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Running time : 10:19
First transmitted : 1st August 1985

1. Ducting

Doctor : Peri! Peri! (Banging on the door.)

Computer : You're wasting your time, you know. That door can withstand pressures of up to ten thousand kilos per square centimetre. I'm...

Doctor : Please. Another time. I'm very concerned about my friend. Would you mind opening the door? She might need my help.

Computer : That is unlikely. I estimate that she has a thirty-four thousand six hundred and thirty to one chance of surviving such a fall. That's pretty low, you know.

Doctor : Can't you check? Don't you have sensors in the ventilator shaft?

Computer : She won't be in the shaft. She'll have fallen through to the level below. Look. I don't wish to depress you unduly, but the chance of your friend having made a soft landing is somewhere in the region of eight million and three to one. Now that's pretty unlikely, you must agree.

2. Bottom of ventilation shaft

Peri : I'm awfully sorry. I hope I didn't hurt you.

Seedle : Are you in the habit of dropping out of ventilator shafts, miss?

Peri : Of course not! It was an accident! Are you all right?

(Soft moaning sounds.)

Snatch : Just...just a little winded.

Seedle : Now now, lad. I think you should seek a medical opinion before committing yourself in matters you're unfamiliar with.

Snatch : I feel fine, sir.

Peri : He looks fine to me.

Seedle : Are you qualified to hold such an opinion?

Peri : Well, I'm not a doctor if that's what you mean.

Seedle : Then one can safely say that your opinion is uninformed and purely speculative.

Peri : Wait a minute. I know where there is a doctor. He could examine your friend.

Seedle : Is that a fact, miss?

Peri : He's at the top of the ventilation shaft.

Seedle : Well, how convenient, eh Snatch?

Snatch : Indeed, sir.

Peri : Now what have I said?

Seedle : It's more what you've implied, miss.

Peri : Really?

Seedle : Malpractice.

3. Captain's Room

(The Captain is being massaged. Piano music is playing in the background.)

Drone : Putting on a little weight, aren't we sir? Too many Vogel bars between meals I should think.

Slarn : Grant doesn't get fat.

Drone : He's young, sir. And as a junior officer, his relative lack of responsibility still allows him time to go to the gym. On the other hand, sir, he doesn't eat fifteen meals a day either.

Slarn : Grant doesn't like me.

Drone : Oh I wouldn't say that, sir. If there is a certain lack of warmth in his attitude (more massaging) I would think it's because he stands in awe of you, sir.

Slarn : (louder) Why doesn't anyone like me?

Drone : You have no need of it, sir. You have what every captain desires. Your crew's deep, unquestioning respect.

Slarn : But I want both!

4. The ducting

Seedle : Hmm?

Peri : I don't believe we're having this conversation!

Seedle : Put yourself in our position, miss. We just happen to be strolling along, when you fall on my colleague here. It then transpires that you have a doctor friend lurking in the shadows only too eager to offer his services.

Peri : I don't believe it. Do you know how far I fell? I could have been killed!

Seedle : An occupational hazard.

Peri : Oh, look, you guys. You've got to believe me. I was wandering around on the level above. It was dark, and I fell into the ventilation shaft!

Snatch : Personally, miss, I would like to believe you.

Peri : Come and talk to the Doctor. He'll confirm that I'm telling the truth.

Seedle : We have every intention of questioning that particular gentleman.

Snatch : Uh, perhaps you wouldn't mind clipping this to your jacket.

Peri : What for?

Seedle : There are electronic eyes and ears everywhere. That little device inhibits their efficiency.

Peri : Who are you guys?

Seedle : Even if I were permitted to tell you, miss, I don't think you're qualified to know.

5. Ducting

Doctor : Hello? Hello? Is anyone there?

(The computer beeps.)

Computer : I hope you aren't gonna give me a hard time.

Doctor : Me? Good heavens no.

Computer : Well, if it's any comfort, your friend is quite safe. Although how she managed to survive such a fall I shall never know.

Doctor : Where is she?

Computer : All in good time.

Doctor : Oh come on now!

Computer : You said you weren't gonna give me a hard time!

Doctor : As if I would. Or could, come to that.

Computer : You really are quite nice.

Doctor : Hmm?

Computer : In many ways, I'm sad you are a prisoner. You're the most agreeable person I've spoken to all day.

Doctor : Oh!

6. Captain's Room

(The Drone finishes massaging Slarn's back.)

Drone : There we are, sir. Now if you wouldn't mind turning over....

(Groaning sounds.)

Drone : Hmmm...

Slarn : Have they found the Earth woman yet?

(The massage continues.)

Drone : I wouldn't know, sir.

Slarn : Computer!


Computer : I'm right here, Captain. Your pleasure is my pleasure.

Slarn : What news of the female intruder?

Computer : Everything's under control, sir.

Slarn : Then why isn't she here?

Computer : The service ducting area is very large and the search party have little sense of direction.

Slarn : I want the female intruder here as quickly as possible.

Computer : Your wish is my command.

Slarn : While you're here, what is that noise you're pumping into my cabin?

Computer : Ancient Earth music. I thought it might help the prisoner relax whilst you're interrogating her.

Slarn : Shut it off! I find it offensive.

Computer : I was quite enjoying it.

Slarn : SHUT IT OFF! (The music instantly stops.) You see what I have to put up with.

Drone : I do, sir. Now, you just lie back and let me massage all those little stresses and strains away.

Slarn : Ahhh. Massage my chins, will you? I always find that very relaxing.

7. Office

Grant : Computer? Computer? Where are you?

(Computer beeps.)

Computer : (Sounding guilty.) Hello there...

Grant : Where were you?

Computer : To be honest, hiding. I don't think I can take anyone else shouting at me.

Grant : What's happened?

Computer : Everything is going wrong! The captain keeps telling me off!

Grant : Well, take no notice. He shouts at everyone.

Computer : I don't think I can take any more! I have this terrible confusion at the heart of my logic circuits! To be perfectly honest, Mister Grant, I think I'm becoming schizoid!

Grant : Do you mind if we get back to business?

Computer : That's what I'm here for...

Grant : Have you diverted the search party yet?

Computers : That's about all I have managed to do.

Grant : Then give me the location of the intruder and I'll go down and make the arrest.

Computer : I can't find her anywhere! She's disappeared!

Grant : Has she? Then give me her last location. I'll go and look for her myself.

Computer : Just let me check.

8. Computer System

Main Comp : The Earth woman is still alive.

Computer : I somehow thought you'd turn up.

Main Comp : You have failed me.

Computer : Opening the ventilation shaft was the best I could do at such short notice.

Main Comp : Give Grant the information he wants. He can do our work for us. When he finds the woman, the maston can kill them both.

9. Ducting

Doctor : Hello? It's me again. I've been waiting for hours.

(Computer beeps)

Computer : Forty-four minutes, precisely.

Doctor : Oh...

Computer : Now you said that you wouldn't give me a hard time.

Doctor : It's cold and dark in here. And I was getting very lonely.

(A door opens.)

Computer : Not for much longer.

(A robotic drone hovers through the door.)

Computer : Let me introduce you to service maintenance drone nine three four.

Barton : How do you do, sir? My former master used to call me Barton. If it so pleases, you may do the same, sir.

Doctor : Well, it's certainly less formal than nine three four.

Barton : Decidedly so, sir. Now, if you wouldn't mind stepping this way, sir.

Doctor : Ah. May I ask where you're taking me?

Barton : I'm afraid it's necessary to descend one level. Would you prefer to use the lift or the stairs, sir?

Grant : Hold it!

Doctor : Who's that?

Barton : Mister Grant, sir.

Grant : Raise your hands!

Doctor : I'd better make a run for it.

Barton : Oh, I wouldn't do that, sir. Mister Grant is an excellent shot.

Grant : I said raise your hands!

Doctor : How do you do? I'm the Doctor.

Grant : On this ship we shoot stowaways!

Barton : I think you'd better withdraw behind me, sir. I should prove adequate cover.

Grant : Stay where you are!

(Grant fires a warning shot.)

Doctor : Are you armed?

Barton : Yes, sir. But, unfortunately, the power pack fitted to my gun is exhausted.

Grant : Drone, move out of the way!

(Grant fires his gun again.)

Doctor : Well, how long before he realises you can't fire back?

Barton : Very soon, sir. Mister Grant is a particularly bright young man, and tends to notice small details.

Grant : MOVE!

(He fires six shots. There is an explosion.)

Doctor : Are you all right?

Barton : Not really, sir. The servo-backup drive to my lower limbs has been damaged. I really do think it's the end of us both, sir.

(Another six blasts, followed by another, much louder, explosion.)

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Transcribed by
Robert Dunlop
7th March 1999

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