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Episode 6

Written by David Whitaker

First broadcast: 24th June 1967
Repeat broadcast: 27th July 1968
Running Time: 24:55


DOCTOR: It's a game, Jamie! They're playing a game!

(The DOCTOR laughs as the DALEKS glide him around the room.)

MAXTIBLE: A rather amusing little game, don't you think so Jamie.
DOCTOR: We've done it! Maxtible, they've got the "Human Factor". We've done it! What are they doing now? Look, they're all joining in. They're playing train!

(The DALEKS follow each other around the room playing a bizarre game of trains while the DOCTOR toots on his recorder.)

DALEK: (Whistles.) Train, train, train, train.
DOCTOR: Oh... oh, now what is it? Oh, we're on the roundabout. They're playing roundabout. Oh, I'm getting dizzy. Oh dear. Oh, oh, ho, ho, oh. I'm dizzy! Oh, ho, ho. I'm dizzy.
DALEKS: Diz-yy, diz-yy, dizzy Doctor.
DOCTOR: Maxtible, do you hear that? They've got a sense of humour!
MAXTIBLE: I'm glad you are so easily amused.

(The DOCTOR laughs.)

MAXTIBLE: Well, I congratulate you, Doctor. They are almost human.
DOCTOR: They are!
MAXTIBLE: And I will now leave you to your little game.

(He leaves.)

DOCTOR: Oh, thank you.
JAMIE: Well, how old are they now, Doctor - mentally?
DOCTOR: Oh, they're just young children, but they'll grow up very fast - within a matter of hours. (To the DALEKS.) Now, uh... come here all of you. Come along, gather round. Come here. Now then, come along, come along.
DALEK: Who is this?
DOCTOR: Oh, this is Jamie. He's a friend.
DALEK: Friend. Hello, friend.
DOCTOR: Well, say hello Jamie.
JAMIE: Hello.
DOCTOR: You know what a friend is, don't you? It's somebody who... who likes you - who wants to help you and share with you.

(The DOCTOR puts signs on each of the three Daleks ALPHA, BETA and OMEGA - the first two and the last letters of the Greek alphabet.)

DOCTOR: There we are.
DALEK: What have you done?
DOCTOR: I have given you all names. Alpha, Beta and Omega.
DALEKS: Alpha, Beta, Omega. Alpha, Beta, Omega. Alpha, Beta, Omega.
DOCTOR: Yes, yes, yes. now... now, this is Jamie and I am Doctor. We are friends.
DALEKS: Friends, friends, Jamie, Doctor, friends, friends. We must go now. We are called.
DOCTOR: Go? Go where? What do you mean, "go"?
DALEK: All Daleks are ordered to return to Skaro.
DOCTOR: Return to Skaro? But, that's the Dalek planet.
DALEK: Friend.
JAMIE: But if the Daleks are returning to Skaro, where's Victoria?
DOCTOR: Victoria! We left her in the secret passage. Come on - follow me!


(WATERFIELD enters the room which, by now, just has Maxtible in it.)

MAXTIBLE: I assure you, my dear Waterfield, Victoria is perfectly safe.
WATERFIELD: But where is she?
MAXTIBLE: The Daleks have released her.
MAXTIBLE: Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.
WATERFIELD: Well, then, where is she?
MAXTIBLE: She's probably lying down. Ruth will be taking care of her. You may be sure of that.
WATERFIELD: Not Ruth, no. I saw her and Mollie helping Arthur Terrall into a dog-cart not half an hour since.
MAXTIBLE: Ruth and Terrall?
WATERFIELD: Yes. Surely you knew they were leaving?
MAXTIBLE: Oh, yes, yes, indeed, yes. It, it slipped my memory. Umm... As you see, I'm going for a little trip myself. I... No doubt, I shall join them. Well, possibly she's, ah... taking a stroll in the garden. Go along and see. Go along and see.
MAXTIBLE: Well, go along man! Go along and see. Find your Victoria.

(WATERFIELD leaves.)

MAXTIBLE: Stupid, stupid girl.

(Left alone, MAXTIBLE examines the small box left on the floor of the laboratory. He carefully raises the lid. As he examines the strange array of lights and switches, a Dalek enters the room.)

DALEK: What are you doing?
MAXTIBLE: Merely, ah... looking.
DALEK: Do not touch the instrument.
MAXTIBLE: What is that box for?
DALEK: Do not question. You have your orders.
MAXTIBLE: Oh, yes, yes, yes, yes. To... To bring the Doctor and his companion to you here for our little trip.
MAXTIBLE: And then... (Laughs.) The secret - you will give it to me?
MAXTIBLE: The formula - the transmutation formula.
DALEK: Yes. Obey your order. Do not delay.

(MAXTIBLE picks himself up and heads off in search of the DOCTOR.)


(Outside the door he meets WATERFIELD.)

WATERFIELD: Doctor, Doctor! Doctor!
MAXTIBLE: Oh, Waterfield, how I'm delighted you've come back. Now will you please go and find the Doctor and his companion Jamie and bring them here to me? It is a matter of some urgency.

(He turns back into the room but WATERFIELD follows him.)


MAXTIBLE: Oh, what is it?
WATERFIELD: What have you "arranged" with the Daleks?
MAXTIBLE: The Daleks; nothing.
WATERFIELD: What formula did they promise you?
MAXTIBLE: No formula whatever.
WATERFIELD: What are you doing? You've sold yourself to them, haven't you?
MAXTIBLE: You fool!
WATERFIELD: Yes, I'm a fool - a fool not to have realised before that it was you who brought this misery down on us.
MAXTIBLE: You, you never did understand anything, did you? Well, metal into gold. That's what the Daleks are going to give me. Now do you begin to understand? The secret of the transmutation of metal into gold.
WATERFIELD: Do you imagine I care about that?! Where is Victoria?
MAXTIBLE: I've not the remotest idea.
WATERFIELD: Yes, you have, and you're going to tell me!

(He grabs MAXTIBLE and starts to shake him.)

MAXTIBLE: Get your hands off my throat. Let go of me! Murder! Murder! Murder! Murder! Murder! Murder! Murder! Murder! Oh.

(A DALEK comes and knocks WATERFIELD to the floor.)

MAXTIBLE: Oh, what are you doing?
DALEK: Where is the Doctor?
MAXTIBLE: Well, I had no time to bring him.
DALEK: Hurry. That is an order.
MAXTIBLE: What is that box for? Will you tell me?
DALEK: We are destroying this area.

(It switches on the box. A bleeping noise can now be heard.)

MAXTIBLE: But you can't do that. Turn it off! You cannot destroy my house!
DALEK: Bring the Doctor. Obey! Immediately!
MAXTIBLE: But, uh... the secret. If you destroy my laboratory, the secret is useless! You promised me. They must be out of their minds! Destroy my laboratory? the very idea. Well, well. But, oh, goodness gracious me, only two minutes. Doctor, Doctor, Doctor, Doctor, Doctor. Oh, you fool.

(He runs out of the room, calling for the DOCTOR. WATERFIELD recovers and briefly looks at the device before collapsing. Another two Daleks enter the room.)

DALEK 1: All Daleks return to Skaro.
DALEK 2: All Daleks return to Skaro.
DALEK 1: And the prisoners?
DALEK 2: They are already in transit.

(As they leave via the cabinet, JAMIE and the DOCTOR come into the room.)

WATERFIELD: (Muttering.) Doc... Dalek... Doctor.
DOCTOR: Waterfield, what's happened to you?
WATERFIELD: Doc... Doctor, Daleks are going to destroy... house. Can't turn it off.
DOCTOR: But, this is a time switch.
JAMIE: Well, if you can't turn it off, surely...
DOCTOR: No, wait a minute. Eighty-nine, eighty-eight, eighty-seven. Just about a minute, that's all we've got.
JAMIE: Well, toss it out the window then.
DOCTOR: This isn't a firework. We'd have to toss this half a mile. We'll have to follow the Daleks to Skaro. Jamie, open the doors. Come along.
WATERFIELD: (Wanly.) Doctor, Doctor.

(JAMIE tries the doors to the mirrored cabinet, but they are locked.)

JAMIE: Doctor, they're locked. They won't budge!
WATERFIELD: Cupboard in the alcove. The time machine.
DOCTOR: Time machine! Jamie, give me a hand. Come on. Quickly. Quickly. Here, now... Here, take this.

(JAMIE keeps an eye on the timer as the DOCTOR hurriedly sets the equipment up.)

DOCTOR: Now the other one. Steady.
JAMIE: Right. Now, where's Victoria?
DOCTOR: Quick Jamie, the time switch!

(JAMIE finds KEMEL's flower on the floor.)

JAMIE: Twenty-eight, Doctor. Hey, Doctor, Kemel must have dropped this.
DOCTOR: Jamie!
JAMIE: We'll find Victoria and Kemel too.

(The DOCTOR, JAMIE and WATERFIELD get into the field of the Time Machine and all three disappear just as the bomb explodes destroying the house.)


(VICTORIA lies sleeping. As the camera pulls back, it shows that she is resting on some kind of square box. Slowly she awakens and her movement attracts the attention of the other occupant of the room - KEMEL.)

VICTORIA: Dear Kemel. Oh, there. Are any of the others here?

(KEMEL shakes his head.)

VICTORIA: The Daleks?

(KEMEL nods. A door opens and a DALEK glides in, closely followed by MAXTIBLE with a bag and dressed in travelling clothes.)

DALEK: You will wait here.
VICTORIA: Oh, Mr. Maxtible.
MAXTIBLE: Oh, what are you doing here?
VICTORIA: Don't know. Nor even where here may be.
MAXTIBLE: Oh, we've been transported to the Dalek planet, my dear. To Skaro.
VICTORIA: I don't understand you.
MAXTIBLE: A little journey through space.
VICTORIA: They've taken us somewhere. Is that what you mean? Away from your house?
MAXTIBLE: Oh, far away. Far, far away.
VICTORIA: But why? What do they want?
MAXTIBLE: Well, I know why I am here. But why you are here, I have not the faintest idea.
VICTORIA: You seem to understand them. Ask them.
MAXTIBLE: Don't be foolish, girl. I shall do no such thing.
VICTORIA: And where's my father?
MAXTIBLE: (Angrily.) I do not know. I'm not a nursemaid to your father.

(Another Dalek enters the room and turns to MAXTIBLE.)

DALEK: Follow me.
MAXTIBLE: Of course, I shall do my best for you. The matter is really entirely out of my hands.

(He leaves and VICTORIA holds back an angry KEMEL.)

VICTORIA: It's no good. He won't help us. Don't worry Kemel, I shall protect you. I shall see they do you no harm. Yes, I suppose it was a bit silly. Think so? Wish I did.

(KEMEL flexes his huge left bicep, indicating that they fight back.)

VICTORIA: Oh well. Maybe between us we can fight them. We must face it out together.


(Below the hillside lies the huge DALEK city. WATERFIELD and the DOCTOR stare at it, the DOCTOR with a grim face and WATERFIELD with an amazed look.)

WATERFIELD: And that is the Dalek city?
DOCTOR: Yes, it is.

(JAMIE returns from a search for water for WATERFIELD.)

JAMIE: I've scouted around, but I can't see any water.
WATERFIELD: Oh, please don't bother. I feel much better.
DOCTOR: Are you sure?
DOCTOR: Come along then. We must get along.
JAMIE: You mean just walk into the city?
DOCTOR: Oh, no Jamie. The city is all around us. At least, um, it's beneath us. Come along.

(He pauses and uncovers the entrance to a tunnel.)

JAMIE: How long have you known that's there?
DOCTOR: Not a sound. I think the Daleks are in for a little surprise.


(MAXTIBLE is being interrogated by a BLACK DALEK as another DALEK stands behind him.)

BLACK DALEK: Where is the Doctor?
MAXTIBLE: I had no time to get him.
MAXTIBLE: I was told my house was going to be destroyed. Why?
BLACK DALEK: You did not bring the Doctor?!
MAXTIBLE: Everything I possess is in that house. Everything. What right had you or anyone to destroy it? All these years of labour, all these years of research - destroyed through this caprice of yours. My laboratory - the only real thing in the whole of my existence - destroyed. I, Theodore Maxtible, made a bargain with you, and I demand to know... ah, ah!!

(He is knocked to the floor by the BLACK DALEK's sucker arm.)

BLACK DALEK: (Over Maxtible's protestations.) Rights? Rights? Rights? Rights? You have disobeyed a Dalek command. You must obey the Dalek command.
DALEK 2: Exterminate. Destroy.
MAXTIBLE: I swear... I swear... I swear it's not my fault. I swear it's not my fault. I... No!

(A alarm starts to echo through the city. The two DALEKS back away from MAXTIBLE. They confer for a moment and then the BLACK DALEK moves away as the second DALEK moves away to push MAXTIBLE.)

DALEK 2: Move.
MAXTIBLE: What's happening? What are you going to do with me?
DALEK 2: Obey. Move.


(A DALEK checks the prisoners in the cell and turns to the arriving BLACK DALEK.)

DALEK: These humans are still here.
BLACK DALEK: Then other humans are inside the city.


(VICTORIA hears what the BLACK DALEK has said.)

VICTORIA: "Other humans inside the city", Kemel! Listen!
DALEK: (Over loudspeaker.) Emergency. Emergency. Human beings detected in city! Emergency! Emergency!
VICTORIA: Maybe it's Jamie and the Doctor. Oh, Kemel, there's a chance. A chance.
BLACK DALEK: (Over loudspeaker.) Intruders detected. Emergency! Emergency! Human beings detected in city. Emergency! Emergency! Intruders detected. All Daleks to observation stations. Repeat. All Daleks to observation stations. Emergency!


(The DOCTOR emerges from the tunnel to be greeted with a small ledge overlooking a seemingly bottomless chasm.)


(A BLACK DALEK stops another DALEK. The second DALEK is none other than OMEGA, one of the three Human Daleks.)

BLACK DALEK: Stop! What is that mark?
OMEGA: That is my name.
OMEGA: The Doctor gave it to me.
OMEGA: Yes. He is my friend.
BLACK DALEK: Follow me.

(OMEGA does so.)


(MAXTIBLE sits alone nervously in a dark, empty room. A Dalek escort ushers VICTORIA and KEMEL in to join him.)

DALEK: Remain here.
MAXTIBLE: What is happening? Do you know? They say there are other human beings in the city.

(VICTORIA totally ignores him, remembering his treatment of her both at the house and here, and talks to KEMEL.)

VICTORIA: (Murmurring.) No. No thank you.
MAXTIBLE: Why don't you answer me, you little fool. No one can help you here. No one but me.
DALEK: Silence. Follow me. (To VICTORIA and KEMEL.) You, wait.
MAXTIBLE: I can't see anything.
DALEK: Move.
MAXTIBLE: Where are you taking me?

(He leaves. A moment later, a chilling scream echoes around the cell.)

VICTORIA: Oh, what are they doing to him?

(The DALEK returns.)

DALEK: You follow. (To KEMEL.) You will wait.
VICTORIA: I'll do as you say.
DALEK: Move forward, alone.

(KEMEL looks challengingly at the DALEK before backing down.)


(The others have heard the cry.)

JAMIE: That was a human voice, I tell you.
DOCTOR: Perhaps it was, Jamie
WATERFIELD: We must go more quickly.

(A woman's scream is now heard.)

JAMIE: Victoria. That was Victoria's voice.
WATERFIELD: You can't. Where are you running to? Well, you mustn't. You'll go over the edge!

(They hurry along the ledge to be greeted by a waiting Dalek!)

DALEK: Doctor, I am your friend.
JAMIE: One of your experiments, Doctor. For a moment I thought we were done for!
DOCTOR: What is your name?
DALEK: Omega.
DOCTOR: Oh, I see.
DALEK: I have come to lead you.
DOCTOR: Thank you.

(He moves forward and nearly goes over the edge. JAMIE pulls him back.)

JAMIE: Oh, careful.
DOCTOR: Oh, ah... I'm all right. Oh, thank you. Ah, lead on.
DALEK: Follow me.
DOCTOR: What was that screaming?
DALEK: A prisoner.
DOCTOR: Where?
DALEK: Follow me. I will show you.

(Suddenly, using all his strength the DOCTOR pushes the DALEK over the edge of the precipice.)

JAMIE: What are you doing?

(The DALEK crashes at the bottom.)

DOCTOR: Think I don't know my own mark? That wasn't the real Omega at all.
JAMIE: Up to all sorts of tricks, aren't they?
WATERFIELD: Oh, please. We must reach my daughter.


(VICTORIA, KEMEL and MAXTIBLE are now all back in the cell.)

MAXTIBLE: I tell you, they forced me. They threatened to kill us all. First of all, they ordered me to scream and I was to make you do the same.
VICTORIA: And you had to do as you were told?
MAXTIBLE: I tell you, they threatened to kill me.
VICTORIA: You came up behind me in the dark and twisted my arm.
MAXTIBLE: And what else could I do?
VICTORIA: Oh, if only I'd realised. Why do you think they wanted us to scream like that?
MAXTIBLE: I've no idea.
VICTORIA: You know perfectly well. There are other people in the city. They wanted to draw them on. Trap them. Oh, if only I could have thought quickly. Oh, Kemel.

(She rushes into KEMEL's arms.)


(Meanwhile, the "intruders" are moving cautiously through the city, eventually reaching a large dark chamber.)

DOCTOR: No, no. I don't like the look of this. Back the way we came.

(A DALEK appears out of the darkness, blocking their way and a BLACK DALEK approaches them as lights slowly illuminate the chamber.)

BLACK DALEK: Follow me.

(As they follow it, the light in the room shows a terrifying sight. It is nearly ten foot tall with a great big eye-stick in the top but it has a lot of cables and wires linked up to it. At last, the DOCTOR is face to face with the greatest Dalek of them all, the one who gives the orders. All Daleks of all ranks obey it without question. The DOCTOR is face to face with the EMPEROR DALEK! It speaks in a huge voice.)

EMPEROR: Doctor!
JAMIE: Look at the size of that thing.

(The EMPEROR looks down at the little man and the little man stares up at it with some kind of triumph on his face, even though he is in one of the greatest dangers of all his lives.)

EMPEROR: So, you are the Doctor?
DOCTOR: We meet at last. I wondered if we ever would.
EMPEROR: The experiment is over.
DOCTOR: Yes, I have implanted the "Human Factor" in the three Daleks that you gave me... (To the others.) ...When I say run, run!
EMPEROR: Speak louder.
DOCTOR: Promise me, Jamie. I was merely telling my friend that the day of the Daleks is coming to an end.
EMPEROR: Explain.
DOCTOR: It's very simple. Somewhere in the Dalek race there are three Daleks with the "Human Factor" Gradually, they will come to question. They will persuade other Daleks to question. You will have a rebellion on your planet!
DOCTOR: I say, yes. I've beaten you and I don't care what you do to me now.
EMPEROR: Silence. The "Human Factor" showed us what the "Dalek Factor" was.
DOCTOR: (His triumphant face falling.) What?
JAMIE: Well, what does that mean?
EMPEROR: Without knowing, you have shown the Daleks what their own strength is.
WATERFIELD: While you were doing one thing, they were really making you do another.
EMPEROR: The "Human Factor" is useless.
DOCTOR: You still have those three Daleks to contend with.
EMPEROR: They will be impregnated with the "Dalek Factor". Your discovery, but your work is not over.
DOCTOR: I won't work for you!
EMPEROR: You will obey!
JAMIE: What is the "Dalek Factor"?
DOCTOR: You want me to guess? It means to obey, to fight, to destroy, to exterminate. I won't do it.

(A special light slowly illuminates a familiar shape - A British 1960s Police Telephone Box.)

JAMIE: The TARDIS, Doctor!

(The DOCTOR worriedly turns to face the massive EMPEROR as it makes its most terrifying statement.)

EMPEROR: You will take the "Dalek Factor." You will spread it to the entire history of Earth!

(All three are shocked and, worst of all, the DOCTOR sees that he has really not got any choice in the matter at all.)

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