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first broadcast - 13th April 1968
running time - 23mins 50secs


(The two men burst into the room and stare in horror... The end of the room is filled with the foam and the heartbeat, and in the middle is a terrifying sight... the figure of ROBSON looking half-demented, his neck and hands sprouting frond-like weed formations. And out of the foam that has almost completely engulfed him, the tentacles of the giant Weed Creature is snaking about him.)

JAMIE: (In almost total shock, half whispering.) It's Robson!

(At his name, ROBSON started to move forward slowly towards the pair.)

ROBSON: (Softly.) Come in, Doctor. I've been waiting for you.
DOCTOR: What do you want with me?
ROBSON: (Still slowly marching on the DOCTOR.) You are going to help our new masters. They need you.
DOCTOR: They need me?
VICTORIA: (Calling from another door in the corridor.) Jamie! Doctor!
ROBSON: You are going to help...
JAMIE: Victoria.

(He rushes out to free VICTORIA.)

ROBSON: ...with the conquest of the human planet.

(JAMIE opens the door and frees VICTORIA.)

VICTORIA: (Hugging him.) Jamie!
JAMIE: Victoria!
DOCTOR: Don't you realise what they've done to you? They're trying to control your mind, man!
ROBSON: The mind does not exist. It is tired. It is dead. It is obsolete. Only our new masters can offer us life.
DOCTOR: Matter will never conquer mind! It's against the law of nature!
ROBSON: The body does not exist. Soon we shall all be one.

(ROBSON leans forward, opens his mouth and breathes gas onto the DOCTOR. The DOCTOR covers his nose with his handkerchief and fights to keep himself from been overwhelmed...)

DOCTOR: Jamie, hurry! Hurry, Jamie!

(The DOCTOR backs out into the corridor...)


( join JAMIE and VICTORIA. ROBSON follows them as they back away down the corridor towards the stairs.)

ROBSON: You cannot escape. You must join us. You must join us. You will join us.

(He opens his mouth again, bellowing out toxic gas.)

VICTORIA: (Screams.)

(ROBSON stops dead, as if he is in pain. The DOCTOR, seeing this, gets an idea.)

DOCTOR: Scream again, Victoria!

(VICTORIA screams again and again...)

ROBSON: No... No... No... Stop... Stop! Stop! Stop!

(...He backs away from the screams into the crewroom...)

VICTORIA: (Still almost screaming.) Oh Doctor!
DOCTOR: Come along, it's time we got out of here.

(VICTORIA notices the door to the crewroom is still wide open.)

VICTORIA: The door?
JAMIE: Yes, should we lock him in?
DOCTOR: No, no. I think it's all right now. The helicopter's waiting, come along. Mind the stairs. They're slippery.

(They rush through the log room and out onto the landing pad. The whole place is covered in foam. It is almost impossible, from the ground, to see anything apart from foam...)

DOCTOR: Well where's the helicopter then?
VICTORIA: I can't see anything except this awful foam.
JAMIE: Don't worry, Victoria, it won't hurt you.
DOCTOR: (Looking up at the sky spots the helicopter.) There it is!

(All three shout 'hey!' at the helicopter, but can't get its attention through all the foam.)

VICTORIA: Oh, can't he see us?
DOCTOR: Probably not.
JAMIE: He's probably just too scared.
DOCTOR: Oh Jamie, help me get this hatchway covered. We can't hang around here. The helicopter will never see us.

(JAMIE helps the DOCTOR to close the hatchway to the log room to prevent ROBSON from following them.)

JAMIE: But we'll never get off the rig without it!

(The DOCTOR points over to the other landing pad to another helicopter - the one ROBSON used to kidnap VICTORIA.)

DOCTOR: There's Robson's helicopter in there.
JAMIE: But it hasn't got a driver!
DOCTOR: I've been dying to get my hands on one of those things. Come on. Come on.

(They rush over to the other pad.)


(The three pile into the helicopter as the alien heartbeat starts up again. The foam starts to move after them. The DOCTOR tries to take off, pressing buttons and moving the pilot stick.)

VICTORIA: Oh the foam, Doctor! I can't see!
DOCTOR: Don't worry, Victoria, we'll soon be out of it.

(The helicopter's blades accelerate enough for the DOCTOR to take off - admittedly in a sideways direction - nearly hitting a tower.)

JAMIE: I hope you know what you're doing.
DOCTOR: Well we're airborne, aren't we Jamie? Anyway, ask Victoria. She got kidnapped by one of these things.
VICTORIA: That's the only time.
DOCTOR: Now don't worry, Victoria. It's a very primitive machine, you know. It should be easy to control.
VICTORIA: Doctor, look out!

(The three make various exclamations - 'ohs', 'oohs' and 'ahs'- as the helicopter falls into a dive and nearly hits the sea before pulling up.)


(Again they make various exclamations of 'ohs', 'oohs' and 'ahs' as this time the helicopter pulls up and completes a loop-the-loop before levelling out again.)

DOCTOR: Well, that's strange.
JAMIE: What?
DOCTOR: Well I was always... under the impression that you couldn't loop the loop in a helicopter.
JAMIE: What?

(...more exclamations as the tower of the Control Rig looms again and the helicopter nearly hits it again. Luckily for the three, the pilot of the helicopter that took the DOCTOR and JAMIE out to the rig sees what is happening and starts to communicate instructions over the RV.)

PILOT: Switch back. Switch back. Nose down a bit. Go on. Right pedal down.
DOCTOR: Right pedal.

(The DOCTOR's helicopter obeys the pilot's instructions.)

PILOT: Right pedal down! Not too much, not too much. Try and keep the nose on the horizon. Okay... okay... now it's too much! Switch back! Switch back! Switch back, you want to come up now. Come on, you're getting too near the water. Much too near the water. Switch back... switch back... pull her up... switch back! Switch back quickly! You're about to hit the water. Now try and keep still and let me think for a while. Okay, now pull her up. Switch back! Switch back! quickly, switch back! Listen to me. Now try and keep the control central.

(Finally the DOCTOR's and the PILOT's helicopter are on a level course back to the Control Base.)

DOCTOR: Yes, thank you so much. Oh, just one thing! I've got it up all right and it should be comparatively simple to propel it forward. However, how do I land it?

(And with that the two helicopters fly off back towards the land.)


(It is all very quiet. HARRIS is walking about, just about holding onto his temper. PERKINS and MEGAN are nearby. HARRIS slams his fist on the desk in anger.)

HARRIS: It's no good. We won't hear from the Doctor or any of them. We must evacuate the compound.
MEGAN: No! We said an hour. He's got... ten more minutes.
HARRIS: But even if he does come back, what good could he do? The only possible weapon we could have used against the weed has been destroyed.
MEGAN: That was your entire stock of oxygen, was it?

(MEGAN, using her chairperson's persona, twirls around on PERKINS and starts to give instructions.)

MEGAN: Right. Perkins, get onto London to the Defence Minister. I want a full red alert on this now. Tell him what's happened and ask him to arrange for as many tankers of oxygen as he can muster to be sent here immediately.
PERKINS: Yes, Miss Jones.
HARRIS: They won't be in time. We must evacuate the compound! The pipeline room is a mass of weed and foam. You've seen how rapidly it reproduces. It could swamp the entire compound at any moment.
MEGAN: It could! But it hasn't yet!
HARRIS: And when it...
MEGAN: And until it does, we stay here!
HARRIS: And when it does attack, how do you expect to fight it? With what weapons?

(A familiar voice rings out from the entrance to the Control Cone.)

DOCTOR: Perhaps I can answer those questions, Mr Harris.

(The DOCTOR, JAMIE and VICTORIA walk over to join the group.)

MEGAN: Doctor! Oh, thank heavens you're alive.
HARRIS: What about Robson, did you find him?
JAMIE: Aye, we found him all right.
HARRIS: And my wife?
DOCTOR: Well we didn't see her, no.
HARRIS: No! There's not much hope, is there? What can we do? How can we fight this hideous thing?
DOCTOR: You say there's not much hope. I believe there is!
HARRIS: But even if we succeed in fighting off the weed, what about... what about those people already affected by it?
DOCTOR: Well on our way back here we stopped of at the Medicare Centre. The man that Jamie fought with in the corridor has almost completely recovered.

(HARRIS and the others are astonished at this.)

DOCTOR: Yes, the weed growth on his arm has disappeared and died. He's bemused, he's dazed, but he's alive!
HARRIS: How? Why? What killed the weed?
DOCTOR: Noise! Sound vibrations.
MEGAN: How did you find out?
DOCTOR: Victoria discovered it.
VICTORIA: (Puzzled.) I did?
DOCTOR: Well yes, you screamed.
VICTORIA: (Still puzzled.) I screamed?
DOCTOR: It's her scream, her particular pattern of sound that does the trick!
HARRIS: So that's why the crews on the rigs spoke softly. The noise affected them.
DOCTOR: Very possibly. Now, before you evacuate this compound, just give me one half hour.

(The CHIEF ENGINEER comes over with a report.)

CHIEF ENGINEER: Mr Harris, it is too great, sir. The entire compound is alive with seaweed.
MEGAN: Half an hour won't make that much difference. Doctor, what is it that we can do?
DOCTOR: We make a noise, Miss Jones, we make an awful lot of noise!
HARRIS: It's too late, we'll never stop it now!
DOCTOR: But we've got to, it may be too late!
HARRIS: It's impossible, I tell you. It's seeping in from every corner of the compound.
DOCTOR: Yes, but if we can destroy the weed's nerve centre.
MEGAN: But you said yourself that you don't know where the nerve centre is.
DOCTOR: But we do! It's here!
HARRIS: That's the Control Rig.
DOCTOR: Precisely! We must generate enough sound to penetrate the Control Rig.
MEGAN: But how will you get it there?

(The DOCTOR points to the pipeline.)

DOCTOR: That way! Through the pipeline. This is a habit. This is the only way to help your wife and all those other people.
HARRIS: I realise that, but there isn't time.
DOCTOR: But please, just one half hour!
HARRIS: Price.
HARRIS: What's happening in the pipeline room?

(PRICE flicks a switch and the huge central video monitor screen springs into life. There is an immediate gasp from everyone in the hall. The screen shows the pipeline room, now completely engulfed in white foam and squealing, wriggling weed tentacles.)

PRICE: (Shocked.) Half an hour?
HARRIS: Yes, that's about all we've got. But you're right - we must try.

(The DOCTOR claps his hands.)

DOCTOR: Oh, thank you. Now then, Mr Price, where do all these big leads go to, um?

(PRICE points out some other equipment.)

PRICE: The transmitters and loud speakers down below, sir.
DOCTOR: I see.
PRICE: What's this all about, Doctor?
DOCTOR: Well if we can boost this equipment to transmit enough sound down the pipeline, we can destroy the weed's nerve centre.
MEGAN: But do you think this idea will work?
DOCTOR: Have you got a tape recorder or some such thing?
PRICE: Yes, I think so.

(The DOCTOR turns to VICTORIA, who is standing nearby with JAMIE.)

DOCTOR: Victoria, I want you to scream.
DOCTOR: He will record it. Make a loop of it so that we can repeat it endlessly.
PRICE: Right, sir. What have we got here..?

(MEGAN turns to JAMIE while PRICE explains the use of some equipment to the DOCTOR.)

MEGAN: I hope he knows what he's doing.
JAMIE: Of course he does - I think.
CHIEF ENGINEER: Mr Harris, the impeller shaft. You men, quick!

(HARRIS and some other men rush towards the impeller shaft. MEGAN rushes over to the DOCTOR, who is concealed on the floor behind the Cone sorting out a vast complex of cables and electronic equipment.)

MEGAN: Oh come on, Doctor!


(The men rush into the area. The CHIEF pointed to the lift shaft.)

CHIEF ENGINEER: Look, there!

(He points at a flood of foam and weed that is seeping up from the lift shaft and swirling around inside the airlock.)


(The DOCTOR turns with some speakers...)

DOCTOR: Take these magnetised speakers and attach them to the pipeline over there. Jamie, give me a hand.

(JAMIE and some engineers take the speakers and start to hook it up to the pipeline. Meanwhile PRICE has pointed a microphone at VICTORIA.)

PRICE: Right, ready miss. Now, scream into this. Now.

(VICTORIA looks very unnerved with the situation and looks totally lost.)

VICTORIA: What now?
PRICE: Yes, yes. There's not a moment to lose.
VICTORIA: I can't. It's silly.

(PRICE starts to get frantic.)

PRICE: No, no. Please... please do help a little.
VICTORIA: Oh, Doctor!

(The DOCTOR comes over.)

DOCTOR: What's the matter, Victoria?
PRICE: She can't scream, sir.

(The DOCTOR can't believe it.)

DOCTOR: Oh no! Oh Victoria, that's ridiculous!
VICTORIA: Jamie, you can't scream just like that!
DOCTOR: Everything depends upon you screaming!

(VICTORIA catches sight of something over the DOCTOR's shoulders. On the other side of the Cone, HARRIS, the CHIEF and the men that went with him are escaping from the impeller area as a great surge of foam and weed tries to force its way through a perspex door... VICTORIA starts to scream her heart out. The DOCTOR, JAMIE and PRICE cover their ears in pain and the tape in the tape recorder whirls into action recording the screams.)

DOCTOR: There you are. I knew you could.
HARRIS: Run! Don't just stand there!

(The DOCTOR tries to hook up the speaker system while the foam starts to break through the perspex door. JAMIE moves down and tries to drag the DOCTOR to safety but the DOCTOR shrugs him off his arm.)

DOCTOR: Get out of the way, Jamie! Keep away!
JAMIE: What?
DOCTOR: Jamie, keep away! Jamie!

(HARRIS twirls around and starts to give orders to a nearby engineer.)

HARRIS: All release valves open! Quick!
MEGAN: What are you doing, man?
HARRIS: I'm going to save the lives of an awful lot of people, Miss Jones. Close feed lines one to six! Come on, man!

(MEGAN charges over in anger and shock. She almost screams at HARRIS.)

MEGAN: You mean you're giving up? You're evacuating?
HARRIS: Open your eyes, Miss Jones, can't you see what's happening? We're gradually being strangled. I can't risk the lives of these men here any longer.
DOCTOR: Just a few more minutes, please Mr Harris. The scream is ready.
DOCTOR: And Mr Harris...
HARRIS: All right, all right, what do you want us to do?
DOCTOR: Now then, I've attached the speakers to the pipeline. Victoria's scream will be put through this.

(He points to a small electronic gadget.)

HARRIS: What... what does that do?
DOCTOR: Well it's a little toy of my own. Together with the amplifiers, yes... it should produce a sonic laser sound wave.
MEGAN: You mean like a laser light beam?
DOCTOR: Yes, passing through the pipes. It will destroy the nerve centre of the weed.
HARRIS: Will it destroy the weed here?
DOCTOR: Well unfortunately no. No, we have to do battle with that ourselves.
DOCTOR: With these, Mr Price.
PRICE: With what?
DOCTOR: If a weed's detected here, we simply point these at them (He points at the hooked-up speakers.) and hope for the best. Now, for heaven's sake, don't get in the way of the speakers, the sound'll cut you to pieces! Look there!
PRICE: Look at the other two. There's another one.

(He points at the communicator screen which shows weed creatures coming out of the pipeline.)

HARRIS: Chief! Chief, quick!
JAMIE: Doctor, how many is that? I thought that there was only one... monster.

(The CHIEF rushes out to see what he can do to stop the flow of foam.)


(HARRIS watches the progress of the foam on the communicator. The CHIEF is able to close one pair of doors, but fails to close the other set of doors...)

CHIEF: I can't get the other two.
HARRIS: It's making for the corridor.
PERKINS: How many...

(HARRIS calls after the CHIEF who is still trying to close the doors.)

HARRIS: Chief! Chief, quick!

(The DOCTOR completes his work on the circuits.)

DOCTOR: There you are, that's it.


(The foam runs down the corridor from the Impeller Area towards the Control Cone... The CHIEF watches in horror and keeps trying to close the doors.)

HARRIS: (OOV.) Back, Chief.

(The CHIEF gives up and runs back into the Control Cone. Behind him the foam reaches the open doors.)


HARRIS: Full Alert!

(The klaxon horn starts again.)

DOCTOR: Close all doors!
PERKINS: Steady on.
HARRIS: I'm in charge! Close all doors!

(The doors close. We hear the foam and the weed creature arrive at the Cone doors and bang against it and the doors start to buckle.)

JAMIE: Those doors won't hold!

(The DOCTOR gives JAMIE one of the portable speakers he has created.)

DOCTOR: Point this at the monster but don't get in the way of it.

(The main Doors cracks open and the foam runs into the room. Everybody starts to back away from the foam as quickly as possible.)

DOCTOR: Back, Everybody, Back! Onto the platform.

(Everybody jumps onto the control platform. The foam continues its advance. A weed creature appears at the doorway. The DOCTOR turns to PRICE who stares at the foam in almost total horror and shock...)

DOCTOR: Switch it on, man, switch it on!

(PRICE is in shock and doesn't throw the switch.)

DOCTOR: Hold that, Jamie.

(He passes his own portable speaker to JAMIE and goes over to PRICE.)

DOCTOR: Which is the connector switch? The connector switch! Come on! We've got to eliminate that creature.

(PRICE snaps out of his trance. The DOCTOR addresses the engineers who have their own portable speakers.)

DOCTOR: Point it at the creature. (To PRICE.) Go on!

(PRICE and the ENGINEERS switch on their equipment and point it at the creatures that are swarming into the room. The sounds of VICTORIA's enhanced screams are coupled with VICTORIA's real scream. The sound lashes out at the weed creature.)

JAMIE: What's going on?

(The Weed Creature continues to move forward - only slightly slower than before...)

MEGAN: It's not working!
DOCTOR: Give it a minute.
MEGAN: It's not working, I tell you! We're finished!

(The foam surges up the steps relentlessly and the Weed Creature itself moves closer and closer, hissing gas fumes as it approaches.)

HARRIS: No! Look!

(Now the bubbling white foam, up to the human's ankles and reaching out for them, starts to retreat rapidly from the room. The Weed Creature assaulted by the screams finally stops moving forward, and admitting defeat, withdraws from the room.)

DOCTOR: Behind you! Look behind you! The corridor!

(The communicator screen shows the corridor. The weed and foam are rushing back down the corridor. Soon both are gone and all that is left of the creature is little bits of foam.)

JAMIE: It worked.
HARRIS: Doctor, it worked.
DOCTOR: Switch off. Price! Switch off control!

(The "screams" are switched off.)

PRICE: Doctor, you've done it!
DOCTOR: Price, I think you better switch off the pipeline link-up.
PRICE: What about... the weed's nerve centre at the Control Rig?
DOCTOR: What about...
PRICE: Do you think we've destroyed that?
DOCTOR: Why don't you go and see?

(He notices that PRICE is still recovering at the "screams" switch.)

DOCTOR: Mr Price.
PRICE: Right!

(PRICE moves over to the communicator console.)

HARRIS: Price!
PRICE: Yes, sir.
HARRIS: Send out the company helicopters, right away, to the Control Rig. I want a full report, right away.
PRICE: Very good, sir.

(Nearby, MEGAN is thanking the DOCTOR for his help.)

MEGAN: Well Doctor, I still quite don't know what to say - except thank you.
DOCTOR: (Beams at her.) Miss Jones, that will be more than sufficient.
HARRIS: I still can't believe it.

(However, the DOCTOR notices that VICTORIA is in tears, sobbing deeply.)

DOCTOR: What's the matter, eh?
VICTORIA: I don't know. I'm always frightened...
DOCTOR: Well of course.

(VICTORIA suddenly collapses and buries her head in the DOCTOR's shoulder.)

VICTORIA: Oh, Doctor, I can't...
DOCTOR: It's all right.
VICTORIA: I can't...

(JAMIE and the DOCTOR exchange worried looks. HARRIS calls to the DOCTOR from the communicator console...)

HARRIS: Doctor they're safe!
DOCTOR: It's all right!
VICTORIA: (Still weeping.) I can't....
HARRIS: They're all safe! We've won! Isn't it marvellous?
DOCTOR: Come along Victoria. They're safe. Come and look for yourself.

(The DOCTOR joins HARRIS and PRICE leaving JAMIE to look after VICTORIA.)

HARRIS: (Talking into the communicator.) Maggie! Maggie! Mr, Robson, can you hear me?
ROBSON: (From the communicator screen.) Yes, Mr Harris, we can.
MAGGIE HARRIS: (From the communicator screen.) Yes, darling, we can hear you.
HARRIS: Good, good. Are you all well? Has the weed gone?
ROBSON: (From the communicator screen.) The weed? Oh yes, yes, it's gone.

(Shouts of "It's gone" etc. before HARRIS shushes them.)

HARRIS: What about Van Lutyens? I don't suppose you...
ROBSON: He's fine. He's well.
MAGGIE HARRIS: Darling, we're all all right, I promise you.

(Shouts of "They're all all right!" and cheers.)

HARRIS: Quiet everybody, quiet! Mr Robson, we're sending out one of the company helicopters to you right away. You'll be back with us in less than an hour!

(More shouting and cheers.)


(That night, the DOCTOR, VICTORIA, JAMIE, the HARRISes and ROBSON are having a party to celebrate their victory. Music is playing in the background. The happy atmosphere means that almost everything that is said is greeted with laugher.)

ROBSON: Oh, I should have listened to you in the first place, Mr Harris.
HARRIS: Oh I doubt it would have helped. As it turned out, we were lucky we didn't tamper with the weed.
DOCTOR: Oh yes.
MAGGIE HARRIS: Well the next time you ask me to get something from your desk, you can do it yourself.
ROBSON: To think I wanted to keep you locked up, Doctor.
DOCTOR: Well, lots of people have tried.
HARRIS: They didn't want to.
ROBSON: That was a very splendid dinner, Mrs Harris. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm very tired.
DOCTOR: Oh, really. Oh, dear.
ROBSON: See you in the morning, Doctor.
DOCTOR: Well um, no. No, as a matter of fact, we must be on our way.
ROBSON: Oh, dear. Where are you going?
DOCTOR: Well we haven't quiet decided yet.
JAMIE: Aye, even if we had it wouldn't make any difference. We wouldn't get there. Not with him...
ROBSON: If you're ever around here again, do drop in. And in the front gate this time, just to avoid any unfortunate incidents.
DOCTOR: Yes, well.
HARRIS: Bye, Mr Robson.
ROBSON: Goodbye, Mrs Harris.
DOCTOR: Goodbye to you, Mr Robson. Well I suppose I think it's time we went. Jamie... a... Victoria...

(VICTORIA remains seated at the table, her face resting on her hands.)

JAMIE: Hey Victoria. Wakey, wakey.

(VICTORIA looks at JAMIE and the DOCTOR and there were tears welling up in her eyes.)

JAMIE: What's the matter?
DOCTOR: You don't want to come with us, do you, Victoria?

(VICTORIA looks away. The DOCTOR takes her hand and starts to pat it.)

VICTORIA: I don't know. I don't really want to leave you.
DOCTOR: Well, I suspected as much.
VICTORIA: Would you mind?

(JAMIE is shocked.)

JAMIE: Victoria, you can't...
DOCTOR: Just a minute, Jamie. You mean you want to stay here and settle down, um? Well, if you want to, you must.

(VICTORIA buries her head and starts to gently sob.)

VICTORIA: I'm sorry.
DOCTOR: No that's all right.

(He pats VICTORIA gently on the head and then turns to MAGGIE.)

DOCTOR: Mrs Harris, I wonder if you'd mind if Victoria stayed with you for a little while. You see, she's got no parents or home and it is a bit difficult...
MAGGIE HARRIS: Well of course, we'd be delighted to have you for as long as you want to stay.
VICTORIA: Oh, would you?

(MAGGIE hugs her in confirmation.)

DOCTOR: There. Thank you very much. Jamie and I will stay for another day, just in case you want to think again.
JAMIE: Look, we'll talk it over later...
DOCTOR: Now, Jamie. She must make up her own mind. It's her own life. It's her decision.

(But his face is as long as a fiddle.)


(ROBSON comes into the Control Cone to hear PRICE getting a report from a rig. All of the rigs are back up and running.)

PRICE: Thank you Rig D. Normal function on all channels. Control checks positive. Closing down now. All communications remain on standby.
ROBSON: All right, Price?
PRICE: Oh yes, thank you, sir. Back to normal.
ROBSON: Relief?
PRICE: Crew's on their way sir.
ROBSON: Bet you could do with a bit of shut-eye, eh?
PRICE: Oh, I don't know, I think I'm a bit past it.
ROBSON: Go out like a light, eh?
PRICE: Probably.
ROBSON: Chief still here?
PRICE: Yes, in the impeller room, sir.
ROBSON: Goodnight, Price.
PRICE: Goodnight, sir.


(The CHIEF is checking over some equipment when ROBSON enters the room.)

ROBSON: Chief.
ROBSON: Sound as a bell, eh?
CHIEF ENGINEER: Almost, sir.
ROBSON: Almost?
CHIEF ENGINEER: Still half a point of capacity.
ROBSON: Is it?
CHIEF ENGINEER: The main control valve is slightly damaged. They're working on it now. Be up to our normal output in the morning. There's still one or two minor repairs to be done.
ROBSON: Not tonight, Chief.
CHIEF ENGINEER: Well why not?
ROBSON: Get some sleep. Don't argue. Leave it to the relief.

(The CHIEF turns to leave and the rest of the crew in the room start to follow, but ROBSON whirls round on them.)

ROBSON: Where do you lot think you're going? There's another three minutes before your relief arrives.

(The crew turn back to work.)

CHIEF ENGINEER: Nice to know you're back to normal, sir.
ROBSON: If I didn't know you better, Chief, I would swear you were giving me lip.
CHIEF ENGINEER: (With a slight smile.) Oh, I wouldn't dream of doing that, sir.
ROBSON: Wouldn't you? Goodnight, Chief.
CHIEF ENGINEER: Goodnight, sir.

(He leaves the room. ROBSON allows himself a smile.)


(Before going to bed, VICTORIA and JAMIE have a talk about her decision to stay... They both talk softly, filled with emotion.)

JAMIE: Are you not tired?
VICTORIA: No. No, I'm fine. I'm not tired at all.
JAMIE: Do you know what the Doctor's just gone and done?
JAMIE: He's only gone down the beach for a swim. He gets worse. You're still not sure, are you?
VICTORIA: Yes. But it doesn't make it any easier leaving you and the Doctor.
JAMIE: Aye, we've been together a long time now. Has the Doctor said anything to you?
VICTORIA: No. No. You know what he's like, he wouldn't. He believes in people making up their own mind.
JAMIE: Oh, Victoria. Do you think you'll be happy here?
VICTORIA: Oh, I think so. The... The Harrises are very nice people.
JAMIE: Yes, I know that, but they're not from your time, are they?
VICTORIA: I wouldn't be at ease back in Victorian times. I have no parents or family left there anyway.
JAMIE: Aye, that's true. Oh, well.

(He starts to turn away. VICTORIA calls after him in a voice filled with emotion and tears.)

VICTORIA: You wouldn't go... without saying goodbye, would you?
JAMIE: Of course not. That won't be till the morning anyway. Goodnight, Victoria.
VICTORIA: Goodnight, Jamie.

(They hug and then go off to their own rooms.)


(The following morning, both the DOCTOR and JAMIE hug VICTORIA for one last time. They get in the dinghy and row back to the TARDIS. They bob up and down while the DOCTOR opens the doors and the two men enter the ship.)


(JAMIE looks at the scanner, which shows a forlorn VICTORIA waving sadly from the beach. The DOCTOR sets the controls behind him.)

JAMIE: We can't just leave her!
DOCTOR: We're not leaving her, Jamie. It was her decision to stay.
DOCTOR: She'll be perfectly all right with the Harrises. Now don't worry so much.
JAMIE: I'm not, I'm just... och, come on, let's go.
DOCTOR: Well, where would you like to go?
JAMIE: Hmm? I couldn't care less.

(He stares at the DOCTOR for a moment, almost scornfully. The DOCTOR is hurt by the implied accusation.)

DOCTOR: I was fond of her too, you know, Jamie!

(He throws the dematerialisation switch...)


(VICTORIA watches for the last time as the TARDIS rises above the sea and disappears into thin air - with one less passenger than it had when it arrived...)

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