead.

Doctor : We're getting somewhere at last. And who gave you these instructions?

Barton : the source of all my orders sir. The computer.

Doctor (to Grant) : Come on, I want to have a look at this room.

9. The ducting

Snatch : This ducting goes on forever sir.

Seedle : And you have a knack of stating the obvious Snatch.

Snatch : Sorry sir.

Peri : Well here's another dilemma for you: stairs. Do we go up or down?

Seedle : Well these aren't the stairs we came up, are they?

Snatch : No sir, they were at the other end of the ducting.

(Barton faintly moans)

Snatch (whispering) : What's that?

Seedle : I think we should investigate.

Snatch : It could be a trap sir.

Seedle : Villains poised to pounce rarely advertise their presense lad.

Snatch : Sorry sir.

Seedle (to Barton) : Now then, may I enquire what you are doing, lurking on the stairs in such a disorderly manner?

Barton : Hello boys! (notices Peri) I do beg your pardon madam.

Peri : Oh don't bother about me, I'm just one of the gang.

Snatch : He's been damaged by gunfire sir.

Seedle : Really? (to Barton) And what have you been up to?

Barton : It's no fun being a service maintainance drone sir.

Seedle : Nah, we'll get no sense from him. Put the thing out of it's misery.

Snatch : Just a moment sir. (to Barton) Who did this to you?

Barton : A laser pistol.

Snatch : I said who, not what.

Barton : A fight.

Snatch : Between whom?

Barton : Me, Doctor, Grant.

Seedle : Doctor Grant eh?

Peri : That isn't true.

Seedle (To Peri) : Shut up! (To Barton) And where is Doctor Grant now?

Barton : Next... level... down...

10. Ducting

Doctor : Here we are.

Grant : I can't see anything.

Doctor : There. That fine line is the edge of the door. Ah! This must be the opening mechanism.

(Bleeping of buttons being pressed. The door opens.)

Doctor : You wait here, I'd better go in alone.

Grant : Leave the door open, y-you know, just in case.

11. Compartment

Doctor : Hello? Hellooo?

(Computer bleeps)

Computer : Well hello there! I hope you like your room.

Doctor : Very tasteful.

(The door closes.)

Doctor : Wha.

Computer : Sorry about that, there was a terrible draft, I'd hate if you catch a chill after all the trouble I've gone to to get you here.

(A throbbing noise can be heard.)

Doctor : Why, that noise?

Computer : You heard it in a dream not long ago. (the Computer voice changes to that of the Main Comp) A voice calling to you from afar.

(The throbbing begins to slowly intensify)

Doctor : That's right (The throbbing begins to affect him.) Huh? W-w-what's happening? D-you're hurting me! A-ah!

Main Comp : Thought transference, Doctor. I'm inside your head.

(The throbbing begins to really build up.)

Doctor : I can't stand the pain. Your presence is too powerful.

Main Comp : I am only interested in your knowledge concerning time travel. Your personal secrets are safe.

(The throbbing is loud and fast)

Doctor : Y-you must reduce you presence.

Main Comp : Co-operate and the pain will cease!

(The throbbing reaches it's maximum level.)

Doctor : You don't understand! you're des-troying me! You're destroying my miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiind!


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Transcribed by
Cameron Mason
6th February 2001

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