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The Seeds of Death

Episode Two

By Brian Hayles and Terrance Dicks


(Slaar glares evilly at the humans.)

SLAAR: Guard!

(Through the doorway lumbers a huge green form of a Martian Ice-Warrior.)

SLAAR: Kill him!

(The creature brings it's weapon to bear on Locke, it flashes brightly and with a high-pitched squeal of rending airwaves and Locke falls down dead. Phipps watches in horror, then turns and desperately runs for the door of the control room.)

SLAAR: Stop him!

(The Warrior fires again, but the unfriendly soundwaves are seconds too late and rebound off harmlessly off the wall.)

SLAAR: Hunt that man! He must not escape!

(As the Warrior lumbers off after Phipps, the Ice-Lord turns accusingly back to Fewsham.)

SLAAR: You allowed them to send a message back to Earth.
FEWSHAM: They tricked me! I tried to stop them!
SLAAR: No matter. He will be found and killed.
FEWSHAM: What about me?
SLAAR: Have you repaired the emergency T-Mat link?
FEWSHAM: Not yet, It-it isn't easy.
SLAAR: But it is possible.
FEWSHAM: Yes, only give me time.
SLAAR: Very well. But now you know what will happen if you fail. You will die!


(Radnor turns and tries to reason with Eldred again.)

RADNOR: Daniel, don't you see this goes far beyond a petty quarrel over rockets and T-Mat! Those men at Moonbase are in serious trouble and we must help them.
ELDRED: You'll have to find some other way.
KELLY: With T-Mat dead there is no other way. Your rocket is our only hope of reaching the moon.
DOCTOR: Professor listen to them...
ELDRED: I'm listening.
DOCTOR: In a way this is a triumph for your rocket.
ELDRED: Is it?
RADNOR: Of course it is! The government recognises the fact.
ELDRED: Then the government is going to be disappointed!

(Eldred walks over to a corner of the museum and Radnor follows him.)

RADNOR: I don't understand you!
ELDRED: Oh, I'd better be frank with you...
RADNOR: Yes I think you'd better.
ELDRED: I must admit I played with the idea of making a space flight - I even prepared a rocket.
KELLY: Well then?
ELDRED: Well it was...just a dream - an illusion for a disappointed man.
KELLY: You mean there's nothing?
ELDRED: Oh, the rocket's there partially prepared.
ELDRED: As for an actual lift off...
RADNOR: We can do it Daniel, I know we can.
ELDRED: It takes more than enthusiasm to get a rocket off the ground!
RADNOR: You've only to ask for what you want. Funds, men, equipment...
ELDRED: It needs the one thing which you have not got - time!
KELLY: A crash programme with the best available technicians.
ELDRED: It's nowhere near ready woman! Most of the equipment is still unchecked.
RADNOR: A computer can be programmed for that!
ELDRED: It would still be impossibly dangerous!
RADNOR: Daniel, it was you who created this rocket... It was your driving force and enthusiasm that got it off the drawing board! With you in control we can't fail to succeed!
ELDRED: That was a long time passed. Now my heart couldn't take the strain of the G-Force.
KELLY: That doesn't mean you experience and knowledge are useless. We need your guidance.

(Eldred turns sadly and walks away again. Radnor circles for a moment, then gazes at the Professor from behind the console, and opens his mouth to argue further, but Eldred cuts him of before he can utter a word.)

ELDRED: I told you it's a dream! I can never go to the moon and neither can rocket - ZA685.

(A small way away Jamie and Zoe are having a conference of their own.)

JAMIE: Look, could we not help them? We could use the TARDIS.

(The Doctor's face silently appears from behind a beam as he listens to the conversation.)

ZOE: What for a trip to the moon?
ZOE: We'd probably overshoot by a few million years.
DOCTOR: Yes, or by a few million miles. I'm afraid that the TARDIS is not suited to short-range travel.
ZOE: Still, I think we should help them if we can.

(They all look at the Doctor and after a short pause he smiles having reached a decision.)


(The Doctor moves back to where Eldred is still weighing up the cons of the space flight with Radnor and Kelly.)

DOCTOR: Erm, I think I could get your rocket to the moon.

(Eldred looks at the Doctor in surprise, having temporarily forgotten that he was there.)

DOCTOR: Yes, I have considerable knowledge in space travel, and so have my two companions.

(Radnor doesn't care who the Doctor is, for a moment he has heard a little glimmer of good news.)

RADNOR: Doctor that's splendid, thank you!
ELDRED: But the rocket is not ready!

(Radnor frowns again.)

DOCTOR: Well perhaps you're overestimating the difficulties? Ah, how much more work is required on your rocket?
ELDRED: It needs fuelling, a complete computerised check-up...
RADNOR: Well I can order that.
ELDRED: No I will not allow it! The risk is too great, no!
RADNOR: If there were any other way believe me I wouldn't even consider such a risk.

(Eldred thumps the table in anger.)

KELLY: There's, ah, always the chance that the problem at T-Mat will clear itself.
RADNOR: Excuse me.

(Radnor walks over to the computer.)

RADNOR: Radnor. Go ahead.

(Radnor turns to Eldred.)

RADNOR: That's your answer!
DOCTOR: Well we're willing to help as I said.
ELDRED: You don't know what you're doing! It-it's suicide!
RADNOR: Listen if this fault lasts much longer there's going to be worldwide chaos, and world population is at stake!
ELDRED: Infallible T-Mat putting the world in jeopardy!
RADNOR: Alright I admit it.
ELDRED: And now you want this man to risk his life to get you out of trouble!
RADNOR: No not me, but thousands of people all over the world who will die if we don't take this risk! I'm sorry, but I've got no alternative. Miss Kelly?
RADNOR: I want all technical personnel working on this. I want that rocket prepared for launching.
KELLY: Yes Commander.

(Miss Kelly strides out of the room, and Radnor turns back to Eldred.)

RADNOR: We'd be grateful for your help.
ELDRED: If that rocket is gonna get to the moon safely, you'll need more than help, you'll need a miracle!


(An Ice-Warrior lumbers down the stark, metal beamed corridor, and meets up with another at the end.)

WARRIOR: Continue the search, he must not escape!

(Hissing at coldly at each other, they turn and depart again. One of them heads along the corridor and comes to a door marked "SOLAR ENERGY STORE ROOM")


(Inside the small room packed with spare equipment and control panels stands Phipps. He has his back pressed up against a wall beside a piece of machinery as the Ice-Warrior moves to the door and pulls it open. The creature lumbers into the room and looks around, turning as it does so. A foot away, pressed up against the wall Phipps remains still and quiet. The warrior slowly turns full circle, it's gaze sweeping past where Phipps is. Finally making up it's mind that the room is empty, it strides out the doorway. Making sure that the coast is clear, Phipps moves over to the door and quietly closes it again. He thinks for a moment and then rushes to a desk and opens a box marked "SOLAR AMPLIFIER" and pulls out a large chunk of bare equipment...)


(Radnor and Kelly are whispering discreetly to themselves in a corner.)

KELLY: Commander?
RADNOR: Yes Miss Kelly?
KELLY: Do you think it's wise letting these people crew the rocket?
RADNOR: Wise? No of course it's not wise, but what's the alternative? We gave up training astronaughts years ago.
KELLY: But who are they?
RADNOR: Some of Eldred's crazy friends I imagine. But the man who calls himself the Doctor certainly knows his space travel.
KELLY: How can you be sure?
RADNOR: Well you wanted the briefing, but he and the girl know more about space flight than Eldred.
KELLY: What about the boy?
RADNOR: Yes I'm not sure about him.

(He turns and raises his voice.)

RADNOR: Er, Doctor...
RADNOR: Tell me, are all three of you planning to crew this rocket?
DOCTOR: Oh-oh of course you mean ah...
JAMIE: Oh aye of course, I can be useful too you know!
DOCTOR: Jamie I hadn't thought about you.
JAMIE: Hey, you're not leaving me behind and that's final!
ELDRED: There can be no excess weight on this trip.
JAMIE: Well how much does this rocket thing hold?
ELDRED: Well it was designed for a three man crew...
JAMIE: Ah, well then I'm going!
KELLY: Commander?
KELLY: The chemical fuel reserve pumps are barely adequate for the moon journey and return.
RADNOR: What about other sources of supply?
KELLY: New-York and Moscow. Transit impossible due to the T-Mat malfunction.
DOCTOR: But surely it's only a question of getting to the moon, we shall come back by T-Mat won't we?

(Somewhere someone drops a clanger.)

RADNOR: Mm? Possibly, depends what's wrong with it.
ELDRED: There is another source of supply.
RADNOR: Oh what's that?
ELDRED: The fuel dump on the moon. There's a refuelling system connected to the landing bay.
RADNOR: But surely that equipment hasn't been used for years!
ELDRED: Neither has the radio homing-beam, and if that doesn't work you'll never make a landing at all!
JAMIE: Oh, in that case we needn't worry about getting back!
ELDRED: Well all the equipment has been completely automated and solar powered. Designed all myself, no reason why it shouldn't work.
DOCTOR: I'm sure it will.
ELDRED: Are you sure that you've remembered all that I told you at the briefing?
JAMIE: Uh-huh.
DOCTOR: Oh yes, and even if I don't, Zoe has total recall.
ELDRED: Well just in case, I've written it all down here.
DOCTOR: There's no need, we...
ELDRED: And there's a map of Moonbase-Two here.
DOCTOR: Uh-huh. There-there.
ELDRED: Now you know how to operate the homing beam?
DOCTOR: Now don't worry about a thing. Your rocket is going to be in good hands!

(Jamie clears his throat skeptically.)

DOCTOR: Yes, alright that's enough of that Jamie...
ELDRED: And remember you've only got enough food and water for three days.
DOCTOR: Yes, well we've taken...

(A short way away Kelly has reached a decision, and turns to Radnor.)

KELLY: Commander?
RADNOR: Yes Miss Kelly?
KELLY: I think I should go as crew on the rocket.
RADNOR: Don't be ridiculous! You're too valuable here.
KELLY: But how can T-Mat be repaired if I'm not there?
RADNOR: Well what about the other technicians a-already there?
KELLY: Osgood's dead!
RADNOR: Yes, well...what about Fewsham, Phipps and..?
KELLY: Oh he's incapable of repairing it! I think I should go.
RADNOR: No! You're the only one who really understands T-Mat. I can't have you risking your life.
KELLY: And yet you're perfectly prepared to let them risk theirs!
DOCTOR: Now don't worry Miss Kelly, we're going to be perfectly alright!
KELLY: But how can you be sure? You don't even know what the trouble is up there!


(Slaar moves across to the main panel where Fewsham is working.)

SLAAR: The emergency link with Earth, is it ready yet?

(Fewsham looks up from the component he is wiring.)

FEWSHAM: I've nearly finished.
SLAAR: Do not make any mistakes.
FEWSHAM: I am not an expert.
SLAAR: But you will do it.
FEWSHAM: Yes! But I don't see what good just this emergency link can be. Even if you had a gigantic army of warriors you couldn't send them all to conquer Earth.

(The Ice-Lord hisses to himself as he attempts to be cryptic.)

SLAAR: We do not need an army. Earth will be ours for the taking, very soon...


(Phipps stops working on his rig at the table, and looks around. He sees a battered looking circular tin solar heat-lamp and plugs it into the base of his lash-up. He holds a plug in his hand and searches around on the wall but doesn't find what he is looking for. He looks frantic, then moving a box aside he finds a socket marked "DANGER SOLAR POWER LINE".)


(Images are shown on a circular monitor screen. With every new image there is a click. Professor Eldred's face appears first.)

ELDRED: Ignition, reserve power.

(His face is replaced by a gauge, then a switch then a bank of lights.)

ZOE OOV: Fully charged.

(Miss Kelly's face appears.)

KELLY: Internal atmosphere settings?

(Her face is replaced by some dial and a bank of lights, then two dials, then a row of switches.)

DOCTOR OOV: All normal.

(Eldred's face appears.)

ELDRED: Trajectory bearings, orbiter lock.

(His face is replaced by some dark circular indicators, then some dials and switches.)

ZOE: Pre-set registering normal functions.


(A small T-Mat monitoring station has been set up as a temporary Mission Control site. A few technicians seated around and Eldred, Kelly and Radnor at the main bank of controls and monitors towards the front. Miss Kelly is stares at the console.)

KELLY: Lift off activation check complete.

(Kelly's face is superimposed onto the speaker of the computer.)

KELLY: All readings alpha-green.
RADNOR: Well done. In record time and not a thing wrong!
ELDRED: So far.
RADNOR: Doctor?
DOCTOR OOV: Er, yes?
RADNOR: Final check on procedure after you land.
DOCTOR OOV: Oh yes I know. We're to re-establish video link with the Earth.
RADNOR: Yes that's right. When we can see what's wrong, you can do the rest under Miss Kelly's supervision.
DOCTOR OOV: Right, er...we're ready when you are.
KELLY: Link programme to telemeter guidance.

(Kelly's face is superimposed over a pattern of computer logic blocks.)

KELLY: Three minutes. Countdown will begin at T-Minus sixty seconds.
RADNOR: This is it!


(The Ion-Jet Rocket stands on the pad.)

KELLY OOV: All functions are on computer controlled pre-set. Clear launching site.


(The rocket is small and crammed with a hotch-potch of computer panels and screens. Across the walls cables and wires blend the ancient pieced-together systems with the modern high-tech controls that Radnor's technicians have added at the last minute. The Doctor, Jamie and Zoe sit lying horizontally strapped in awaiting take-off. Curiously they are all dressed in their usual clothes. The only small indication that they are about to fly across the hostile, empty wastes of space towards a small orbiting rock are a pair of chunky standard space-programme headphones each.)

ZOE: Three minutes seem an awfully long time.
DOCTOR: Yes. You remember your take off briefing Jamie?
JAMIE: Aye, he's told me all about this G-Force stuff, now I know.

(He looks around the cabin nervously as if he's awaiting a tooth out.)

ZOE: Oh you don't know about it 'til you've experienced it!
JAMIE: Look Zoe, I'll have you know that the Doctor and I have...
KELLY OOV: T-Minus sixty seconds from now.
DOCTOR: There's one minute to go, now hold tight everyone.
ZOE: Well I'm alright Doctor. How about you Jamie?
JAMIE: Look I-I keep telling you, I-I-I'm fine!

(He looks around nervously again expecting to feel the severe pain any second.)

KELLY OOV: T-Minus fifty...


ELDRED: Make sure telemeter guidance is operative!
RADNOR: Don't worry everything's been checked and rechecked.
KELLY: T-Minus forty. Technicians report.
TECHNICIAN OOV: All areas clear.
ELDRED: Check all systems.
KELLY: We have!
ELDRED: We must make sure!
KELLY: T-Minus thirty... Twenty six.


(The crew of the rocket sit back looking pensive.)

KELLY OOV: Twenty two...


(The Rocket sits on the launching pad, it's pointed nose cone stretching upwards silhouetted against a murky sky.)

KELLY OOV: Eighteen... Fourteen... Twelve...


(As Kelly counts the a light with the backwards number on is reflected on her face.)

KELLY: Ten... Nine... Eight... Seven... Six... Five... Four... Three... Two... One.

(She presses a button.)


(Slowly the Ion-Jet Rocket showing the ZA685 painted on the side rises into the air riding on a trail of smoke and flame.)


(The crew of the rocket are pressed down into their seats and the rocket climbs higher. Jamie is feeling the strain as is Zoe, but the Doctor merely looks as if he is dozing peacefully.)


(The rocket's trajectory changes from vertical to diagonal as it leaves the atmosphere and out of the bright periphery of planet Earth towards the inky black.)


(Kelly Radnor and Eldred look on tensely.)

KELLY: We have lift off!

(There is a shot of a rocket rising on the monitor screen in front of them.)

RADNOR: I never thought I'd see that again - a rocket rising in flight!
ELDRED: Beautiful! Let's see how they are.

(Eldred flips the switch to turn on the video-link, but the screen remains blank.)

ELDRED: The link is dead!
KELLY: What? Something must have gone wrong on lift off.
RADNOR: Try the shadow channel.
KELLY: Nothing.
RADNOR: Do you mean to say we're out of touch completely?


(The rocket speeds away from the Earth.)


ELDRED: What about a radio link?
KELLY: Earth control to rocket. How do you read me - over.
ELDRED: Nothing but static!
RADNOR: It's only a minor fault surely!


(Used to instant results Miss Kelly assumes the worst and begins to urgently hail them. On the rocket the limbs of the three space-travellers are floating in the weightless environment.)

KELLY OOV: Earth control to rocket, how do you read me? Earth control to rocket...
ZOE: Don't you remove your safety strap until I've switched over to automatic gravity, otherwise you'll float away.
KELLY OOV: ...Switch over to radio communication. Earth control to rocket, how do you read me?
ZOE: Oh wait a minute! Switching to automatic gravity control... Now.


ELDRED: Try them again.
KELLY: Earth control to rocket...
ZOE OOV: Rocket to Earth Control, wait a minute can't you? We've only just recovered from take-off!
ELDRED: Is everything alright up there? We seem to have lost our video-monitor link.
DOCTOR OOV: Yes I-I think that there must be a fault in one of the circuits...

(His voice tails off.)

ELDRED: Doctor? ...Doctor?!


(The Doctor is desperately trying to fan away a rising pall of smoke from the panel he is sitting at.)

ZOE: Oh what is it?
DOCTOR: Well, ah, one of the circuits has burnt out Zoe. I'll-I'll switch to a secondary one.
JAMIE: Oh no, this is worse than the TARDIS!


ELDRED: Do you read me Doctor?
KELLY: Sounds as though the entire communications circuitry has blown out.
ELDRED: Yes, let's hope that's all that's happened!
RADNOR: Keep trying Miss Kelly.


(The rocket is further away from the Earth now, but still on course.)


FEWSHAM: It's done. The emergency link will work now.
SLAAR: Excellent!
FEWSHAM: What are you going to do?
SLAAR: Do not ask questions - activate the link. On receive only!
FEWSHAM: Receive? But aren't you going to send an ar...
SLAAR: Activate the link on receive at once!


(Radnor and Kelly are having discussions with Brent who is on a video monitor link from elsewhere.)

KELLY: And you've double checked everything?
BRENT: Yes, the fault is definitely at Moonbase.
RADNOR: Is it possible for you to effect repairs over video?
KELLY: Provided the fault is not too major.
ELDRED: And provided they actually get there in the rocket.
RADNOR: They'll get there.
ELDRED: Why? How do you know? You can't even be sure if the rocket's still in one piece!
BRENT: Miss Kelly!
KELLY: What is it Brent?
BRENT: We've got through! The emergency T-Mat link to the Moon-Control is activating.
KELLY: Is someone coming through?
BRENT: No it's on send.
KELLY: Moonbase must have managed to make a temporary repair!
BRENT: It seems odd.
KELLY: Hah it's all we need! Brent have a full emergency kit waiting, I'll join you as soon as possible.
BRENT: Yes Miss Kelly crew are standing by.
RADNOR: Where do you think you're going?
KELLY: Well if we can send it's the only thing I can do!
RADNOR: You've no idea what conditions are like up there!
KELLY: I know all too well what they're like down here! And it's my job to put things right.
RADNOR: Miss Kelly! You cannot assume that responsibility without authorisation!
KELLY: Commander, you've stopped me once, please don't try it again. Otherwise I shall have to go above your head.

(Kelly walks off with her nose in the air.)

ELDRED: She's after your job Julian!
RADNOR: Miss Kelly! She's a fool! If we lose her nothing can save us!


(Phipps has rigged up three of the circular solar heat-lamps upon tripods and he moves to the power rig and squeaks the plug from the lamp wires into the solar amplifier rig. He then plugs it onto the solar power line.)


(Fewsham sits morosely in his seat, facing the T-Mat cubicles. There is a whoosh, a cubicle glows and Miss Kelly and two technicians appear.)

FEWSHAM: Thank heavens you've come!
KELLY: What happened?
FEWSHAM: Osgood - it must have been space-madness. He just went berserk, raving was terrifying!
KELLY: Osgood? But he'd be the last man I'd have thought...
FEWSHAM: Hmph, so did we.
KELLY: Where are the others?
FEWSHAM: When Osgood fused the controls Locke tried to stop him. Osgood killed him.
KELLY: This is fantastic! What about Phipps?
FEWSHAM: Well he-he was injured too, I I-I've put him under sedation.
KELLY: And you?
FEWSHAM: There's nothing wrong with me.
KELLY: You look frightened.
FEWSHAM: If you'd seen Osgood die wouldn't you be?
KELLY: How did he die?
FEWSHAM: He... His body's outside. He just went out.
KELLY: Without a pressure suit?

(Fewsham slowly nods.)

KELLY: I see. Open all control sections and computer links. Fewsham what are you doing?
FEWSHAM: I thought I'd best switch off the emergency link. Ah, the trouble we've got it could easily burn itself out.
KELLY: Sensible. Anyway it'll prevent Commander Radnor sending up a security guard to drag me back to Reception-Earth.

(In the shadows just beyond the doorway Slaar whispers to his guard.)

SLAAR: The other human is still concealed, find him. He must not interfere with our plans.

(With a hiss the Warrior departs.)


(Phipps unplugs his heat-lamps and plugs in a transmitter rig. Picking up a microphone he begins to broadcast.)

PHIPPS: Hello Earth-Control this is Moonbase. Emergency emergency. How do you read me?

(He adjusts the equipment.)

PHIPPS: Hello Earth-Control this is Moonbase. Emergency, can you hear me?

(He tugs open the equipment and takes a look inside.)


(The rocket moves through space, now much closer to the moon, and gaining distance all the time.)


(Inside the rocket the atmosphere has become rather fuggy from the smoking of the overheating panels.)

ZOE: It's no use, no contact at all - every circuit's dead!
DOCTOR: Oh dear this is most unfortunate!
JAMIE: Aye well-well don't try them again you may blow up the whole rocket next time!
ZOE: Well there's no use worrying about the radio now anyway, we're nearly at the end of the journey.
DOCTOR: Well I had hoped we could stay in contact with Earth.
ZOE: Well we don't need them. All we need to do is activate the Moon homing beam.
JAMIE: Well how d'you do that? I-I-I thought we weren't in contact with anyone on the Moon?
ZOE: well it's quite simple Jamie, it's an automatic device. We send out code radio signals which triggers the homing beacon into action. We automatically lock onto it. Until we reach the point in orbit where we fire retro-rockets to land.
JAMIE: Oh... Ah. Ah, but-but if they've all been cut off how can they activate?
DOCTOR: It works off a different power source Jamie, solar-power. It's independent of the T-Mat system.
JAMIE: Aye well, I just hope it works that's all.
ZOE: Well if it doesn't we're going to have trouble docking at Moon-Control airlock - it could be quite a crash.
DOCTOR: Well lets try now shall we? I think we're near enough.

(A musical chime sounds twice and a steady hum begins to issue from a speaker.)

DOCTOR: There, that's our activating signal.
ZOE: That's it, as long as that note stays steady we're home and dry, no trouble at all!


(Unseen on the wall high above Phipps an indicator light marked "ROCKET HOMING BEAM OPERATIVE" blinks on He continues to try and get a message through with his radio transmitter.)

PHIPPS: Hello Earth-Control this is Moonbase. Emergency, emergency! Can you hear me? Hello Earth-Control this is Moonbase. Emergency, emergency! Can you hear me?!

(Outside in the corridor a patrolling pair of green scaly feet move towards a new noise. Phipps gets a little more frantic.)

PHIPPS: Hello Earth-Control this is Moonbase. Emergency! Can you hear me?!

(The feet move over to a doorway.)

PHIPPS: Hello Earth-Control this is Moonbase. Can you hear me?!

(Slowly the Warrior walks through the door.)

PHIPPS: Hello Ear-

(Quick as a flash Phipps pulls out the radio-transmitter plug and inserts the heat-lamp one in it's place. With the switch already pulled, the heat-lamps burst into life showering the poor Warrior with a powerful burst of UV radiation. The Ice-Warrior contorts horribly back and forth, caught in the full negative-glare of the lamps and promptly evaporates. Shielding his eyes Phipps throws the switch and the lamps cut out. He looks around. The technician idly notices that not only have the lamps have worked, but they have worked very well indeed. Upon giving the ground a curious examination Phipps discovers all that is left of the unfortunate Martian is a sticky puddle of green goo on the floor. He plugs in the transmitter again and repeats his urgent plea.)

PHIPPS: Hello Earth-Control this is Moonbase. Emergency, emergency! Can you hear me?

(Phipps has failed to notice that his use of the three solar heat-lamps to destroying the Ice-Warrior has burnt out the relay used by the homing-beacon system. The indicator on the wall is dark once again.)


ZOE: The homing beam, it's cut out!
DOCTOR: I know, I know I'm trying to re-activate it.
JAMIE: Well what's gone wrong, I-I thought you said it was infallible?
DOCTOR: Well the solar-power source must have been damaged Jamie.
JAMIE: Y-you said we'd have trouble if that didn't work!
DOCTOR: Yes, without the beam it'll be impossible to land safely!
JAMIE: You mean we'll crash?
ZOE: Well either that or drift on endlessly through space!


(The Ion-Jet Rocket flies on and the moon begins to grow in the distance.)


(Phipps finishes making a few more adjustments and begins to re-broadcast again.)

PHIPPS: Hello Earth-Control this is Moonbase. Emergency, emergency! Can you hear me?


ZOE: At our present rate of drift and allowing for all the usual gravitational influences, we'll be drawn into the heart of the sun in approximately...five months and ten days.
JAMIE: No need to worry about that then!
ZOE: Well what do you mean?
JAMIE: We've only got enough food and water for three days remember?!


(The Ion-Jet-Rocket's maiden voyage streaks forwards to an uncertain fate...)

Episode Three

The Doctor
Patrick Troughton

Frazer Hines

Wendy Padbury

Louise Pajo

Ric Felgate

Ronald Leigh-Hunt

Alan Bennion

Christopher Coll

Computer Voice
John Witty

Title music by
Ron Grainer and the
BBC Radiophonic

Story Editor
Terrance Dicks

Paul Allen

Peter Bryant

Michael Ferguson

(C) BBCTV 1969

Transcribed by


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