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Written by David Whitaker

Original Broadcast: May 27, 1967
Repeat broadcast: June 15th, 1968
Running Time: 25' 09''


DALEK: Who are you? Who are you? Answer!

(KENNEDY looks in terror at the creature, and turns to run. As he reaches the door, though, the DALEK fires, and with a scream of agony, KENNEDY slumps to the ground, dead. The DALEK steps back into the transmat device and dematerializes.)


(The DOCTOR and JAMIE enter the store at the front of WATERFIELD's house, carefully silencing the bell as they enter.)

JAMIE: I don't know what you're being so cautious abo...

(As JAMIE is talking rather loudly, the DOCTOR quietens him.)

JAMIE: (Quietly.) They left the door open for us, didn't they? Hey, it's half past the nine o'clock.
DOCTOR: Yes, I know.
JAMIE: But they made the appointment for ten. Why have we come early?
DOCTOR: The early bird catches the worm, Jamie. Now, do be quiet, there's a good chap. And for heaven's sake, don't knock into anything.

(Just as he says this, the DOCTOR knocks over a statue, not noticing he has done so, and JAMIE has to catch it to prevent it from falling over.)


(JAMIE then picks something up from a nearby shelf and shows it to the DOCTOR.)

JAMIE: Any good, this?
DOCTOR: It's interesting. In fact, Jamie, it's quite remarkable.
JAMIE: Hey Doctor, you know you told me outside it said "Genuine Victorian Antiques"? Well, all the stuff in here's brand new.
DOCTOR: Hmm, you've noticed that.
JAMIE: Of course I did. The man's a rogue.
DOCTOR: Yes, so it seems. Except...
JAMIE: Except what?
DOCTOR: Except that all these things are not reproductions. They're all genuine.
JAMIE: Now, that's ridiculous!
DOCTOR: Here, look at this.

(He opens a box, finding what seems to be a bill.)

DOCTOR: (Reads it aloud.) "To one deed box four guineas." This is a bill from William Dearing and Son, eighteen sixty-six.
JAMIE: Then it's a forgery.
DOCTOR: Yes. If you were going to make a forgery, wouldn't you try to dirty it up a bit - yellow the edges, crinkle it up? This is brand new.
JAMIE: I've got an idea.
JAMIE: All the stuff in here is genuine...
JAMIE: ...but brand new.
DOCTOR: Well done.
JAMIE: But that is impossible unless Waterfield could've invented a time machine like the TARDIS, Doctor, and he's bringing all this stuff back from Victorian times.
DOCTOR: But it's not very likely, is it? The only way to find out is to ask Waterfield.

(They move towards a nearby door.)


(WATERFIELD enters his study, then seeing that the door to his secret room is open, he continues into the hidden room, finding the DALEK standing over KENNEDY's body.)

WATERFIELD: Kennedy! What happened?
DALEK: The human discovered our communications system.
WATERFIELD: And you murdered him!?
DALEK: He would have betrayed us.
WATERFIELD: You don't have to kill!
DALEK: Silence!
WATERFIELD: I won't be silent! What are you dragging me into? You've destroyed a human life. Don't you understand that?
DALEK: That is of no consequence.
WATERFIELD: No consequence?
DALEK: There is only one form of life that matters - Dalek life! Obey your orders, Waterfield!

(The DALEK re-enters the transmat and dematerializes.)

WATERFIELD: No, wait, wait! What am I to do with the body? I can't! I can't go on with this.


(JAMIE and the DOCTOR are at the door to the house, attempting to pick the lock with a wire they apparently found nearby.)

DOCTOR: I'm sure I heard somebody shouting. Jamie, we've got to get in there.
JAMIE: What about the wire?
DOCTOR: No, it's too pliable.

(He stops as they hear someone coming and hide behind a display. PERRY enters, attempting to be stealthy, but the DOCTOR and JAMIE surprise him.)


(PERRY jumps into a different dimension.)

PERRY: Oh! What are you doing here?
DOCTOR: You made the appointment.
PERRY: For ten o'clock.
DOCTOR: Yes, well, we thought we'd be early. What are you doing here?
PERRY: I work here.
JAMIE: Then what are you creeping about for?

(PERRY cannot think of a response to this.)

PERRY: Umm...
JAMIE: Aye...
DOCTOR: Yes, I think you've got some explaining to do, Mr. Kenneth Perry!
PERRY: My name isn't Kenneth, it's Keith. Now look - I... I don't understand.
DOCTOR: So, it's Keith. Hmm. Do you know a man called Bob Hall?
PERRY: Well, he's a man Mr. Waterfield employs.
DOCTOR: Well, he keeps some very rough company, including a man called Ken.

(This name seems familiar to PERRY, as he ponders it out loud.)

PERRY: Ken? Kennedy?
DOCTOR: What? What do you know about Kennedy?
PERRY: Oh, wait a minute. This is all too quick for me. Look, I'll answer your questions, if you'll answer mine.


(WATERFIELD holds a picture of the DOCTOR, which he tears in two - half of it he places in the dead hands of KENNEDY, the other half he places inside a box, which he puts just inside the Dalek transport platform.)


PERRY: This old police box was for a collector of curios.
DOCTOR: But it belongs to me!
PERRY: But why is it so important to you?
DOCTOR: Because... because of what's inside it and because it happens to be my property!
JAMIE: Look, where is it?
PERRY: At the back.
DOCTOR: Well, is there another way through? This door is locked.
PERRY: We might be able to get over the yard gates. You see, this door has an electric lock on it.
DOCTOR: You're going to show me where this yard of yours is.
PERRY: I say, if it's a police box, shouldn't we get the police?

(The door leading to WATERFIELD's study opens. JAMIE notices and points it out to the DOCTOR.)

JAMIE: Doctor...

(They head through the door.)


(They enter WATERFIELD's study and find KENNEDY's body.)

PERRY: That's Kennedy!

(The DOCTOR checks for a pulse, but does not find one.)

DOCTOR: He's dead!

(PERRY runs to the phone, frantically dialling.)

JAMIE: What are you doing?
PERRY: Getting the police. What...?

(He replaces the phone, which doesn't seem to be working.)

PERRY: I don't think we ought to touch anything. I'll be as quick as I can.

(He leaves.)

JAMIE: Should we have let him go?
DOCTOR: He's doing the right thing.
JAMIE: But the TARDIS...?
DOCTOR: Yes, we'll have to find it before he comes back. Now, I wonder what this telephone interference is.
JAMIE: Looks like Waterfield's cleared out.
DOCTOR: Why make an appointment to see us at ten?
JAMIE: Well, obviously, he didn't know he was going to have a fight with Kennedy. Aw, come on Doctor, lets find the TARDIS and go!
DOCTOR: Yes, yes, the TARDIS. Now, how did he die? His limbs are stiff; his hands clenched. Look, he died in horrible agony. Look at his face. Hello...?

(He finds half of a picture of himself.)

JAMIE: What? It's your picture!
DOCTOR: Yes. Now, he fell like that with his arm stretched out. Jamie, go out into the hall and measure the length of it up to the door here.

(JAMIE goes into the hall, announcing the final number of paces.)

JAMIE: ...fourteen, ...fifteen.
DOCTOR: Well, it's only five from the door to the wall. There must be another room behind here.

(They quickly search the shelf, removing book after book until they find a keyhole in the panel behind them.)

JAMIE: Hey Doctor, there's a keyhole!
DOCTOR: Yes, you're right. Now, Waterfield would have the key. We've got to find something to prise it open with.

(The door opens by itself. They go inside, not noticing WATERFIELD sneak into the study behind them. The DOCTOR sees the Dalek Transmat machine)

DOCTOR: Well, look at this. That's where your telephone interference is coming from. Oh, yes, this is interesting.

(JAMIE sees a box, with the other half of the DOCTOR's photograph sticking out from underneath the lid.)

JAMIE: Hey, the other half of your picture.
DOCTOR: Yes. Don't open that!

(JAMIE lifts the lid on the box, releasing a gas which quickly renders both of them unconscious. WATERFIELD races into the room, enters a few numbers on the Dalek platform's keypad, and the three of them disappear.)


(PERRY enters the front door, with policemen from Scotland Yard in tow.)

PERRY: This way, along here.

(He leads them into WATERFIELD's study, where KENNEDY's body still lies.)

PERRY: Here we are. Hmm, that's funny. There were a couple of other gentlemen here. They seem to have disappeared!


(The DOCTOR and JAMIE are lying in a finely decorated Victorian-era sitting room. The DOCTOR begins to wake up.)

DOCTOR: (Moaning.) Oh, oh'ff, ohh, ohh, mmm...

(Three knocks are heard on the door. A young maid enters, carrying a tray with some kind of drink.)

MOLLIE: Hello sir. Are you feeling better? Oh, you did have a party last night, didn't you sir? (Giggles.) The master sent this in for you.
DOCTOR: The master? Mr. Waterfield?
MOLLIE: Oh, no sir, Mr. Maxtible. Mr. Waterfield came back from abroad last night, sir, with you and the young gentleman. Don't you remember?
DOCTOR: Not very well, no.

(He drinks the liquid and finds that it quickly helps to clear his mind, making him moan with pleasure.)


(MOLLIE looks at JAMIE, who is still unconscious.)

MOLLIE: I'd best not wake him.
DOCTOR: What's your name?
MOLLIE: Mollie Dawson, sir.

(The DOCTOR indicates the drink MOLLIE has supplied him.)

DOCTOR: This, uh... works remarkably quickly, doesn't it?
MOLLIE: Am I to pour some more?
DOCTOR: No. No thank you Mollie. But you... you can tell me what the date is.

(MOLLIE has great difficulty believing that the DOCTOR does not know the date.)

MOLLIE: The date?
DOCTOR: Yes, I... I... I'm feeling very much better, but I don't seem to be able to remember, ah... the date and where I am.

(WATERFIELD appears with another, slightly older-looking man.)

MAXTIBLE: Mollie, that will do. The answers you require, sir, might come better from me. My name is Theodore Maxtible and I am the owner of this house.

(The DOCTOR attempts to get up.)

MAXTIBLE: Pray, don't get up. I have the greatest sympathy for your condition, since I was the cause of it.
DOCTOR: And this is Mr Edward Waterfield, I presume. You don't keep your appointments, do you?
WATERFIELD: There were circumstances...
DOCTOR: Yes, indeed there were!
MAXTIBLE: Please, please Doctor. First things first. You asked what date it was and where you were.
DOCTOR: Yes, well?
MAXTIBLE: You are in my house, some miles from Canterbury. The date is June the 2nd, eighteen hundred and sixty-six.
DOCTOR: And just what do you think you're up to? You steal my property, you spirit Jamie and me a hundred years back in time and you murder a man along the way!
MAXTIBLE: We had nothing to do with the death of that man.
DOCTOR: I don't believe you!
MAXTIBLE: You will believe, Doctor. We are, all of us, the victims of a higher power. A power more evil and more terrible than the human brain can imagine.
DOCTOR: Power? Victims? What do you mean?
WATERFIELD: They've taken my daughter Victoria.
DOCTOR: Who are "they"?
MAXTIBLE: You will not be kept in suspense very much longer, Doctor. Pray, come with us and we will show you how it all began.
WATERFIELD: Doctor, do whatever it is they ask, I beg of you. My daughter's life is in your hands.
DOCTOR: I will listen. I... I... I promise.

(As they turn to leave, the DOCTOR looks up at a painting on the wall.)

DOCTOR: Is, uh... is that your daughter?
WATERFIELD: No sir. That is a painting of my wife as a young girl. She is dead now, rest her soul. But Victoria is the image of her.


(This is the room where VICTORIA is being held. We see her feeding the birds at a window when she hears the door open and quickly turns around to be confronted by one of her captors.)

DALEK: You have not eaten. You will eat. That is an order. Answer!
VICTORIA: (Obviously terrified.) Yes.
DALEK: You will not feed the flying pests outside. Answer!
DALEK: Move to the machine. Move!

(VICTORIA steps onto a machine in the corner of the room. It makes a deafening noise, finally indicating its result in incomprehensible numbers on the wall beside her.)

DALEK: Move, move! The weight of your body has fallen by seventeen ounces.
VICTORIA: What do you expect? What do you expect? For pity's sake let me go!
DALEK: Speak when you are told to speak! More food will come. Eat it, or you will be fed by force!

(Victoria sobs.)


(MAXTIBLE, WATERFIELD and the DOCTOR enter the well-equipped laboratory.)

MAXTIBLE: Here we are Doctor; this is hallowed ground. Here we shall not be disturbed by the servants.
DOCTOR: Oh yes, yes, very impressive. And now, perhaps you'll explain what all this is about?
MAXTIBLE: Your patience, my dear sir, a little longer.
DOCTOR: Patience? You don't seem to understand what's happened - a man has been murdered! You behave as though we're going on Sunday-school outing!
MAXTIBLE: Neither Whitefield (sic) nor I were responsible for his death. Here, cigar?
DOCTOR: Why have you brought us here? Who are these enemies of yours - these ones you say control you?
MAXTIBLE: Brilliant minds, Doctor.
WATERFIELD: They are monsters.
MAXTIBLE: Oh, I admit, Waterfield, they have behaved callously.
WATERFIELD: Inhuman monsters!
DOCTOR: Inhuman?
WATERFIELD: Creations of the devil!
MAXTIBLE: Let me explain.
DOCTOR: Please do!
MAXTIBLE: I have always been fascinated by the concept of travelling through time. Waterfield here is an expert in certain technical matters and I have the money to indulge my whims. Everything you see about you here was constructed by us two.
DOCTOR: To try to find a way of exploring time?
MAXTIBLE: Yes, now this is my theory: a mirror reflects an image, does it not?
MAXTIBLE: So, you may be standing there, yet appear to be standing fifty feet away. Well, following the new investigations twelve years ago by J. Clark Maxwell into electromagnetism and the experiments by Faraday into static electricity...
DOCTOR: (Suspicious.) Static?
MAXTIBLE: Correct! Waterfield and I first attempted to refine the image in the mirror, and then to project it. In here, Doctor, are one hundred and forty-four separate mirrors.

(MAXTIBLE shows the DOCTOR a wood-panelled double door, which apparently leads into the heart of their time travel device.)

WATERFIELD: And each is of polished metal. Each is subjected to electric charges - all positive.
MAXTIBLE: Like repels like in electricity, Doctor, and so next, Waterfield and I attempted to repel the image in the mirror, wherever we directed.
DOCTOR: You mentioned static electricity?
WATERFIELD: Uh... that was our last experiment. Negative and positive electricity had failed, so we tried static. If only we could have known the powers we were going to unleash.
DOCTOR: Powers?
WATERFIELD: In the middle of our final test with static, creatures burst out of the cabinet, invaded the house, took away my daughter.
MAXTIBLE: Oh, my dear fellow. My dear, dear fellow. But we shall win through, now that the Doctor is here.
DOCTOR: These creatures...?
WATERFIELD: We had opened the way for them with our experiments. They forced me into the horror of time travel, Doctor. They ordered me to steal a box belonging to you and thus lure you into a trap and transport you here, together with your colleague Mr. McCrimmon.
DOCTOR: They knew about me, these creatures?
MAXTIBLE: They gave us likenesses.
WATERFIELD: What could I do? They said my daughter would die.
DOCTOR: (Almost frantic.) What are they called, these creatures?

(The doors to the time transport cabinet open, and a figure enters from the cabinet - it is the Lead DALEK!)

DALEK: Doctor, now do you understand?
DOCTOR: Oh, yes. Perfectly.
DALEK: Move back. Our plan has worked. We shall triumph! You will obey! You will obey!
DOCTOR: Obey? Obey? What do you want?
DALEK: We have your time ship. We will destroy it unless you help us with an experiment.
DOCTOR: What experiment?
DALEK: You will help the Daleks test another human being.
DOCTOR: What sort of test?
DALEK: Do not question!
DOCTOR: I will not be your slave!
WATERFIELD: Doctor, I beg you...
DALEK: No harm will come to you if you agree. Where is your companion?
DOCTOR: Jamie?
WATERFIELD: He is in the house. I have done everything you asked me to.
DOCTOR: Why do you ask about Jamie?
DALEK: He is the human being who is to be tested.
DOCTOR: What do you mean? Tested how?
DALEK: Silence! You will reveal nothing to your companion. Obey the Daleks! You are in our power!

(The DALEK leaves via the time transport.)

DOCTOR: What have you done with your infernal meddling?

(He goes and looks in the cabinet as he continues to confront MAXTIBLE and WATERFIELD.)

DOCTOR: What is this test? Do either of you know?
MAXTIBLE: I believe I do. They... I mean the Daleks, tell me they have always been defeated by human beings.
DOCTOR: In the long run, yes.
MAXTIBLE: But, possibly because of some factor, possessed by human beings...
DOCTOR: Possibly.
MAXTIBLE: ...that is absent in Daleks.
DOCTOR: Possibly.
MAXTIBLE: Perhaps they want to find out what it is and transplant it into their race.
WATERFIELD: But if they do do that, allied with their own alien intelligence, they'll be invincible! Maxtible, you should've...
MAXTIBLE: Oh, my dear fellow. I am merely surmising. I know nothing definite. But, besides, what could we have done? Even if I had known for certain, the fact was, nay is, they hold your daughter Victoria.
DOCTOR: And now they've got Jamie.


(MOLLIE straightens the quilt over JAMIE, just as he wakes up.)

MOLLIE: Oh, I'm sorry sir. I didn't mean to wake you. There.

(She laughs as JAMIE attempts to sit up.)

JAMIE: Oh, it's not funny. Ohh, ohh. (Groans.)

(She gives JAMIE the same drink she had given the DOCTOR earlier.)

MOLLIE: The master left this for you to drink, sir. This'll clear away the cobwebs. Here you are, sir.

(JAMIE takes the cup and drinks.)

JAMIE: Where's the Doctor? Oh.
MOLLIE: He's with the master and Mr Waterfield, sir.
JAMIE: Waterfield?

(Another young woman enters and speaks to MOLLIE.)

RUTH: Mollie? What are you doing here?
MOLLIE: Just seeing to the young gentleman, miss.
RUTH: Go and bring some tea. Well, go along.

(MOLLIE curtsies and leaves.)

RUTH: Please, Mr McCrimmon.
JAMIE: You know my name?
RUTH: My father told me that you and your friend arrived last night with Mr. Waterfield.
JAMIE: Your father? I'm sorry but I seem to be having great difficulty in remembering anything.
RUTH: He owns this house. I'm his daughter, Ruth Maxtible.
JAMIE: How do you do? Have you seen the Doctor this morning?
RUTH: He's talking with my father. He'll be along presently. Do you have everything you need?
JAMIE: I don't know what this stuff is, but it seems to work all right.
RUTH: Mollie shall bring you some tea in a minute.
JAMIE: I'm obliged to you. Uh... Miss Maxtible?
RUTH: Yes?

(JAMIE looks up and indicates the portrait of WATERFIELD's late wife in the same way the DOCTOR had done earlier.)

JAMIE: Could you tell me who that is in the portrait?
RUTH: That's a portrait of Mr. Waterfield's late wife.
JAMIE: She was very lovely.
RUTH: Yes, and his daughter looks just like her. You're quite comfortable?
JAMIE: Ah, yes. Thank you.

(RUTH leaves the room. JAMIE gets up, searches through some papers on a nearby desk, locates a piece of paper with something of interest to him, and reads it aloud.)

JAMIE: Eighteen sixty-six! So that's what Waterfield's done.

(TOBY, a scruffy-looking intruder, sneaks into the room through the open window, and knocks JAMIE out. Hearing MOLLIE returning, he ducks behind some curtains. MOLLIE returns with Jamie's tea.)

MOLLIE: Here we are sir. I've been as quick as I could. Shall I pour for you?

(She sees JAMIE and assumes he has fallen back to sleep.)

MOLLIE: Poor young gentleman. They shouldn't have given you so much to drink.

(TOBY leaves his hiding place, slips up behind MOLLIE and grabs her, putting his hand firmly over her mouth.)


WATERFIELD: Doctor, I do ask you to consider.
DOCTOR: I have made up my mind.
MAXTIBLE: I've repeatedly warned you not to tell Jamie McCrimmon anything.
DOCTOR: Do you think I'm going to allow Jamie to run into danger without telling him anything? No, I will not.
MAXTIBLE: But suppose he refuses to do what they want?
DOCTOR: We shall see.

(They head off towards the sitting room.)


(The DOCTOR and WATERFIELD return to the sitting room. A figure lies on the sofa. Unable to see his face, they assume it is the sleeping JAMIE.)

DOCTOR: He's still asleep. The gas in that box of yours was pretty potent.
WATERFIELD: It was Maxtible's invention.

(They walk around the sofa to find that it is not JAMIE who is asleep, but instead it is MOLLIE that is unconscious under the quilt.)

DOCTOR: Jamie!


(A DALEK has appeared to join MAXTIBLE.)

DALEK: Order the Doctor to begin the test.
MAXTIBLE: But I must first explain to him what he has to do.
DALEK: Go now. Obey the Daleks!


WATERFIELD: But your... your friend is vital to the plan of these Daleks. Absolutely essential!
DOCTOR: So it seems. So, who can have kidnapped him?
WATERFIELD: Oh, why won't you understand? The threats they make are not idle ones. Kennedy was murdered. Without your friend, our only hope is gone. Unless... unless, you know something. You seem to be well acquainted with the creatures.
DOCTOR: Everything you say, Waterfield, is true. If we cannot find Jamie, the Daleks will take pleasure in killing everyone in sight, and their greatest pleasure will be in killing me.


DALEK 1: The humans have been told to begin the test.
DALEK 2: Any delay will result in death.
DALEK 1: There will be no delay.

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