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The Seeds of Death

Episode One

By Brian Hayles and Terrance Dicks


(The vast white-hot orb of the sun is eclipsed from the dark side of the moon, beyond which spins the green and blue jewel in the crown of the star system - the third planet.)


(T-Mat Earth Control, London, is a hive of activity, like a kind of busy air-traffic control centre. Technicians in futuristic grey PVC uniforms rush about from console to console controlling and regulating the busy teleporter activity. The main chamber itself is sparse, metallic and extremely futuristic in design with large illuminated maps of every location and Travel-Mat reception centre in the world. Monitor screens and banks of controls hum and blink everywhere under watchful eyes. To the sides are rows of empty T-Mat cubicles, resembling telephone booths. In one corner a large computer with winking lights which is emblazoned with the T-Mat logo sits churning out information to the technicians via a large speaker.)


(Technical Co-ordinator Gia Kelly is a young blonde with a stern face and an abrupt attitude and is wearing a black PVC uniform of different design to the technicians. She calls over to her assistant.)

KELLY: Brent?
BRENT: Yes Miss Kelly?
KELLY: Why is there a delay with Moon Control?
BRENT: There's some mix up with the Moscow shipment, it seems to have landed up in Canberra.
KELLY: Fewsham again I suppose? Take Moscow out of phase while they sort it out.

(Brent moves to a panel and flips a few switches.)

BRENT: Moscow sending, Moonbase clear.
BRENT: Moscow ready now, Miss Kelly.
KELLY: Report Canberra/Moscow situation please.
KELLY: Brent, tell Canberra to activate now.
BRENT: Canberra/Moscow, go ahead please.

(There is a chime of autowarning from a nearby cubicle and a man appears out of thin air carrying a briefcase.)

OSGOOD: Goood morning Gia!
KELLY: Morning. Just as well you've arrived.
OSGOOD: Why what's up?
KELLY: The sooner you take over from Fewsham on Moon control, the better.
OSGOOD: Oh not again!
KELLY: All T-Mat consignments are five minutes behind schedule!
KELLY: Fewsham routed a large Moscow consignment through to Canberra.
OSGOOD: Oh he's a lunatic!
KELLY: You should never have recommended him for an Assistant Controller's job in the first place.
OSGOOD: Yes...I know now. But I thought he deserved a break.
KELLY: Sentimental. He'll do something really disastrous one day and you'll have to answer for it.
OSGOOD: So I'll go and work in a synthetics factory...

(He laughs, but Kelly deliberately refuses to participate.)

KELLY: It's your career.
OSGOOD: So it is. Hey, have you got a T-Mat cubicle ready for me?
KELLY: Yes, number six.
OSGOOD: Seeya later!

(He moves across and walks into one of the clear-sided booths.)

KELLY: Prepare lunar cubicle number six for transport to Moon Control.
BRENT OOV: Ready and waiting.

(Kelly spares Osgood a glance as he is waiting to leave and he blows her a kiss through the clear perspex of the T-Mat cubicle. She is unmoved.)

KELLY: Activate.

(Osgood fades into nothingness.)

BRENT: Lucky he got here before your man arrived.
KELLY: Yes, he's late. Keep a public T-Mat cubicle open for him.
BRENT: Right. Circle cubicle two, hold it open.
KELLY: Report Moonbase situation please.

(T-Mat Cubical two glows and a white-haired man appears, then disembarks.)

RADNOR: Morning Brent.
BRENT: Morning sir.
RADNOR: Morning Gia, all functioning well?
KELLY: Yes Commander Radnor.
RADNOR: In your case Miss Kelly, efficiency and charm go hand in hand.
KELLY: I try to keep things running smoothly.
RADNOR: Nothing ever goes wrong while you're on duty.
KELLY: I don't allow it.

(Radnor strides past the computer and though the doorway into his office.)


(Past the sphere of the Earth is the vast rock of the moon.)


(On the inhospitable surface of the moon, the Moonbase is like a tiny metal self-contained city. There is a cluster of main buildings, external ports for vehicles. The main features however, is a vast array of aerials and dishes for controlling the entire world's T-Mat traffic with.)


(Moonbase Control is large, but doesn't appear to be as packed with technicians as Earth Control. Most of the systems being automatic allowing for only a skeleton crew on the Moonbase. There are the usual T-Mat booths along one wall, and a central bank of control consoles and monitors in the centre of the room. To the right is a doorway into the main complexes, at directly ahead is a large screen of gently pulsing lights. Osgood is in the process of tearing a strip off a nonchalant young technician who is sitting at the controls. Fewsham is staring guiltily ahead steadfastly refusing to meet Osgood's gaze as if he were attempting to atone for accidentally drifting off to sleep at the controls.)

OSGOOD: You may have been on duty all night Fewsham, but that's no excuse for this kind of slip up!
FEWSHAM: They weren't a major hold ups, just a few minutes!

(Osgood faces Fewsham angrily.)

OSGOOD: Kelly was going mad back in Earth Control!
FEWSHAM: She would!
OSGOOD: Look I'm sorry Fewsham, but it's my head in the noose as well you know!
FEWSHAM: I know, I'm... sorry.

(He looks genuinely upset, and Osgood softens.)

OSGOOD: I.. Oh alright. Go on, you'd better get back to Earth.

(Fewsham moves over to one of the cubicles, but as he has his hand on the door, an electronic auto-alert begins to pulse and a light blinks on the console.)

OSGOOD: Now what?!
FEWSHAM: The outer door airlocks.
OSGOOD: Who's there?
FEWSHAM: No-one.
OSGOOD: Then how come the airlocks are in use?

(There is a scream from the corridor beyond the main control room. Osgood runs to the doors and a technician falls through into his arms, as if he were slightly concussed. He shakes his head and begins to come to.)

OSGOOD: Phipps, what is it man?! What's happened? Come on man!

(The scream sounds again from just down the corridor, and two technicians run through the doorway skidding to a halt inside the main control room.)

LOCKE: Close the doors, we've got to keep...

(From the corridor beyond, something very large lumbers towards the room. All of the men are rooted the spot in terror of what they see before them.)

OSGOOD: Don't move anyone, don't do anything!

(Harvey runs across the room in an attempt to escape.)

OSGOOD: Harvey don't!

(But Osgood has spoken too late. A weapon is brought to bear, and flashes bright white. With a burble of resounding airwaves, a wobbling translucent ball of force sails through the air and hits Harvey squarely in the chest. He twists in and out as if he were made of putty and slumps to the ground. The creatures enter the room without any further resistance.)


(A light on Kelly's console marked "Delay" begins to blink.)

BRENT: Oh not again.
KELLY: The second Moscow consignment?
BRENT: Yes. They'll think we're deliberately sabotaging their stuff if this goes on.
KELLY: T-Mat reception Earth to Moon, Controller Kelly calling. Switch your communication links to video.

(The video screen remains blank.)

KELLY: Osgood's gone too far this time. There'll be trouble!

(She get ups up and strides resolutely over to Commander Radnor's office.)


(Osgood is conducting a conversation with the invaders who are barking orders at him in their cold hissing tones.)

OSGOOD: No, I refuse!
SLAAR: You would be wise to co-operate at once. Otherwise you will be destroyed.
OSGOOD: Well I, I-I suppose that leaves me no alternative.

(He goes over to the console and makes a few adjustments.)

PHIPPS: Don't do it!
SLAAR: Silence!
OSGOOD: There's a...certain element of risk in what you're asking me to do.
SLAAR: You are wasting time!

(Osgood operates the controls on a console inlaid with a monitor screen. There is a strangled whine if dying circuits from the panel and wisps of smoke begin to issue forth from beneath the casing.)

SLAAR: What is happening?
OSGOOD: I'm, er...I'm afraid there has been a fault. The er, circuits overloaded. Very unfortunate.

(He tries to conceal the smirk which is making a break for his face.)

SLAAR: You have deliberately sabotaged this apparatus! Kill him!

(There is another bubbling whine of displaced air as the weapon is fired again, and a wave of force blitzes through Osgood's defenceless frame. He falls to the floor in a shroud of waxy smoke.)


(From the dark side of the moon, the view switches across the empty wastes of space to that of the Earth again.)


(Radnor stands in the doorway of his office with his arms crossed.)

RADNOR: I thought the system was infallible?
KELLY: It won't be anything serious.
RADNOR: I'm glad you think so.
KELLY: Brent, is there any obvious damage?
BRENT: No damage reported, all links stable.
RADNOR: That's only local, surely
KELLY: It's only one stage of the checking process. Report on Intercity T-Mat breakdown.
KELLY: State of materialisation pulse generator?
KELLY: Check with Moonbase.
KELLY: Cause?
RADNOR: Are you sure it isn't serious?
KELLY: My staff are running a thorough and immediate check, until I have their report I can't answer.
RADNOR: Then they'd better hurry. I want that report soon!

(He storms off.)


(The tortured juddering sound of materialisation echoes around the console room, appearing to emanate from the centre column of the control console. In the surgically white roundelled room stand Jamie, Zoe and the Doctor.)

ZOE: Doctor, if we've landed, where are we?
DOCTOR: That is what I am trying to find out Zoe.

(The Doctor twists a control on the console and an image sharpens into focus on the external viewer screen mounted on the wall. The view outside is dark, but one thing can be made out, the unmistakable shape of....)

ZOE: A rocket!
JAMIE: Aye, we're just hanging in space!
DOCTOR: Well we can't be.
ZOE: Well let's try and find a star we know.

(She tries to manipulate the controls but the Doctor bats away her hand, much to her annoyance. With effort he twists the controls some more and the view revolves to a close up image of a space suit.)

DOCTOR: Ah there we are. Oh... What in heavens name?
JAMIE: Hey, what's he up to?!
ZOE: He's trying to climb aboard!
DOCTOR: Just a minute, just a minute!

(He wrestles the image back to that of the rocket.)

DOCTOR: Oh this-this control, it's urgh... There we are. Now-now that, that's an ion-jet rocket of-of the twenty-first century; but-but, this helmet if I can... There we are! Uh..

(The view shifts back to the space suit.)

DOCTOR: That's not nearly so sophisticated, it's certainly not later than 1960.
JAMIE: W-well those letters on his helmet?
JAMIE: ah.
DOCTOR: Oh, of course!
JAMIE: What?
DOCTOR: Er.. Just a minute. Ah-ah.

(He twists the knob a little more and an old painting, the blueprints for some kind of a mechanical device materialises on the screen, written in some kind of ancient foreign scrawl.)

DOCTOR: Yes I, yes I think that explains it!
ZOE: Oh Doctor, what is it?
DOCTOR: Mm? Well it's um, it's a flying machine. Er, designed by er, a gentleman by the name of Leonardo Da Vinci in about um, 1500, um...
JAMIE: Well what's it doing up here?
ZOE: Doctor?!
ZOE: Where are we?
JAMIE: Yeah!
DOCTOR: Mm? We're in a museum!
DOCTOR: A space museum! Look! There you are, a balloon...

(A primitive hot air balloon. Next, a picture of a futuristic cross between a concorde and a spaceshuttle.)

ZOE: Oh.
DOCTOR: ...That's a Transporter.

(He swivels the view to look at the space suit again.)

DOCTOR: And, now, here those initials - they stand for Russia. That's Gagarin, the first Earth-man in space! Look! Come on, let's have a look round shall we?

(Jamie and Zoe puzzle to themselves over a picture of the moon which has the words "TRAVELMAT RELAY" printed over it. The Doctor flips a control and the huge main-doors in the corner of the room swing open. Jamie and Zoe rush out of them excitedly. The Doctor stops to grab his frock coat and scrambles after them.)

DOCTOR: Wait for me!


(Through the doors is a large chamber filled with a mass of space related paraphernalia. In one corner is an astral map, in another is a large rocket on the ground, and all around are models of various sizes. The rocket they saw on the monitor is sitting on a table against a vast decorative space backdrop.)

JAMIE: Hey, quite a place isn't it?!
DOCTOR: Oh my word.
JAMIE: Hey, look at the size of this one Doc!
DOCTOR: Yeah, my word Jamie, look at that.
ZOE: Oh Doctor look!
DOCTOR: Very large.
ZOE: Doctor, look!
JAMIE OOV: Hey, look at that!

(The Doctor looks at the cosmonaut's suit then turns to the model of the ion-jet rocket, reaching out and touching it lovingly. Zoe leans on a nearby control panel, she is spoilt for choice, not knowing which button to push first.)

DOCTOR: Now, I tell you, Zoe!

(There is a double chime and behind Zoe a long screen unfolds. Jamie spins around and puts a protective arm around Zoe, but she just gazes at the screen.)

JAMIE: Oh, what's that?!

(A voice from, a hidden speaker narrates as pictures flood across the screen.)

NARRATOR: Travel-Mat is the ultimate form of travel. Control centre of the present system is the moon, serving receptions at all major cities on the Earth. Travel-Mat provides an instantaneous means of public travel, transports raw materials and essential food supplies to all parts of the world.
JAMIE: Travel-Mat? It sounds like a flying carpet!

(Zoe laughs with him, but the Doctor holds up a hand.)

DOCTOR: Ssh! Shush Jamie, I'm trying to listen!
NARRATOR: Travel-Mat supersedes all conventional methods of transport. Using the principle of dematerialisation at the point of departure, and rematerialisation at the point of arrival in special cubicles, departure and arrival are almost instantaneous.
ZOE: Faster than light!
NARRATOR: Although the system is still it its early stages it completely automated, and foolproof against power failure.
JAMIE: Aye, well we have our own system thank you, only it isn't foolproof!
ZOE: Right!

(They laugh with each other again like a pair of children sharing a highly original joke for the first time. The screen retracts again.)

DOCTOR: Jamie, I think that that is just a tiny bit...

(He feels he is being watched so he turns and stares straight into the barrel of some kind of ray gun. Wearily he raises his hands in the manner he has become so accustomed to, and Jamie and Zoe follow suit.)


(In the main control room the mysterious invader Slaar is attempting to coerce an extremely frightened Fewsham to do his bidding as the other technicians look on from across the room.)

SLAAR: You saw what happened to your superior. You would do well to co-operate.
FEWSHAM: Killing him didn't do you any good!
SLAAR: But you will do as I ask.
FEWSHAM: There is nothing I can do!
SLAAR: You do not want to die?
FEWSHAM: Look, I'm not that good enough a technician. It needs an expert.
SLAAR: But you are second in command here.
FEWSHAM: Yes, but...
SLAAR: Then you must have certain abilities, you must know what needs to be done!
FEWSHAM: In theory, yes...
SLAAR: Then you will do it.
PHIPPS: He'll only make it worse!
SLAAR: What is their status here?
FEWSHAM: Maintenance. Second class technicians.
LOCKE: There's only one person who can really put things to rights and she's back at Earth Control. Without her it just can't be done!
SLAAR: Who is this specialist?
FEWSHAM: Miss Kelly, technical co-ordinator. But there's no way to reach her, T-Mat's not working!
SLAAR: But you have a video link!
FEWSHAM: Yes but...Osgood wrecked that too.
SLAAR: So, there is no means to communicate with Earth.
PHIPPS: No, you've cut us off completely!
SLAAR: In that case you are useless. You will all be destroyed.
FEWSHAM: No...there's the emergency T-Mat link! It only operates from here to Earth.
SLAAR: Then you will activate the apparatus. At once.
FEWSHAM: It's damaged too!
SLAAR: The technicians will help you repair it.
PHIPPS: We won't help you, neither will he.
SLAAR: Then he will die.

(Fewsham looks fearfully at the invader.)

SLAAR: You will start work at once. There will be a guard at the door. When I return you will have the T-mat link ready for operation.

(The invader strides out of the room.)

PHIPPS: Don't be such a fool Fewsham, if we repair the emergency link then these creatures can travel to Earth!
FEWSHAM: What about us?
PHIPPS: Do you think that will make any difference in the end? As soon as he gets what he wants, well, we'll mean nothing to him!
FEWSHAM: And if we co-operate with them, at least there's a chance!
PHIPPS: Osgood didn't take it!
FEWSHAM: You saw! Do you think I want to die like that? I wanna live!


KELLY: Brent is there anything at all, any trace of a reason?
BRENT: Every link has been double-checked. This end is functioning normally.
KELLY: Then it must be Moonbase!
BRENT: We've no way of checking their apparatus from this end, and they don't answer our call.
KELLY: Where's Commander Radnor?
BRENT: Not back from the Intercity Council yet.
KELLY: He'll expect a full report.
BRENT: Well there it is, we've even checked the computer.

(He hands her a stack of papers and walks away. Radnor appears in the doorway behind Miss Kelly.)

RADNOR: Have you located the cause of the breakdown?
KELLY: This end is completely clear.
RADNOR: That isn't what I want to know.
KELLY: We cannot trace the fault.

(She tries to walk off, but Radnor stops her.)

RADNOR: MISS KELLY! I have senior government officials hounding me. They expect a more informative answer and so do I.
KELLY: There isn't one, the trouble is at Moonbase.
RADNOR: Why can't you deal with it?
KELLY: We can't get there!
BRENT: We can't even talk to them!
RADNOR: Do you mean to tell me that there's no other way of contacting them?
KELLY: Only by rocket.

(She smirks in a patronising manner as if she had just made an extremely funny joke, and Brent laughs. But Radnor seems to have had a sudden flash of an idea at this comment.)

RADNOR: That could be our only answer!
BRENT: But... The only place you'd find a rocket is... In a museum.
RADNOR: Exactly.
KELLY: And even if there was one that was operational, there's no-one that could control such a project.
RADNOR: You're wrong. There is just one man, one man alone who can help us now!

(He looks triumphant, his conference having brought about a decisive course of action on the situation at last.)


(The elderly, portly figure of Professor Eldred, the owner of the museum is harshly quizzing the travellers at gunpoint.)

ELDRED: For the last time, who are you and what are you doing in my private workshop?
DOCTOR: Now-now just listen, there-there really is no need for all these, these-these histrionics! Ah... We are perfectly harmless.
ELDRED: How did you even get in here?
DOCTOR: Oh well, the usual way, we-we just materialised.
ELDRED: The T-Mat cubicle always gives automatic warnings - but it didn't this time!
ZOE: Well that's not our fault, is it?
ELDRED: Why did you come?
DOCTOR: Well this is a museum.
ELDRED: Well the museum is...

(He notices the TARDIS for the first time.)

ELDRED: Well what on Earth's that? It-it's a twentieth-century Police-Box isn't it?
DOCTOR: Well, yes, in a way.
ELDRED: Well how did a thing like that get in my museum!
ZOE: Oh well, you could say it's a form of space ship.
DOCTOR: Er, Zoe, I think we do owe this gentleman an apology. We really are most interested in the museum, Mr um?
ELDRED: Eldred, Professor Eldred. Look the museum is closed to the general public. You've obviously made a mistake, perhaps you'd be good enough to leave?
JAMIE: Er, are you in charge of this place?
ELDRED: I own it, that is why I have the right to ask you to leave!
DOCTOR: Yes but there's no need to threaten us you know!
ELDRED: Trespassers are not welcome. Will you please GO?!
ZOE: We're not trespassers, we're very interested.
ELDRED: Interested? In Professor Eldred and his antiquated machines? Come for a good laugh I suppose like the rest of them!
DOCTOR: Laugh? What d'you mean people laugh at all this? Why, it's a magnificent exhibition!
ELDRED: We've had enough souvenir hunters too!
JAMIE: Ah, now we're not thieves you know!
DOCTOR: No of course not, we haven't come here to take anything. We-we genuinely are interested in space travel!

(He moves the large model of the ion-jet rocket to get a better look at it.)

DOCTOR: Why, especially a thing like this - this is superb!
ELDRED: Yes, magnificent. It was to have been the vehicle to take man beyond the moon. T-Mat put a stop to all that.
DOCTOR: What, you mean this model's been abandoned? But it's speed and stability concept alone, it's a tremendous advance in rocket design!
ELDRED: Exactly! Exactly! Here-here...let me show it to you, let me show it to you!

(The three breathe a silent, communal sigh of relief as he places down his weapon and rushes over to where the Doctor is to give him a lecture on the main love in his life.)

DOCTOR: I'll give you an hand, here we are.

(Together the Doctor and Eldred move the ion-jet rocket down to another table.)

DOCTOR: Oh yes this is superb, my word...
ELDRED: And the secret, the real breakthrough, was a compact generator of enormous power!
DOCTOR: I see, and these must be the secondary-electrode accelerators.
ELDRED: Yes. You see it beat the, er, the, er, problem of the neutron-caesiam ions - and incidentally magnified the G-Thrust to fantastic proportions!
DOCTOR: Well that was awkward, what did you do about that?
ELDRED: Well, I'll-I'll show you. Come with me, I'll show you.

(The Doctor and Eldred walk off across the room to study design schematics like a couple of old schoolfriends.)

DOCTOR: What have we go here, ah blueprints!
JAMIE: Look at them, like a couple of kids!
ZOE: Yeah, you can tell he's almost in love with that rocket!

(From across the room Eldred has heard Zoe's comment.)

JAMIE: Ssh ssh!
ELDRED: That's not surprising - I designed it. I've been in rocketry all my life. My father engineered the first lunar passenger module, and I travelled back on the last trip back to Earth. Before it all finished.
ZOE: Before all what finished?
ELDRED: Space travel.
ZOE: But if the rocket was so good, why stop at the moon?
JAMIE: Aye, why end there?
ELDRED: Because of T-Mat. T-Mat the ultimate in travel. With about as much sense of adventure as a-a synthetic carbohydrates factory!
DOCTOR: But-but surely rockets would still be useful as an auxiliary means of transport wouldn't they? Besides, how would man get beyond the moon?
ELDRED: Nobody cares anymore about exploring space! Life made...well it was made too easy by T-Mat.
DOCTOR: I see, so you lost government backing?
ELDRED: The project was abandoned, except by me.


(Fewsham is trying to get Phipps and Lock to help him repair the T-Mat, but they seem be standing reluctantly by.)

FEWSHAM: You've gotta help me! If we don't repair it we'll all be killed!
PHIPPS: Maybe we could repair it and T-Mat back to London?
FEWSHAM: With that thing guarding the door? I'm going to keep on trying!

(Fewsham moves to go, but Locke grabs him by the arm.)

LOCKE: Maybe there is something we can do...
FEWSHAM: Alan are you serious?

(Locke moves to the console.)

FEWSHAM: What are you doing?
LOCKE: The video link with Earth. Yes it's not so badly damaged as the T-Mat.
FEWSHAM: We were told to repair the T-Mat link, not the video!
PHIPPS: Let's have a look. We can't just give ourselves up. Maybe we can get a message through by video?
FEWSHAM: Look, the guard will see what we're doing, he'll kill us!

(Locks looks sternly at Fewsham.)

LOCKE: You play your game, we'll play ours.


ELDRED: No more money, no more facilities. A life's work abandoned just like that! All because of T-Mat.
DOCTOR: Well I can understand your bitterness. Very short-sighted of the government to put all their eggs in one basket.
ELDRED: Mm. You, er, still haven't told me who you are and what you're doing here.

(An electronic chime begins to echo through the room.)

DOCTOR: Well...
ELDRED: That...that's the main-door alarm! What's going on?

(Radnor and Kelly stride through the door. Radnor walks up to Eldred and shakes him by the hand.)

RADNOR: Professor Daniel Eldred, well well well.

(He laughs pleasantly.)

ELDRED: Radnor! Come to see how your spies are getting on?
RADNOR: Pardon?

(He turns to the Doctor.)

RADNOR: I'm Sorry, I don't think we've met. My name's Radnor, this is Miss Kelly.
DOCTOR: Oh, ah, how do you do. Er, this is Zoe, Jamie and I'm the Doctor.
ZOE: Hello
JAMIE: Hello
ELDRED: Oh Radnor, don't pretend that you don't know them!
RADNOR: I can assure you I've never met them before in my life.

(The Doctor mouths "come on!" and the travellers slink off while Eldred and Radnor are arguing.)

ELDRED: I see, I find three strangers prowling around my museum, and by the merest co-incidence you turn up on their very heels!
RADNOR: I can assure you I merely wanted a chat with a very old friend.
ELDRED: Why, you've done without a chat for a good many years.
RADNOR: Old times, friendships don't die.
ELDRED: Our friendship died the day that you walked out of my laboratory and joined the government administration on T-Mat!
RADNOR: Different men, different careers, Daniel.
ELDRED: Yeees, but you happened to know which career was going to be financed by government funds!
RADNOR: But you could have come over with us, we asked you to join us.
ELDRED: Yes, and worked as Miss Kelly's assistant perhaps?
KELLY: You know I respect your work Professor Eldred. We would have welcomed you on T-Mat.
ELDRED: I prefer rockets, obsolete as they are.
RADNOR: Not so obsolete as all that Daniel, eh?

(He moves the model of the ion-jet rocket as he examines it.)

RADNOR: We don't miss very much, you know.
ELDRED: So you've been spying on me!
RADNOR: Oh no-no-no-no-no. We stopped that a long time ago.
ELDRED: I should think so, what's wrong with running a private museum?
RADNOR: Nothing. But you're doing rather more than that, aren't you, Daniel?
ELDRED: Alright, what if I am? It's a free country isn't it? What's wrong with having a-a hobby?
RADNOR: Rather more than a hobby. Preparing an ion rocket for an unauthorised journey into space!
ELDRED: Alright, so you know...

(Radnor nods.)

ELDRED: What do you intend to do?
RADNOR: My dear fellow, help you of course.
ELDRED: What?!
RADNOR: You can make your trip with full government backing - as long as it's to the moon.
ELDRED: Why the moon?

(Radnor opens his mouth to reply, but Kelly beats him to it.)

KELLY: There's a minor fault developed at T-Mat control, at Moonbase.
RADNOR: And we have to put it right quickly!
ELDRED: I thought T-Mat was infallible!
KELLY: It will be eventually, however we have no way of reaching the moon.
ELDRED: Except by out of date rocket! Oh that's perfect, ha-ha! So you need me after all!
RADNOR: I thought you'd be taken with the idea, Daniel. And a large sum of government funds wouldn't come amiss would they? Now, how soon can you be ready to...

(He tries to remember the correct terminology.)

RADNOR: ..."Blast off." Well come on man, it's urgent! Can you give me an approximate ETD?
ELDRED: I could.
ELDRED: But I won't!
RADNOR: Why?! There are no strings!
ELDRED: I don't have to give you reasons. I'm just telling you that I REFUSE!


(Locke finishes wiring in a final connection into a lash-up of components that is sitting on the console.)

LOCKE: Right, that should do it.
PHIPPS: I'll switch on the power.
FEWSHAM: You fools! When they find out we'll all be killed!

(Locke turns on the video-link and faces it.)

LOCKE: Moonbase to T-Mat reception Earth, Moonbase to Earth. Emergency, emergency...


RADNOR: You CAN'T REFUSE MAN! There's more at stake than an out of date rocket programme!

(Eldred's video link bleeps.)


(Radnor looks up at the screen.)

RADNOR: Radnor. What is it?
LOCKE: Commander Radnor, Miss Kelly. We are in desperate trouble. Osgood is dead and we're...

(The video link goes blank.)

RADNOR: Locke, Locke!

(Radnor looks up at the screen helplessly.)


(large green claw grips the lash up and pulls it off the control panel. It smashes into fragments on the floor. They all wheel around and see the armour-plated head of the invader; a scaly, Martian Ice-Lord. It has a thin body and limbs compared to the others, with a smooth rounded green uniform instead of a shell. It's hands are large, clamp-shaped claws with a small tubular sonic weapon grafted onto it's wrist. From the round helmet two blank and emotionless, electronically-enhanced eyes glare out, beneath which a scaly chin with razor-sharp teeth sneers. The whole creature has the air of an mechanically augmented half-reptile, half-machine.)

SLAAR: Guard!

(Through the doorway lumbers a huge green reptilian biped, it's body and limbs protected by thick green shell, and the joints in the armour sprout black tufts of hair.. It's head consists of a green helmet made of the same bumpy shell as it's body. It's hands are two large clamps, one armed with a same silver weapon as it's Lord. It is unmistakably an Ice-Warrior.)

SLAAR: Kill him!

(The warrior aims it's weapon at Locke, and it flashes brightly. There is a high-pitched squeal of rending air and a force wave devours Locke. His lifeless body slumps to the floor like a marionette that has had it's strings cut. Phipps looks on in horror...)

Episode Two

The Doctor
Patrick Troughton

Frazer Hines

Wendy Padbury

Louise Pajo

Ric Felgate

Harry Towb

Ronald Leigh-Hunt

Alan Bennion

Christopher Coll

Computer Voice
John Witty

Title music by
Ron Grainer and the
BBC Radiophonic

Story Editor
Terrance Dicks

Paul Allen

Peter Bryant

Michael Ferguson

(C) BBCTV 1969

Transcribed by


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