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Episode 3

Written by David Whitaker

First broadcast: 3rd June 1967
Repeat broadcast: 22nd June, 1968
Running Time: 26:50


(The RED DALEK has arrived via the time cabinet and awaits a report from another DALEK.)

GREY DALEK: The humans have been told to begin the test.
RED DALEK: Any delay will result in death.
GREY DALEK: There will be no delay!


(Having awakened MOLLIE, WATERFIELD and the DOCTOR now ponder how to complete the task expected of them without JAMIE.)

WATERFIELD: Mollie, Mollie. Mr. McCrimmon has been kidnapped! It means the end of us unless we can find him quickly.

(Hoping that he can offer some solution to their dilemma, WATERFIELD looks down at the DOCTOR to find him carefully examining dirt in the carpet. The DOCTOR stands up, clutching something he has found.)

DOCTOR: Straw.
WATERFIELD: I beg your pardon?
DOCTOR: A piece of straw.


(JAMIE wakes to find himself in what he assumes to be MAXTIBLE's stables. Still fuzzy, he can only partially make out the unkempt thug that he assumes is to blame for his present state. The scoundrel sits on an upturned bucket nearby, and hurls insults in JAMIE's direction.)

TOBY: Had a cosy little sleep, young swell?

(He pokes JAMIE hard, causing JAMIE to try to punch him. The Scot misses by a considerable distance. TOBY laughs.)

TOBY: Lively, is it? Maybe you'd like to sleep again? I've got Mr. Nod here.

(He hefts the heavy cudgel used to knock out JAMIE earlier.)

TOBY: He'll have you snorin' as good as ever.
JAMIE: What do you want?
TOBY: I'm to be well paid. Have no fear of that.
JAMIE: Oh, and for what? I don't know you.

(The top half of the stable door opens and TERRALL, a well-dressed gentleman, appears. TOBY addresses him.)

TOBY: This your man, sir?

(TERRALL is completely horrified.)

TERRALL: Toby! What in Hades have you done?
TOBY: Why, I, uh... brought 'im from the house, like you said.
TERRALL: I said nothing of the kind.
TOBY: Well ya did, sir! Honest ya did. A guinea ya promised me. I... I done what ya said. You don't get outta payin'.

(Opening the lower half of the door, TERRALL strides in, grabs TOBY by the lapels and shoves him toward the door.)

TERRALL: Be careful how you speak to me, Toby!

(Reaching into his pocket, he retrieves a gold coin, which he throws in the mud at TOBY's feet.)

TERRALL: There's your money. Get out!

(TOBY leaves. TERRALL seems to faint, falling against the wall, only to regain his strength and stand upright again.)

TERRALL: Where's Toby?
JAMIE: You just sent him about his business. Look, what's the matter? Are you all right?
TERRALL: Where's Victoria Waterfield?
JAMIE: I don't know.
TERRALL: Yes, you do.
JAMIE: I tell you, I don't even know her!
TERRALL: You're in the house, a friend of Maxtible's.You must know!
JAMIE: No, listen, I'm te...

(TERRALL once again falls against the wall, mumbling to himself, before straightening up again.)

TERRALL: Ha, I must apologize for that villain Toby. He was telling lies, of course. I shall escort you to the house.
JAMIE: Uh, You... you... you just asked me about Victoria Waterfield.
TERRALL: Now, she's in Paris. I'm afraid I haven't introduced myself - Arthur Terrall.
JAMIE: Well, never mind about that. Did you or did you not ask that man to knock me on the head and bring me in here?
TERRALL: I, oh...

(He is incredulous.)

TERRALL: ...certainly not!

(The DOCTOR enters.)

TERRALL: Doctor, oh. (Laughs.) I see you're in good hands now. I won't detain you any further. Good day, Doctor.
DOCTOR: Oh, good day to you.

(TERRALL leaves.)

JAMIE: He's mad. Stark, staring mad!
DOCTOR: Yes, I know. I was listening. Let's have a look at that head of yours. Come along.

(JAMIE tells his story as the DOCTOR attends to his injuries.)

JAMIE: Look, it's all right, Doctor. One minute he says this, the next minute he says that. Can you make it out, Doctor? I'm knocked on the head and I'm brought in here. Then that man Terrall enters and denies having ordered the other man to do it. Well, then he changes, and starts asking about Victoria Waterfield and in the next breath, he tells me she's in Paris!
DOCTOR: I know what's happened to Victoria.
JAMIE: What has?
DOCTOR: She's a prisoner of the Daleks.


(Sitting on the edge of her bed, VICTORIA gathers up her possessions, watched by a DALEK.)

DALEK: Hurry!
VICTORIA: Why am I being moved? Are you taking me back to my father?
DALEK: No, you are being moved. Pick up your cover. Follow. Do not be afraid.

(The DALEK leads her into the hallway and down the corridor.)

DALEK: You are not to be exterminated.

(Taking advantage of her first taste of freedom in some time, VICTORIA stops along the way to look out one of the second-floor windows. The DALEK quickly redirects her.)

DALEK: Do not delay.

(Another DALEK joins the first in escorting her along the corridor.)

DALEK 2: Move.


(The DOCTOR has returned to the sitting room, and now updates WATERFIELD about what has occurred.)

WATERFIELD: You've warned him - told him about the Daleks?
DOCTOR: Yes, of course I did!
WATERFIELD: But you were expressly told...
DOCTOR: Oh, fiddlesticks!

(The DOCTOR is busy debating with WATERFIELD and fails to notice JAMIE sneak into the room.)

DOCTOR: Bosh! Jamie will cooperate. You may be certain of that.
WATERFIELD: Are you sure?
DOCTOR: Yes, perfectly sure. Jamie will do everything he is asked to do. Now come along, we must go and find Maxtible.

(They leave, and JAMIE secretes himself from his hiding place, pondering the exchange he has just overheard as he studies the portrait of the late Mrs. Waterfield.)


(We see the DALEK faced toward the time cabinet, as if listening to distant, silent voices. After a time, it quickly turns to face MAXTIBLE.)

DALEK: The female human being has been moved.
MAXTIBLE: Everything is prepared.
DALEK: The testing equipment is ready?
MAXTIBLE: I think you will be pleased with the man I've had specially brought from London. Ah, he works in my house.
DALEK: Show me!
MAXTIBLE: You will understand that he is rather simple. He's quite dumb, but, uh... that has its advantages for us. His mind is, how shall I say, undeveloped. He will not understand you, the Daleks. Uh, I mean he will be terrified of you.

(Impatient, the DALEK cuts MAXTIBLE off.)

DALEK: Show me.

(As if it has some awareness of the effect its presence has on humans, the DALEK moves from the laboratory into the time cabinet.)

MAXTIBLE: Ohh, I beg your pardon, uh...

(He opens the laboratory door and calls out.)


(A large hulking figure in Turkish dress appears.)

MAXTIBLE: Will you come with me? I want you to stand here. No, no, no, no, no, face the cabinet. Good.

(MAXTIBLE gives KEMEL a solid iron bar from the worktop.)

MAXTIBLE: Now, bend that.

(KEMEL bends the bar easily.)

MAXTIBLE: Excellent Kemel, excellent. Now, you'll help me with these stools.

(With KEMEL's help, MAXTIBLE arranges two stools about two feet apart, takes a board from the table, and places it between the stools.)

MAXTIBLE: Now, Kemel. One blow. Break the plank!

(KEMEL breaks the plank in one blow.)

MAXTIBLE: Very good Kemel. I'm very pleased with you. Now you can put on your jacket.

(KEMEL does so.)

MAXTIBLE: Come over here. Now, I want you to listen carefully. See this man?

(He shows KEMEL a likeness of JAMIE.)

MAXTIBLE: Now, I'm going to take you to a place that I want you to guard, and this young man will try and get past you and you are not to let him. Do you understand? Oh, he's an evil villain, Kemel, a cutthroat who would gladly murder us all in our beds, if he could. You will remember this man, hmm?

(KEMEL signals his understanding.)

MAXTIBLE: Right. Well, you come with me and I will direct you.

(They leave the laboratory.)


(This is an alcove just outside the South Wing of the house. MAXTIBLE now shows KEMEL where to stand.)

MAXTIBLE: You wait here. This is the entrance to the south wing of my house, and through here will pass the man I showed you in the picture. The door itself is an obstacle.

(KEMEL goes to open the door for MAXTIBLE.)

MAXTIBLE: No, no, wait!

(As KEMEL opens the door, iron spikes shoot across the doorway, forcing KEMEL to jump back in surprise. MAXTIBLE laughs to himself as the spikes retract into the frame.)

MAXTIBLE: Now, if he gets through here, you will deal with him. Go now.


(The DOCTOR and WATERFIELD have been waiting to report to the DALEKS, and one does finally appear from the time cabinet. Not unexpectedly, the DALEK does not attempt to veil the DALEK viewpoint.)

DALEK: We do not trust you.
DOCTOR: Then we're quits, aren't we?
DALEK: But we have your time machine.
DALEK: So, you will obey us.

(The DOCTOR addresses WATERFIELD.)

DOCTOR: They want the "Human Factor", is that right?
WATERFIELD: Yes, that is what they want.
DOCTOR: Very complex. And you want to introduce this "human factor" into the race of Daleks?
DALEK: Yes, the conquest of humanity has eluded us. The Daleks must know why.
DOCTOR: But, why choose Jamie for this test?
DALEK: His travelling with you makes him unique.
DOCTOR: But why him? Why not me?
DALEK: Request denied.
DALEK: You have travelled too much through time. You are more than human.
DOCTOR: I see.

(The Dalek cabinet opens and the DOCTOR goes inside to find three cases. He looks inside one of the cases and sees what he recognizes as the mutant form of a DALEK - apparently lifeless. As he looks, MAXTIBLE enters the laboratory.)

DOCTOR: What is this?
MAXTIBLE: They have been brought from the Dalek planet.
DOCTOR: Skaro!
DALEK: Yes, their life force is dormant. Before it is activated, we want...
DOCTOR: (Finishing the thought.) You want the "human factor" introduced. I see.
DALEK: You will obey us!
DOCTOR: I will make up my own mind!
WATERFIELD: Do not antagonize them, Doctor. They will destroy your time machine!
DOCTOR: And if I agree, it means the creation of a race of super-Daleks!

(The DOCTOR reminds himself that the TARDIS is being held by the DALEKS.)

DOCTOR: My TARDIS... I have no choice, do I? Very well. I agree.
DALEK: The human being with you must not be aware of the trial.
DOCTOR: I quite understand.
DALEK: Make him begin the test!
DOCTOR: What must Jamie do?
MAXTIBLE: Attempt to rescue Waterfield's daughter.


(After overhearing the debate concerning his imminent test, JAMIE has remained in the Sitting Room to ponder events. As he does so, MOLLIE arrives with RUTH and TERRALL.)

MOLLIE: There we are, sir.
RUTH: Thank you, Mollie.

(MOLLIE leaves.)

RUTH: Arthur, I'd like you to meet Mr. McCrimmon.

(TERRALL addresses JAMIE with irritation.)

TERRALL: May I ask what you are doing in this house?
JAMIE: I was just about to ask you the same thing.
RUTH: Oh, you gentlemen have been introduced?
JAMIE: Aye, we've met.

(TERRALL half-heartedly veils his dislike for JAMIE.)

TERRALL: It seems, Ruth, your father has the oddest collection of house guests these days.
RUTH: Now Arthur, please!

(RUTH is clearly perplexed by TERRALL's behaviour.)

RUTH: You must forgive him, Mr. McCrimmon.
JAMIE: Ah, it's becoming a habit.
TERRALL: I don't care for insolence.
JAMIE: Well, I'm not keen on arrogance myself!

(RUTH begins to see a pattern in their interactions.)

RUTH: Why, you bite at each other as if you were old enemies!
JAMIE: I'm sorry if I seem rude.
RUTH: Come, I want you to be friends. Won't you be so, to please me?

(TERRALL moans loudly and staggers against the mantelpiece.)

RUTH: Arthur... Arthur, what is it? (To JAMIE.) Excuse me. (To TERRALL.) Arthur! What's the matter?

(RUTH leaves, chasing after TERRALL, after which MOLLIE again enters.)

JAMIE: Yes?! Oh, I wish you'd call me Jamie.
MOLLIE: Oh, I couldn't do that sir. What would the master say?
JAMIE: Oh, who cares! Ah, What can I do for you?
MOLLIE: If you'd tell me where your bags are, sir - yours and the Doctor's - I'll have them taken up to your room.
JAMIE: Aye. well, Mollie...
MOLLIE: Listen to me, "have them taken." I dare say I'll be doin' it meself!
JAMIE: You see, we didn't have time to pick up the luggage. It'll be following.
JAMIE: Why do you say that you'll be doing it yourself?
MOLLIE: Well, they do say, sir, that the house is haunted. Mr. Kitson, the butler, left, and cook and the two footmen are complainin' again.
JAMIE: Haunted?
MOLLIE: Mmm. But, I've never heard anything sir. I sleep like a log and always have.
JAMIE: Aye. well, I'm glad you've got over the fright you had.
MOLLIE: Oh, yes, that horrible man. Miss Ruth said it was all a game, but I dunno sir. I've never fainted before, sir. Truly I haven't.
JAMIE: Not "sir", "Jamie"!

(MOLLIE giggles at this, and JAMIE uses it as an excuse to change the subject.)

JAMIE: Tell me about Arthur Terrall.
MOLLIE: Miss Ruth's fiancÚ, sir?
MOLLIE: Oh, oh, he's a kind man, sir. Usually.
JAMIE: Usually?
MOLLIE: Mmm. Well, when he's a bit odd or his temper's up, as it has been lately, I says to meself "Inkerman" and then it's all right.
JAMIE: "Inkerman"?
MOLLIE: Yes sir. 'e was out in the Crimea, 'e was. They do say Mr. Terrall was wounded out there. Do you know, my uncle was killed at Inkerman, sir. So, you see, I do know what it's like with soldiers.

(As MOLLIE starts to leave with the tray of tea, the DOCTOR walks in, and she runs into him. She babbles explanations as he attempts to reassure her.)

MOLLIE: Oh... oh, I'm sorry sir. I didn't mean to... Well cook said to me that if I did some dusting it would be all right. Oh, you won't tell the master, will you? That I.... Ah, ah... Thank you. Sorry sir.
DOCTOR: Sorry Mollie. (Laughs.) Never mind, Mollie. That will do. Yes, Mollie, thank you very much. It's all right, Mollie. I wouldn't dream of telling him. Thank you very much, Bye-bye.

(He laughs, and MOLLIE leaves.)

DOCTOR: Hmm, you'll have to brush up on your history. I can't be around to cover up for you all the time.

(He clears his throat.)

DOCTOR: Now then, in the Crimean War, the English, the French and the Turks fought the Russians...

(JAMIE has no patience for the DOCTOR's history lesson.)

JAMIE: Oh, forget about all that!
DOCTOR: Oh, I thought you'd be interested. I watched the Charge of the Light Brigade. Magnificent folly...
JAMIE: Look, where've you been?
DOCTOR: Oh, just looking around.
JAMIE: Aye. What for? The TARDIS?!

(The DOCTOR is genuinely surprised, and attempts to make light of it.)

DOCTOR: Jamie, you're in a temper!

(This only irritates JAMIE more.)

JAMIE: Oh, am I? Is that bad then? Does that mean I won't be co-operative - I won't do everything I'm told?

(Now it is the DOCTOR's turn to be on the defensive.)

DOCTOR: What was that?
JAMIE: I overheard you and Waterfield!
DOCTOR: You were eavesdropping!
JAMIE: Well, whatever it is, I don't like what you're doing.
DOCTOR: Now you listen to me...!

(JAMIE does not give him a chance to continue.)

JAMIE: No, Doctor, you're forgetting the TARDIS was stolen and a man was murdered! Now, how am I supposed to tell when I see you as friendly as you like with the murderer!
DOCTOR: Waterfield did not murder that man!
JAMIE: All right then, but he stole the TARDIS and that still makes him a thief!
DOCTOR: The Daleks forced him to!
JAMIE: The Daleks! You keep telling me about the Daleks, and I haven't even seen one! You're always on about them, but where are they?!
DOCTOR: Now you listen to me...!

(Once again, JAMIE does not let the DOCTOR interrupt.)

JAMIE: No, you'll not get round me this time, Doctor. You're up to something with Waterfield and Maxtible. Now what is it? Some scientific invention?!

(WATERFIELD enters.)

JAMIE: Oh, here's your friend.

(The DOCTOR attempts to smoothe over the situation.)

DOCTOR: Just a little argument.
WATERFIELD: I heard voices raised.
JAMIE: That's not all you'll hear!
DOCTOR: Jamie seems to think that I'm lying to him.
JAMIE: Well, aren't you?!
DOCTOR: He doesn't believe the Daleks are here.
WATERFIELD: It's the truth.
JAMIE: Aye, the truth you told Arthur Terrall, maybe - that your daughter was in Paris!
WATERFIELD: I had to tell him that.
JAMIE: So, you've got another story to tell me?
WATERFIELD: I tell you that the Daleks are holding my daughter prisoner in the south wing of this house, Mr. McCrimmon.
JAMIE: Then why don't you try and get her back, eh?! (To the DOCTOR.) What are you doing?!
DOCTOR: Well, what can I do? Now, be... be fair Jamie. Waterfield's tied hand and foot because of his daughter and we're tied hand and foot because of the TARDIS!
JAMIE: Aye, and that's all you can think about, isn't it? The TARDIS. Well, you can all stand around doing nothing. I'm sick to death of it!

(JAMIE marches angrily across the room, toward the door.)

DOCTOR: Now just where are you going?
JAMIE: To be by myself for a bit. Do you mind?
DOCTOR: No, not a bit. But, one word of warning. Don't you try to be a one-man army. You leave well alone. I won't have you ruining everything trying to rescue Victoria Waterfield. Now, you understand?!

(JAMIE storms out of the room. The Doctor chuckles.)

WATERFIELD: Well, are you sure you didn't go a little too far, Doctor?
DOCTOR: Adding a little fuel to the fire. (Laughs.) Tell Maxtible that I'll be along to his laboratory shortly.
WATERFIELD: Oh, very well, Doctor. If you're sure.
DOCTOR: Oh yes, quite sure. Once our young friend has cooled his heels a bit, he'll launch off on his own. And you dropped the hint about the south wing beautifully.


(TERRALL is walking in the garden, only to see TOBY nearby, waving to him from the stables, beckoning to him. Grudgingly, he makes his way to the stables.)


TERRALL: Well, what is it? You wanted to see me?

(TOBY is unimpressed with TERRALL's demeanor.)

TOBY: Very good of you to talk to me, gov'nor.
TERRALL: Well, never mind all that. I'll give you two minutes, no more.
TOBY: I want me rights. No more, no less.
TERRALL: What do you mean, "rights"?
TOBY: 'alf a guinea, you gave me, and it ain't what we said.
TERRALL: You were lucky to get anything.
TOBY: That ain't fair!
TERRALL: You'll get no more from me. I warn you! Keep away from this house, and this property. Find the nearest road to London and take it!
TOBY: Oh, yeah, London, sir. Yeah, I daresay I could earn something for me stories there.
TERRALL: Stories?
TOBY: Oh, I won't detain an important gentleman like yourself. Like as not me two minutes is up anyway.
TERRALL: What do you mean, "stories"?
TOBY: Ah, it's all right, sir. I'll take a stroll to London...

(Growling, TERRALL grabs TOBY.)

TERRALL: Don't play with me!
TOBY: Get off me! If you must know, there's plenty who'd pay to hear what I've got to tell 'em.
TERRALL: (Laughs.) Indeed.
TOBY: Yeah. You blows too hot and cold for me - tellin' me this one minute and that the next, and not payin' up.
TERRALL: You know nothing.
TOBY: Don't I though?
TERRALL: Hmm. Who'd believe you anyway?
TOBY: Pay me off, and there's the end of it!
TERRALL: Oh, blackmail is it?! Get out!

(They grapple. TOBY grabs a pitchfork and hits TERRALL with the handle, knocking him to the ground.)

TOBY: Maybe I don't know much to tell, but I'll wager I'll find something in the house that's worth me trouble. So, I'll say thank ya, Mr. Terrall, sir!

(TOBY laughs and leaves the stables. TERRALL struggles to get up before falling unconscious.)


(As MOLLIE anxiously waits for him inside, JAMIE sneaks into the dimly lamplit room, startling her.)

JAMIE: It's only me, Mollie!

(MOLLIE giggles.)

MOLLIE: It's over here, sir. I took it from the master's study.

(MOLLIE shows JAMIE a plan of MAXTIBLE's home.)

JAMIE: It's marvellous. Thank you!
MOLLIE: 'ere, is this what you wanted?
JAMIE: Perfect, yes. Let's see, umm... this is the south wing here?

(He points to the area he assumes to be the South Wing.)

MOLLIE: Yes sir, but it's been closed off.
JAMIE: Completely?
MOLLIE: Oh, no sir; only 'cause of some repairs...


"Then we must leave, for the moment, this episode of Doctor Who, while this interference in vision continues. Until we can get the fault rectified, here is some music."

(Herb Alpert-like, train-ride-evoking Spanish trumpet music.)

"Now we can return to episode three of Doctor Who - The Evil of the Daleks"

MOLLIE: ...but it's been closed off.
JAMIE: Completely?
MOLLIE: Oh, no sir. Only 'cause of some repairs about a twelve-month back. But the door may be locked.
JAMIE: Can you show me?
MOLLIE: All right. What're you gonna do, sir?
JAMIE: Off to hunt a few wee ghosties, Mollie.


(MAXTIBLE's workroom is now overflowing with DALEK technology. The DOCTOR carefully prepares some machinery for the test, watched by MAXTIBLE and two DALEKS.)

DOCTOR: Every single one of Jamie's reactions will be recorded on these Dalek machines?
MAXTIBLE: And then transformed into thought patterns on silver wire. A wonderful creation!
DALEK 1: It is for you, Doctor, to select the major feelings to make up this "human factor".
DOCTOR: Oh, yes. I quite understand.
MAXTIBLE: We can rely on the Doctor to give us all cooperation.
DALEK 1: We shall watch your every move.
DOCTOR: I'm sure you will. And every step of Jamie's progress will be covered?
DALEK 1: Yes.
DALEK 2: The young human being is on his way.
MAXTIBLE: Then the recording machines can be set in action.


(JAMIE and MOLLIE now use the plans of the house to lead their way to the spot she had indicated. The corridor, just outside the South Wing, is dimly lit only by MOLLIE's candle.)

JAMIE: Here!
MOLLIE: Yes, sir. I once remember the master stepping away from here. When he saw me, he was very cross and told me to keep away.
JAMIE: I see.


(A dark figure slips through the door and looks carefully around the room. Then, seeing the room empty, he strikes a match, and the light shows it is TOBY. He looks around the room at the computers, not fathoming their function, until his gaze comes to rest on the three packing crates. Opening one, he looks inside, puzzled, before lighting another match. He then notices another object, shaped like the one in the box, at the far end of the room. As he moves to examine it, the object moves. Startled, he steps away from it, as it moves toward him. Finally, his nerve breaks and he sprints for the door just as the DALEK aims its gun-stick and fires. With a scream, he falls dead.)


(MOLLIE and JAMIE hear TOBY's almost inhuman scream.)

MOLLIE: What was that? What was that?!
JAMIE: That was no ghost, Mollie, that's for sure. That was a human voice!
MOLLIE: Oh, sir!
JAMIE: Look Mollie, take the candle and go back to your room. Will you do that?
MOLLIE: Yes sir.
JAMIE: Now, do you want me to see you safely there?
MOLLIE: No, no. I'll be all right.

(Mollie heads off into the darkness. JAMIE carefully examines a wood panel that appears to have oily fingerprints along its frame. He presses the panel in several places and it opens. As it opens, he is momentarily distracted by a bird which flies through the now-open panel. Just as he pauses, large spikes shoot out, embedding themselves in the frame where he would have been standing. He quickly ducks under the spikes, and on into the bare hallway beyond. In the moonlight coming through a nearby window, he can see a shadowy shape rise from the couch nearby, and move into an offensive position before him.)

JAMIE: Hello. Who are you?

(The giant figure of KEMEL does not reply, but stands blocking the passageway and prepares to fight.)

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