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The Tomb of the Cybermen

Episode Two

By Kit Pedler and Gerry Davis


DOCTOR: Oh Jamie don't touch that control!
JAMIE: Already have. What's the matter Doctor?
DOCTOR: Which one was it?
JAMIE: Which one what?

(There is a fierce crackle of energy, and Haydon falls to the floor in a pall of oily smoke. Victoria screams.)

DOCTOR: What exactly happened here Jamie, what did you do, what sequence did you use?
JAMIE: Sequence, how do you mea..? Oh you mean these! Oh, well, I-I just pressed that button and pulled this lever a-a-and then that lever there.
PARRY: Doctor, I... do you think you could spare us a moment? I... Haydon! What's happened?
VINER: He's dead! Don't you see he's dead!? It's this damn building! It's alive, it's watching us! It'll get us all - we've got to leave!
PARRY: Alright Viner! This is terrible. How did it happen?
VINER: We've got to get out this building, it's deadly! They'll kill all of us if we don't get back to rocket!
VINER: The Cybermen! Didn't you see it?!
PARRY: Cybermen? A live Cyberman? My dear Viner, they've been dead for the last five hundred years!
VINER: I tell you it was a Cyberman in this very room, and it came out from over there! That that screen thing.
JAMIE: Yeah he's right!
VINER: Keep back, you'll bring it out again!
DOCTOR: The question is, what killed him.
VINER: But you saw the Cyberman, Doctor.
DOCTOR: I saw something. Poor Haydon was looking at that screen in the direction we all were, right?
VINER: Of course, must you state the obvious!
DOCTOR: Not so obvious when you consider he was shot in the back.
JAMIE: In the back?
PARRY: Are you sure Doctor?
DOCTOR: See for yourself. Now if the Cybermen didn't shoot him, what did?

(They roll over Haydon and the Doctor leads Jamie over to the wall near the door where the gun emerged.)

DOCTOR: The answer, I think, lies over here. Jamie!
JAMIE: Yes Doctor?
DOCTOR: Can you remember exactly what you did, what sequence you used?
JAMIE: Oh I'm not sure Doctor.
DOCTOR: You must try. I want to-to repeat it all when I give the word.
JAMIE: Oh very well.
VINER: You're crazy man, you'll bring that..that thing out again!
DOCTOR: Maybe, I don't know. Now, Jamie!

(The Doctor motions over to Jamie.)

DOCTOR: Whenever you're ready.
JAMIE: Aye, anytime Doctor.
DOCTOR: Now there is a distinct element of risk in what I'm asking you all to do, so if anyone wishes to leave they must do so at once.

(Jamie turns to and begins to drift towards the door, then freezes.)

DOCTOR: Not you Jamie!
VINER: Can't you stop this, he'll kill us all!
DOCTOR: Not if you go back against that wall in that corner there, now please. Right Jamie!

(Jamie flips two levers and the mock-Cyberman slides out and then the gun from the wall directly opposite. There is a crackle of energy and the cyber-dummy is decapitated in a shower of sparks. Victoria screams. The Doctor wanders over to the gun which has failed to retract this time, and examines it closely.)

JAMIE: Now... GET BACK Doctor!
DOCTOR: It's alright, I-I think... I think it's alright now. Yes. You see it's-it's just a mock up, a-a model.

(The Doctor sees Parry reach out to touch the Cybergun the Robot Cyberman is carrying and moves to block him.)

DOCTOR: Now no-no don't touch that! That gun may be wired up too.
PARRY: It's a trap.
DOCTOR: No I don't think so. This is a-a testing room for weapons.

(He gestures towards the inert silver giant.)

DOCTOR: This is a purely robotic Cyberman. There's no human material inside it at all, he's a target...

(The Doctor turns on his heel and speeds out of the door.)

DOCTOR: ...for weapons.
PARRY: Let's get this poor fellow back to the control room, shall we?

(Victoria notices the embryo Cybermat on the floor.)

VICTORIA: Oh what's that?
JAMIE: Some wee creature I found on the floor there.
VICTORIA: It's a fossil.
DOCTOR: Now Victoria, let me see that.

(The Doctor examines the tiny metal bug.)

DOCTOR: Yes, it's-it's certainly inactive, but it's not a fossil.

(He gives it back to Victoria and pulls out his 500 year diary turning a few pages. He looks at the metal creature again and turns it around to get a different view then reads again.)

DOCTOR: Ah here we are, it's a Cyber-Mat.
VICTORIA: Well what's a Cybermat?
DOCTOR: It's one of those.

(The Doctor points at the bug, then pockets his diary.)

DOCTOR: I'd leave it alone if I were you. Come along.

(He vanishes through the door. Victoria casually slips the tiny metal bug into her bag and follows.)


(Toberman walks across the control room to Kaftan. They are both far enough away from anyone who might hear them.)

TOBERMAN: It is done.

(Toberman walks off toward the shadows once again. Back at the table Klieg is fussing over calculations.)

KLIEG: I just don't understand this code. This sequence just doesn't make complete sense.
KAFTAN: You, a Logician and you can't understand it?
KLIEG: But in the time...
KAFTAN: Enough!
KLIEG: ...In the time we have!
KAFTAN: We have plenty of time. You will see.

(She looks over to see Parry and Viner manhandling Haydon's corpse into the control room.)

PARRY: Right, we'll lay him over there.

(They leave the body by the hatch and Kaftan gets up to investigate.)

KAFTAN: What has happened here?
VINER: There's been a terrible accident, he's been shot!
PARRY: Right we're all here. Will we all sit down for a moment Mm?
KAFTAN: Toberman!
PARRY: Mr Klieg.
KLIEG: Leave me alone, can't you see I'm working, or have you forgotten the purpose of this expedition?
PARRY: This directly concerns my expedition, you will kindly take your place!

(Klieg draws in a sharp breath as if he's going to argue, but he decides against it and sits down with the others at the Cybertable.)

PARRY: Right, I'll come straight to the point. I have reluctantly decided to abandon the expedition and return to Earth.

(There is a universal chorus of whys and wherefores, the strongest coming from Klieg.)

KLIEG: You can't do this now!
PARRY: I feel as strongly about this as you! This expedition has been my dream for many years. But there were those like Mr Viner here who said that more preparation was needed, (Viner nods.) more men and equipment. I refused to heed their warnings and the result is that two men have died.

(The cacophony of argument begins to bubble amongst the members again.)

PARRY: I'm sorry, but we must leave at the first available conjunction. We'll take back all we can for study, of course; but that is my decision and that is what we must do!

(Klieg jumps up)

KLIEG: I insist that...!
PARRY: MY DECISION IS FINAL! We leave when the north hemisphere is tangential which will be...

(He studies his pocket chronometer.)

PARRY: Eighteen forty-two.

(Klieg storms off in disgust and Parry notices Hopper's arrival on the scene.)

PARRY: Ah, captain Hopper, just the man. Kindly be prepared to blast off at eighteen forty-two.
PARRY: (He freezes.) I beg your pardon, er did I hear you right, you are paid to take orders Captain Hopper.
HOPPER: Not impossible ones I'm not.
PARRY: What do you mean?
HOPPER: I mean the fuel pumps. Some character has balled up the lot!
DOCTOR: Or some-thing.
HOPPER: Well whatever it is it's practically wrecked out chances of getting off this crummy planet!

(Everyone's attention is drawn towards the Cyberman emblem above the second door.)


VINER: I don't care what any of you say, I utterly refuse to spend the night on this planet!
DOCTOR: I don't think any of us has a choice.
VINER: Well at least we can get out of this sinister building. W-I've recorded all the necessary details, I suggest we all go back to the rocket.
HOPPER: You make very bad suggestions, did anyone ever tell you that?

(He moves to bar Viner's way, but is pushed aside.)

VINER: I insist.
HOPPER: You do a lot of insisting. Well I'm going to tell you something now. The first guy that set...sets foot on my rocketship will stop the repair work just like that.

(He clicks his fingers.)

PARRY: How long will it take to get the rocket operational again?
HOPPER: Working non-stop without interruption to get that rocket operation, I'd say... maybe... seventy two hours.
PARRY: Seventy two hours!
VINER: But that's impossible! We'd all be out of our minds after spending three days in this place!
HOPPER: Now look, I can't afford to waste any more time with you guys, but I'll give it to you just once more OK? Now you may not know this but we'll have to practically pull that ship apart to fix the damage. And there's no room for all of you on board - especially with you insisting all over the place. No room to work, gottit?!
VINER: It's alright for you, have you any idea what it'll be like for us having to spend our time in this deadly building?
HOPPER: Well it's not exactly peaches back on the ship!
DOCTOR: Er, Captain, you uh do have another reason for not wanting them back on the ship, don't you?
HOPPER: Yeah, well until I find who broke into the rocket.
DOCTOR: Or what?
HOPPER: Ooh, who broke into the rocket, I'm going to be keeping a round-the-clock watch on the ship.
DOCTOR: I see.
HOPPER: I'm going to get off this planet with my skin still fitting tight - all over, alright?
DOCTOR: Alright.

(He smiles knowingly.)

HOPPER: Now in case it gets cold at night I've brought these anoraks and some food. I'll let you know when we're ready to take off.

(He walks out the entrance.)

KLIEG: As we have to stay, we might as well finish our job and fully explore down there - that is if the Professor has no objection?
PARRY: We have no alternative it seems.
DOCTOR: Well well-well can't, can't we all just stay here? It seems a pleasant enough room to me.
JAMIE: Hey-hey, you speak for yourself.
KLIEG: Of course you can leave here anytime you please Doctor.
DOCTOR: H'oh yes, I was forgetting I-I can can't I.
VICTORIA: But you're not going to are you Doctor?
DOCTOR: No. Not just yet awhile, no. Er, but you and Jamie can go back to the TARDIS if you wish.
VICTORIA: I'll stay with you.
DOCTOR: Er, Jamie?
JAMIE: Oh, I'll stay.

(He wanders past the table towards Klieg who is still too busy puzzling out the console to look elsewhere, and talks loudly.)

DOCTOR: Now, er, I think it's about time we gave Mr Klieg some help.
KLIEG: Thank you, I think I can manage.

(He blocks their way.)

JAMIE: Hey, let the Doctor past or I'll...

(Toberman grabs the front of the Doctor's shirt in one hand.)

JAMIE: Yes, well... let the Doctor past.
DOCTOR: It's okay Jamie.

(He talks to Kaftan standing beside Toberman watching with interest.)

DOCTOR: Your colleague has er, very strong hands.
KAFTAN: Very strong.
DOCTOR: Enough to do a great deal of damage if let loose in the er right place.

(Kaftan considers, then nods her servant away and the Doctor investigates what Klieg is doing. Back at the Cybertable Parry and Viner are discussing the workings rather than the theory.)

PARRY: There's no doubt about it, the major workings lie below. There are metal caverns down there all interconnected - if only we can get down into them!
KLIEG: That's it! I've got it!

(He rushes over to the table, Doctor in tow interrupting Parry's dialogue.)

KLIEG: Finally boolean function of symbolic logic!
DOCTOR: Logical, yes...
KAFTAN: Everything yields to logic. Our basic assumption, Doctor!
DOCTOR: Really.
KLIEG: Six, cup B four... If and only if...C is cup function of two A.
DOCTOR: I think perhaps your logic is wearing a little thin.
KLIEG: I must have made a mistake. I-I'll do it again more carefully. Six, cup B four... If and only if... C is cup function of.... Ah, that's it, two F not two A!

(As he operates the controls there is a hum of power and the heavy circular hatch in the corner of the room swings up.)

VICTORIA: The hatch!
KLIEG: I've done it! I've done it!
DOCTOR: Congratulations.
JAMIE: Yeah, but Doctor y...
PARRY: Excellent! Now to work. It'll be extremely cold down there, we shall all need to put on warm clothing. Mr Viner, will you see about the anoraks?
KLIEG: Ah just a moment - are we all going down?
PARRY: There is safety in numbers.
KLIEG: The er, women as well?
PARRY: Oh, they of course will stay here. Er, in case of trouble, contact the rocket.
VICTORIA: I'm coming down with you.
PARRY: But my dear young lady...
VICTORIA: You heard me Professor, the...
DOCTOR: Ah, Victoria, you would be much safer up here.
VICTORIA: But Doctor!
DOCTOR: And much more use to us er...
VICTORIA: I don't think...
DOCTOR: Er Keep an eye on um.... things Mm? Please.
VICTORIA: Oh alright.
DOCTOR: Thank you.
PARRY: Well if we're all ready. I shall lead the descent, be ready to go back the instant I give the word.
KLIEG: You know what to do.
KAFTAN: The hatch.
DOCTOR: Toberman!
KAFTAN: He stays with me.
DOCTOR: Then I stay here too.

(He sits down.)

KAFTAN: Of course, I'm being selfish, his strength will be useful to you down there. He must go down. Go down Toberman.
DOCTOR: Remember what I said. Be careful.

(He goes down the hatch.)

KAFTAN: It seems we are to be left alone to wait. Captain Hopper has brought some food from the rocket - you would like some?
VICTORIA: I rather! I'm ravenous.
KAFTAN: Roast beef, roast veal, chicken...
VICTORIA: Ooh, chicken please...

(Kaftan passes a over a waxy food concentrate cube.)

VICTORIA: Well what on Earth's this?
KAFTAN: What you have asked for.
VICTORIA: Thank you but, er, I'm not very hungry now.

(Victoria wanders over to the hatchway and peers down. At the table Kaftan pours her a drink and drops a small tablet into it.)


(Toberman and the Doctor get to the bottom of the ladder and walk over to the rest of the group.)

PARRY: Hurry up there, we've no time to linger. It's extremely cold down here even with these anoraks.
JAMIE: Aye you obviously knew what to expect.
DOCTOR: Well, which way do we go?
KLIEG: I don't know. Let's try this way.

(The group heads off.)


JAMIE: Hey, what on Earth?!
PARRY: Behold gentlemen, the tombs of the Cybermen!

(Spread out before them is a vast section of wall leading up to the ceiling of cubicles, each the size of a man covered in centuries of frost.)

JAMIE: Tombs? I don't see any tombs.
DOCTOR: In there Jamie, frozen forever. All their evil locked away with them. And so it must remain.
KLIEG: Like a gigantic honeycomb, like bees. Waiting the signal to arise from their winter sleep.
DOCTOR: A signal that they're never going to get!
VINER: We'd better get busy, everything's got to be recorded. It's too cold to stay down here for long.
KLIEG: Unless we find some way to warm things up...


KAFTAN: You have hardly touched your coffee, it must be cold by now. You would like some more?
VICTORIA: Thank you. I'm much warmer now.
KAFTAN: That's good.
VICTORIA: I... (She yawns.) Feel so sleepy.

(Kaftan rushes to the console and flips a series of switches. The hatch thumps down.)


(The team hear a thud as the trapdoor slams shut.)

JAMIE: What was that?
VINER: It sounded like the hatch!


JAMIE: It's closed!

(Jamie climbs and tries to push the door open, but to no avail.)

VINER: Oh what's the use, we're trapped down here now. We'll never survive down in this cold.
Better get back.


VINER: It's closed. What have they done that for? What are they playing at up there?!
DOCTOR: Well where's Jamie?
VINER: He went up the ladder to try it out.

(The Doctor goes to see and Viner moves over to Parry.)

VINER: Professor!
VINER: Professor listen to me!

(Parry puts down his recording device.)

VINER: The hatch is down again, we're trapped down here!
PARRY: Trapped? But there are some of out party up there are! You sure?
VINER: Yes, of course I'm sure! You know how heavy that thing is, well it's down now. We've got to do something! I'd give us a couple of hours in here at the most.
DOCTOR: Klieg doesn't seem to be very worried.
KLIEG: No, I'm not Doctor.
JAMIE: It won't open and I can't make anyone hear.
KLIEG: Of course, there is an easy way out of this.
VINER: You've found something?
KLIEG: Of course you're forgetting your logic. If it closes it can be opened from... from here.
DOCTOR: Conveniently labelled in symbolic lod... logic I suppose.
KLIEG: Right. are we ready? I shall now operate the sequence.
DOCTOR: If it is the opening device.
KLIEG: It's obviously an opening device of some kind Doctor.
VINER: I don't know how you can all be so blasted calm about it all!
JAMIE: I'll see if it works then.

(Jamie runs through the entrance of the chamber, back to the hatch.)

JAMIE: (OOV.) Go ahead!

(Klieg pulls a number of levers.)

JAMIE: (OOV.) Nothing happening out here.
VINER: It doesn't work!

(Gradually the vast frozen honeycomb of Cybertombs begins to become exposed as the frost that was covering it disappears bit by bit.)

PARRY: Water!
JAMIE: Aye, it's getting warmer.
VINER: The ice is melting.

(Jamie notices the change almost immediately.)

JAMIE: Hey look behind you!

(They all turn to look.)

VINER: Look! Look at the honeycomb! There's something inside.
JAMIE: They're Cybermen.
DOCTOR: Jamie, come back.
PARRY: It is them. Gentlemen they are perfect! This is unique in archaeology!

(As the room heats up, the Cybermen begin to move inside their cubicles like embryos coming to life.)

VINER: No, no... they're moving. We must shut it down.

(He moves to the control panel and returns the levers to their original places. The Cybermen begin to slow down as it gets colder again.)

KLIEG: What are you doing, keep away from that!

(He stays at the controls with his back to Klieg.)

KLIEG: Hold on.

(Klieg produces a gun from his bag.)

KLIEG: The next one to move and he will get killed.

(The Doctor holds Jamie back.)

KLIEG: For the last time I'm asking you to get away from those controls!

(Viner doesn't obey so Klieg shoots him.)

VINER: Ohhhh...arghh.

(He slides to the floor and Parry rushes over but it is too late.)

PARRY: Viner...Viner...Viner!

(He turns to Klieg.)


(Klieg flips the controls back again.)

JAMIE: He's mad!

(Jamie moves to get closer to Klieg but the Doctor holds him back again.)

DOCTOR: Jamie!

(Behind the tombs defrost again.)

PARRY: Haydon dead, and now Viner. What kind of a man are you?!
KLIEG: Back... Keep back!

(He keeps his gun trained on the party.)

KLIEG: And we can see what happens - as the Professor says, this is a unique archaeological event. It would be such a pity to miss it!


(A muffled bleeping sounds from within Victoria's bag, and a bulge begins to move backwards and forwards. Unaware of this, Victoria begins to stir and then wakes up and gets rather uncertainly to her feet. She looks at the hatch.)

VICTORIA: What's happened - are they back yet?

(She seems surprised that Victoria is awake so soon.)

VICTORIA: The hatch is down, are they back?
KAFTAN: They are still down there.
VICTORIA: Then why is the hatch down? They won't be able to get up again!
KAFTAN: I shall open it when we are ready.
VICTORIA: W... when who's ready? ...You closed it!
KAFTAN: I did.
VICTORIA: Then you'd better open it again hadn't you!
KAFTAN: No it shall remain closed.
VICTORIA: The Doctor warned me about you!
KAFTAN: That was very clever of him.
VICTORIA: Out of my way!
VICTORIA: I'm going to open the hatch.

(Kaftan draws out a weapon and levels it at Victoria.)

KAFTAN: Stand back!

(Victoria miserably does as she is bid.)

KAFTAN: That's better! Now let's move away from these controls. We shall be more comfortable over here I think.

(She gestures to the Cybertable and Victoria obeys looking on the verge of tears.)

VICTORIA: Oh... but why? Why have you done it? You've trapped your friends down there as well as mine!
KAFTAN: I shall open it when Mr Klieg has completed our plans.

(Behind Kaftan, the Cybermat pokes it's tiny metal nose out of a chewhole on Victoria's bag and scans the room.)

KAFTAN: Meanwhile it is better that they remain undisturbed. If you touch those controls I shall have to kill you.

(The Cybermat vacates the bag and trundles along the floor.)


JAMIE: You know Doctor, I have a feeling that that man planned it all along. He knew that that control wouldn't open the hatch.
DOCTOR: So did I Jamie.
JAMIE: What? You knew, Doctor?
DOCTOR: I wanted to know what he was up to.
KLIEG: And now you know Doctor.
PARRY: We know nothing. This is the action of a lunatic!

(He gestures to Viner's body.)

KLIEG: Lunatic? Not at all Professor, a necessary detail, that's all.
PARRY: But why?!
KLIEG: Logic, my dear Professor, logic and power. On Earth the Brotherhood of Logicians is the greatest man intelligence ever assembled. But that is not enough, we need power. Power to put our ability into action. The Cybermen have this power. I have come here to find it and use it.
PARRY: So that was your motive in financing my expedition!
KLIEG: Exactly! Your complete lack of er, administration made it ideal for our purpose!
DOCTOR: And you think that the Cybermen will help you?
KLIEG: But of course - I shall be their resurrector!
PARRY: Look!

(With an icy ripping sound the Cybermen begin to tear at the protective membranes of their cubicles forcing their way out into the cavern. The ones from the upper levels descend via the ladders at the sides, and gradually they all lumber towards the group as if still half asleep.)


(Victoria stiffens as she sees the Cybermat glide happily across the floor, but Kaftan is facing the wrong direction to see.)

KAFTAN: Keep still!

(The Cybermat stops at the table and hops on top.)

VICTORIA: Behind you! that thing - it's come alive!
KAFTAN: You are so simple! You don't really expect to take me in with a trick like that?!
VICTORIA: It's true will you look!
KAFTAN: Will nothing keep you still?

(The Cybermat trundles across the table.)

VICTORIA: Oh will you please look!
KAFTAN: If I have any further trouble from you I will have to take drastic steps!
VICTORIA: Why don't you believe me?!
KAFTAN: I will not allow a little girl like you to interfere with our plans!

(The Cybermat leaps onto Kaftan's shoulder and forcefully jacks itself into her nervous system.)


(She drops to the ground stunned by a paralysing Cyber-hypnotic force. Victoria snatches the gun as the Cybermat scurries away and fires a single shot. The Cybermat convulses and flips over, smoke pouring from it's frilly underbelly. She looks at the hatch, then the console, but cannot see how to open the hatch.)

VICTORIA: Don't know...

(She throws down the gun and runs towards the door.)

VICTORIA: Captain Hopper!


(The Cybermen congregate in front of the square embossed door in the centre of the tombs and salute each other with their right arms across their chests. Together they ease the door open. Within, is a very different type of Cyberman.)

JAMIE: What is it?
DOCTOR: I think it's their-their leader...their-their controller, Jamie.

(The Controller unfurls itself from the foetal position in which it had been resting. It is the same as the others in most respects, but has no chest unit, and the sides of it's helmet lack the usual handle-like audio-modules. The most striking difference, however, is it's head which raises up until it becomes a large translucent red dome running with internal veins and glowing with an inner light. The Cyber-Controller steps out into the cavern and all the drones salute. It then walks forward five paces and stops. All the Cybermen seem rooted to the spot as if awaiting new orders. Klieg approaches the Controller...)

KLIEG: I... am Klieg, Eric Klieg. I have brought you back to life. We of the Logicians have planned this. You are alive because of us. Now you will help us.

(The Controller remains immobile.)

KLIEG: We need your power, you need our mass intelligence. Are you listening? Do you understand me? Now that I have released you...

(He raises a threatening arm to the Cyber-Controller who casually grips it in one hand and pushes it down.)

KLIEG: ARGGHH... Let me go!

(Klieg is forced down to the chamber floor on his knees.)

KLIEG: I set you free!

(The Cyber-Controller releases it's grip and Klieg squirms on the floor like a maggot on a hook.)

KLIEG: It was our plan!

(The Cyber-Controller looks on impassively with a thin layer of frost on it's emotionless faceplate.)


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The Doctor
Patrick Troughton

Peter Haydon
Bernard Holley

Deborah Watling

Frazer Hines

John Viner
Cyril Shaps

Professor Parry
Aubrey Richards

Eric Klieg
George Pastell

Shirley Cooklin

Roy Stewart

Captain Hopper
George Roubicek

Cyberman Controller
Michael Kilgarriff

Hans DeVries
Tony Harwood
John Hogan
Richard Kerly
Ronald Lee
Charles Pemberton
Kenneth Seeger
Reg Whitehead

Cyberman Voices
Peter Hawkins

Title music by
Ron Grainer and the
BBC Radiophonic

Story Editor
Victor Pemberton

Visual effects by
Michael John Harris
and Peter Day

Martin Johnson

Peter Bryant

Morris Barry

(C) BBCTV 1967

Transcribed by


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