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first broadcast - 13th May 1967
running time - 23mins 08secs


(As the little group of passengers moves along the corridor, THE DOCTOR and NURSE PINTO deliberately allow themselves to fall behind.)

PINTO: What do we do now?
DOCTOR: We slip away and see if we can find all these young people. Come on.

(THE DOCTOR turns a corner and finds himself facing BLADE. He tries to get passed him.)

DOCTOR: (Cheerfully.) Ah, Captain Blade, we're following your instructions, trying to find the accommodation centre.

(BLADE gives him one of his unpleasant smiles.)

BLADE: My instructions don't apply to you. You two won't be needing living space.

(THE DOCTOR and NURSE PINTO, seeing that they have been found out, turn to run, but suddenly they are surrounded by the shambling featureless forms of unprocessed Chameleons... Since escape is clearly impossible, THE DOCTOR decides to fall back on indignation.)

DOCTOR: Captain Blade, what is this? I don't understand. We're here to stay, aren't we?
BLADE: Oh yes, you're here to stay - but not in your present state.
DOCTOR: I'm very sorry, I simply don't understand what you mean.
BLADE: I checked with the Medical Centre. You're both human. We want you intact. That's why I allowed you to come here. I want your brain.

(BLADE gestures to the Chameleon guards, and THE DOCTOR and NURSE PINTO are marched away.)


(The CHAMELEON-MEADOWS sits in a chair with the burly form of Superintendent REYNOLDS looming over him.)

CHAMELEON-MEADOWS: I've told you, I don't know where they are. You're wasting your time with me.


REYNOLDS: I think he's telling the truth.
COMMANDANT: I'm afraid he is. Get him out of here!

(REYNOLDS beckons a waiting constable and the CHAMELEON-MEADOWS is marched off. REYNOLDS joins the COMMANDANT, who is staring beguilingly at a wall map of the Airport.)

COMMANDANT: They must be here somewhere.

(REYNOLDS points at the map.)

REYNOLDS: We have completely searched this area. I've now got fifty men going through this part and the Metropolitan Police are sending help. But time is running short. I have to cover the entire airfield. I need volunteers now!

(The COMMANDANT thinks about this and then picks up the phone on his desk.)

COMMANDANT: (Into phone.) Get me the public address room. (To HESLINGTON.) Heslington, divert all in-bound aircraft. (Into phone.) Public Address Room, this is the Commandant. Switch me through to the P.A. system and stop all other announcements until further instructions.

(The COMMANDANT puts the phone down and goes over to the microphone which will transmit his voice to the P.A. system and so to all of the Airport.)

COMMANDANT: (Into microphone.) This is the Airport Commandant speaking...


(The passengers and staff stop and listen, as the COMMANDANT's voice comes over on the P.A. system.)

COMMANDANT: (OOV.) Please pay attention. I want all available Airport personnel to assist in a special duty. Will they please report to the Airport Police, who will issue instructions. I would like to assure passengers that there's no cause for alarm, and to apologise for the temporary suspension of all outward flights.


(Even as the COMMANDANT is speaking, the police, joined by increasing numbers of volunteers are searching hangars, runways, out-buildings, shops and offices, not to mention large areas of waste ground. But the Airport is enormous and the searchers are still too few.)


(The DOCTOR and NURSE PINTO are shoved into the Director's Office, followed by BLADE and the Chameleon-guards. The Director's office is one of the larger rooms on the space station, its wall lined with complex scientific instruments with technicians manning them - one of which is the CHAMELEON-JAMIE. The DOCTOR notices uneasily that one section looks very like the set-up in the Medical Centre, with couches linked by complex instrumentation.

From his command chair, THE DIRECTOR, in the form of Inspector CROSSLAND, swings round to face THE DOCTOR. THE DOCTOR is surprised when he sees who the DIRECTOR is. He thinks that it is CROSSLAND at first, but the cruel and arrogant look on the DIRECTOR's face tells the DOCTOR that it isn't CROSSLAND.)

DIRECTOR: What did you hope to achieve here?

(The DOCTOR stares fearlessly back at him.)

DOCTOR: A chance to plead with you for the lives of fifty thousand young people.

(The DIRECTOR looks surprised.)

DIRECTOR: They're only human beings.
DOCTOR: And what are you?
DIRECTOR: (Arrogantly.) We are the most intelligent race in the universe.

(The CHAMELEON-JAMIE turns around from the control room that he was studying.)

CHAMELEON-JAMIE: Freiburg flight has just taken off.

(Despite the loss of the Scottish accent, the DOCTOR is surprised and delighted when he hears the CHAMELEON-JAMIE's voice, and calls out to the double who is watching his instrument panel.)

DOCTOR: (Calls.) Why, Jamie!

(The figure swings round.)

CHAMELEON-JAMIE: You wish to speak to me?
DOCTOR: (Sadly.) Oh no, of course, it's... it's not Jamie. You're a Chameleon.

(Furious, he turns to the DIRECTOR.)

DOCTOR: Well, I don't think you've done a very good job on him.
DIRECTOR: Why not?
DOCTOR: Well you lost his Scots accent in the processing. Oh I much preferred the original.
DIRECTOR: If you're looking for your friend's original, Doctor, you won't find it in here.
DOCTOR: Really?
DIRECTOR: No, it's...

(The DIRECTOR catches himself just in time.)

DIRECTOR: a safe place. Not far from here. (To the CHAMELEON-JAMIE.) What are we waiting for?
CHAMELEON-JAMIE: Dubrovnik and Athens. They're waiting to collect our personnel.
DIRECTOR: We're well ahead of schedule. We can wait. Proceed with the processing.

(He nods to BLADE who is standing just behind the DOCTOR.)

DIRECTOR: By the way Captain Blade, congratulations on bringing this man here. I personally will decide which of our people is to have his identity.
DOCTOR: It'll be one of your friends, I've no doubt!

(He turns to Nurse PINTO and speaks up so that everybody in the room can hear him.)

DOCTOR: Well it's understandable. The... the special people up here feel more secure if their originals are actually in the satellite.
DIRECTOR: (Sees what the DOCTOR is saying.) Be quiet.

(The DOCTOR ignores him and looks mockingly at BLADE.)

DOCTOR: The Director has nothing to worry about because his original, Detective Inspector Crossland is actually on board. But ah... where's your original?

(He nods to SPENCER, who stands by the door.)

DOCTOR: And where's yours?
DIRECTOR: (Snaps.) That's enough! Their originals are perfectly safe. Hidden on Gatwick Airport, where they will never be found.


(By now, the search has included the other runway and also the main Car Park.)


(The DIRECTOR has left the room and BLADE and SPENCER are making movements towards the DOCTOR, with the intent of putting him in the machine.)

BLADE: (To the DOCTOR.) What did you mean about our originals?
DOCTOR: Well, as I see it, there are two categories. People like your Director and that man over there...

(He points to the CHAMELEON-JAMIE.)

DOCTOR: ...whose originals are safe on board here. And then there are people like you two, whose originals have been left behind at Gatwick airport. If they're tampered with... you're finished!

(BLADE thinks for a moment.)

BLADE: He's lying. Come on, let's get him into the machine before the Director returns.

(BLADE and SPENCER close in on the DOCTOR.)

DOCTOR: (Loudly.) Yes, you'd better process me quickly, because any minute now you'll cease to exist. You're first on the list!

(BLADE pauses.)

BLADE: What list?
DOCTOR: Oh surely you understand! We've found all of the originals. The Commandant at the Airport is going to deprocess them one by one, starting with you, unless I stop him.
SPENCER: (Uneasily.) He's bluffing.
BLADE: (To SPENCER.) Wait! (To the DOCTOR.) Where did you find the originals?

(The DOCTOR waves this detail aside.)

DOCTOR: Ah, that I can't tell you. But they'd been searching for some time and just as I was about to board the aircraft I got a signal, which meant that they'd been successful. Otherwise I wouldn't have come.

(BLADE and SPENCER looked at each other uneasily.)

DOCTOR: Well, if you don't believe me, check with Gatwick Airport. I imagine you know its radio frequency?

(BLADE thinks about this and then turns to the CHAMELEON-JAMIE.)

BLADE: Contact Gatwick Air Control.


(REYNOLDS and the COMMANDANT are looking at the map of Gatwick Airport. REYNOLDS points to a spot on the map.)

REYNOLDS: I've got two dozen men moving down here looking for any signs of the soil having been disturbed. There are twenty men here, with fifty volunteers going through these hangars.

(HESLINGTON looks up, taking off his headphones from the radio desk.)

HESLINGTON: Commandant.
HESLINGTON: Someone's crashing our frequency.
COMMANDANT: Who is it?
HESLINGTON: I don't know sir. It's an unidentified station, asking for you.

(He turns up the volume on a speaker and a distorted voice (actually the CHAMELEON-JAMIE's) crackles into the room...)

VOICE: (OOV.) This is Chameleon Headquarters calling Gatwick Airport. How do you read me?

(The COMMANDANT takes over from HESLINGTON and speaks into the microphone.)

COMMANDANT: This is Gatwick Airport, Commandant speaking. We are reading you loud and clear.
VOICE: (OOV.) We understand you have found some property in which we have an interest. Will you confirm?
COMMANDANT: Yes, we have that property.
VOICE: (OOV.) State where you found it.
COMMANDANT: Does that matter. The important thing is we have found it, and can now destroy you.
VOICE: (OOV.) Please stay by your receiver.

(The COMMANDANT covers the mike with his hand.)

COMMANDANT: The Doctor must be trying some sort of bluff.
REYNOLDS: And we are not being much help to him.


(SAMANTHA and JEAN are searching frantically through the office in the Chameleon kiosk. SAMANTHA has recollected finding a crumpled list. At the time she discard it as unimportant, but she has suddenly become convinced that it might be very important indeed.)

JEAN: Where d'you think you left them?
SAMANTHA: I don't know, I left them in here somewhere. Anyway, none of that Chameleon lot are looking 'cos they've all gone.

(JEAN finds it and passes it over to SAMANTHA.)

JEAN: Here, look!
SAMANTHA: Yeah. You see it suddenly dawned on me - what would they be doing with so many coaches?
JEAN: Oh, why didn't that occur to me?
SAMANTHA: Oh, you haven't got all the brains in London you know. Twenty-five! There you are, twenty-five car numbers, twenty-five people!


(For a few minutes, nothing has been heard and then:)

VOICE: (OOV.) This is Chameleon Headquarters. Explain your reluctance to state where you found the property.
COMMANDANT: It is not a question of reluctance.

(REYNOLDS hisses into the COMMANDANT's ear.)

REYNOLDS: Say the police haven't told you yet.
COMMANDANT: The property is in the hands of the police, who have not yet informed me where the hiding place was.
VOICE: (OOV.) Message understood. Please stay by your receiver.

(The phone rings.)

REYNOLDS: I'll get that.

(He snatches it up.)

REYNOLDS: (Into the phone.) Air Traffic Control. (After listening to the other end.) Hold on a minute. (To the COMMANDANT.) It's the girl and your assistant. They think they've got a clue.
COMMANDANT: Right, I'll try and stall them.
VOICE: (OOV.) Chameleon Headquarters to Gatwick Airport. We are closing down now.

(The voice fades away. The COMMANDANT tries to get through again.)

COMMANDANT: (Into microphone.) Gatwick Airport to Chameleon Headquarters, are you receiving me?


(The COMMANDANT's voice is being received by the Chameleon's radio, and projects into the room, to be heard by the DIRECTOR as he walks back into the room.)

COMMANDANT: (OOV.) Gatwick Airport to Chameleon Headquarters, are you receiving me? Gatwick Airport to Chameleon Headquarters, are you receiving...
DIRECTOR: (To the CHAMELEON-JAMIE.) Turn it off.

(The CHAMELEON-JAMIE does so and the DIRECTOR notices that BLADE has got his gun out.)

DIRECTOR: Put that gun away.
BLADE: He said he'd found our originals.
DIRECTOR: And had he?
BLADE: No, he was bluffing.
DIRECTOR: Proceed with the processing. In future, take your orders only from me.

(The DOCTOR is taken over to the DIRECTOR's command chair.)

DOCTOR: (Chattily.) You're going to get a surprise when twenty-five of your people disintegrate!
DIRECTOR: What a pity you won't be able to see it. (To the GUARDS.) The Nurse.

(The DIRECTOR touches a control and a section of wall slides back, revealing two pairs of metallic throne-like chairs, each linked by a control console. The DOCTOR and Nurse PINTO are dragged across to the machine. The DOCTOR investigates one of the chairs.)

DOCTOR: Now then, now... what is it you want me to do?
BLADE: Sit down.

(The DOCTOR turns, leaning casually against one of the linking consoles.)

DOCTOR: Tell me, what happens if ah, you disintegrate in the middle of my being processed? I mean, will that do me any harm, being suspended between one thing and an other, so to speak...

(As the DOCTOR talks, his hands are busy with a screwdriver behind his back.)

BLADE: Sit down!
DOCTOR: Oh, very well,

(Suddenly a very satisfying bang and flash come from the console behind him. The DOCTOR jumps back, palming the screwdriver and slipping it back into his pocket.)

DOCTOR: Oh dear.

(The DIRECTOR glares angrily at BLADE.)

DIRECTOR: You should have been watching him. Send for a new unit. (To the DOCTOR.) You haven't averted your fate, only postponed it.


(In the Airport's huge crowded car park, SAMANTHA and JEAN ROCK are checking car numbers one by one. Perhaps foolishly, they have decided to test their theory alone, rather than ask for help. Neither of them has noticed that CHAMELEON-MEADOWS is stalking them between the cars. He has managed to elude his guarding constable. Purely by chance he crossed paths with the two girls and immediately some instinct told him what they were doing. He begins working his way closer to them.)


(All too soon BLADE and SPENCER install the new console and check it over. Soon the whirring noise of a working machine fills the air.)

DIRECTOR: At last. Now Doctor...
DOCTOR: You're quite sure it's safe now?

(The DOCTOR sits down and is soon clamped firmly in place, next to Nurse PINTO, who has been fixed into her chair for some time. At a sign from the DIRECTOR, two unprocessed Chameleons shamble forwards and take their places in the two vacant chairs. The DOCTOR looks at the formless blobs of head, and shudders to think of one of them taking on his likeness. BLADE and SPENCER begin attaching the familiar black sheaths to the arms of the two Chameleons.)


(SAMANTHA has found one of the numbers on her list and there in the back, half hidden under a blanket is the dormant original of Immigration Officer JENKINS. Suddenly, CHAMELEON-MEADOWS seems to spring out from nowhere. With a snarl, he leaps on SAMANTHA and throws her to the ground. By now, SAMANTHA has got VERY annoyed. Having being attacked by aliens, as well as worrying about her brother, she boils into rage and fights back with great ferociousness. Soon the police manage to catch up with CHAMELEON-MEADOWS, by which time JEAN has come to help SAMANTHA in the fight. By this time, the fugitive has been pretty well subdued.)


(By now the DIRECTOR's big office is very crowded. Most of the Chameleon airport personnel have turned up, drawn perhaps by the rumours of some threat to their previously abandoned originals. CHAMELEON-JENKINS has appeared and is helping BLADE and SPENCER with making final adjustments to the wiring.)

DIRECTOR: Is everything ready now?
BLADE: Just one moment, sir.
CHAMELEON-JAMIE: Director. Gatwick Control calling us again.
DIRECTOR: Ignore them.
CHAMELEON-JAMIE: They claim they have found the originals.
DIRECTOR: They're bluffing again, I said ignore them!


(The COMMANDANT and REYNOLDS are standing behind HESLINGTON, who is speaking into his mike in a loud, urgent voice.)

HESLINGTON: Gatwick Airport to Chameleon Head Quarters. Do you read me?

(He looks up despairingly.)

HESLINGTON: It's no good sir.
COMMANDANT: Very well. We'll have to give them a demonstration.

(He turns to REYNOLDS.)

COMMANDANT: Right Super.

(REYNOLDS speaks into the telephone, which is off the hook.)

REYNOLDS: Sergeant Erskine?


(In the car park police are laying out a long row of bodies on blankets. The policemen that captured CHAMELEON-MEADOWS have summoned others, and soon all the missing originals have been found and taken from the cars. Now they are awaiting ambulances and hospitalisation. Sergeant ERSKINE walks to the beginning of the line and kneels by JENKINS, the first original to be found. A little dubiously he pushes back the left sleeve revealing the white sheath. Obeying the Commandant's instructions he reaches out and wrenches it off.)


(Where CHAMELEON-JENKINS had been standing in the Director's office on the space station, there is a pile of clothes, a blob of protoplasm, and a black sheath. BLADE snatches it up and thrusts it accusingly into the DIRECTOR's face.)

BLADE: They have found them! They weren't bluffing.
DIRECTOR: (Coolly.) His equipment could have gone wrong.

(BLADE brandishes the sheath.)

BLADE: All right, what could have gone wrong with it?
DIRECTOR: That is a question for our scientists.

(The DOCTOR decides to butt in.)

DOCTOR: By the time they tell you that there's nothing wrong with it, you'll all have disintegrated, except of course the Director.
DIRECTOR: Be quiet, this has nothing to do with you.
DOCTOR: Yes, you're quite right, it only concerns these two. I'll keep my mouth shut.

(BLADE swings round to the CHAMELEON-JAMIE.)

BLADE: We'd better contact Gatwick Air Control.
DIRECTOR: We've finished with Gatwick Airport.
BLADE: And what if they haven't finished with us?
DIRECTOR: That would be your own fault, wouldn't it. You told me that all the originals were hidden. Where they could not possibly be found until the life have been drained from them. Are you now telling me that you were careless?

(BLADE has had enough debate. Suddenly there is a ray gun in his hand, trained on the DIRECTOR.)

BLADE: (To CHAMELEON-JAMIE.) Contact Gatwick Air Control.
DIRECTOR: Destroy the transmitter.

(Before CHAMELEON-JAMIE can obey he is covered by SPENCER's ray gun.)

DIRECTOR: All right.
CHAMELEON-JAMIE: This is Chameleon Head Quarters calling Gatwick Airport. How do you read me?


(The COMMANDANT takes the mike.)

COMMANDANT: Gatwick Airport to Chameleon Head Quarters. We are reading you loud and clear.
VOICE: (OOV.) Can you now state where you found the originals?
COMMANDANT: The originals were discovered in a car park. To prove it, we have already eliminated one of your personnel. A man.


(The office is silent as the COMMANDANT's voice goes on.)

COMMANDANT: (OOV.) I now wish to speak to the Doctor. Unless I hear his voice immediately, the next to be eliminated will be Captain Blade.

(BLADE turns to the DIRECTOR.)

BLADE: Release him!

(The DIRECTOR hesitates and BLADE thrusts the gun in his face.)

BLADE: I said release him.

(The DIRECTOR goes over to the Doctor and begins unfastening the clamps. The DOCTOR stands up stiffly.)

BLADE: (To the DOCTOR, snappily.) Get to that microphone!
DOCTOR: Release the Nurse first.

(Hurriedly Nurse PINTO is freed.)

COMMANDANT: (OOV.) I said I wished to speak to the Doctor, otherwise the next will be Captain Blade.
BLADE: (Almost pleadingly.) Doctor, the microphone.
DOCTOR: (To NURSE PINTO.) Are you quite all right, my dear.
PINTO: Yes, I think so.

(The DOCTOR crosses to the microphone.)

DOCTOR: Commandant, this is the Doctor speaking.
COMMANDANT: Ar, what a relief.
DOCTOR: Stand by while I negotiate.

(He turns to the DIRECTOR.)

DOCTOR: Now then, I will tell you my terms. I will guarantee your continued existence, if you will return to Earth all the young people you abducted.
DIRECTOR: No use. They've all been miniaturised.
DOCTOR: Then reverse the process.
DIRECTOR: I'm afraid that's impossible, the equipment for that is on our home planet.
BLADE: (Harshly.) He's lying. The planes themselves are the miniaturisation chambers and they work both ways.

(He looks thoughtfully at the DOCTOR.)

BLADE: What kind of continued existence would we have, Doctor?
DOCTOR: In your former state, I'm afraid. Your scientists will have to find some other way out of your dilemma.

(It takes BLADE only a moment to consider.)

BLADE: It's better than death.
SPENCER: We accept.
BLADE: All right, we accept.

(There is a murmur of assent from the others.)

DIRECTOR: You fools, how can you trust him?

(He runs for the door, and BLADE raises his gun.)

CHAMELEON-JAMIE: Look out! Ahh...

(Loyal to his director, the CHAMELEON-JAMIE springs forwards, trying to protect him. Ruthlessly, BLADE shoots them both down. Stepping over the bodies the DOCTOR goes to the microphone.)

DOCTOR: Commandant, are you still there?
DOCTOR: Negotiations have been successfully concluded as arranged.
COMMANDANT: (OOV.) Good. I'll leave the people in the car park as they are until you arrive back.
DOCTOR: Good. Please stay listening out on this frequency. I am leaving Captain Blade in charge of the radio.
COMMANDANT: (OOV, with concern.) Can you trust him?
DOCTOR: Yes, I think I can now.
COMMANDANT: (OOV.) What are you going to do?
DOCTOR: I'm going to try and find my three friends and the Inspector. (To BLADE.) You know where they are?
DOCTOR: You will take me to them. (Into microphone.) I will call you again.


COMMANDANT: Well, Heslington, flap over. Let's get back to normal as quickly as we can.


(In this room are boxes. BLADE and the DOCTOR walk in.)

BLADE: Over here.

(He points to the boxes.)

BLADE: I don't know which one.

(The DOCTOR opens a box to find JAMIE, who comes back to life almost immediately.)

JAMIE: (Surprised.) Doctor!
DOCTOR: (Happy.) Jamie! Ha, I'm glad to see you alive.
JAMIE: How... how do you mean?
DOCTOR: I'll explain to you one day. Well come along out. You look like a soldier in a sentry box standing there! Sit down.

(The DOCTOR helps Jamie out and leads him to a chair.)

DOCTOR: Sit down.

(The DOCTOR then goes to attend to CROSSLAND in an adjoining box. He hears a yell of alarm from JAMIE, and sees that he is reacting to the sight of BLADE in the doorway.)

DOCTOR: It's all right, he's a friend. Now sit down while I find the others.

(The DOCTOR sets to work restoring CROSSLAND to life.)

DOCTOR: Ah! Inspector Crossland.

(He helps CROSSLAND out of the box.)

DOCTOR: There we are. Now, Ben, Polly and back to Gatwick.


(The frozen humans come back to life and look about them wondering why they are in the car park. They are dazed, confused but alive!.)


(Some time later BLADE, PINTO, CROSSLAND and the DOCTOR are once more assembled in the Director's office.)

BLADE: Doctor, the first plane is ready for take-off. We've got all the processed personnel including your three young friends aboard.
DOCTOR: Ah, good.
BLADE: Are you going with us, Doctor.
DOCTOR: Yes, I'm going with Nurse Pinto.

(He turns to CROSSLAND.)

DOCTOR: Are you going Inspector?
CROSSLAND: No, I think I'd better stay here just for a while, to... tidy things up. Are you ready nurse?
PINTO: Oh yes, Inspector.
CROSSLAND: I'll see you to the plane.
DOCTOR: I'll see you on the plane Nurse.

(As CROSSLAND escorts the still-shaken, but very brave NURSE PINTO to the plane, BLADE turns to the DOCTOR.)

BLADE: What will our future be Doctor?
DOCTOR: So long as you keep your side of the bargain, you may return to your own planet unharmed. Perhaps your scientists will be able to find some way out of their dilemma. I may be able to give them one or two ideas of my own.

(BLADE nods and turns away, icy and impassive to the last. The DOCTOR looks about for the last time and follows him out of the room.)


(Later, very much later, when things are in a fair way to being sorted out again, the DOCTOR stands in Air Traffic Control, saying goodbye to JEAN ROCK and the COMMANDANT. Or rather, trying to, since both are desperately busy trying to get their Airport running smoothly again. The kidnapped young people from all over the world have been restored to their proper size and their proper place, and the Chameleons, formless once more, have disappeared into the blackness of space. The DOCTOR and JAMIE have had a joyous reunion with a dazed POLLY and BEN, and SAMANTHA and her brother are just going to be re-united.)

COMMANDANT: (Into phone.) Yes, yes, I know, all flights were suspended as well as yours.

(The DOCTOR and JAMIE walk into the room.)

COMMANDANT: Hello Doctor. All down safely.
DOCTOR: Yes. Yes.
COMMANDANT: Splendid, Splendid. (To JEAN.) I'll take that Brussels call now.
DOCTOR: (Diffidently.) There's just one thing Commandant.
COMMANDANT: (Into phone.) Yes, yes, right.
DOCTOR: Our TARDIS. Our police box.
COMMANDANT: (Into phone.) Ah Bruxelles. Oui, j'...

(The COMMANDANT turns and looks at the DOCTOR.)

DOCTOR: The police box on the runway.
COMMANDANT: Of course, Jean, see that the Doctor gets his property back, will you? (To the DOCTOR.) Goodbye Doctor and thank you so much.
DOCTOR: Thank you Commandant.
COMMANDANT: (To JAMIE.) Goodbye scottie.

(JAMIE gives the COMMANDANT a strange look, wondering how to take his comment - as an insult or as a compliment. Giving up, he follows the DOCTOR out the door until he spots SAMANTHA waiting for her brother Brian to arrive any minute. The DOCTOR hugs SAMANTHA.)

DOCTOR: Goodbye Samantha. Come along Jamie, we must find Ben and Polly and get to the TARDIS.

(JAMIE lingers for a moment in the doorway.)

JAMIE: (Awkwardly.) I'd better say goodbye.
SAMANTHA: (Brightly.) Oh, well I'll see you around then?
JAMIE: Around where?
SAMANTHA: Well, you know, around... Ah you're not just going off like that?
JAMIE: Aye, I must go. The Doctor'll be... Well your brother will be here any moment.

(SAMANTHA blinks.)

SAMANTHA: Well, ta-ra then!

(She leans forwards and gives him a kiss. JAMIE, being the shy fool that he is, blushes under SAMANTHA's beauty and warmth but his loyalty to the DOCTOR is far greater than this and sadly JAMIE, in his heart, knows this. He can't stay.)

JAMIE: Aye, well can...
SAMANTHA: Hey, thanks for everything.
JAMIE: I'll say goodbye.

(He flies down the corridor after the DOCTOR. A little tearfully, SAMANTHA watches him go.)

SAMANTHA: (Tearfully and sadly.) Goodbye Jamie.


(The COMMANDANT's huge black limousine deposits the TARDIS crew by an outlying hangar.)

DOCTOR: (To the driver.) This will do. My thanks to the Commandant.
POLLY: (To the driver.) Thank you every much.

(Getting his bearings, the DOCTOR strides off, disappearing round the corner of the hangar.)

POLLY: Hey, Doctor, where are you going?
BEN: Hey, come back.

(The DOCTOR reappears after a little while. He looks surprised and also a little angry. The others come up to him.)

POLLY: Doctor.
BEN: What are you doing?
DOCTOR: Doing. I'm looking for the TARDIS.
POLLY: Oh no, can't we stay in London a bit?

(BEN nods enthusiastically.)

BEN: Yeah, it's good to feel normal again.

(The DOCTOR looks hurt.)

DOCTOR: Normal? What do you mean, Ben?
BEN: Well, no monsters, or Cybermen. All this - it's normal. I understand it.
DOCTOR: (Quizzically.) Do you? What about Chameleon Tours?
BEN: Oh yeah, that was different!
JAMIE: Oh I'll be glad to get away from here. Can you not land us in a nice civilised place like 1750?
POLLY: What's so uncivilised about 1966?
JAMIE: Oh, you can keep it!

(BEN gasps in total amazement at POLLY.)

BEN: Did you say 1966.
BEN: What month is it?

(The DOCTOR, having checked up on this before they left, tells him.)

DOCTOR: It's July. July the 20th, to be precise.

(POLLY looks puzzled.)

POLLY: (To BEN.) What are you getting at?

(He grasps her hands.)

BEN: Don't you see, Duchess? July the 20th, 1966 is when it all began! We're back to when it all started! Well, I think...

(POLLY's eyes widen.)

POLLY: That means it's as... it's as if we've never been away!

(The DOCTOR smiles a little sadly. He can see where this is going.)

DOCTOR: You really want to go, don't you.
BEN: (Loyally.) Well, we won't leave, Doctor, if you really need us.
POLLY: (Pleading.) The thing is, it... it is our world.
DOCTOR: (Quietly.) Yes, I know. You're lucky, I never got back to mine...

(Suddenly his face breaks into a huge grin.)

DOCTOR: All right, then. Off you go!

(BEN and POLLY look un-decided.)

DOCTOR: Now go on, Ben can catch his ship and become an Admiral and you Polly, you can look after Ben.

(There are tears in POLLY's eyes.)

POLLY: I will.

(She gives him and JAMIE a sudden bear-hug.)

POLLY: You will be safe, won't you?
JAMIE: (Gruffly.) I'll look after him.
BEN: I'm sure you will, mate.

(He shakes hands with the DOCTOR and JAMIE.)

BEN: Goodbye Doctor.
BEN: We might see you sometime. Take care.
DOCTOR: Well you'd better hurry. The Commandant's car's waiting.

(BEN and POLLY take a long final look at their travelling companions. It has been a strange time, going from past to future and back again and to other planets. They have met Cybermen, Daleks, and watched as the DOCTOR changed from a grumpy old man to a small scruffy man. They have both felt the incredible dangers and delight that Time Travel has given them and the memories will be with them forever. They then hurry away back into their normal lives. The world has not changed a day or a week since they left, but they could have been away a year or two in their own time-scale. At least they have something that most people in 1966 and on Earth don't have. They have the knowledge that the future will be all right, because they have seen it. Also, they know that the DOCTOR is in safe hands, or that JAMIE is in safe hands, whichever way they like to think of it, and that the universe is better for having them both in it. Most of all, they have hope for the future. JAMIE watches them walk off.)

JAMIE: I'm sad to see them go.
DOCTOR: Yes Jamie, so am I.

(The DOCTOR heaves a sigh.)

DOCTOR: Well, we've got things to do.
JAMIE: What things?
DOCTOR: Well, I didn't tell the others but... we've lost the TARDIS!

(JAMIE gapes at him.)

JAMIE: We can't have done.

(The DOCTOR leads him around the corner of the hangar.)

DOCTOR: It was outside - it's not there now.
JAMIE: You mean somebody's stolen it?
DOCTOR: (Solemnly.) I don't know, but that's what we're going to find out! Come on!

(The DOCTOR and JAMIE walk away, towards what is to be one of their greatest adventures...)

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