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first broadcast - 20th January 1968
running time - 24mins 22secs


(BRUCE enters, accompanied by a security guard.)

BRUCE: Stay where you are. I've been looking forward to meeting you again. Over there... No, not you. Sit down, all of you.
KENT: How did you find us?
BRUCE: Your last visitor was Salamander's deputy Benik. When he left, he fixed this underneath your trailer.
ASTRID: A radio tracking device.
KENT: On whose authority?
BRUCE: Mine.

(He looks at the DOCTOR.)

BRUCE: It's amazing how alike you and Salamander are. Incredible. You fooled me the first time we met, but now, even Salamander himself would think he was looking in a mirror. Why? You want this man to impersonate Salamander, why? (To the DOCTOR.) How much are they paying you?
DOCTOR: I beg your pardon?
BRUCE: They want you to assassinate Salamander, don't they? Take his place?
DOCTOR: That's ridiculous! I couldn't possibly do that.
BRUCE: But you were preparing to impersonate him, weren't you?
DOCTOR: Well well, yes.
BRUCE: Alright then, why?
DOCTOR: Because Salamander holds my two friends prisoner and I was going to attempt to rescue them.
ASTRID: And at the same time get evidence that would expose Salamander as a traitor, blackmailer and murderer!
BRUCE: Quite an ambitious plan. How do you know such evidence exists?
KENT: It exists in Salamander's records.
BRUCE: Oh, yes, I know why you want Salamander out of the way. You hate him because he exposed your profitable sideline of misusing public money.
ASTRID: Oh, it was Salamander who was misusing the money.
KENT: And I was dismissed from my post and the evidence against Salamander concealed.
BRUCE: So you say. But you've no evidence at all against Salamander, have you?
KENT: I tell you the evidence is in Salamander's records.
BRUCE: And I'm expected to take that from you?
DOCTOR: We do hold evidence that Salamander isn't quite so pure and white as he's painted.
BRUCE: No? What?
DOCTOR: A file, containing certain information about a gentleman called Fedorin.
ASTRID: Salamander was going to use this evidence against Fedorin. Blackmail him into submission. After he'd got rid of Denes, that is.
KENT: And so gain control of another zone.
BRUCE: Where is this file?
DOCTOR: Fariah has it, Salamander's food taster.
BRUCE: Fariah? But she's dead.
DOCTOR: Dead? But how?
BRUCE: She was shot by one of Benik's guards, escaping arrest.
KENT: Escaping arrest? Benik had her killed, because she had evidence against Salamander.
ASTRID: And Benik will return the file to Salamander. We must get to the Research Station.
BRUCE: You're not going anywhere or doing anything. As far as I'm concerned this story you've told me could be a pack of lies to cover your attempt to assassinate Salamander. Now I'm not saying I'm altogether satisfied with Salamander or his organisation, but I'll investigate in my own way.
KENT: Meanwhile Salamander will have found a way to cover himself, and also a way of disposing of you. You're digging your own grave, Bruce.
BRUCE: That's my affair. And I do things my own way.

(Suddenly ASTRID overpowers the guard and takes his gun.)

ASTRID: And I do things my way. Really, as Head of Security, you should have more reliable guards.


BENIK: Leader Salamander?
GUARD: Still inside, sir.
BENIK: Let me know the moment the doors are opened.
GUARD: Yes sir.

(More guards enter with JAMIE and VICTORIA.)

BENIK: So you've brought them? Good. Any trouble?
GUARD LEADER: No, a light drug saw to that.
BENIK: Let me know the moment they wake up.
BENIK: I'm looking forward to questioning them. I have the feeling they're going to be stubborn. So much more interesting when our prisoners are stubborn.


BRUCE: You're only making trouble for yourself. Killing me won't get you anywhere.
ASTRID: We have to get to the Research Station, and you're not going to stop us.
BRUCE: But you're completely surrounded. You don't really believe I came here with just one guard, do you? You'd be very silly to try and fight your way out. I'd give you about... thirty seconds to live if you try.
KENT: Alright Bruce, we might have just thirty seconds but you'd have exactly half that time, if you were lucky!
DOCTOR: Please, Mister Kent! You're forgetting one very important thing.
KENT: What?
DOCTOR: Me. Without me you haven't got an earthly chance of getting in that control centre.
DOCTOR: I told you before, I will not have anything to do with violence!
KENT: And what about your two friends? Are you going to leave them to the tender mercies of Salamander?
DOCTOR: No I am not. May I?
DOCTOR: Please? Just trust me.

(He takes the gun from ASTRID.)

DOCTOR: Now then, I think you agree that at this moment your life is in my hands.

(He gives the gun to BRUCE, to BRUCE's surprise.)

KENT & ASTRID: What are you doing?
BRUCE: Hold it.
DOCTOR: It's alright, Mister Bruce isn't going to shoot anyone, are you?
BRUCE: Why? Why'd you do that?
DOCTOR: Because I think I know what sort of man you are - honest and reasonable.
BRUCE: Go on.
DOCTOR: I gave you back that gun because I trust you. Now I want you to trust me.
BRUCE: You must be a complete fool, or very clever.
DOCTOR: Well I'm afraid you will have to make up your mind to that right away.
BRUCE: What do you hope to gain from this gesture?
DOCTOR: Your confidence.
BRUCE: Do you believe Kent's accusations against Salamander?
DOCTOR: I think there's reasonable doubt about Salamander's personal integrity, but there's only one way to get proof.
BRUCE: By getting into Salamander's Research Station?
DOCTOR: Yes. And my two young friends may have some information.
BRUCE: And if there isn't any evidence?
DOCTOR: Then you'll be perfectly free to arrest us and put us in prison, won't you?
BRUCE: Alright, I'll do it, on one condition.
DOCTOR: And what's that?
BRUCE: That you and I go alone, Kent and the girl stay here as hostages.
KENT: No wait a minute, I must go with him.
BRUCE: No, Kent, you stay here. (To the DOCTOR.) I must be mad to trust you. I only hope your impersonation of Salamander fools Benik. If it doesn't, we're in dead trouble. Here, take this. (To GUARD.) Keep those two in the caravan. Oh, and, um, watch the girl. Come on.


SALAMANDER: Swann, I'm back in the control room...


(SALAMANDER's voice is heard over the intercom.)

SALAMANDER: ...I placed the new food cases on the conveyor. Detail some men to unload them. Then make a report on schedule seven.
SWANN: Jones, Morris, Hunt,... Now remember, if there's any contamination showing up at all on the resister, you must tell me immediately.
COLIN: Swann? Have you ever thought what would happen to us if Salamander didn't come back from the surface one day?
SWANN: No. He always comes back. And talk like that isn't healthy, I've told you about this before, Colin.
COLIN: You can live in a dream world if you want to.
SWANN: Morale is important down here.
COLIN: Reality is important, too. Facing facts!
MARY: Colin...
COLIN: Yes, alright.

(He returns to the unloading.)

MARY: I'm sorry, Swann.
SWANN: He's the best man I've got.
MARY: I know.
SWANN: If only he'd just accept that everything will...
MARY: He never will!
SWANN: He must be more patient then. We'll get out of here one day.
MARY: Will we?
SWANN: Of course we will. Salamander says so.
MARY: Yes...
COLIN: Blind idiot. Why does he think everybody else has to be an idiot too?
MARY: We daren't let people think, Colin. Swann's alright.
COLIN: I don't think it's right. Just work, sleep, eat - if there's enough to go round. Like worms under the earth, sightless worms wriggling about without hope. Without purpose.
MARY: It isn't like that.
COLIN: Isn't it? All this? Every day I ask myself what are we doing down here.
MARY: You've never doubted him before.
COLIN: I don't know. I don't say I doubt him, but just once Mary, just once I want to see with my own eyes what's going on up there. Me - not hear about it from anybody else.
SWANN: Getting on with your work? Mustn't fall behind, you know. Come on Colin, we all get depressed. I know how you feel.
COLIN: Sorry.
SWANN: That's alright.

(He turns to another worker.)

SWANN: Ah, how we getting on here, huh? Ah, all this? That's a good haul.
SALAMANDER: (Via loudspeaker.) Stand by to make your report, Swann.
MARY: Reaching full power here, Swann.
SWANN: (Into intercom.) Salamander, I must see you.


SALAMANDER: Not now, we are too busy.
SWANN: (Over intercom.) This is urgent.
SALAMANDER: Oh very well.

(He opens the door. SWANN enters.)

SALAMANDER: Now what's the matter, huh?
SWANN: What's this? What is this?
SWANN: Newspaper. It's a piece of newspaper.
SWANN: Well go on, look at it. Read it. Last year's date. Look at the bit of headline there. THERE!
SALAMANDER: Control yourself, Swann. You'll go mad.
SWANN: "Holiday Liner Sinks"! You say there's a global war. Radiation everywhere. How can there be holiday liners? Tell me how? You've lied to us, haven't you? HAVEN'T YOU?
SALAMANDER: In a way, Swann, yes. I had to.
SWANN: Had to? What do you mean had to?
SALAMANDER: Well it's true that... that the war is over, but have you any idea what happens to people who've been involved in a nuclear war? HAVE YOU?
SWANN: Course I haven't, I've been down here.
SALAMANDER: Those who are lucky enough to escape the annihilation have their bodies eaten away by radiation poisoning. They're deformed in mind and body.
SWANN: But this, this, this newspaper?
SALAMANDER: They have a kind of society, but it's... it's evil! Corrupt! You don't think I could expose you to to that sort of thing? Think of Mary and the other women.
SWANN: You could have told me, at least.
SALAMANDER: I decided not to.
SWANN: You should have told me.
SALAMANDER: I thought it was best.
SWANN: And what about the natural disasters we've been organising? The volcanoes, earthquakes?
SALAMANDER: Swann, they're not fit to live.
SWANN: You're murdering them, killing them off!
SALAMANDER: I want you and the others to inherit the Earth, make a new world.
SWANN: Yes, I know all about that, but not at the price of wholesale murder!
SALAMANDER: It's not murder! If you could see you would understand. It's an act of mercy.
SWANN: There must be some other way.
SWANN: I won't take your word any more. I want to see for myself.
SALAMANDER: You, you, you'd be horrified.
SWANN: Maybe.
SALAMANDER: The radiation would kill you!
SWANN: I'll chance that.
SALAMANDER: Very well. But, but promise me one thing, you won't tell the others.
SWANN: Why shouldn't I?
SALAMANDER: Because I am right and you are wrong!! You, you wouldn't want to, you wouldn't want to hurt them like that, huh?
SWANN: And if you're lying, and I want to tell when I get back...?
SALAMANDER: How can I stop you? You'd better, ah, tell them you're coming with me. Say er, say you've persuaded me. Swann, trust me, don't go ahead with this huh?
SWANN: I have to.

(SWANN switches on the microphone.)


SWANN: (Via speaker.) This is Swann speaking. It's nearly a year since anyone went on the surface with Salamander...
COLIN: Salamander's changed his mind. He's going to take me with him.


SWANN: There are more stores to bring down too. Salamander can't do it all on his own. We'll both be back soon with good news I hope.

(They depart for the surface.)


COLIN: Why not me? Why? I asked him. He turned me down.
MARY: Colin...
COLIN: Why not me? WHY NOT ME?? Salamander, take me with you! TAKE ME WITH YOU!!
MARY: He's gone, it's no good. Please Colin.
COLIN: Why didn't he take me? I've got to get out of here, Mary. Got to get out.


VICTORIA: Jamie? Jamie?
JAMIE: What? Ooooh.
VICTORIA: Here, drink this. The headache soon goes.
JAMIE: Where are we?
VICTORIA: I don't know.
JAMIE: Ah, let's find out.

(He opens the door. BENIK enters.)

BENIK: Don't leave us so soon. We can have a little talk.
JAMIE: Where are we?
BENIK: You're in the Australasian zone. I had you brought here especially.
BENIK: So that Salamander could ask you some questions.
JAMIE: For all the answers he's gonna get he might as well have left us there.
BENIK: Stand up when you talk to me!
JAMIE: You'll get nowhere by shouting.
BENIK: On the contrary. I'm going to get everything I want from you two.
JAMIE: We'll not tell you a thing.
BENIK: (Laughs.) That's good. I like that.
JAMIE: What?
BENIK: Spirit. Resistance. You've got plenty of both, haven't you, boy? Well I wonder how long you'll last. Five minutes? No, a little longer, maybe? Ten, perhaps?
JAMIE: What do you mean?
BENIK: Come now, you don't think I'm just going to sit here and ask questions, do you?
JAMIE: You must have been a nasty little boy.
BENIK: Oh I was. But I had a very enjoyable childhood.

(He hits JAMIE.)

BENIK: Ha ha hah. Yes, I thought so. Spirit, plenty of spirit. Oh, we're going to enjoy ourselves, aren't we? Now then...
VICTORIA: I... I thought you were going to take us to see Salamander?
BENIK: Yes I will. But he'd expect me to do my little best first.
JAMIE: You lay a finger on her, I'll kill you.
BENIK: (Laughs.) Will you? How? Ha ha ha. No. I think the time's come for you to answer my questions, don't you? Come here, girl! If you don't, I shall have to shoot one of you. Oh, not a mortal wound. In the leg, perhaps?
JAMIE: Better go. Don't worry.
BENIK: There. That's better. Oh, such pretty hair, don't you think?

(He pulls VICTORIA's hair.)

JAMIE: Alright, leave her alone. What do want to know?
BENIK: Quite a lot. And you're going to tell me everything. Aren't you?

(BENIK pulls again.)

JAMIE: All right, yes!
BENIK: Who's behind you? Is it Giles Kent?

(He throws VICTORIA to the floor. SALAMANDER enters.)

SALAMANDER: Oh, so they're here, eh?
BENIK: Salamander, I, I thought you were in Records?
SALAMANDER: Have they told you anything yet?
BENIK: Not yet.
SALAMANDER: Very well. Bruce and I will take over. You may go, and er, take your little puppy dog with you, hm?

(BENIK and his guard leave.)

JAMIE: We can't tell you anything.
SALAMANDER: Of course not. We know everything. We know about Giles Kent, we know about the girl called Astrid, and we know about your friend the Doctor.
VICTORIA: I don't believe you.
SALAMANDER: A childish plan to impersonate me. Yes the truth, isn't it?
JAMIE: Ah but he didn't agree to it.
SALAMANDER: But you two were sent to the Central European road zone to stir up trouble.
VICTORIA: If you want to know he truth, Giles Kent told us a story and we weren't sure. Before the Doctor could do anything we had to come here and find out what person you were like.
JAMIE: Yeah, and we found that out right enough.
SALAMANDER: You see Bruce, they just terrorists. Not very big fry, either. All this nonsense about proof against me.
VICTORIA: If you're doing so much good for the world, why are you so afraid for your own life?
JAMIE: Aye, and why do you have so many enemies?
VICTORIA: Personal guards?
JAMIE: Your own food taster?
VICTORIA: And why destroy the one man people trusted, Alexander Denes?
BRUCE: What do you mean, destroy?
VICTORIA: One of your men shot him.
BRUCE: Trying to escape?
VICTORIA: He shot him deliberately.
JAMIE: Aye. And that girl Fariah, well she was close to Salamander, she'd speak against him, I know she would.
SALAMANDER: Fariah is dead.
JAMIE: You've had her murdered too, have you?
VICTORIA: Why you...

(She lashes out.)

SALAMANDER: (In the DOCTOR's voice.) Oh, Victoria! Don't hit me! You wouldn't hit your old friend the Doctor, would you? I wouldn't leave you in the tender mercy of Salamander.
JAMIE: You're the Doctor?
DOCTOR: You don't believe me? Oh. Huh.

(He produces his recorder and plays a tune.)

DOCTOR: Only, you made me leave it in the TARDIS.
JAMIE: It is him!
VICTORIA: Oh, Doctor!
BRUCE: "Tardis"? "Tardis", what's that?
DOCTOR: Well, it's a little place that we three have in common. You must admit they thought I was Salamander to begin with.
BRUCE: Yes. I concede that. But there's still no proof.
DOCTOR: No, but there's enough doubt in your mind to make you go on asking questions, isn't there? That's why we came here.


BENIK: I told you to let me know when Salamander was out of Records.
GUARD: But no one's come out, sir.
BENIK: What did you say?
GUARD: He hasn't come out, sir.


SWANN: Wait. What happens up there?
SALAMANDER: Oh, it ends in a ruined building. This is where I bring the stores, uh, you would be safer here.
SWANN: Safer?
SALAMANDER: Yes, the radiation. I don't think it filters down here.
SWANN: I still want to see the surface.
SALAMANDER: You will, you will.


KENT: I should have insisted on going with him. Bruce should have taken me.
ASTRID: You know he doesn't trust you.
KENT: He wouldn't trust his own grandmother.
ASTRID: Oh, never mind, Giles. We've come a long way. Months ago, well a few weeks ago even, nobody would have even listened to you.
KENT: Oh, maybe.
ASTRID: There's no maybe about it.
KENT: Yeah perhaps you're right. Bruce listens to us at last. He's even prepared to ask questions, that's fine, but I know Salamander. He'd talk his way out of the quicksand.
ASTRID: Well what else can we do, the guard's still outside?
KENT: I must get into the Research Centre. I've got to make sure that Bruce understands the evidence, understands it, Astrid. Don't you realize, he mightn't know what he's looking for. I know.
ASTRID: But we can't attack the guard. It would only make matters worse.
KENT: Not if I was to give Bruce real evidence.
ASTRID: Giles, how long would it take you to get to the Research Station?
KENT: Well just a few minutes, I've got a pass. It's just a matter of getting there.
ASTRID: Alright, I think I can help you. I'll draw the guard off and leave you alone.
KENT: You think you can do it?
ASTRID: Yes, I think so.
KENT: But I thought you said we weren't going to attack the guard?
ASTRID: Oh, we're not going to attack the guard, but there is going to be an attack. A fatal one.


SWANN: Where does this lead?
SALAMANDER: It goes on up and comes out in a field.
SWANN: What about radiation?
SALAMANDER: Here it's almost negligible.
SWANN: You mean you could have brought others here from below? I don't understand you. Don't you realise what a break it would be for them, just moving away from that underground tomb once in a while?
SALAMANDER: You seem to forget, Swann, I've brought people up here before! There's always an element of risk!
SWANN: I still want to have a look at these people you say are living on the surface. Where does that lead?
SALAMANDER: Oh, that's a dead end. It's a place I sometimes rest. It's very hard work, you know, bringing all the...
SWANN: Yes, I know that. (He gestures.) This way, then?
SALAMANDER: You, you sure you... won't change your mind, huh?


(KENT lies on the floor. ASTRID breaks the window.)

GUARD: What's going on here?
ASTRID: He's been shot. Through the window.
GUARD: Alright, stand back. He's finished. Better get a doctor anyway, just in case.

(KENT leaps up, he and ASTRID run off.)

GUARD: Hey! Come back!


(ASTRID is hiding in some bushes.)

SWANN: (Faintly.) Hellllp! Somebody help me. Heeellllp! Help... Somebody help me...
ASTRID: Who did this to you?
SWANN: A man named... Salamander.
ASTRID: Salamander?

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