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Episode 1


(The sound of an explosion.)

(The Doctor is standing just outside the TARDIS doors with his back to them, looking off to the left, mopping his face with a handkerchief. He is in his usual outfit of checked trousers, white shirt and dark jacket. One of the doors is open, and Jamie is standing in the doorway with a hand on the Doctor's shoulder and his mouth hanging open as he looks off to the right. He is wearing his kilt as usual and a light-colored button-front shirt and a vest, with a kerchief knotted around his neck.)

(Jamie glances at the Doctor, seeing that he is looking elsewhere. He grips the Doctor's shoulder and shakes it in rising panic.)

JAMIE: Come on Doctor, will you look!

(He points off to the right.)

(The Doctor stuffs his handkerchief into the breast pocket of his jacket and looks in the direction Jamie has pointed. Lava is rolling steadily downhill toward them. The Doctor's eyes grow big in alarm.)

DOCTOR: Oh my word! Come on Jamie, into the TARDIS! Quickly!

(He pushes Jamie through the doorway and follows him in.)


(The lava is continuing its steady and speedy approach.)

(The Doctor hesitates inside the TARDIS, looking over his shoulder to glance at the lava through the doors, fascinated, then rushes to the console where Jamie has activated the control to close the doors.)

(Zoe watches the lava on the scanner, fascinated. She is in a sleeveless dress, and both she and the dress are smudged liberally with dirt.)

ZOE: Isn't it beautiful?

(Jamie walks over to Zoe.)


(She turns to look at him.)

ZOE: The volcanic eruption. It's beautiful!

(She looks back to the scanner.)

JAMIE: Beautiful?! A great river of molten lava rolling any minute...
DOCTOR: Shush! Shush just a minute! Quiet! Oh! Oh dear!

(Jamie and Zoe rush over to the Doctor at the console.)

JAMIE: (Concerned.) Something wrong?
DOCTOR: Well, this sort of thing has happened before. The... the fluid links don't seem to be able to take the load. Oh! Oh!

(Smoke is suddenly coming from the TARDIS console, and the Doctor starts fanning it away. Jamie and Zoe start fanning at the smoke.)

ZOE: Oh! Mercury vapours!
DOCTOR: Yes. (Coughs.)
JAMIE: Well we can't stay here. We'll be buried by that lava. (He glances at the scanner.) It's nearly on us. Look!

(They all look to the scanner. Lava is advancing.)

DOCTOR: (Enthralled, smiling.) Oh my word. What a wonderful sight!
ZOE: (Agreeing, smiling.) Fantastic.
JAMIE: Listen, will you two stop gaping at that and get us out of here!
DOCTOR: Don't worry, Jamie. We're safe in the TARDIS.

(He continues to watch the lava on the scanner, fascinated.)

JAMIE: Are you sure?
DOCTOR: (Starting to think.) Well...
JAMIE: Well, I mean, has the TARDIS ever been buried up to its neck in lava before?
DOCTOR: (Looking increasingly concerned and thoughtful.) Well... no.
JAMIE: Well, how can you be so sure were going to be alright?!
DOCTOR: (Flustered, unsure. He turns back to the controls.) Well... perhaps the fluid links have cooled down by now.

(He starts flipping switches on the console.)

DOCTOR: (Muttering under his breath.) Just a bit more power.

(Jamie starts to wring his hands nervously.)

DOCTOR: Uh... Zoe... uh. Can you read off what that... uh... that meter is registering please?
ZOE: Reading... 987 point 3...

(Jamie starts to wring his hands again.)

ZOE: ...point 4...
ZOE: ...5...
DOCTOR: Oh no.
ZOE: ...6...

(Her jaw drops and her eye get wide.)

ZOE: It's jumped to 991 point... it's going up by numerals!
DOCTOR: Oh no!

(The Doctor is struggling with a control on the console. Smoke is pouring from the console again. Jamie is fanning at the smoke with both hands and starts coughing.)

DOCTOR: Oh! This dumb thing's stuck! Of all the stupid idiotic...!

(The Doctor fans the smoke with one hand. They are all coughing. Jamie looks up at the scanner.)

JAMIE: Doctor!

(He points to the image on the scanner.)

JAMIE: The lava's up to the TARDIS!

(He starts to cough again.)

ZOE: (OOV.) It's reached the thousand danger mark Doctor!

(The Doctor is still struggling with the control on the console.)

DOCTOR: If only I could unstick this stupid idiotic...

(It finally gives.)

DOCTOR: (With obvious relief.) Oh there we are. Oh.
ZOE: Have you done it?
DOCTOR: No but...
ZOE: Are we on our way?
DOCTOR: I've stopped the fluid links from vaporizing. We shan't suffocate.
JAMIE: No, but if you don't hurry up and get us out of here, we'll be fried by that lava.
ZOE: Well, isn't there any way we can get away?
DOCTOR: (Considering.) Well there is an emergency unit, but... oh no, I can't possibly use that.
ZOE: But this is an emergency!
DOCTOR: But it moves the TARDIS out of the time space dimension! Out of reality!
JAMIE: Well fine!

(He looks back at the scanner.)

JAMIE: Reality's getting too hot anyway!
DOCTOR: (Flustered.) Oh... ah... oh alright!

(He goes underneath the console and opens a door, and pulls something out of a compartment there.)

DOCTOR: Here we are!

(He looks it over, one end, then the other.)

DOCTOR: Now then... which end was... yes...

(He starts to push it into a slot in the console, but stops abruptly. His hand is still resting on the emergency unit.)

DOCTOR: No. I... I can't possibly use this. We don't know what will happen!
JAMIE: Look, will you stop this jabbering and get on with it! Look!

(He points to the scanner where the lava is covering the view. He puts his hand over the Doctor's and pushes the device into the console. The sound of the TARDIS dematerializing is heard, but it sounds distorted, grating. The TARDIS is shaking. Jamie clutches the Doctor in terror as they all look around, waiting to see what will happen.)


(The outside of the TARDIS is covered in lava, except for the light and the very top panel. The light is flashing, and the lava continues to flow. The lava covers the entire TARDIS.)


(Jamie is still clutching the Doctor fearfully. The shaking and the dematerializing sound stop.)

JAMIE: Oh! There you are. We're alright. What was the panic all about?

(The Doctor, staring at the scanner, motions to Zoe.)

DOCTOR: Is there any reading on the meter Zoe?
ZOE: Yes it's...

(She looks down at the meter in disbelief.)

ZOE: Well, that's funny. There's no reading at all.
DOCTOR: I know. (Looking over the console.) None of the meters are registering. Not one.

(Jamie walks over to the Doctor and Zoe.)

JAMIE: Ah, but we're safe aren't we? I mean, we're out of the lava stuff and we're alright here.
DOCTOR: (He looks concerned, subdued.) Yes, possibly. I'd better get working on the TARDIS controls right away.

(He starts to turn away.)

ZOE: Uh... Doctor?
ZOE: We're not actually in flight, are we?
DOCTOR: No, why?
ZOE: Well, then presumably we've landed. So why isn't the scanner showing anything?
DOCTOR: (Looking grave.) Well... because... well... we're nowhere. It's as simple as that. I'll be in the power room Jamie.
JAMIE: Oh, right.

(He watches the Doctor leave the control room, and approaches Zoe.)

JAMIE: Hey! What does he mean by "nowhere"?
ZOE: I don't know. I suppose he means that outside the TARDIS now is... nothing.
ZOE: Just nothing.
JAMIE: Hunh. Well, I'm away to change. And I suggest you do the same.

(He looks at her up and down with disdain.)

JAMIE: You look like a wee McLarty
ZOE: A what?!
JAMIE: A... a... ragamuffin... uh, oh never mind.

(He walks away, and looking puzzled she walks away as well. The scanner is still showing nothing.)


(Zoe walks into the room in a dark, glittering cat suit.)

ZOE: Doctor?
DOCTOR: (Alarmed) Wh-Wh-What's happened?!
ZOE: Oh, nothing. It's all exactly the same.
DOCTOR: Oh good, good.
ZOE: You're worried about something, Doctor. What is it?
DOCTOR: Me? Worried? No. No. It's only the unknown that worries me Zoe.
ZOE: But if there's nothing outside the TARDIS, and we're nowhere, then what is there to worry about?
DOCTOR: I don't know, but you see, the emergency unit is limited to a certain time simply because it's...
ZOE: ...because it's dangerous to stay where we are for any longer. Yes. But we must be safe at the moment, otherwise the unit wouldn't let us stay here, would it?
DOCTOR: (Bemused.) You're interested in what's outside the TARDIS now, aren't you?
ZOE: Well... curious, yes.
DOCTOR: Zoe. Listen to me. If we move outside the TARDIS, we step into a dimension about which we know nothing. We should be at the mercy of the forces outside time and space as we know it.
ZOE: But Doctor, I still think we should go out and see...
DOCTOR: (Sternly.) Zoe, we must stay in the TARDIS.


(Jamie has changed clothes, and is now wearing his usual kilt, a dark short-sleeve mock turtleneck and the same scruffy, warm-looking vest as before. He is watching the scanner. He can hear bagpipes playing. His mouth gapes open in joy and amazement. He can see the hills of the Highlands. He is smiling. There is a tear in his eye.)

ZOE: (Striding into the room.) He still has his head stuck in that...

(She sees the look on Jamie's face and stops.)

JAMIE: Zoe! Do you see that?! Do you see where we are?!
ZOE: What?
JAMIE: Look on the scanner! (He points to it excitedly.) It's my home! It's Scotland!
ZOE: Scotland?!

(She turns to look at the scanner.)


(He looks back to the scanner. There is nothing there.)

JAMIE: Oh. It was there.
ZOE: (Sounding skeptical.) Oh... yeh.

(She walks over to the console.)

JAMIE: Now look...

(He walks over to her.)

JAMIE: I'm not seeing things you know. It was there I tell you.
ZOE: Really?
JAMIE: Aye. The... the mist must have covered it over. Aye. You get a lot of mist in the Highlands.
ZOE: So you think we've landed then?
JAMIE: Yes! I mean I... I couldn't... (Gesturing to the scanner.) have seen anything, could I... Oh, just a minute.
ZOE: What?

(He starts looking over the TARDIS console.)

JAMIE: There's a wee gadget on here somewhere that... warns you to go elsewhere if there's any danger... No! No, it's definitely switched off! We've landed!
ZOE: (Turning away from him.) Well, I think it's more likely that you saw...

(She is staring at the scanner as if she can't believe her eyes. She sees a futuristic sprawling city.)

ZOE: It can't be, Jamie...
JAMIE: (Looking at the console.) Aye. It's switched off alright.
ZOE: It's the city. My home. (Turning excitedly to Jamie at the console.) Jamie you did see something, but it wasn't Scotland!
JAMIE: Of course it was. Look, I know Scotland when I see it!
ZOE: And I know my home city. Anyway, there's your proof. (Gesturing towards the scanner.)

(The scanner is blank. There is nothing there.)

JAMIE: Uh hunh.
ZOE: But I don't understand. It was there.
JAMIE: Yeah, I know. Scotland.
ZOE: Nooo. It was quite plainly... Oh! Anyway, we've both seen something, so that proves we've landed, doesn't it?
ZOE: Well, let's go out and see.

(Zoe moves to walk past Jamie and leave the TARDIS. Jamie puts his hand on her shoulder to prevent her, and makes a sound of disagreement.)

JAMIE: (Firmly.) Now, not without the Doctor.
ZOE: (Frustrated and disgusted.) Oh, alright.

(He leaves to get the Doctor. Zoe looks up at the scanner... and sees the image of her home, the futuristic city again.)

ZOE: (Excitedly.) It tis! Jamie! Doctor! It tis my home!

(She looks in the direction Jamie and the Doctor have left by, not seeing them.)

ZOE: (Impatiently.) Oh come on!

(She hurries to the console.)

ZOE: Now which one...

(She looks over several levers and pushes one. The TARDIS doors slowly open, revealing white nothing beyond. Terribly tempted, but unsure, she looks back to see if the Doctor and Jamie are coming, but they're not.)

ZOE: Oh come on!

(She looks toward the open doors, hesitates, then hurries through them and is swallowed up by the void. The picture on the scanner remains for a moment after she has disappeared, then it too disappears.)


JAMIE: No, we definitely saw something!
DOCTOR: But Jamie, it's not p... (Considering.) You say you both saw different things?
JAMIE: No! It was definitely Scotland. Zoe thought she saw something else, a... home city or something, but no, it was very misty and she couldn't ha' seen right.
DOCTOR: So you both saw your homes.
JAMIE: No, Doctor! I'm saying...

(The Doctor had turned to leave the room.)


(Jamie gives up in disgust and follows the Doctor.)



(He sees that the room is empty and the doors are open.)

DOCTOR: Oh my word!
JAMIE: Where is she?

(The Doctor rushes to the TARDIS doors with Jamie following.)

DOCTOR: Zoe! Zoe! Uh!
JAMIE: (Annoyed.) Oh! I told her to wait. I'll go and get her.

(He starts to walk past the Doctor to go after Zoe.)

DOCTOR: No! Jamie!

(He stops Jamie from leaving too.)

DOCTOR: Don't you see?! Those pictures that you and Zoe saw... on the scanner were put there... obviously put there to tempt you to go outside.
JAMIE: But wh-why?
DOCTOR: I don't know...

(He looks through the open doors.)

DOCTOR: ...but there's someone or something out there that wants us to go out of the TARDIS.
JAMIE: You mean some kind of danger?
DOCTOR: I don't know.

(A bell-like warning sounds and a light flashes on the console.)

DOCTOR: Oh. Oh no! That's the first warning.

(He rushes to the console with Jamie right behind him.)

DOCTOR: There isn't much more time.
JAMIE: What about Zoe? We can't leave her out there. I'll go and find her.

(He runs through the door before the Doctor can stop him, disappearing.)

DOCTOR: No! Jamie! No!

(He runs to the doorway, staring into the nothingness, hoping for a sign of him.)


(The bell-like warning starts to sound again, though now sounding more urgent. The Doctor turns to look back at the console.)

DOCTOR: Oh. Oh no!

(He glances at the white void outside the TARDIS, then to the console again. He hurries to the console. He then hears a high pitched discordant noise getting louder and starts looking around the room for the source of it. He puts his hands over his ears. The alarm stops.)

DOCTOR: Who are you?!

(The noise seems to lessen and the Doctor starts to lower his hands from his ears. But then the noise intensifies and his hands fly back to cover his ears, trying to block the sound out.)

DOCTOR: Who are you?! Where are you?! What do you want with me?!

(He sits in a chair.)

DOCTOR: No! No! I... I must fight. I must fight!

(He grips the arms of the chair and closes his eyes tightly in concentration.)

DOCTOR: I will fight!


ZOE: (OOV.) Jamie! Doctor! Where are you?

(She is in the distance running, then stops, looking around.)

JAMIE: (OOV) Zoe! Zoe!

(He appears and jogs over to Zoe.)

ZOE: Oh Jamie, I though I was lost for good.
JAMIE: Aye. (Looking around.) It's funny out here isn't it? It's... not the mist that we thought it was. It's uh...
ZOE: Opaque. Nothing.
ZOE: Just like the Doctor said.
JAMIE: Doesn't feel right though. Come on. Back to the TARDIS.

(He steps forward in the direction he has come from, pulling Zoe with him as they are now hand in hand. Zoe resists.)

ZOE: Is that the right way?
JAMIE: Course that's the right...

(He looks in the direction Zoe had come from.)

JAMIE: ...way... Oh... Yeh... Uh... No it could be um...

(He looks back in the direction he's come from and had been about to go.)


(And looks back in the other direction again.)

ZOE: We're lost aren't we?
JAMIE: No... No, I wouldn't say that...

(But it is clear he doesn't know which way to go.)

JAMIE: uh... we just uh... well, we um...

(He walks a few steps in the direction Zoe has come from and stops.)

JAMIE: We just eh...

(He looks back at Zoe, reluctant to admit it.)

JAMIE: Uh...

(He peers in one direction and then looks back at Zoe.)

JAMIE: Uh. You want to know something?
ZOE: What?
JAMIE: I think we're lost.
ZOE: (Sounding stern and frightened.) Oh this isn't a joke, Jamie.
JAMIE: Oh... no you're right.

(Hesitating in front of Zoe, he take several steps past her, to once again look in the direction he has come.)

JAMIE: The Doctor was saying that those... images we saw in the scanner were... put here to tempt us out.
ZOE: Well, if there was somebody trying to tempt us away, where are they? And who are they?
JAMIE: Aye. Aye! Well, let's not be in too much of a hurry to find out, hey?
ZOE: But what are we going to do?
JAMIE: The TARDIS can't be that far away. No! If we stand here and shout for the Doctor, when he hears us he can guide us back. Doctor!
ZOE: Doctor! Can you hear us?


(The Doctor is still sitting in the chair, holding onto its arms with his eyes closed.)

JAMIE: (OOV) Doctor!
ZOE: (OOV) Doctor!
JAMIE: (OOV.) Answer if you can hear us?!
DOCTOR: (Thinking to himself as Jamie and Zoe's voices are in the background.) {No. I will fight. I will fight!}


(Zoe is running, trying to find the TARDIS. She stops and looks around. Jamie comes to a halt behind her.)

ZOE: Oh Jamie. This is hopeless. We could be going round in circles.
JAMIE: Aye. You know, I've got the funny feeling that we're being watched. Do you not feel it too?
ZOE: Yes.

(Two white robots appear a little distance behind Jamie and Zoe, but neither Jamie nor Zoe see them.)

JAMIE: Can you see anyone?
ZOE: No. No one at all.

(Looking around slowly, she looks behind them.)

ZOE: Jamie! Look!

(He turns to look.)

JAMIE: What tis it?
ZOE: I-It's very faint... but I think it's my home again!
JAMIE: (Sounding almost angry.) Zoe! It's a trick! Now you know it tis?

(Standing behind her, his hands have her firmly by the upper arms, keeping her from going toward her "home".)

ZOE: Oh Jamie. It's gone!
JAMIE: Well that proves it, doesn't it? A city like that doesn't just disappear, does it?
ZOE: But it is out there!
JAMIE: (With his hands on her upper hands, adding impact to his words.) It's not Zoe! You know it tisn't!
ZOE: No. I know. But for a moment I thought it was real. It was almost as though I was seeing what I most wanted to see.

(She shudders and looks around.)

ZOE: Oh Jamie. alright. We've got to get away.

(She looks back to Jamie, but he is standing completely still, staring into space, mesmerized.)

ZOE: Jamie?

(Jamie can hear the sound of bagpipes, and sees the green and hills of his Highlands once again.)

ZOE: Jamie! It's not real!
JAMIE: I know... but it's there...
ZOE: No Jamie! It's not!

(She stands in front of him, grabbing his shoulders.)

JAMIE: ...I must....
ZOE: (Shaking him by his shoulders.) No! Jamie no!

(Desperate, she slaps him. He recoils, holding his hand to the side of his face staring at Zoe.)

JAMIE: Oh! What did you...?

(They both stare for a moment in the same direction Jamie has been a moment before.)

ZOE: Oh, the Doctor's right. There is something or someone trying to tempt us away.
JAMIE: ...aye...

(Jamie takes Zoe by the hand and they turn around to leave. They stop immediately, having taken only a step. There are white robots coming towards them.)

JAMIE: ...what are they?...
ZOE: I don't know. But they don't look very friendly.

(They try to run away but are surrounded. They see an image of themselves clothed entirely in white. Zoe screams. The white clad smiling Zoe and Jamie beckon.)


(Zoe and Jamie, clothed in white, beckon soundlessly to the Doctor. He is sitting in the chair with his hands gripping the arms of the chair, a look of strain and concentration on his face.)

DOCTOR: {Jamie! Zoe! Don't go! Don't go!}
UNKNOWN VOICE: Follow them. Follow and save them.

(The Doctor's eyes warily open, and he lets his hands off the arms of the chair, raising them to his ears.)

DOCTOR: {Who are you? What do you want?}
UNKNOWN VOICE: Follow them.
DOCTOR: No. I won't. I won't give in.
UNKNOWN VOICE: You will. You will. You will.


(Jamie and Zoe are being attacked by the white robots who are directing a beam of hypnotic-like power at them, affecting their minds, their very existence. Zoe screams.)


(The Doctor is standing with his eyes closed and a hand to the side of his head, in pain and concentration.)

UNKNOWN VOICE: There is still time. Save them. Save them!
DOCTOR: {I can't let it happen. I can't.}

(Wincing, the Doctor starts to walk toward the open TARDIS doors, no longer able to resist.)


(The Doctor emerges from the TARDIS and into the nothing. He turns to look back at the TARDIS. It has turned white. He looks out into the void.)

DOCTOR: Jamie! Zoe!

(He sees them standing motionless, all in white.)

DOCTOR: (OOV.) {Jamie. Zoe. Concentrate only on my words. Think of me. Think of the TARDIS. They are the only real things here. Everything else is unreality. It is only in your minds. Now, concentrate. Come to me now. Now!}

(The now white-clad, zombie-like Jamie and Zoe start to move forward. A white robot is behind them.)

DOCTOR: Walk straight to the TARDIS. Don't stop!

(Jamie and Zoe are approaching the Doctor and the TARDIS.)

DOCTOR: Come on. Walk into the TARDIS. Come on. Don't look behind you!

(There are three white robots behind Jamie and Zoe, and they are continuing to advance.)

DOCTOR: Now go in. Go in!

(Jamie and Zoe get closer to the Doctor and the TARDIS and safety, then stop. The robots are catching up with them.)

DOCTOR: Jamie! Zoe! Go in before it's too late!

(The robots again direct their hypnotizing effect on Jamie and Zoe. In desperation, the Doctor tries to grab them and pull them into the TARDIS, but changes his mind when they are resistant and runs behind them pushing instead.)

DOCTOR: (Yelling.) Go in!


DOCTOR: (Pushing Jamie and Zoe into the TARDIS.) Go in!

(Jamie and Zoe instantly revert to their normal selves upon entering the TARDIS, no longer clothed in white, but in their normal clothes. The Doctor closes the doors as soon as he is able.)

JAMIE: (Bewildered.) Doctor. What's been happening?
DOCTOR: (Without looking up from operating controls on the console.) Shush, Jamie. Quiet.

(The TARDIS center column is moving. They are in flight.)

JAMIE: Oh. (A sort of moan, recovering from the ordeal.)
DOCTOR: (Glances at Jamie.) How do you feel?
ZOE: Oh what happened? Where have we been?
DOCTOR: Nowhere.
JAMIE: Bu-Bu... Bu... I th...
DOCTOR: All mental images Jamie. Pure imagination.
ZOE: But why? What's all this about?
DOCTOR: I don't know. We've got to be careful. We've got to be very, very careful now.
ZOE: But careful? But we're safe enough back in the TARDIS aren't we?
DOCTOR: Yes, possibly.

(A whining high pitched sound fills the TARDIS. It is the same sound as the one the Doctor had heard earlier.)

JAMIE: What's that?
DOCTOR: I... I... I... don't know.
JAMIE: Oh, it's not the TARDIS going wrong again?
DOCTOR: No. No. We're... we're on our way alright, but... uh... trouble is I don't know where to.
JAMIE: Well that's not unusual. Look... let... Just tell me when we get there, hey?

(He walks away.)

ZOE: I'm sorry Doctor. It was my fault. I shouldn't have gone outside.
DOCTOR: (Distractedly.) That's alright Zoe. (Patting her on the arm.) I... I don't think you could help it.
ZOE: (Indignant.) Why not?
DOCTOR: Well... I think whoever it was that was tempting you outside made it irresistible. Why, even I gave in when the voice...
ZOE: What voice?
DOCTOR: I... I... I don't know. Perhaps there wasn't one but... Perhaps it was just... illusion.
ZOE: But... but we are safe now?
DOCTOR: Oh yes. Yes. Yes. The... the TARDIS is performing quite normally... Oh that's odd.
ZOE: What?
DOCTOR: Well... this meter's dropped below a thousand.
ZOE: Well, is that critical?
DOCTOR: No. It just means that we're using more power than we're... than we're storing, but... don't worry, we've got a... an emergency power booster unit here somewhere, if I can only find the switch. Now...

(He tries a switch without success.)

DOCTOR: No. Uh. Oh. Oh dear. It's here somewhere.

(Jamie, asleep in a chair, the same one the Doctor had been sitting in earlier, is thrashing about in the grip of a bad dream. He hears the sound of a nightmarishly distorted whinnying horse.)

ZOE: Found it?
DOCTOR: Yes! Yes, that's the one. Now just a little bit more... power and... Read off the meter for me will you Zoe?
ZOE: Reading... 990...

(A throbbing vibration is audible, unlike any normal sound of the TARDIS. No one seems to notice.)

ZOE: ...1...
ZOE: ...2...
ZOE: ...3...

(Jamie wakes up from his nightmare with a start.)

DOCTOR: Quiet Jamie.
JAMIE: Oh. Wuh-Wuh... What's been happening?
ZOE: ...4...
ZOE: Steady at 4.
DOCTOR: Oh no. Oh.
JAMIE: (Getting up from the chair.) S---Something wrong?!
ZOE: ...5...
ZOE: ...6...
ZOE: ...7...8...
DOCTOR: Oh yeh. Let it creep up now... I... I don't want it to blow the fluid links again.
JAMIE: (Walking over to Zoe) I just had... the most peculiar dream. There was this big white horse with a horn... right in the middle of his head, and... and...
ZOE: A unicorn?!
JAMIE: Hey? Aye, probably. He was charging straight towards me...
ZOE: ...998...
JAMIE: ...head down, ready for the kill! I thought any moment...!
ZOE: (Annoyed.) Oh really Jamie! Your imagination is...

(She is staring at something.)

JAMIE: What's the matter?
ZOE: I don't... Jamie, look!

(Jamie looks at the Doctor, whose eyes are closed, and the heel of his right hand is pressed to his forehead.)

JAMIE: Doctor?
JAMIE: What's up?
DOCTOR: Uh. Quiet, Jamie. Quiet.

(Jamie suddenly puts his hands to his head and winces. The Doctor opens his eyes.)

DOCTOR: That sound. That vibration. It's alien.
ZOE: (Her fingers pressed firmly to her temples.) I can feel it too! In my head!
DOCTOR: I don't seem to be able to concentrate. Uh. Concentrate!

(His eyes get bigger - he's just realized something. The sound becomes louder, and the Doctor presses his fingers to his temples as if trying to push it out of his mind.)

DOCTOR: Both of you! Concentrate on something!
JAMIE: What is it?!
DOCTOR: Read off the figures to me Zoe! Aloud!
ZOE: (Struggling.) ...991...
DOCTOR: Go on. Louder! Both of you! Read them off!
ZOE: ...2...
JAMIE: (Head down, hands clutching his head.) ...2...
ZOE: ...3...
JAMIE: ...3...
DOCTOR: It's dragging me!
ZOE: ...4...
JAMIE: ...4...
DOCTOR: Concentrate! Both of you!
JAMIE/ZOE: ...5...
DOCTOR: Oh! It's... too strong!
JAMIE/ZOE: ...6...
DOCTOR: It's too powerful!
JAMIE/ZOE: ...7...
JAMIE/ZOE: ...8...
DOCTOR: Oh!... I must fight!
JAMIE/ZOE: ...9...
DOCTOR: I must fight!
JAMIE/ZOE: ...10...
DOCTOR: I will fight!
JAMIE/ZOE: ...11...


(The TARDIS gently turns in starless space. Suddenly an explosion, and it flies apart. The console slowly spins in space with Jamie holding on desperately, and Zoe draped across it clinging just as desperately.)

ZOE: (Pointing) Jamie! The Doctor!

(She starts screaming. The Doctor, eyes closed, is spinning gently in the black nothingness. The console with Jamie and Zoe holding on is slowly obscured, but spinning faster and faster. Eventually it disappears, swallowed by the mist...)

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