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August 2012

12 August 2012

While driving his truck in Texas, 21-year-old university student Chance Bothe sent the text message 'I need to quit texting because I could die in a car accident'. Rather, he sent another message - 'b right there' - and veered off a bridge, ending up in a ravine. He sustained brain injury and a fractured skull, was resuscitated three times, and suffered breaks to numerous bones (including his neck). A six-month hospital stay later, Chance may soon visit his friend.

Looking at his girlfriend's Facebook page, Tennessee's Lowell Turpin, 40, saw a photograph of a man he didn't recognise. Asserting that she was planning to have an affair with the man, he confronted her and pointed to the photo on a laptop computer. According to a police report, she explained that the man in the photo was US Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, and he started hitting the laptop against the wall and then punched her in the face. Turpin has been arrested on charges of domestic assault.

Vermont's Roger Pion recently was arrested for possession of marijuana and resisting arrest. Perhaps not content with his punishment, he decided to vent his anger at the sheriff's department and thereby collect 14 more charges. Pion, 34, drove a large farm tractor into the sheriff's department car park and rolled it over a few cruisers and an innocent transport van.
With none of their seven vehicles intact, sheriff's officers pursued Pion on foot, until Pion attempted to back over them too. Although they retreated, tractors aren't the fastest of escape vehicles, and state police soon had the farm vehicle surrounded.
The most serious of the charges against Pion carries a penalty of up to 16 years in prison.

According to Michigan's Livingston Daily, a couple aged 75 and 72 were in bed asleep when they heard someone enter their home at about 3:30am. The intruder entered the bedroom and climbed into bed with them, whereupon the 75-year-old man grabbed his pistol and wife. They rang the police from another room.
When officers arrived, the intruder didn't respond to their commands - he remained 'heavily asleep with his shorts partly down'. Being handcuffed roused him, and he said: 'This isn't my house'. The man, 27, who lived a few doors down, explained that he'd gone out for a night of drinking after putting his young children to bed.

[IMG: Inflatable woman tied to tree] Ananova reports, with the accompanying CEN photo, that 67-year-old Lin Chen, a pensioner in Ningbo, China, was tired of motorists speeding through nearby traffic lights and otherwise driving dangerously while passing her home. She purchased an inflatable female, dressed her/it in red underthings, and tied the blow-up doll to a tree outside her home. She is quoted as saying: 'I thought that drivers would slow down if I could give them something worth looking at', and police as stating that this 'isn't a method we would use, but we can't say it isn't working'.

According to AP reports, two Pennsylvania technical-college students - Randall Smith, 21, and Artie Goodwine, 18 - told a pair of pizzeria employees that they had been selected to appear in the reality television programme You Just Got Robbed. After the video was shot, it became quite clear that there was no television show and that the pizza workers just got robbed, losing $20.

The Dorset Fire and Rescue Service were prompted to send out the public-service message 'Use your dryers, stop pants fires' on Twitter after a man in Weymouth attempted to dry two pairs of socks and two pairs of underpants in his microwave oven. He ended up setting his flat on fire. Others in the building led the man to safety while the fire was put out.

Under cover of darkness, someone breached the chain-link fence surrounding New Mexico's 23-metre Bernalillo County swimming pool and made off with the black vinyl lane markers from the bottom of the pool. In addition to pulling up the stripes fused to the lining of the pool, the intruders removed the crosses marking where swimmers kick off the wall, and they took all of the vinyl with them. The community swimming team noticed the vandalism the next morning.
Ed Chismar, director of the county's Parks and Recreation Department, asked 'Why would you do that?' and concluded that it must have been a prank, albeit one that required quite a bit of effort.

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