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May 2001

7 May 2001

German pop singer Christian Anders has figured out a way to finance his liver transplant. The 56-year-old singer is letting millionaire Michael Liecher 'use' his girlfriend for a year. The use of 20-year-old Jenna Kartes will secure Anders 500,000 Deutschmarks. Kartes said: 'I was shocked myself when I heard about this offer. Christian and Michael decided on it behind my back.' But the concept doesn't bother her too much. She said: 'I will sleep with Michael because I love Christian. Perhaps he can then afford a new liver. Why should I feel like a prostitute about it?'

A new bra called Bravo promises to enlarge breasts by stimulating cell growth. Every women who participated in the trial of the system had a change of at least one cup size (about 100 cc), according to University of Texas chief of plastic surgery Dr Rod Rohrich. After wearing the bra - which gently pulls on breast tissue - for 10 hours a day for 10 weeks, mother Cathy Martin said: 'after wearing the bra, it was like before kids.' The system, which links two plastic cups to a small computer, will go on the market this month, for $2,000–$2,500.

Benjamin Johnson, 20, died when he could no longer hold the rope he was using to scale a Boston University building. Johnson and three other students were trying to hang a swastika from the top of the Communications building. The living students are under investigation. University spokesman Kevin Carleton said he won't discuss the case until the institution has 'come to a fuller understanding of what the students intended to do'.

As his family slept, Angel Martin, a six-year-old boy in Orange County, Florida, woke to find a Toyota Camry in his bedroom. Louis Trembley, a 19-year-old, had been drinking when he drove through an outer wall, Angel's younger sister's bedroom, another wall, a closet, and a closet wall. The boy, still in his bed, was trapped under the back of the car, while the front of the vehicle came to a rest in the kitchen.
When four rescue workers lifted the car, they discovered that the iron bed frame and a broken chair had held it off the floor. Although he was uninjured, 'downstairs is broken'.

Wisconsin hunter Ron Weber went hunting with friend Thomas Pratt. At about 5:30am, the two men were walking on a trail when they were hit by 12-gauge shotgun pellets. The shots came from Scott W. Dague, a turkey hunter who says he had seen a turkey in the area. After he shot, he heard moaning and 'some noises that didn't sound right'.
Pratt was only hit glancingly in the forehead, leg, and stomach while Weber, 55, suffered permanent damage to his right eye. Several of the 47 BBs which penetrated his eye, head, chest, and legs remain in Weber's body. Weber has no hard feelings about the loss of his eye. 'At least I've got one of them', he said. He hopes to return to hunting soon.

A former student who firebombed Wisconsin's Wauwatosa West High School was caught five months after he left fingerprints on the crime scene. He testified that he 'wanted to postpone the examination period' when he tossed three firebombs through windows, which had been broken by a friend with a baseball bat. The stunt caused about $3,000 of damage.
Jared Adam Ramick's grievance was that 'I should not be forced to go spend my time, which is very limited, in school if I don't want to'. He used some of his 'limited' time on earth to skip town, rendering forfeit the $10,000 bail his parents posted for him. He says that he is uncertain how he will use the rest of his life, although he does know that he wants to be rich when he grows up. But for the next five years he will be in prison. 'I never really liked high school that much', he said.

A Yemeni man planned to become rich by smuggling baby monkeys failed when one of the monkeys escaped from the man's carry-on baggage en route to Syria. The man had drugged six monkeys before the flight, but this animal woke up an hour and a half after the plane left for Damascus. The pilot returned to San'a, where the animals were sent to the zoo and the monkeys' owner was arrested.

A Reuters report describes an impoverished Albanian widow's disappointment when her family's only cow gave birth to a calf with two heads. The Rrumbullak woman cheered up slightly when a US veterinary association offered to buy the calf for the equivalent of US$25,000. They also offered to buy the calf's mother, but she refused to sell. She now hopes 'maybe it gives birth to another calf like this'.

Texas accountant John David Battaglia was jailed after he shot his 6- and nine-year-old daughters when talking to his ex-wife on the telephone. The girls' mother, Mary Jean Pearle, rang Battaglia after he told her mother he needed to ask Pearle a question. Battaglia gave the phone to his eldest daughter to ask 'Why are you trying to have Daddy arrested and have him put in jail' Before Pearle could answer, she says, the nine-year-old screamed 'No, Daddy, no!' and gunshots rang out. Pearle believes the question referred to a Christmas 1999 attack on her for which Battaglia was fined and put on probation.
The couple have been divorced for about a year. The girls, Liberty and Faith, lived with their mother and were visiting their father at the time of the murders.

ABC News's Nightline will air portions of audio tapes of Georgia's electrocutions. In addition to the national broadcast of the recordings, which are public records made in the state between 1983 and 1998, public radio stations will air portions of the tapes at 5 and 7pm. The tapes are narrated by prison officials and begin with the securing of the prisoner in the electric chair. This is the closest the US has come to public executions since the 1930s. Parts of the tapes have already been aired in Georgia.

A 13-year-old Cleveland, Ohio, boy was charged with murder after allegedly beating his eight-week-old daughter to death. Brandon Miller claimed he was innocent. The infant, named Diamond, died from massive head injuries and internal bleeding.
Miller claims that the noticed that the girl, who was in bed with her 14-year-old mother, had her head wedged between the bed and the wall. When he picked her up, she 'started to spit up white stuff'. When he noticed the baby was not breathing, he said, he woke the mother, who rang emergency services. He was tried in Juvenile Court because state law deems him too young to be tried as an adult.

In San Diego, a hair stylist went apeshit in another branch of the Primo Salon chain where he worked as a hairdresser. Danny Gallegos entered the salon's Day Spa and stripped. He alternately went into both the men's and women's facilities, screaming. In the men's bath, he encountered Brandon Cloyes, who said: 'I just ignored him until he grabbed me and said he wanted me to meet his parents. I left.' Gallegos at one point tore the clothes off a female attendant.
Gallegos, who was high on methamphetamines at the time of the incident, had cancelled his appointments before showing up for his rampage.

The Boston Globe reports that Max Schell has been called for Suffolk County jury duty. Stephanie McLaughlin explains that Schell won't be able to make an informed decision on the case at hand, given that he is her pet tortoise. Deputy Massachusetts jury commissioner Brian McNally found the prospective juror's records and noted that his gender is male and his date of birth and occupation are unkonwn. Both the city and state claimed their voter lists are screened. McNally said: 'This man was given to us by the City of Boston Election Department after they had conducted their inventory of voters. We have nothing left to do but to assume that he is a valid, qualified person to serve.' The city in turn claims it received Schell's name from McLaughlin's landlord, Marco Realty Trust. They probably found the tortoise's name on McLaughlin's mailbox or answerphone message.
McNally suggested that the most appropriate item from the 'possible grounds for disqualification' list accompanying the summons is 'Cannot speak and understand English'.

Mary Rose Clark, 106, claims the secret to her longevity is the McDonald's French fries she receives daily from her son Jack. Since she moved to the San Juan Living Center in Montrose two years ago, she has been enjoying the fries, which she eats one at a time. They remind her of the French fries she has cooked and eaten all her life. She is soon to cut the ribbon at a new McDonald's restaurant, whence she will be conveyed in a funeral home limousine. She will also be given free French fries until she is 150 years old.

Tomer Krissi has changed his surname to .com after a battle with the Israeli Interior Ministry, who at first claimed that a name cannot include punctuation marks. Although he could simply have chosen to be Tomer Dotcom instead, this way the name will be language-independent. Why did he do it? .com claims that 'unlike a regular printed business card, its enough that a person will know my name to find me'. For an example of the usefulness of this, he said: 'Say I meet a girl, for instance, and dont get her phone number. That could have been missed opportunity, but now it wont be because shell always know where to find me.'

16 May 2001

When Henry Elrod II visited Florida's Star Island Resort, he became captivated by China berries. Most nibblers of China berries find the taste incredibly foul or are warned off by the burning sensation caused by the toxins. But for 19 days Elrod munched the poisonous bright yellow berries from several trees around the resort. Five days after he returned to Kentucky with a bag full of the berries, he died of multiple organ failure.
Elrod's widow, Cynthia - who refused to eat the berries her late husband had offered her - is suing the resort chain and several companies she believes responsible for the planting of the trees. The trees were likely there when the resort bought the land; China berry trees are a 'noxious weed' that is particularly abundant in Florida.

More air rage hits the Clippings. Zoe Campbell, 27, scratched one crewmember and headbutted another after they accosted her for smoking in the lavatory. The Manchester bouncer has now been jailed for nine months. The news item didn't mention what will become of her 10-year-old son in the meantime.
Campbell apparently became abusive shortly after take-off but things came to a head with the smoking incident. Campbell claimed she was being picked on because she is black.

In an update on the air rage twins I mentioned on 27 April, one of their lawyers claimed the two girls looked so alike that no-one could be sure who did what - therefore, charges against both should be dropped.
Crystal Mikula told the judge she didn't want to stay at an Alaska halfway house while being prosecuted, unless allowed to come and go during the day. She said she would rather stay in jail, but the judge left her name on the list of those to go to the halfway house, in case she changes her mind.

A Fort Worth, Texas, tanning salon featured in a criminal caper when a 17-year-old ran in for a tan. The owner didn't believe his insistence that he wasn't being chased, but she took him to a tanning bed anyway. After he had removed most of his clothes and began his tan, she rang the police. The teenager was then arrested in connection with a bank robbery.

Austrian police will now be paid more for undressing heavy corpses. The old rules allow only one officer to charge for this task, even if two were required. Two officers each can now charge 338 schillings (about US$22). Officers now can also claim 338 schillings for sifting through arrested smugglers' laxative-induced faeces in an attempt to find drugs.

Sentencing Patricia Colleen McGrath to 35 years in prison (for trying to rob the same bank a second time), Judge Jan E. Dubois wasn't sure whether to opt for a men's or a women's prison. Although Dubois said the former Richard Patrick McGrath gives an overall impression of femininity, she ruled that a medical facility will have to make a determination.
The prosecutor argues that McGrath's 'operational' male genitals do not belong in a women's prison. McGrath, who usually sports an orange wig, was more concerned about issues such as the availability of art classes. (S)he said: 'No male institution would allow me to start a drama club.' In a women's prison, McGrath said, 'I can still contribute in some way in this world'.

Wanting a date with Utah woman Lindsey Enloe, Stephen Stinson suggested rock climbing and mentioned that he had been a rock climber for 12 years. He chose a location for the date and brought all the equipment. The Michigan man's lies about his experience were shown up after he improperly secured the climbing webbing to the rope that would hold Enloe. In addition to a broken pelvis, concussion, and various other injuries, Enloe suffered the indignity of discovering after her fall that Stinson was married at the time of the date. 'I was a very trusting person', Enloe said, adding 'That's changed'.

In a Washington, DC, courtroom, defendant Robert L. Waters, Jr, told judge Tim Murphy: 'Sir, I believe I'm dying. Please help me, somebody. Help me please. I can't breathe.' Nurses had twice pronounced him fine after similar comments, so court officers ignored Waters's comments, such as 'I believe I'm dying here'. Murphy left him on the courtroom floor and proceeded to deal with other cases. After the 54-year-old Waters was removed to a cell, where he died less than 90 minutes later.
Ambulances had been summoned by court staff members at least three times in the past two days at the behest of defendants.
Murphy is quoted as referring to 'poor Mr Miles, who died in front of us today or shortly thereafter'. Outrage has been expressed also over the comment made by Waters's court-appointed attorney upon hearing of the death: 'Maybe we should call the case "execution by death'".'

Michael Adamson of Sudbury, Ontario, was with a friend when Adamson's dog brought his wife's hand back to him. Adamson had earlier buried his 62-year-old wife Delphine in a shallow grave in the woods. It is unclear how long the body had been in the ground before it was discovered, but the 23-year-old Adamson was charged with first-degree murder fairly quickly thereafter.

On a flight from Amsterdam, a Dutch passenger threatened other passengers with a cane and tried to open the emergency exit at an altitude of 11,000 metres. He was handcuffed by the captain and guarded by two passengers until the flight arrived in New Jersey. At the time of the incident, the 28-year-old Dutchman had already ignored orders to turn off his mobile phone, ripped up his passport, and seated himself in business class, claiming he had claustrophobia.

In Agua Fria, Arizona, officials are busy censoring the school's yearbook. Marker pens in hand, they are carrying out principal Doug Wilson's orders to remove from graduating seniors' quotes such phrases as 'God bless everyone' and 'I love you'. Apparently, Wilson's concern that gangs sometimes use intials led him to censor the initials 'FF' (for 'friends forever'), according to the Arizona Republic.

The AFP reports that a snake in Byron Bay, Australia, had its revenge against its handler, a 39-year-old Queensland man who was wandering around the town harrassing people with the two-metre python. He also repeatedly threw the snake against a wall. When two police officers found the man, he was carrying the snake around on his shoulders, but it didn't take long before the snake began to choke the man, who fell face-first onto the concrete. After removing the snake, the emergency services attended to him and let him sleep off the previous day's alcohol binge. The snake was released into the wild.

A teenaged couple broke into the Beavercreek, Ohio, YMCA to have sex in the pool. When police, responding to a motion sensor's alert, arrived fifteen minutes later, they found them. They have been banned from setting foot on the premises and are charged with criminal trespassing. Karen L. Earley, branch manager of the YMCA, stressed that the chlorine, muriatic acid, and filtration system should take care of any contamination that might concern guests.

Arkansas's Jeffrey Baldridge was not convicted Monday of riding a horse while drunk. In August, Baldridge's horse was hit by a car on the highway. Several other motorists had swerved to avoid the animal. The defence claimed that the 'driving while intoxicated' laws should not apply to someone on horseback. Judge Kent Coxsey ruled that the horse was at fault and had merely shied into the highway. Coxsey also dismissed the 'driving without insurance' charge, saying there were compelling arguments for and against ruling that a horse can in some cases be considered a motor vehicle.

21 May 2001

Iran's IRNA news agency reported that the Education Ministry has fired a principal who found a hamster in her school so set it ablaze in front of students in the playground. The firing came after an Iranian animal rights society filed a complaint. The hamster, which was still alive when the burning commenced, was brought to the school by a teacher who had planned to give it to a student as a prize. The agency did not disclose information on where the incident took place.

A Bixby, Missouri, man died after yelling 'Hey, watch this!'. Todd Poller was drinking with friends when he scooped a 12 cm perch from Neal's Creek and dropped it into his mouth head-first. Sheriff Alan Mathes said Poller's friends tried to perform the Heimlich manoeuvre but that the 45-year-old died from asphyxiation anyway.

New Jersey plumber Dennis Myron Smith, Jr, was arrested for lewdness after going to a 27-year-old woman's home to fix a clogged sink. When the woman came downstairs to check on Smith's progress, she found that he was wearing only shoes and socks. Shortly after she ran upstairs in shock, Smith called her downstairs to tell her the job was done. He was fully clothed at that time but disrobed again by the time she fetched her cheque book. The woman rang police after Smith left the house. We assume he donned his clothes before leaving.

It has been quite common for Russian companies to pay their employees in whatever goods they have at hand, typically items produced by the company. Mizhny Novogorod's Vacha district hospital has a new twist on this. As partial payment for back wages from December on, the hospital offered manure to several hundred employees. Dr Yuri Zotov said 'I'm a surgeon. What do I need with manure?' after he was offered three tons of dung. In theory, the employees should be able to exchange the manure for food and other goods, just as Arkhangelsk lumberjacks were supposed to do in 1994 with packs of tampons. Mayor Alexander Abrosimov said Zotov and others who already have enough manure, were complaining to him because they were 'psychologically sick'. The manure was in turn local farmers' late payment to the city for tractor fuel.

When Danny Miller took his dogs to a PETsMART groomer in Phoenix, Arizona, his youngest dog, Mocha, urinated on the floor. The groomer/salon manager used the dog to mop up the puddle. Miller's complaints netted him a refund and a gift certificate, but he won't be satisfied until the offending employee is fired. The employee claimed to have been using a form of aversion training on the puppy, but Miller's response is that the dog didn't approve. Miller said a groomer's job isn't to train an animal but merely to make it cleaner and more attractive.
The dog 'looked at me like "Dad, can you believe this?"' Miller said.

Under the terms of his probation, Donald C. Milligan, Jr, was required to report for random drug tests. Worrying that he would fail the test, he prepared to report to his Ohio probation officer. This preparation involved painting a plastic penis to match his skin and using a tube to connect it to a bottle containing a friend's urine. The officer was not fooled by the sights and sounds of the faux urination. Milligan's subsequent, real sample tested positive for cocaine and opiates. So did the friend's urine.

Reuters reports that residents of a block of flats in Helsinki, Finland, have asked national officials to rule on whether a male-to-female transsexual can be banned from using a sauna during times designated for women. After the transsexual began to use the sauna during these hours, his/her female neighbours quit doing so. The building superintendent said that in the meantime 'men never mind a few women coming into the sauna' in the meantime, and 'as soon as the penis goes she is free to go to the women's sauna' in addition to the men's session and private hours.

In Bordeaux, France, an armed robber threatened the clerk at a post office with a pistol. When the clerk objected that the till didn't contain enough money to meet the robber's demands, he asked for half the original amount. When the clerk refused again, the man gave up on this approach and asked to withdraw a smaller amount of money from his own account. The clerk asked for the man's identity card in order to perform the transaction. The man, whose name was not released, is now being held by police.

Actress Bethany Halliday, 28, is claiming she was the victim of sexual discrimination when the D'Oyly Carte Opera company refused to give her a role as a chorus member in their London production of The Pirates of Penzance. General manager Ian Martin said the problem is that the chorus all play Major General Stanley's teenaged virgin daughters, who scream whenever they see a man. Halliday will be heavily pregnant by the time the show ends its run. Martin said 'it would not make sense to have a pregnant virginal daughter'. Halliday is making a claim for the full value of the contract, around 5,000 pounds sterling. Martin said: 'We are defending ourselves on the grounds that producers should have the right to make decisions commensurate with common sense.'

An Albuquerque, New Mexico, woman was annoyed when a coin-operated machine in a local laundry shop ruined a pullover. After complaining about the sweater, Francis [sic] Marie Lopez, 38, her son, her son's father Jerome Barela, and a nephew robbed the shop. Police Sergeant Carlos Argueta said: 'It kind of makes you wonder what kind of parenting skills these people have.'
Lopez and Barela returned to complain about the sweater again a few days after the robbery. The shop's owner said he had agreed to re-clean the garment but that Lopez kept complaining anyway.

The Houston Chronicle said Linda Anita Carty told her neighbours she would have a baby. They were right to believe she wasn't pregnant, but she had a baby anyway, for a short while. She had four accomplices kidnap Juana Rodriguez and her five-day-old baby, also taking some money.
The baby was found in a parked car, with the dead mother in the boot of another car, nearby. The relationship between Carty and her boyfriend Chris Anthony Robinson - also charged - and the armed kidnappers is not yet clear.

A Kissimmee, Florida, man beat his girlfriend's three-year-old son to death. Giovanni Vega said the boy fell on a concrete stairway at the hotel where his family lived. Vega said he tried to revive the boy by running a cold bath and hitting the child in the face. He said he didn't call emergency services because he feared police would discover his supplies. Vega is a heroin addict and drug dealer. He explained that the boy, Xavier Collado, and sister Xaimara were alone at the time of the accident because Vega was busy dealing drugs.

A 42-year-old Illinois woman claims she was assaulted by a man who ordered her to perform oral sex on him. A short while later she showed up at Chicago police headquarters with a pair of testicles that she claimed to have bitten off her assailant. Meanwhile, 21-year-old Erik Williams showed up at a local hospital with matching injuries. Following an attempt at reattachment surgery, Williams is now sterile.

29 May 2001

Police took to the streets in search of four-year-old Evelyn Monge, whose babysitter left her alone outside a clinic in Denver. The nine-hour search cost more than $25,000, as creek beds were dragged and known sexual predators were interrogated. The search ended when Evelyn's mother, Rosa, admitted that she made up the story. Rosa found the girl by herself outside the clinic and hid Evelyn herself. Rosa's goal was to scare the babysitter. Rosa, who said that 'my children are my life', is being charged in connection with the incident.

In a landmark homicide ruling, a South Carolina woman has been convicted for killing her fetus by using crack cocaine. After 15 minutes' deliberation, a jury found 24-year-old Regina McKnight guilty, and she was sentenced to 12 years in prison. Prosecutor Bert von Herrmann said: 'She smoked cocaine as much and as often as she could [...] if that's not extreme indifference to life, I don't know what is.' The defence claimed the jury punished McKnight for being a drug addict.
McKnight's baby was stillborn at 35 weeks. The mother of three is currently two months pregnant.
McKnight's first trial was declared a mistrial after jurors sought medical information on the Internet.

San Francisco's Marilyn Barletta is being charged with cruelty to animals after she was surprised by her two cats becoming a 200-animal 'population explosion'. 'You try not to focus on how big the problem is', she said. At least six dead cats, one partially eaten, were also found in the home, in empty catfood bags.
Barletta, 61, said that 'I know this sounds bizarre, but I'm a rational person'. She said she moved the cats to Petaluma while trying to find homes for them before moving there herself. Although 'I didn't think this would go on for years', she was involved in a similar incident in the 1970s. And her 1994 landlord, Craig Nicholson, said he visited her several months after she moved in and 'looked in one of bedrooms [sic] and all I could see were cats' eyes moving'. Cats had shredded the carpets, and urine had soaked through plaster and insulation. The Nicholsons said Barletta's lawsuit for $10,000 in unreturned security deposits shocked them.
Barletta has indicated that she currently has cats in another home.

Canada's Victor David is appealing his conviction for beating his cognitively disabled wife. The 61-year-old David said of his wife, who he kept imprisoned on a sailboat for 24 years, 'she grew when she was with me'. The woman, Linda, was allegedly left blind and further brain-damaged as a result of the beatings.
In January 1997, Washington state social worker James Mead began to search for Linda, who had not been seen for years. David tried to prevent Mead from reaching the sailboat, but police intervened and found Lindda curled up in the boat. She was covered with refuse and faeces. Several broken bones had healed without being set, and the woman's ears were swollen shut.
Now, years of legal wrangling later, David may also be charged with the felony of having a gun despite being a non-US citizen. He used the gun to keep relatives from seeing his wife.

Also in the state of Washington, a third-grader died during a Logan Elementary School field trip. Nine-year-old Nathan Walters, who had a known nut allergy, ate his packed lunch, which included a peanut butter cookie, a peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich, and trail mix containing mixed nuts. After he finished the peanut butter cookie, Walters became ill and was taken to hospital, where he died. Opinions are divided as to whether or not the school district or the boy was at fault for the death.

Tacoma, Washington, mother Laurene Waldherr claims swimming pool lifeguards were guilty of sexual discrimination when they told her to move away from the edge of the Fife city pool when breast-feeding her four-month-old son. She was also told not to get back into the pool because her breasts could leak milk into the water. Waldherr, who is suing the city for $250,000, said that her resultant 'anxiety about breast-feeding in public' required therapy. Local infection control manager Marcia Patrick said 'loaded diapers in the pool are far riskier'.

The Arizona Republic reports that Central High School valedictorian Benjamin Metelits rose to give his comencement speech and then removed his cap and gown, stripping to a g-string. He then mooned the audience. During the strip tease, the words 'Pride 01' were visible, written in black marker on his chest and back.
Phoenix Union District officials said they were investigating this 'unfortunate incident that marred graduation'. These officials or others could have stopped Metelits during his performance.

Elizabeth Roach stole $241,061 from her former employer, Andersen Consulting. In the first decision of its kind, federal judge Matthew Kennely accepted that she has a shopping addiction. Her sentence, up to 18 months in prison, was reduced to five years of probation, six months at home during weekends, and six months in a Salvation Army work-release centre. She was fined $30,000 and told not to sign up for new credit cards without court permission.
Roach claims she went on shopping sprees to fight her depression, which the judge said was the 'driving force' behind the thefts. Roach allegedly bought clothes and jewellery, hid them from her husband rather than wear them, and re-sold them to pawnbrokers for a small fraction of their value.
Roach apologised for her actions. Her lawyer claims she repaid her Andersen Consulting, where she had padded her expense account for three years.

In Park Hills, Missouri, Glenda Stevens's small dog was hit by a mail truck. Stevens buried the animal, Sweetie, but noticed the hind legs poking out of the ground several hours later. After the dog dug itself out of the homemade grave, a vet determined that the animal had a broken front leg and jaw. The vet recommended putting the dog to sleep, but Stevens decided against it.

The Dallas Morning News reports that a 14-year-old is charged with forcing a nine-year-old boy to 'perform a sex act' on him on the school bus on Friday morning. The boys, both special education students, were headed to different schools at the time of the incident. There were about eight other students on the bus; one of them moved to a different part of the bus when the incident began in earnest.
Arriving at school, the younger boy went straight to the principal.
The driver, who didn't see the incident, won't be charged, according to a spokesman for the county schools. Bus monitors for 'short buses' are quite common, but in Dallas County they are only assigned to those buses that are known trouble spots.

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