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October 2018

25 October 2018

Missouri's Dustin Burns faces charges for posting a how-to video on Facebook. This video, allegedly by the Springfield man himself, seems to show him using a butter knife and screwdriver to remove the ankle monitor that he'd been ordered to wear in connection with a restraining order. In the video, the viewer is cautioned to take care not to damage the tracking equipment, because of the large fines that would incur. Indeed, Burns, 33, is accused of tampering with but not damaging or destroying electronic monitoring equipment.

After 28-year-old Nancy Huitron and her two-month-old baby vanished in the Mexico City suburb Ecatepec, the police stopped a pram-pushing couple who had recently sold clothing to Huitron. It was soon obvious that the pair, identified for now as Juan Carlos N. and Patricia N., had been wheeling human body parts to customers from locations such as their flat's fridge. Juan Carlos is reported to have confessed to killing 20 local women in all, many of them single mothers.
As for more typical pram contents, Huitron's baby has been recovered relatively unscathed from the purchaser and placed in a grandmother's care.
According to police, Juan Carlos requested to shower and don a suit before being taken into custody, explaining that 'I'm not a dirty criminal'.

Another baby, Cadien Scott Gaffney, was not so fortunate. His parents wanted everything to be just right for the 17-month-old boy when eating at an Applebee's restaurant in Queens, so they requested a cup of water to sterilise the child's utensils. A server complied, and soon the family needed help again: for the second-degree burns caused by the child pulling the water onto himself.
The family are suing Applebee's, which their attorney, Sanford Rubenstein, emphasises 'is a family restaurant'.

Peter Barclay is a Virginia man who was involved in some hardcore mediaeval re-enactment - an equestrian competition to put one's lance through a paper plate on the ground. According to John Fulton, a representative of the event organiser, Barclay's metal-tipped lance flipped upon hitting the ground and flew back upward, into the 53-year-old's chest. Barclay died while being airlifted to hospital: 'Master Terafan Greydragon' is no more.

The BBC report that six armed men entered an e-cigarette shop in Charleroi, Belgium, and told the owner to hand over the money. Proprietor Didier Willot told the men that he didn't have much in the till but could give them 2,000-3,000 euros if they were to wait until the end of the work day, a more sensible time for a hold-up. After about 15 minutes of back-and-forth, they left empty-handed, and he rang the police. An hour before the vape shop's posted closing time, Willot saw one of the would-be robbers loitering near the door, whereupon he pointed out that it wasn't yet the end of the business day.
On the gang's third visit, an hour later, the police were waiting at the back of the shop. They were able to arrest all but one of the six.

Virginia's Roanoke Times reports on a series of break-ins to a local shoe shop, the last of which netted the perpetrator seven right Air Jordans (to add to the 13 taken earlier), a 'Call My Lawyer' sweatshirt, and a charge sheet that lists crimes such as grand larceny. Shop manager Rob Wickham explained that the left mates remained safely behind the counter while the rights on display were stolen.
We know the thief's identity because a backpack behind the building, abandoned next to a till, contained merchandise and the student ID card of 21-year-old Manuel Carlos Ramirez-Godoy.

No, we haven't forgotten about Florida. This time, it brings us a drink-driver named Effrain Nunez-Alcantar, who started things rolling with an early-afternoon hit and run on Interstate 275. He followed this up by hitting several other vehicles, even sideswiping a state trooper's patrol car. Having racked up a total of 11 wounded vehicles in 8 km of road, the 43-year-old Nunez-Alcantar turned off for downtown St. Petersburg, where he immediately became caught in a traffic jam and hence handcuffs.
He faces various charges, on top of some from earlier in the year for grand theft auto, possession of methamphetamine, and attempting to enter a detention centre with contraband.

In Upper Tantallon, Nova Scotia, a homeowner left the door unlocked so that a friend could walk the dog. Two strangers entered the home instead, prompting a neighbour to raise the alarm. The worried homeowner returned home to find that the house had fallen prey to cleaners. After the police tracked one of the cleaning women down, Dal Hutchinson, of the district RCMP, said: 'These ladies showed up, cleaned up, and left without knowing it was the wrong house.' He stressed that, however good a free house-cleaning might sound, it's still best for residents to lock their doors.

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