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Episode 5

Written by David Whitaker

First broadcast: 17th June 1967
Repeat broadcast: 20th July 1968
Running Time: 25:17


(JAMIE knocks four times on the door.)

JAMIE: Miss Waterfield? Can you open the door? We've come to get you.

(But they hear another noise. Turning away from the door, they see a Dalek gliding into the hall below them. Suddenly the door opens to reveal another Dalek! It glides out toward them, gun stick armed and ready to fire...

Luckily they manage to grab the rope from the broken wooden rail and loop it around the "Door" Dalek and shove it towards and through what was left of the rail and down onto the Hall. It explodes on impact with the floor and the Dalek's warning klaxon begins to reverberate around the hall.)

JAMIE: (Shoving KEMEL into the room.) Quick, before we see any more of those mechanical beasties.


(VICTORIA is surprised and delighted to see the two new arrivals.)

VICTORIA: Kemel, my dear friend!
JAMIE: Aye, he's a good friend, right enough, Miss Waterfield.
VICTORIA: And you?
JAMIE: Er... Introductions in a moment, if you please. First, I'd like to make us a little bit more secure. Kemel, if we lash this bedstead across the door, it might just hold.

(They quickly pile pieces of furniture and boxes up against the door. VICTORIA watches in wonderment as they rapidly secure the door.)

JAMIE: Rope! That's it. We could do with a chest against it, I'm thinking. Another one on top, eh? Well now, they can't get in and we can't get out. So, where does that put us? Oh. Jamie McCrimmon. I, uh... I came to give you this.

(JAMIE gives the girl her monogrammed handkerchief he found earlier. VICTORIA takes the cloth and smiles gently at the young man.)


(The DOCTOR is taking a little break and is drinking a small glass of wine. TERRALL comes into the room.)

DOCTOR: Are you sure you won't join me?
TERRALL: No, I won't. I very rarely touch it.
DOCTOR: Oh, dear. W...Well, something else, perhaps?
TERRALL: No. Thank you.
DOCTOR: I know - let me ring for some food. Now, do join me?
TERRALL: No! You seem determined to involve me.
DOCTOR: Yes. I do, don't I?
TERRALL: This is a large house. I prefer my own company.
DOCTOR: Oh, how very unsociable.
TERRALL: Yes, possibly. No doubt you will enjoy your libation in one of the other rooms.
DOCTOR: Liba...? Ah, Oh, no. Thank you. I'm... I'm perfectly happy here. Thank you. I'm perfectly happy.

(TERRALL leaves the room. The DOCTOR follows him out of the room.)


(The DOCTOR follows an angry TERRALL as he examines Maxtible's collection of art and militaria.)

DOCTOR: What an extraordinary collection, isn't it? Hmm ? Oh, I... I... I... I... I'm so sorry. I, uh... you... you didn't... You weren't in the mood for talking, were you?
TERRALL: Shouldn't you be helping Waterfield and Maxtible with their experiment?
DOCTOR: He... he... yes, uh... But I thought I'd have a little rest. Uh... I wanted to talk to you.
TERRALL: About what, pray?
DOCTOR: About you, Mr. Terrall. You interest me. Uh... Do you know something? Ever since I came to this house, I... (Speaking to himself.) This is Circassian, surely... (Trails off.)
TERRALL: Do I know what?
DOCTOR: (Still talking to himself.) Circassian?

(He turns to TERRALL.)

DOCTOR: Ever since I came to this house, I have never seen you eat or drink anything. Now, that's curious, isn't it, hmm?
TERRALL: I dine alone.
DOCTOR: Yes, I'd thought of that, but, uh... Waterfield has never seen you eat or drink either.

(TERRALL takes a scimitar from one of the racks on the wall, and begins swishing it through the air.)

TERRALL: (Laughs.) You, uh... seem to be a devotee of Edgar Allen Poe.
DOCTOR: Oh, do I?
TERRALL: However it...

(Whipping it about, TERRALL's scimitar passes only a few inches from the DOCTOR's nose.)

TERRALL: Ah, isn't wise to make assumptions, nor to meddle in affairs which are none of your business.
DOCTOR: (Laughs.) Touché.

(TERRALL lays his hand on the sideboard, as if to put the scimitar down. The Doctor picks up one of the fencing trophies lining the wall and places it near the end of the blade. The tip rises to meet the trophy.)

DOCTOR: Oh, look. A perfectly ordinary sword, and yet it appears to be magnetic. And see?

(TERRALL lets go of the sword, and it falls to the table.)

DOCTOR: Directly you let go, it loses its magnetism. Now, if uh... if I didn't know better, Mr. Terrall, I'd say that you were full of some sort of electricity.

(MAXTIBLE walks in, unaware of the tension in the room.)

MAXTIBLE: Doctor? Uh... excuse me. You're wanted.
DOCTOR: Oh, hmm. Thank you. Excuse me.
TERRALL: Doctor! No doubt you are a keen student of human nature, but some things are better left alone.
DOCTOR: No, Mr. Terrall. I am not a student of human nature. I am a professor of a far wider academy, of which human nature is merely a part. All forms of life interest me.
MAXTIBLE: I'm sorry to interrupt you Doctor, but it's something rather urgent.

(MAXTIBLE and the DOCTOR leave. TERRALL seems to consider the DOCTOR's assertions, and goes to pour some wine for himself. He finally is able to put it to his lips, at which time some spills out onto them. He drops the glass as if burned by acid, grabbing a napkin from the table to wipe the wine from his face. The mechanical voices are heard again.)

VOICE: Obey, obey, obey!


(JAMIE has just told VICTORIA what had happened to him and the DOCTOR.)

JAMIE: ...and so the Doctor and I were brought to the house.
VICTORIA: Why did you risk your life to try and rescue me?
JAMIE: Would you like some more water?
VICTORIA: You are too modest. It was a silly question.
JAMIE: Then tell me, how did they come to capture you in the first place?
VICTORIA: I don't remember. And yet, I seem to remember in the back of my mind, somebody - oh, I can't recall who it was - telling me to walk. And I obeyed, blindly and without interest.
JAMIE: Aye. Uh... you were drugged, maybe?
VICTORIA: I simply don't know. The only thing I remember is waking up in a bare room with one of those terrible, terrible things.
JAMIE: Well, what do you remember before that, apart from this hazy recollection?
VICTORIA: I was reading in the sitting room, but I couldn't concentrate, because I was so worried about Papa. I think I fell asleep over my book.
JAMIE: You see, how you came under the power of the Daleks is very important. They can't have done as much as they have without some help.
VICTORIA: Help? From somebody in the house?
JAMIE: Yes, from someone who wants their plans to succeed - someone who drugged you or... or found a way of putting you under the power of the Daleks.
VICTORIA: But how? How could it be done without my knowing?


(Sitting in a chair, MOLLIE intently watches a jewel of some sort, which MAXTIBLE slowly swings in front of her eyes.)

MAXTIBLE: You are paying attention Mollie?
MOLLIE: Yes sir.
MAXTIBLE: Then keep your eyes fixed on the jewel. See how the light catches it? Every facet sparkles, does it not?
MOLLIE: Yes sir.
MAXTIBLE: Flashing. Flashing, like a collection of sparks. But I know you are tired, Mollie. You are tired, are you not? Tell me.
MOLLIE: I am tired.

(Her eyes are closing and she is struggling to stay awake.)

MAXTIBLE: Then close your eyes and sleep. You need have no fear, my child. A deep, heavy sleep. Oh, you are so exhausted. And now, in your sleep, you will hear only my voice.
MOLLIE: Only your voice.

(She is now totally under hypnosis.)

MAXTIBLE: You have been dreaming, Mollie - dreaming that there are mysteries in this house - that all is not well. You have dreamt that you heard the voice of Miss Waterfield. But it was all your imagination. It was nothing but a dream. Do you understand?
MOLLIE: Nothing but a dream.
MAXTIBLE: That is correct. Now, when I tell you to open your eyes, you will go back to your room and lie down on your bed. And when you awaken, the dream will fade and you will forget all your suspicions, for they might be injurious to your health. Now, open your eyes.

(MOLLIE opens her eyes, gets up, and leaves.)

TERRALL: An excellent subject. I'd no idea that mesmerism was one of your accomplishments.
MAXTIBLE: How else do you suppose that I persuaded Victoria to go to the Daleks?
TERRALL: I see. What of the experiment?
MAXTIBLE: It progresses.
TERRALL: Are you sure of the Doctor?
MAXTIBLE: No, but he is watched.
TERRALL: Mmm. And Waterfield?
MAXTIBLE: Waterfield's usefulness is nearing it's end. Your intervention in the stables was untimely.

(TERRALL suddenly grips the wall.)

TERRALL: Maxtible, help me!
MAXTIBLE: What do you mean?
TERRALL: I... I seem to be in the grip of something. Sometimes my thoughts are clear; sometimes muddled. I... I don't know what's happened. Help me!
MAXTIBLE: I can only help you if you obey me.
TERRALL: But I obey our masters.
MAXTIBLE: I prefer to call them our colleagues. It is their wish that you should obey me.
TERRALL: You? But you would have killed Waterfield if they hadn't made me stop you.
MAXTIBLE: A slight misunderstanding on the part of our friends. But now it is your turn to obey. I have a task for you to perform. This entrance leads to the south wing of my house and to a certain room. You will fetch Victoria Waterfield and bring her to me.
TERRALL: But, Maxtible...
MAXTIBLE: Do as you are told.
VOICE: Obey, obey, obey!
TERRALL: I will bring Victoria to you.


(WATERFIELD is with the DOCTOR.)

WATERFIELD: Is it finished?
DOCTOR: Very nearly. Jamie was magnificent. But then, I knew he would be. He produced a whole battery of emotions; each one of which is imprinted in here. See?
WATERFIELD: The "Human Factor"?
DOCTOR: Well, a part of it at least. The... the better part - courage, pity, chivalry, friendship, even compassion. Some of the virtues.
DOCTOR: Yes, it's a positronic brain. We're going to implant one of these into each of these three Daleks here. The dormant ones.
WATERFIELD: So the end is in sight?
DOCTOR: Perhaps.
WATERFIELD: What happens when the capsule comes into contact with the brain of the Dalek and starts to influence it?
DOCTOR: Perhaps it will drive them insane.
WATERFIELD: Or turn them into super-beings?
DOCTOR: Hmm. Well, that is their purpose. At least, I imagine it is. I can't help feeling that there's more in this than meets the eye.

(A DALEK appears from the mirrored cabinet.)

DALEK: You have completed the experiment?
DOCTOR: Yes, the three capsules are nearly ready.
DALEK: Stand in front of the cabinet and speak when you have finished.
DOCTOR: Yes, yes. I understand.
DALEK: Doctor, be careful.

(The DALEK leaves again.)

WATERFIELD: You can't... you mustn't do it.
DOCTOR: What do you mean?
WATERFIELD: You must stop the experiment.
DOCTOR: Oh, you should have thought of that some time ago.
WATERFIELD: (Over the DOCTOR.) I know.
DOCTOR: It's no use having a conscience now.
WATERFIELD: But... before it's too late...
DOCTOR: It was too late when they took away your daughter. It was too late when you stole my TARDIS and lured me to this house and this century.
WATERFIELD: Yes, but what are we doing? What are we really doing? Turning these creatures into super-beings.
DOCTOR: (Under his breath.) Almost superior, anyway.
WATERFIELD: Adding what is best and finest in human nature to all that is brilliant and superior in them. They'll be unbeatable.
DOCTOR: That is their purpose.
WATERFIELD: But you're making over the whole world to them. Don't you realise that? Our world, our future. They will enslave us for all time.
DOCTOR: That, Mr. Waterfield, remains to be seen.

(WATERFIELD picks up a twisted metal bar from the worktop and weighs it in his hand.)

DOCTOR: Attacking me will do no good. Now, listen. You've done all of this because of your daughter. Jamie is with her now and they're both still in the power of the Daleks. They must be set free!
WATERFIELD: And sacrifice a whole world - a history - past, present and future? Destroy an entire race?
DOCTOR: Yes. I... I don't think you quite realise what you're saying. But yes, it may come to that. It may very well come to that.


(For VICTORIA's benefit, JAMIE and KEMEL re-enact the destruction of the DALEK.)

JAMIE: So, with the Dalek's eye stick pointing forward, Kemel and I were able to tiptoe up behind him, throw the rope over his head and throw him into the fire.

(There was a lot of banging from the door as the DALEKS are trying to break through.)

VICTORIA: What are they doing?
JAMIE: They must be trying to get through. You'd better stand back, Miss Waterfield.
VICTORIA: Why not break the door down? They're strong enough.
JAMIE: I don't know. Maybe they want us alive. I... I just don't know.

(He puts his hand on the furniture stacked in front of the door.)

JAMIE: Is it hot? Aye, well, there's no smoke. Could be one of their newfangled inventions trying to melt their way through. Look, you'd better stand right back. Why didn't they try before this, is what I don't understand. Anyway, we'll make it as hard for them as we possibly can. Come on, Kemel. Excuse me. Take this. That's it. That one too. What's puzzling me is: there were two on the way up here, and there was a Dalek up here, and you were up...

(TERRALL appears from behind a hidden panel, grabs VICTORIA and ducks back inside, closing the panel behind him.)

JAMIE: Hey, Miss Waterfield!

(VICTORIA is still struggling with TERRALL, biting his hand so that she is able to cry out.)


(TERRALL puts a hand over her mouth as he drags her into the hidden passage.)

JAMIE: Hey, did you hear it? Of course! Why didn't I use my head? There's another way in and out of here. Come on!

(They follow TERRALL and VICTORIA into the hidden passage - just as the DALEKS crash into the room.)


(VICTORIA struggles to get away from TERRALL. As TERRALL tries to open a door, VICTORIA seizes the opportunity to break free and runs off into the darkness. JAMIE and KEMEL reach a fork in the passage.)

JAMIE: Oh, no. Two ways to go. Uh... Kemel, you go that way. If it's a dead end, follow me.


(JAMIE catches up with TERRALL. TERRALL grabs a sword and waits by the exit as JAMIE rushes in. JAMIE quickly snatches up a chair and prepares to defend himself. TERRALL lunges at him, but JAMIE's quick reflexes block the blow. JAMIE bravely strikes back. The opponents battle fiercely until JAMIE manages to knock TERRALL to the floor.)

JAMIE: Right.

(But as he approaches TERRALL, the man leaps up, lashing out with his sword. Their swords clash loudly as the battle recommences.)

JAMIE: Where's Victoria Waterfield?!
TERRALL: (Laughs.) You'll never find her.
JAMIE: Tell me!

(JAMIE and TERRALL fight with swords.)

10. HALL

(As they stray into the hall, RUTH and MOLLIE stand there, watching amazed.)

RUTH: Mollie, go and fetch the Doctor, quick!
MOLLIE: Yes, mistress.
RUTH: Hurry! Arthur, stop it. I implore you! Stop it!
TERRALL: Leave me!
RUTH: Please, I implore you. Stop it!

(TERRALL is suddenly released from the Dalek influence. He drops his sword and falls to the ground as the Doctor arrives.)

DOCTOR: Jamie, what have you done?
JAMIE: But, I can't understand it. He just... just collapsed.
RUTH: Arthur, are you all right? What's happened to him?
DOCTOR: (To RUTH.) Do you want to save a man's life?
RUTH: What do you...?
DOCTOR: Do you?
RUTH: Yes!
DOCTOR: Then take him away from here, as far away as possible. Go and get the carriage round to the stables. You go too Mollie. We'll bring him after you. Now do go along.
RUTH: But, Doctor.. Oh, Mollie.
TERRALL: (Fighting the Dalek influence.) Ah, ah, ah, ah!
DOCTOR: Yes, I thought he was under some sort of control. Come along.
TERRALL: The creatures!
DOCTOR: (To TERRALL.) Yes, don't worry about them.
TERRALL: There's danger, I tell you. Some kind of danger.
DOCTOR: Yes, I know there's danger. You must leave here immediately.
TERRALL: The house... the creatures abroad.
DOCTOR: Now you leave them to us. Take Ruth Maxtible with you. She's waiting for you at the stables.
TERRALL: Yes, very well.
JAMIE: Can you manage?
TERRALL: Yes, I think so. Wait. There's something in the back of my mind. Victoria Waterfield - I feel I've harmed her in some way.
DOCTOR: Victoria is safe and well.
TERRALL: You... You're positive?
DOCTOR: Yes, I'm positive. Now we'll take care of her. You must leave immediately.
TERRALL: Yes, if that's what you want. I'll find Ruth by the stables?

(TERRALL leaves.)

JAMIE: Well, that's fine for Ruth Maxtible, but you lied about Victoria.
DOCTOR: Yes Jamie, and we must turn that lie into a truth.


(Meanwhile, KEMEL has returned to MAXTIBLE's laboratory. He finds VICTORIA lying unconscious on the floor. As he stoops down to her, a DALEK emerges from the time cabinet.)

DALEK: (Menacingly.) Turn around. Pick up the human female. Obey. Obey! Hurry! Hurry! Move into the cabinet. Obey! Move!

(The Turk, with no choice, carries VICTORIA's body into the time cabinet, and then follows the DALEKS.)


(A little while later, JAMIE and the DOCTOR enter the room.)

DOCTOR: Well Jamie, the experiment's nearly over. I've had no sleep. I've been up all night, but it's been worth it.
JAMIE: Ah, don't touch me!
DOCTOR: Now what's the matter?
JAMIE: Anyone would think this was a little game.
DOCTOR: No. It is not a game.
JAMIE: Of course it isn't, Doctor. People have died. The Daleks are all over the place, fit to murder the lot of us, and all you can say is you've had a good night's work.
DOCTOR: Jamie.
JAMIE: No, Doctor. Look, I'm telling you this: you and me - we're finished. You're just too callous for me. Anything goes by the board - anything at all.
DOCTOR: That's just not true, Jamie. I've never held that the end justifies the means.
JAMIE: Ach, words. What do I care about words? You don't give that much for a living soul except yourself.
DOCTOR: I care about life. I care about human beings. Do you think I let you go through that Dalek test lightly?
JAMIE: I don't know. Did you? Look, Doctor, just whose side are you on?

(Two of the experimental DALEKS slowly come out of their cases and comes towards them.)

DOCTOR: It's all right, Jamie. Uh... They're friends.
JAMIE: Friends?
DOCTOR: Now don't get the wrong idea. They are the experiment.

(The remaining packing case falls open. As MAXTIBLE dashes in, the last DALEK glides out.)

MAXTIBLE: Every feeling, every thought impulse you had during your attempt to rescue Victoria Waterfield was recorded and made into a small positronic brain and added to these Daleks. The "Human Factor" to add to their own powers - to triumph over human beings.
JAMIE: Well, how do you know they haven't succeeded?
DOCTOR: Because human beings, Jamie, no matter how brilliant they may be, are always within reach of other human beings. Now then, it's all right, Jamie. Don't worry.
JAMIE: H... How do you know you can trust them, Doctor?

(The DALEKS move to the DOCTOR, appearing to want to play. One of the DALEKS lifts the DOCTOR up with its arm.)

DOCTOR: What is it? What do you want? Hmm? What are you up to? Ah! What are you doing?
JAMIE: Doctor, where are they taking you?

(The DALEK starts to glide around the laboratory with the DOCTOR on its sucker arm.)

DOCTOR: Where are you taking me? Jamie! They're taking me for a ride! Jamie, they're playing a game. It's a game! They're taking me for a ride!

(He laughs out loud as he continues to ride on the DALEKS.)

MAXTIBLE: A rather amusing little game, don't you think Jamie?

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