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The Tomb of the Cybermen

Episode One

By Kit Pedler and Gerry Davis


(The TARDIS stands against the plains of Skaro. Light plays across the surface of the ship and a howling wind rages.)


(The Doctor and Victoria walk through the outer doors of the TARDIS into the Console Room.)

DOCTOR: There we are! Well, what do you think?
VICTORIA: I don't know. I can't believe it. It's so big! Where are we?
DOCTOR: Oh it's the TARDIS. It's my home, or at least it has been for a considerable number of years.
VICTORIA: What are all these knobs?
DOCTOR: What these?

(The Doctor flicks a series of levers.)

JAMIE: Instruments. These are for controlling our flight.
VICTORIA: Flight?!
JAMIE: Well yes, you see we travel around in here through time and space.

(Victoria laughs at this.)

DOCTOR: Oh no-no no-no, don't laugh - it's true. Your father and Maxtible were working on the same problem, but I have perfected a... Ah, rather special model, which enables me to travel through the universe of time.
VICTORIA: But how can you? I mean if what you say is true then you must be, er well... How old?
DOCTOR: Well if we count in Earth terms I suppose I must be about four hundred... Yes, about four hundred and fifty years old.

(He sees Victoria and Jamie exchange worried glances.)

DOCTOR: Yes, well, quite. Now, I think Victoria might find that dress a little impractical if she's going to join us in our adventures, Jamie show her where she can find some new ones, eh?
JAMIE: Ah, right. This way Victoria...

(Jamie leads Victoria off, but returns to the console room for a moment.)

JAMIE: Try to give us a smooth take off, Doctor? We don't want to frighten her.

(Jamie leaves.)

DOCTOR: A smooth take off...? A smooth take off!? What a nerve!

(The Doctor operates the console, and the noise of dematerialisation echoes through the Console Room.)


(A futuristic looking rocketship sits, down on the plains.)


(The planet of Telos comprises of barren and lifeless rocky wastes as far as the eye can see. High above, the large figure of Toberman can be seen standing right on the edge of a perilously steep cliff face. He strides up and down it as if he were patrolling a battlement. A voice calls up to him from the plains, but he pretends not to hear.)


(Down on the ground a nervous looking man fusses.)

VINER: The fool! Doesn't he realise the danger he's in?

(Kaftan laughs.)

VINER: It's nothing to laugh at! None of us knows what's going to happen when we press that thing, especially in this... rarified atmosphere.
PARRY: All right Viner, no need to get excited. Can't you keep your servant under control?
KAFTAN: If I wish, I can.
HOPPER: HURRY IT UP WILL YOU, ROGERS! I don't know what you think you're going to find anyway.
PARRY: According to the map reference, oh... That should be the entrance to the City of Telos.
HOPPER: Oh I hope you're right 'cause I want to get out of here.
KLIEG: Let me remind you Mr Hopper that you are being more than well paid for your part in this expedition.
HOPPER: Oh big deal.
ROGERS: Sorry we had to make it a pretty big one.

(The team moves back to a safe distance.)

PARRY: Alright let's get on with it, we've wasted enough time. Standby... Everybody down!

(The archaeologists duck down, as Mr Haydon twists a dial on a remote unit, then pushes a button. A colossal explosion rips though a nearby rock face. The team rushes to investigate, only to find nothing.)

HOPPER: Well there you go! You blast yourself one lump of rock and all you've got is another one.

(Professor Parry turns away in disgust, and Rogers looks again at the rock face.)

ROGERS: No, wait a minute, look!

(They all look up and see quite clearly the corner of a pair of metal doors protruding from the rock face.)

HOPPER: Man you just blew yourself a pair of doors!

(Some of the members of the team in the background shout "hooray!".)

PARRY: Well come on, what are we waiting for?

(The team slowly climbs the steep path to where the doors are higher up the rock face.)


(The doors to the tomb are large, metal and entirely functional looking, to the left and right are what appear to be pictograms depicting some kind of figures.)

KAFTAN: Fifty pounds for the first man to open the doors!
PARRY: Miss Kaftan I must remind you that I am the leader of this...

(A young member of the expedition rushes forward to the doors and grips a handle in each hand, there is a crackle of energy, and the man falls back from the door and slumps to the ground smoking like an overcooked turkey. The doors crackle and partially melt around the area he touched them. They rush over to the man, but there is little they can do for him.)

PARRY: What happened?
KLIEG: I don't know.
HOPPER: Well one thing for sure, he's not going to collect fifty pounds from you or anybody else.
VINER: Quiet, quiet a minute.
PARRY: What is it?
VINER: It sounded like an engine. Something came down over there behind that rock!
HOPPER: OK Viner slow down, I'll take care of this. Jim behind that rock.
CALLUM: OK, I've got it.

(A little way off the Doctor and co. are rounding a rock.)

DOCTOR: ...Over the top. All right?

(Captain Hopper and Callum jump out. Hopper levels his gun at the Doctor.)

HOPPER: Hold it right there friend!

(The Doctor raises his hands.)

DOCTOR: Well, if you put it like that, I certainly will!
CALLUM: Did you hear that professor? English!
PARRY: Yes. All right Hopper.

(Hopper lowers his weapon, and the Doctor returns his hands to his sides.)

DOCTOR: Oh, thank you.
PARRY: OK, who are you and where have you come from?
HOPPER: And you'd better have a good story!
JAMIE: Aye, maybe you'll not get one!
HOPPER: Listen fella, we're not playing games!
ROGERS: You'd better listen to him!

(The Doctor notices the damage to the doors and the dead man.)

DOCTOR: Now what's been happening over here?

(The Doctor moves closer to the body to investigate.)

KLIEG: He was killed the moment you made your appearance!
DOCTOR: Ah, and you think we did it. Oh no! I can assure you that we had nothing to do with the death of this man!

(He examines the body.)

DOCTOR: He appears to have been electrocuted. Trying to open these doors perhaps?
ROGERS: He seems to know all the answers.
HOPPER: Wise guy.
VINER: I think this fellow must be the member of a rival expedition.
DOCTOR: Expedition?
PARRY: We've tried to keep it a secret, unsuccessfully now it appears.
VINER: Look at him! Archaeologist written all over him!
DOCTOR: Really does it show?
VINER: There, you see? It's impossible to keep a secret in the scientific world!
VICTORIA: Doctor, what do you mean?
JAMIE: Tell them Doctor, go on, tell them.
DOCTOR: No. Not until they tell me what the purpose of their expedition!
PARRY: This is an archaeological expedition. We are searching the universe for the last remains of the Cybermen!

(The Doctor and Jamie stiffen at the mention of their old enemies.)

JAMIE: Cybermen! You mean to say, they came from here?
PARRY: But of course, Telos was their home. This is the entrance to their city.
VINER: We know they died out many centuries ago, what we don't know is why they died out.
HOPPER: Callum, Rogers, get him back to the rocket, I'll be with you in a minute. Well that's that. Are you coming back to the rocket with me Professor?
PARRY: What for?
HOPPER: You're not going on with this are you? Look I don't know if these people have anything to do with it or not, but one of my men has just been killed! You're not paying that kind of money!
PARRY: Yes, I suppose that's quite true.
HOPPER: Come on let's go. We'll wait for you back at the ship.
DOCTOR: The problem I take it, is to open these doors, right?
KLIEG: Hah, brilliant!
PARRY: That is the problem.
KLIEG: And we would prefer it if you returned to wherever you came from!
JAMIE: Oh not very friendly are they Doctor?
VICTORIA: Oh yes, do as he says!
DOCTOR: I'm afraid that that became impossible the moment that name was mentioned.
VICTORIA: What name?
DOCTOR: Cybermen!
VICTORIA: Cybermen? What are they?

(A little way off out of earshot Viner and Parry are standing near the path they climbed to reach the doors.)

VINER: I knew they were here on the same quest!
PARRY: No one would come here for any other reason!

(Back by the doors the TARDIS crew are all alone.)

DOCTOR: We must stay!
JAMIE: Oh Doctor!
VICTORIA: Oh must we? I don't like the look of those things at all!
DOCTOR: We shall stay and help you with your search.
KLIEG: Perhaps we don't want your help.
DOCTOR: That's just it, you so obviously do, now I'm sure we can agree. I can open those doors for you.
KLIEG: It is our problem, and I suggest you take this ridiculous expedition of yours off this planet!
JAMIE: It seems to me that we've got as much right to be here as you have!
PARRY: Of course you have! Mr Klieg, may a I remind you again that you do not speak for this expedition?! I am it's leader, you and Miss Kaftan are only here on sufferance!
KLIEG: Oh thank you, and whose money is paying for the hire of that rocket?!
PARRY: I thought I made it quite clear that your financial support did not entitle you to a say in the running of this expedition!
KAFTAN: Of course it was quite clear, was it not Eric?!
KLIEG: Of course. No-one questions your leadership.
DOCTOR: Ah, good, that's all settled. And now we shall open these doors!
JAMIE: What?
PARRY: Now careful man!
HAYDON: Hey look out!

(Very carefully the Doctor approaches the doors and gingerly touches them with his magnetic voltometer, and reads the dial.)

DOCTOR: It's perfectly safe now.
HAYDON: You'll be killed!
PARRY: No don't touch it!

(The Doctor grips the door with both hands and tugs, but to no avail.)

DOCTOR: I'm afraid it's beyond my strength.
JAMIE: Let me Doctor!
DOCTOR: Jamie...

(Jamie tugs at the doors, but he can't manage to shift them either.)

JAMIE: Aye, well I've not had much exercise lately.

(The Doctor approaches Toberman.)

DOCTOR: Quite. I think here is a gentleman who can open these doors for us.
KAFTAN: He is my servant! I will not have him risk his life!
PARRY: Surely it was for just such a contingency as this that you insisted we bring him with us?
DOCTOR: Oh, there's no danger now, unless of course he's afraid.

(Toberman advances towards the doors via the exact spot that the Doctor is standing upon.)

DOCTOR: Oh, no-no, he's not afraid...

(The Doctor backs away and Toberman grips the right hand door first, then the left and opens them. They all peer through the doors.)

DOCTOR: No WAIT! Wait! I would be very careful in there if I were you!
HAYDON: But why wasn't Toberman killed, why weren't you killed?
DOCTOR: The poor fellow who died drained all there electricity out of his body, it's perfectly safe to go in there now.
KLIEG: Come on then, we're wasting time! ...Of course, after you Professor!
DOCTOR: But I'd still... I'd still be very careful if I were you, very careful indeed! Come on let's go and join them.

(The Doctor moves to follow, but notices Victoria is standing well back from the entrance.)

DOCTOR: Come on Victoria!

(She still doesn't move, so the Doctor approaches her.)

DOCTOR: You look very nice in that dress Victoria.
VICTORIA: Thank you. Don't you think it's a bit...?
DOCTOR: A bit short? Oh I shouldn't worry about that, look at Jamie's.
JAMIE: Hey I'll have you know... Oh, aye.
DOCTOR: Come along, come along, lets go and see what the others are doing shall we? Come along.

(The Doctor and Jamie each take one of Victoria's arms and they lead her into the tomb.)


(The interior of the tomb is vast. To one side a giant control panel studded with switches and levers beneath a large dial with a complex series of symbols upon it's face. Either side are two internal doors and at the far side of the room there is a metal hatch in the floor, and a little further along, a table. Victoria walks in gazing around in astonishment.)

VICTORIA: Mercy, just look at this place!

(Viner and Haydon are examining the levers on the control panel.)

VINER: These controls are of their earlier dynasty.
HAYDON: Not so very early as all that by the look of it. Look John!
VINER: Yes, I'm quite capable of making my own deductions thank you!
HAYDON: All right!

(By the hatchway Klieg and Kaftan are standing. Kaftan makes an examination of the formidable looking hatch.)

KLIEG: Be careful, there might be danger in there!
KAFTAN: Don't worry, with Toberman to guard me... What is more important is to keep an eye on these strangers.
KLIEG: Well I'm TRYING to...
KAFTAN: Do not raise your voice! You will achieve nothing by shouting! You will look after the Doctor and I will watch the girl.
KLIEG: And the Scots boy?
KAFTAN: Leave him to Toberman, eh Toberman?!

(Toberman laughs and mimes crushing something in his great hands.)

KAFTAN: But you will be careful and discreet, you understand Toberman?
TOBERMAN: I understand.

(Back at the main panel.)

JAMIE: Have you ever seen the like of it Doctor?
DOCTOR: Not exactly Jamie, but very nearly.

(Parry speaks from the hatchway he has been examining and take control like a professional orator. Everyone moves to eagerly listen to what he has to say.)

PARRY: Now that we're all here... now that we're all here, I think we'd better take stock of the situation. This appears to be a dead end, the only way out appears to be through that hatch.
KAFTAN: Are there no doors?
PARRY: No, apart from the entrance.
DOCTOR: And the other two, of course.
VINER: Two other doors?
DOCTOR: Oh yes, one in that section, and one in that section over there. Activated, I imagine, by this simple logical system over here. Um, here we are, I think...

(He pulls a few levers and the right door slides into the ceiling with an electronic hum.)

DOCTOR: Ah splendid, splendid! A simple logical gate.

(He pulls another few and the left door raises similarly.)

KLIEG: Doctor, you seem to be very familiar with this place.
DOCTOR: Oh no, not really, it's all based upon symbolic logic of the same as you use in computers. The opening mechanism for this door... An OR gate I think you call it.
KLIEG: Yes, yes, I see that, but how did you know in the first place?
DOCTOR: Oh I used my own special technique.
KLIEG: Really Doctor, and may we know what that is?
DOCTOR: Keeping my eyes open and my mouth shut.

(The momentary silence in which Klieg's sardonic grin freezes, punctured by someone laughing in the background.)

PARRY: We're far too many to explore together, I think we'd better divide up. If you, Mr Viner would take...

(He motions the right-hand door.)

PARRY: ...that door with Jamie and Mr Haydon. Mr Klieg, the Doctor and myself will make up the other party.
VICTORIA: Well what about us?
PARRY: I think the women had better remain here.
VICTORIA: Oh rubbish! We can make a party!
KAFTAN: Certainly, with Toberman to guard us we need fear no-one.
PARRY: Right, er, Mr Klieg, will you take them along with you?
KLIEG: I prefer to stay here.
PARRY: As you wish. Er, Mr Viner will you go along with the women?
VINER: If you like...
PARRY: But get back to the spacecraft by 16:30. You all know the temperature drop at night, so we'll meet back here at 16:25. If anyone is missing that'll give us an hour to look for them before we have to leave.
VINER: Come on then, we might as well try that opening over there.

(Viner rushes over to the left door eager to see where it leads. Kaftan grabs Victoria's hand, and attempts to roughly lead her in the same direction.)

KAFTAN: We'd better keep close together.

(Victoria snatches her hand back.)

VICTORIA: Erm, I'm all right thank you.

(They follow Viner through the door.)

HAYDON: Come on Jamie.
JAMIE: Right.

(Haydon and Jamie take the right door. Parry examines the hatch curiously.)

PARRY: Now to concentrate on this, whatever it is. This hatch must lead somewhere and there must be some opening mechanism.

(He turns to the Doctor.)

PARRY: Erm, what was that about symbolic logic, any ideas?
DOCTOR: No, not really. I think it's about time we gave Mr Klieg a chance to show off his archaeological skills.

(He chuckles to himself.)

DOCTOR: I love to see the experts at work, don't you?


(This is a room filled with electronic apparatus. To the right is a control panel, and on the centre is a huge projector aimed at a huge humanoid shaped coffin made of thick metal. Viner enters and ushers the others in.)

VINER: Come on, right in. Where's Toberman?
KAFTAN: I sent him to join the others, we do not need any other protection now that you are with us.

(Viner looks decidedly bored at this.)

VINER: Yes, well... Shall we commence? Everything must be carefully measured and recorded.

(He moves to a panel and begins to examine it.)

VICTORIA: What is this room?
VINER: I don't know... Possibly this is where the Cybermen are made...
VICTORIA: I wonder what this is...

(Viner moves around to examine the projector, and almost trips over Victoria.)

VINER: Ah, do you mind, you're getting in my way, er, just go over there will you?
VICTORIA: Oh fiddle!
KAFTAN: Could this not be the purpose of the room?
KAFTAN: The Cyberman would stand in that form and be, well, revitalised?
VINER: Yes, I suppose that's reasonable. These projectors were probably designed to fire in some kind of neuro-electric potential. Yes, that's it, I think that you're right!
VICTORIA: Revitalising is just what I need!

(She tries to climb up into the coffin, but falls back out again.)

VICTORIA: Ooh, mercy, the Cybermen must have been giants!
VINER: Will you please be careful! The first rule of archaeological work is that nothing must be touched until everything has been described and recorded!


(Jamie and Haydon enter the room and look around.)

JAMIE: Hey, you know it's just struck me, all the corridors in here are as light as day, yet there are no windows!
HAYDON: Alpha mason phosphor.
HAYDON: It's a lighting system that never goes out, works by letting cosmic rays bombard a layer of barium...
JAMIE: Oh aye. That, eh...
HAYDON: Point is, what was this room used for?

(Jamie stoops to pick something up from the floor.)

JAMIE: Well possibly for raising caterpillars.

(Jamie shows Haydon.)

JAMIE: Like this one.
HAYDON: Hey, for heavens sake watch out until you know what it is!
JAMIE: Och, it's as dead as a stone!


PARRY: Well?
KLIEG: Well, the basis of this code is binary to digital conversion with a intervening step involving a sort of Whitehead logic.
Well, once this first series is complete, there is no more to be done!
DOCTOR: Yes, but why do it at all?
PARRY: Really Doctor, for an archaeologist you seem to be curiously lacking in curiosity!
DOCTOR: Some things are better left undone, and I have a feeling that this is one of them!
KLIEG: What do you mean by that?
DOCTOR: Well it's all too easy isn't it?
KLIEG: Easy?!
PARRY: I wouldn't call this an easy survey, would you Klieg?
KLIEG: Everything here is designed to keep their secrets, whatever they are, insoluble!
DOCTOR: Insoluble?
KLIEG: But take this...
DOCTOR: Oh I wouldn't say that...
KLIEG: But take this mathematical sequence for example. I'm really no nearer to it's solution, I've tried every possible combination, now you'd hardly call that easy!

(The Doctor reads casually.)

DOCTOR: Yes, well, what you've done here is mostly right.
KLIEG: Oh thank you!
DOCTOR: You see if you take any progressive series it can be converted into binary notation. Now if you take the sum of the integrants, and express them as a power series, the intercese show the basic binary blocks! Only I wouldn't do it if I were you...

(Klieg looks astonished as if it was so simple he should have thought of it first.)

DOCTOR: Oh no, I really wouldn't do it!
KLIEG: Of course, you're right!

(He moves to the panel, and begins to pull levers. There is the sound of the entire chamber gradually powering up and the huge dial begins to glow.)

KLIEG: Look! Sum between limits of one and nine one integral into power series, yes! yes! Then you differentiate...

(The chamber begins to shake as if a huge engine beneath them had awakened from a million year slumber.)

DOCTOR: You fool! Why couldn't you leave it alone!
PARRY: What's happening?
DOCTOR: I dunno... Perhaps the Cybermen aren't quite as dormant as you imagine! We must find out what has happened to the others!


(Victoria moves over to the machine again. She checks that Viner isn't watching, then climbs up into the metal coffin. Kaftan notices this, and pulls a lever on the panel. Victoria screams as the door to the coffin slams shut with her inside. Viner rushes to the panel.)

VINER: Did you touch anything?
VINER: Well keep away from that board, here help me!

(He rushes to the coffin and tries to pull it open with little success.)

KAFTAN: One moment.

(He stands back and examines the coffin.)

VINER: We need a crowbar to get this off!
KAFTAN: It may be too late...


(Jamie looks at his new pet.)

JAMIE: That's strange, I could swear that that thing moved.

(He taps the caterpillar a few times, but it remains dormant.)

HAYDON: You're seeing things old chap! Come and look at this, the whole control panel is active suddenly. I don't know which button to press first!
JAMIE: Oh, I wouldn't touch it if I were you!
HAYDON: I think I'll try this one.

(Haydon pulls a lever.)

HAYDON: Nothing!
JAMIE: Hey wait a minute, what's happening, it's getting dark...
HAYDON: (Opens his mouth to say "light switch!" when he notices a pattern on the wall.) Hey look at the far wall!

(The patterns swirl around.)


VINER: It's no use, I daren't touch anything. If I operate the wrong sequence she'll die! I must find the logical order, if it's not too late!

(He bangs on the door a few times, eventually hears a soft banging coming from within.)

KAFTAN: She's still alive!
VINER: Thank heavens! Look I'd better go and get the others, You stay her with her, but...
KAFTAN: Yes, but hurry!
VINER: I won't be long!

(Kaftan knocks, and hears a reply again. She goes to the panel and pulls a lever, the probe facing the coffin begins to swing to and fro crackling with power... A figure steps out of the shadows, then moves behind Kaftan, grips her hand, and moves the lever back.)

DOCTOR: I wouldn't touch the projector controls if I were you, someone might get hurt!
VINER: There must be some way to release it Doctor.
DOCTOR: Yes there is, now let me see...

(He looks at the panel, deep in thought.)


(Jamie seems transfixed by the lights on the wall.)

HAYDON: Jamie, Jamie don't watch it!
JAMIE: I must, I must, I can't seem to take my eyes off it.

(Slowly he walks towards the swirling wall like a zombie.)

JAMIE: I don't want to take my eyes off it... I don't want to take my eyes off it...

(Haydon grabs Jamie, and tries to pull him back, but he keeps walking towards the wall.)

HAYDON: Stop Jamie!
JAMIE: Yes, yes, I see it now!

(Haydon moves to the panel, and pushes the lever back to it's original position.)

HAYDON: Are you alright?

(Jamie wakes up, and rubs his head.)

JAMIE: Oh... where have I been?
HAYDON: You've been under some form of hypnosis.
JAMIE: That's ridiculous, what would the Cybermen want with a hypnotising machine?!
HAYDON: Yes, you're right, it must be for something else! Wait a minute, know what it could be?
JAMIE: What?
HAYDON: Some kind of target! I remember reading about this somewhere, they used to have something like it on Earth, years ago.
JAMIE: But how does it work, which bit do you aim at?
HAYDON: There's a subliminal centre which you're trained to see...
JAMIE: Oh aye... a what?!
HAYDON: Come on, lets run the whole thing again and see what happens, but keep your eyes off the wall! Now you work the controls this time, and I'll watch.
JAMIE: Right.
HAYDON: OK press the buttons!

(Haydon looks at the wall through gaps in his hands.)


DOCTOR: Yes I think this is the sequence. Stand by to let her out will you.

(He turns to Kaftan.)

DOCTOR: And if you my dear would stand well clear, thank you! Right!

(He pushes the lever and the door swings open revealing a frightened Victoria spluttering for air.)

DOCTOR: Victoria, are you alright?

(He hugs her.)

DOCTOR: It's all right.
DOCTOR: Get your breath. Its alright.
DOCTOR: It's alright now...
VICTORIA: I-I I didn't like that very much Doctor!
DOCTOR: No, I don't expect you did. You'll have to be a little more careful in future won't you? Now come along, we must go and see whether Jamie is, alright, come along..


PARRY: There must be some way to get that hatch open!
KLIEG: That must be the control to do it.
PARRY: The tombs of the Cybermen must be below ground, together with all their records. If we can't get down there, all our work here, and the sacrifice of that unfortunate fellow's life will go in vain.

(Klieg gazes into the distance thoughtfully.)

KLIEG: A great deal more than that...
PARRY: Pardon?

(Klieg shakes himself from his reverie.)

KLIEG: Of course, there's only one explanation! The Doctor!
KLIEG: He didn't give us the complete code! There must be a further sequence to operate that opening mechanism.
PARRY: Alright! Lets try and find it out!
KLIEG: Now what could it be?


(The Wall pulses with dancing triangular fractals, then fades to blank again.)

HAYDON: Is that all?
JAMIE: Aye. All except this big button here, what does that do?
HAYDON: I'm not sure, but we'll soon find out. I'm going to trace the source of these shapes, there must be a projector somewhere. Look, when I give the word press the button.
JAMIE: The big one?
HAYDON: Yes, maybe it works in conjunction with the others.

(He moves to the spot opposite the wall.)

JAMIE: Right, ready when you are.
HAYDON: OK, go ahead.

(Jamie presses the button, and the lights dim and the wall begins to swirl with bright shapes again. The Doctor enters and sees Jamie with his hand on the panel.)

DOCTOR: Oh Jamie, don't touch that control!
JAMIE: Already have. What's the matter Doctor?
DOCTOR: Well which one was it?
JAMIE: Which one what?

(Suddenly a panel opens somewhere in the wall, a gun slides out. In front of Haydon the form of a Cyberman appears, the blank mask of its face staring out at the people who have desecrated it's tomb. There is a crackle of energy and Haydon falls to the floor in a pall of oily smoke. Victoria screams.)

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The Doctor
Patrick Troughton

Frazer Hines

Deborah Watling

Roy Stewart

Professor Parry
Aubrey Richards

John Viner
Cyril Shaps

Jim Callum
Clive Merrison

Shirley Cooklin

Captain Hopper
George Roubicek

Eric Klieg
George Pastell

Ted Rogers
Alan Johns

Peter Haydon
Bernard Holley

Ray Grover

Title music by
Ron Grainer and the
BBC Radiophonic

Story Editor
Victor Pemberton

Visual effects by
Michael John Harris
and Peter Day

Martin Johnson

Peter Bryant

Morris Barry

(C) BBCTV 1967

Transcribed by


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