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May 2011

4 May 2011

According to AFP reports, an amateur beekeeper in Australia decided that the night after an alcohol-enhanced comedy festival would be a good time to move a beehive. Andrew Short explained that he'd thought the bees would be asleep since it was after midnight, and that his wife's absence added to what he'd figured would be good timing.
He had successfully removed the beehive from his back garden and, hive in hand, begun climbing his ladder to the bees' new home when the bees objected. While being stung more than 60 times, he finished the job, depositing the hive on the roof of his house.

A man in Brazil's São José do Rio Preto filed an unusual complaint with the 4th Police District's Officer Walter Colcino Júnior. According to local media reports, the complainant stated that, after a fight, his wife asked him for oral sex. He claims that she had placed a toxic substance in her vagina in an attempt to poison him. However, he says, he was suspicious of her motives and the unusual smell.
Officers are collecting statements and investigating the case.

There was a disagreement over tent space recently in Regensburg, Bavaria. As to details, German police said: 'It is still a complete mystery what led to the massive run-in between the two families from the circus scene.' The weapons included circus batons, knives, and ultimately guns. Three people in each family were injured.

Also from Germany, we have a Spiegel report of a 30-year-old woman who went to visit her neighbours when they were taking care of someone's two-year-old pit bull. They answered the door, whereupon the dog leapt from their flat and attacked her, biting her leg and remaining attached, despite pepper spray. Others heard her cries and rang the police.
By the time the cops arrived, all humans involved had taken refuge in their flats. The police, unable to take the dog alive, shot it. A ricochetting bullet grazed an officer's throat, and another shot hit the arm of the bite victim, who had been cowering behind her door. In total, four people were taken to hospital: two officers were treated for shock.

Qian Liu, a 23-year-old student at Toronto's York University, was chatting with her boyfriend via Web camera when she was attacked by a male visitor, quite possibly her previous boyfriend. Seeing this happen live, her current boyfriend, in China, decided that he should alert someone. So he told her friends on social networking sites.
About 10 hours had passed before one of these people checked on her. The police were informed only when the landlord of her student accommodation found Qian's corpse on the floor of her room.

We now return to Germany for a while. Helmut Seifert was upset at Phillip Genscher, the grandfather of his daughter's best friend. So Seifert asked the police to stop the sexual relationship between his 17-year-old daughter and Genscher, age 58.
After the police refused to intervene in the romance, for which Genscher reportedly had left behind his 36-year marriage, Seifert enlisted help. He and two friends cut off Genscher's testicles and then summoned an ambulance to collect him.
Seifert later said: 'I'm sorry. I over-reacted.' He has now been sentenced to six years in prison, for serious assault that Judge George Zimmermann termed 'incredibly cruel'.

A 29-year-old Berlin man was reportedly unhappy about the loud crying of a young child who had fallen in a play area next to his block of flats. The man responded by leaning from his sixth-floor window and yelling at the boy to be quiet and that he wanted to be able to sleep. That didn't have the desired effect, so the man threw a large banger at the child.
Witnesses rang the police, and the man's seven further firecrackers were confiscated. The man is being charged with attempted bodily harm and with breaching laws on explosives, by importing illegal fireworks from Poland.
Other residents of the building reported that the man had responded in this way before to the children's sounds outside. Also a man in a seventh-floor flat has been reported as throwing firecrackers into the play area.

Two veteran guards at the Erie County Correctional Facility are alleged to have been arguing about a bag of crisps when things became physical. An inmate tried to break up the fight and ended up being taken to hospital, reportedly after losing a tooth.
Both officers have both been suspended in connection with the incident, which Undersheriff Mark N. Wipperman described as 'an embarrassment to everyone in the sheriff's office who takes pride in their job and uniform'.

For over a year, Paula Bonhomme exchanged gifts, e-mail, and letters with one Jesse Jubilee James and spoke with him nearly every day by telephone. She ended her marriage to join him in Colorado, but he died of liver cancer before she was able to move. For the next seven months, his family and several of his friends comforted her. One woman even visited her; they toured the dead fireman's favourite places together.
When that tour was over, Bonhomme's friends confronted her visitor, Chicago's Janna St. James, who then confessed that James had never existed. Asking: '[W]hen it's unspooled on you tiny bit by tiny bit and mixed in with reality, how do you even know where the lie begins?', Bonhomme filed a lawsuit against St. James in 2009, claiming fraudulent misrepresentation. She had spent more than $10,000 on the bogus fireman. St. James's attorney responded that the hoax could be classed simply as 'fiction', where '[t]he concepts of falsity and material fact do not apply'. The case was dismissed but has now been reinstated on appeal.

Canada's Sudbury Star reports that a 24-year-old man from Wahnapitae, Ontario, signed in 22 minutes late for an appointment with police, thereby breaching a condition of his bail. He had also parked in a parking place for the disabled despite being neither disabled nor permitted to drive. Officers then discovered that his car had unauthorised number plates, no insurance or valid permit, and official ownership by someone else. He was taken into custody, and his two counterfeit $100 notes were confiscated.

On a family visit to Florida, Pia Kirchberg decided to get her 80-year-old father an Easter gift. Both the 51-year-old Kirchberg and father Maurice were arrested because her choice in gift was sex with a prostitute. Kirchberg was probably inexperienced in this field, as she offered just $20 to the prostitute, who turned out to be an undercover police officer.

A 58-year-old woman in Streetsboro, Ohio, discovered that 21-year-old Adam Harris had accidentally fired a shotgun into the floor of his flat. The woman, who lives above him, was asleep in bed when the pellet entered her foot.
She was taken to hospital, and Harris was taken to the Portage County Jail.

A Florida police officer pulled over Jonathan Paul Rorech for speeding. While Rorech was worried that the officer might discover his lack of a driving licence, the officer's radio interrupted proceedings by reporting a call about a barroom shooting. The officer abandoned his search of police data systems and sent the 31-year-old Rorech on his way.
When the officer arrived at the bar, he found that no-one had been shot. The 911 call was traced to Rorech's mobile phone. He was arrested later at his home.

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