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first broadcast - 6th June 1968 (5:15pm - 5:40 pm)


(MAGGIE HARRIS and ROBSON stand at the waters edge.)

MAGGIE: Very little time. You know what you must do.
MAGGIE: You will obey.

(ROBSON looks on as MAGGIE walks towards the sea, staring at MAGGIE's slowly receding figure as she becomes submerged by the waves.)


(PRICE, VAN LUTYENS and the DOCTOR are at the communications dome trying to contact any of the rigs out at sea.)

PRICE: Rig D. Rig D. Control calling. Rig D, come in please. Rig D. Rig D. Control calling, come in please. (To VAN LUTYENS.) I'm sorry sir, I can't reach them.
VAN LUTYENS: Try Rig A again.
PRICE: Rig A. Control calling Rig A... (To VAN LUTYENS.) It's no good sir. That's three rigs not answering now sir.
VAN LUTYENS: The men on the remaining rigs won't last under this suspense much longer. Try the guard post again and see if there's any sign of Mr. Harris... Three rigs now. What could have happened to them?
DOCTOR: Well, can't you send someone else to investigate?
VAN LUTYENS: No... I don't have the authority here. I'm just their technical adviser. Mr. HARRIS is in charge. When he comes back, he might properly authorise the company helicopter for at least to take a look.
DOCTOR: We can do nothing?
VAN LUTYENS: Nothing. Wait. Wait. Nothing.


(The CHIEF Engineer is inspecting the impeller shaft with his repair crew. Their work is interrupted when the familiar thumping heart beat is once again heard coming from the pipes).

CHIEF: It's started again.


(JAMIE has fallen asleep on the top bunk. VICTORIA paces the room decidedly worried.)

VICTORIA: Jamie... Jamie... Jamie... You asleep?
JAMIE: No. I'm just resting my eyes.
VICTORIA: I don't know how you can with all this trouble going on.
JAMIE: Oh don't worry. The Doctor will work something out. He always does.
VICTORIA: Yes. What then?
JAMIE: Oh what do you mean "what then?"
VICTORIA: What do we do next?
JAMIE: Oh Victoria, you know better than to ask a question like that. We never know where we're going to land one place to the next. It's half the fun isn't it?
JAMIE: Victoria, what's the matter? You've been acting very oddly ever since we got here.
VICTORIA: Oh it's nothing. It doesn't matter.
JAMIE: Look if you're worried, the Doctor...
VICTORIA: Jamie, I said it was nothing. Just go back to sleep.
JAMIE: Oh I wouldn't worry about that old bit of seaweed. The Doctor will work something out.
VICTORIA: Will he? There's so many questions. The weed grows. Feeds off natural gas. How fast does it grow? What happens to those who... who touch it. Oh Jamie. Jamie I'm frightened.

(The door to the cabin opens, and VICTORIA gasps, startled by the DOCTOR's sudden entrance.)

DOCTOR: Oh I'm sorry Victoria. Did I startle you?
VICTORIA: Yes. Doctor...
DOCTOR: Where's Jamie?
VICTORIA: Up there. He's asleep. Nothing can wake him except a bomb dropping.
DOCTOR: Oh good.
VICTORIA: Doctor what's happening?
DOCTOR: Well I'm not sure, Victoria. I'm not sure. It's so peaceful out there, isn't it?
VICTORIA: Heard that noise again?
VICTORIA: Well what are they doing about it?
DOCTOR: Well we'll have to wait.
VICTORIA: Wait? But what for? For one of those awful creatures to come and attack us all?
DOCTOR: Now Victoria, it's not as bad as all that you know.
VICTORIA: Isn't it? Even you don't know really how bad it is, do you?
DOCTOR: Well no. Not exactly.
VICTORIA: Every time we go anywhere, something awful happens. Daleks. Cybermen.
VICTORIA: Yes, the Yeti. Why can't we go anywhere pleasant? Where there's no fighting - just peace and happiness.


(HARRIS spots a familiar figure at the edge of the shore. Running towards it, he finds it's ROBSON, and begins calling out to him).

HARRIS: Mr. Robson. Mr. Robson. What are you doing down here? Have you seen my wife at all?
ROBSON: Your wife?
HARRIS: I've been searching for her.
ROBSON: You'll find her Mr. Harris. Very soon.
HARRIS: Then you haven't seen her.

(ROBSON suddenly walks off along the beach - in a trance.)


(ROBSON continues walking, ignoring HARRIS altogether.)


(The CHIEF, DOCTOR and JAMIE watch as VAN LUTYENS prepares himself to venture down into the impeller shaft.)

DOCTOR: If you don't mind me saying so, Mr. Van Lutyens, I think this is a very bad idea of yours. You don't know what you're up against.
JAMIE: Aye, you wouldn't catch me down there.
CHIEF: Why don't we wait till Mr. Harris comes back sir?
VAN LUTYENS: The only way to find out whether this weed stuff of yours is blocking the base of the impeller is to go down and have a look.
CHIEF: Mr. Van Lutyens, I have no authority to send my men down there...
VAN LUTYENS: I realize that. That's why I'm going down.
CHIEF: By yourself?
CHIEF: I wouldn't go down... Well I hope you know what you're doing, sir.
VAN LUTYENS: I think so.
DOCTOR: I... I wish you wouldn't do this Mr. Van Lutyens.
VAN LUTYENS: I can't sit about waiting any longer. I have no position of authority here. But I do have the run of the company installations. And if I can do nothing else, I... I can at least inspect the base of the impeller shaft.

(The group make their way over to the lift platform. OAK and QUILL are standing at the ready by the lift controls. VAN LUTYENS steps into the life chamber.)

DOCTOR: Good Luck.
JAMIE: Good luck. You'll need it.
CHIEF: All right, lower him down.

(OAK operates the controls and the lift descends.)


(VAN LUTYENS flashes his torch about as the lift chamber jolts to a stop at the bottom. He steps out and begins a thorough search. Finding a nearby inspection hatch, he opens it. But as he is about to take a closer look, weed and foam swarm towards him from the far end of the shaft.)

VAN LUTYENS: Help me! Let me out!

(VAN LUTYENS' screams are cut short as he is engulfed by the weed and foam.)


(Van Lutyens' screams are heard in the impeller area.)

CHIEF: Get him up!

(OAK operates the lift controls and the lift starts its ascent to the surface.)

VICTORIA: What is it? What's happened?
JAMIE: Van Lutyens is down there.
VICTORIA: What's happened to him?
DOCTOR: Oh we don't know, Victoria...

(The CHIEF engineer moves over to the lift shaft and returns stunned...)

DOCTOR: What happened? What did you see?
CHIEF: He's not in the shaft. He may still be down there. Let's find Mr. Harris.

(He leaves.)

DOCTOR: We can't just leave him down there.
JAMIE: Oh what are we going to do?
DOCTOR: We've got to go after him.
VICTORIA: (Distressed at the thought.) Oh Doctor no.
JAMIE: Oh no we're not.
DOCTOR: Jamie, you wouldn't want me to go down there all on my own now, would you?
JAMIE: Well no.
VICTORIA: Oh Doctor, you can't, you don't know what's down there.


PRICE: Ms Megan Jones... just... just leaving reception now... Right. Thank you.

(HARRIS walks in, after an unsuccessful search for his wife.)

PRICE: Oh Mr. Harris.

(HARRIS doesn't hear him at first, still preoccupied with his missing wife.)

PRICE: Mr. Harris, we've been looking for you everywhere.
HARRIS: What is it Price?
PRICE: Are you all right sir?
HARRIS: Yes... Just tired. Do you have any news of my wife?
PRICE: No. I'm afraid not sir. You didn't find her?

(HARRIS shakes his head and turns away.)

PRICE: Oh Mr. Harris...
PRICE: The director, Megan Jones is leaving reception on her way here now sir.
HARRIS: I see. Thank you Price. Where's Van Lutyens?
PRICE: In the Impeller Area I think sir.
HARRIS: All right.

(HARRIS moves off, heading to the impeller area).


(The DOCTOR and JAMIE have descended down in the lift. HARRIS walks in and is updated by VICTORIA with what has happened.)

HARRIS: This is terrible. You mean to say that they both went down that shaft?
VICTORIA: I couldn't stop them. They went looking for Mr. Van...
HARRIS: What? What has happened to him?

(CHIEF enters the impeller area.)

CHIEF: Mr. Harris. Thank goodness you're back. Mr. Van Lutyens went down inside the impeller shaft to find.... to find what is blocking the pipe line.
CHIEF: He didn't come back. Now the Doctor and the boy has gone down there...
HARRIS: They've done what?

(He moves over to where OAK is at the lift controls.)

HARRIS: Get them up at once. Stop the lift.
OAK: I'm sorry sir. it's too late.


JAMIE: Creepy sort of place isn't it?
DOCTOR: Jamie, that hole goes straight down to the ______ down below.

(JAMIE stumbles over something on the floor. He bends down and picks the object up.)

JAMIE: Hey, isn't that Van Lutyens' torch?
DOCTOR: Well it must be.
JAMIE: But where is he?
DOCTOR: Shine that down here...

(JAMIE starts tapping the torch to get it to work.)

DOCTOR: Give that to me.

(An irritated JAMIE hands over the torch.)

JAMIE: Come on Doctor. Let's get out of here. I feel as if something evil is lurking down here.


(MEGAN JONES and her aide PERKINS are moving towards the communications area.)

PERKINS: It all seems quiet enough Ms Jones.
JONES: Of course it is. Robson's an efficient man. Why do you think I gave him control of the compound? He knows the job backwards.
PERKINS: Then why the sudden panic?
JONES: I don't know. Harris was rather vague.
PERKINS: Vague? Harris said he was taking over from Robson. I wouldn't call that vague.
JONES: You've not met Robson have you Perkins?
PERKINS: No. But...
JONES: When you do, you'll realize that he's not the sort of man one pushes around.
PERKINS: Then what's it all about?
JONES: Just an internal squabble I'd say. Harris is a bright man. I sent him thinking he might gain from Robson's technical experience. Obviously the two haven't taken off together.
PERKINS: So we're pouring oil? Politics?
JONES: Let's go and see shall we?


(VICTORIA, HARRIS and the CHIEF are gathered around the lift shaft. OAK and QUILL stand in the background at the lift controls.)

VICTORIA: (Shouting down into the shaft.) JAMIE... DOCTOR.

(When no response is forthcoming. she moves back to the others.)

VICTORIA: Oh I do wish they'd hurry.
HARRIS: Is there any way we can get them up, Chief?
CHIEF: Well we can't use the lift in case they want to get back in a hurry. There's the ladder inside the pipeline...

(PRICE appears in the doorway to the impeller area.)

PRICE: Mr Harris?
HARRIS: Yes. What is it Price?
PRICE: Megan Jones has arrived sir.
HARRIS: Oh I see. Thank you.

(PRICE disappears back to the communications area.)

HARRIS: Chief, you'd better come with me. I'm going to need some support when I talk to Megan Jones.
VICTORIA: But what about Jamie and the Doctor?
HARRIS: There isn't a great deal we can do at the moment, I'm afraid.

(He moves over to the lift controls and addresses OAK.)

HARRIS: Oak, as soon as they signal, bring them up. If there's any sign of trouble, come and get me.
OAK: You can rely on us.
HARRIS: Come on Chief.

(HARRIS and the CHIEF leave. VICTORIA joins OAK and QUILL at the lift controls.)

VICTORIA: Will they be all right. I mean is it safe?
OAK: Oh yes Miss. Don't you worry about a thing. We'll take care of everything, won't we, Mr Quill?


(HARRIS has just finished updating MEGAN JONES on the current situation).

JONES: Creatures? Seaweed Creatures? What do you say to that Perkins?
PERKINS: Oh. Well...
HARRIS: It's true.
JONES: You can't be serious Mr Harris.
HARRIS: These creatures have been seen in the refinery itself by....
JONES: By some half witted Doctor and a couple of teenagers.
HARRIS: And by me.
JONES: You've seen them?
HARRIS: Yes, Ms Jones. I have seen them.
JONES: Harris, I understand your wife has some sort of accident. I know it must have been a considerable shock to you and I fully understand...
HARRIS: You think I'm lying. That I've been seeing things. Believe me. There are things you don't know.
JONES: I know throughout the southern regions the sea rig stations are reverting to emergency supplies. What are we going to do about it?
HARRIS: At present there is nothing we can do about it. One by one we're losing contact with the rigs out at sea.
JONES: Then I suggest you send someone out to see what's going on.
HARRIS: All right. Have I your permission to call out air defence.
JONES: Certainly not. This is not a national emergency. Use the company helicopters.
HARRIS: But you don't understand...
JONES: Will you please do as I say?
HARRIS: Price.
PRICE: Yes Sir.
HARRIS: Get me the helicopter hangar please.
PRICE: Very good sir.
JONES: Now, Mr. Harris. I think I would like to talk with Chief Robson.
HARRIS: Oh I'm sorry. I think... Well he's not very well.
JONES: Not well? In what way?
HARRIS: Something's happened to him. I... That's all I can tell you.
JONES: Like what? What happened?
HARRIS: I... I don't know. I just don't know.


JAMIE: Can you see anything?
DOCTOR: No, it's too dark Jamie. Not a sign of Van Lutyens.
JAMIE: Well no point hanging about here.
DOCTOR: Wait a minute.

(Foam and weed emerge further down the corridor.)

DOCTOR: Come on Jamie. Let's get out of here.

(The DOCTOR and JAMIE run back towards the lift shaft. The DOCTOR presses the lift recall button but nothing happens.)


(Up above in the lift area, the lift control area is deserted. OAK, QUILL and VICTORIA are gone.)


JAMIE & DOCTOR: Get us out of here. Take the lift up!!!!


(A door with "Pipeline Room" on it opens and QUILL and OAK come out. Ignoring the lift controls, and in particular the flashing lift recall light, they exit the area.)


(The DOCTOR and JAMIE drag themselves up the impeller shaft ladder.)


(JAMIE emerges from the impeller shaft ladder and helps the DOCTOR out.)

JAMIE: Give me your hand. You all right?
DOCTOR: Yes. I think so.
JAMIE: What a climb.
DOCTOR: It's the weed. It must fill the entire shaft. It's moving too quick.
JAMIE: Let's get out of this place...

(He notices that the entire area is deserted.)

JAMIE: Where's Victoria?
DOCTOR: I don't know. No wonder they didn't see the lift shaft signal. There's no one here.
JAMIE: Victoria wouldn't desert us.
DOCTOR: No. Unless she had been persuaded to, Jamie. I think we'd better go and look for her. Come on. You go that way. I'll go this way.
JAMIE: All right.

(The DOCTOR and JAMIE head off in opposite directions.)


JONES: Foam and weed on all of the rigs?
HARRIS: According to the helicopter pilot - and no sign of life at all.
JONES: It's so fantastic. What on earth are we going to do?
HARRIS: Save the lives of all the men on all the other rigs.
HARRIS: Give me permission to evacuate them.
HARRIS: Then we blow every one of the rigs to pieces, right out of the sea.
PERKINS: You must be out of your mind. Miss Jones, you can't really agree to such a thing.
HARRIS: Just a minute. We have to. The men's life is more important than any of those rigs.
PERKINS: The minister would never agree.
JONES: That will do Perkins. You ask me to throw years of hard work, skill and government money like that?

(She snaps her fingers as demonstration.)

HARRIS: I'm asking you to destroy this evil that's in the sea. Before it's too late. Bomb the rigs. I implore you.

(ROBSON at that moment runs in.)

ROBSON: No... no. Never. You leave those rigs alone. They're mine. They're mine I tell you. Mine.
JONES: Robson. What's the matter with you?
ROBSON: Don't you see? They're getting at me. The rigs. They're mine. I built them from my own flesh and blood. They're mine. They're mine. They want to destroy everything. They think in that way they can destroy me. We won't allow.
JONES: We? Who Robson? Who?
ROBSON: What? My... I... Don't know... Chief.

(ROBSON stumbles and the CHIEF grabs him before he falls.)

JONES: Are you all right Robson?
ROBSON: Yes. I'm all right. I don't know... I don't know...
JONES: Robson...

(ROBSON staggers out of the communications cone area.)

HARRIS: Let him go. The strain must have affected his mind.

(The DOCTOR enters the communications area having overheard HARRIS's comment.)

DOCTOR: Oh it's not that I can assure you.
HARRIS: Doctor.
JONES: And who are you?
DOCTOR: Well...
HARRIS: Doctor, I've almost forgotten. What about Van Lutyens? did you...
DOCTOR: I... I'm afraid not.
HARRIS: Have you any idea what happened?
DOCTOR: Yes. Jamie and I nearly joined him. The whole of the bottom of the impeller shaft is covered in weed and foam.
JONES: What happened to Mr. Van Lutyens? And Mr. Robson?
DOCTOR: I'm afraid that Mr. Robson is being controlled by some force that emanates from this weed.
JONES: That's incredible.
HARRIS: That's what we said so far about everything the Doctor's told us. Each time he's been proved right. I think it's about time we started to believe him.
JONES: All right. The least we can do is listen.


(JAMIE is wandering down a corridor calling for VICTORIA.)

JAMIE: VICTORIA... VICTORIA... It's me. Jamie. Where are you?... VICTORIA.


JONES: You think this seaweed, or what ever it is, is a living organism capable of exercising telepathic control?
JONES: But seaweed's vegetable matter. Everyone knows that.
DOCTOR: This is a struggle for power, Ms Jones. Matter over mind. I'm convinced all these people - Mrs Harris, Chief Robson, Mr. Van Lutyens, have all been overcome in this struggle, and goodness knows how many more people.
HARRIS: Where does it get the intelligence from Doctor?
DOCTOR: The human brain. It's parasitic.
HARRIS: You mean... The creature has taken over human beings.
DOCTOR: I don't know, but they've certainly become part of the colony.
PRICE: Mr. Harris. Control rig...

(BAXTER appears on the monitor.)

HARRIS: Control. Yes, Baxter, what is it?
BAXTER: Mr. Harris, for pity's sake they're all around us.
HARRIS: All right. What's happening.
BAXTER: These things. They're everywhere... The whole... every living place.
HARRIS: Baxter. Baxter. Can you hear...?
BAXTER: Get us out of here. Somebody get us out of here...

(The screen goes blank.)

PRICE: Feed HQ calling Control rig. Come in please. Come in please.


(JAMIE makes his way down a corridor.)


(JAMIE returns to the impeller area.)

JAMIE: Back to square one. She must be somewhere.

(He notices the pipeline room door ajar. He swings the door open and sees the prone form of VICTORIA.)

JAMIE: Victoria! If anything happened to you, I'd never forgive myself.
VICTORIA: Oh Jamie. I didn't know you cared.
JAMIE: Victoria Waterfield. You tricked me. That's not fair.
VICTORIA: I'm not. I was unconscious.
JAMIE: Yeah. What happened?
VICTORIA: Those two engineers... they must have...
JAMIE: What engineers?
VICTORIA: You know the... and the little one...
JAMIE: You mean the two that were... with the...
VICTORIA: Yes. That's right. I don't remember. I must have passed out.
JAMIE: You know the Doctor and me, we were nearly... Oh never mind about that.
VICTORIA: Oh Jamie, why are we always getting into trouble like this? It's been every where we go.
JAMIE: How do you mean?
VICTORIA: I don't know. I'm just fed up. I'm tired of one crisis on top of another. I just want some piece and quiet.
JAMIE: Oh Victoria. Are you not happy with the Doctor and myself?
VICTORIA: Oh yes. Yes I am. But I just...
JAMIE: What's the matter....

(VICTORIA doesn't respond, and is listening to a background thumping sound.)

JAMIE: What's the matter?
VICTORIA: Listen Jamie.
JAMIE: What is it?
VICTORIA: Can't you hear it?
JAMIE: Yes but where's it coming from?

(He looks around and notices the transparent section of the pipe filled with seaweed and foam.)

JAMIE: Victoria look!


DOCTOR: With the Control rig gone, we can draw only once conclusion. The weed is trying to take over all the rigs and form one vast colony.
JONES: With what objective?
DOCTOR: The saturation of the British Isles, and perhaps in time the entire planet.
PERKINS: Is such a thing possible?
DOCTOR: Oh yes. Unless we can find the nerve centre and destroy it.
JONES: But how can we possibly do that? It could be anywhere out there in the North Sea.
DOCTOR: Yes. That is the difficulty.

(JAMIE and VICTORIA run in.)

JAMIE: Doctor.
DOCTOR: What is it?
JAMIE: The pipeline. Quick. Come on.

(They all follow JAMIE and VICTORIA back to the impeller pipeline room.)


DOCTOR: What's happening?
JAMIE: It's here.

(He points up at the transparent pipe.)

JONES: What in heaven's name is that?
DOCTOR: The advance guard.
JONES: I don't understand... what's happening?
DOCTOR: The first part of the invasion....

(The DOCTOR steps a little closer to the pipeline.)

VICTORIA: Doctor, don't go near.
DOCTOR: It's begun... The battle of the giants.

(Weed and foam throb in the transparent pipe. VICTORIA screams as the weed and foam try to push their way out...)

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