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August 2005

17 August 2005

An employee of the construction company Beer & Slabaugh in Nappanee, Indiana, spotted McKinley Chase and Dajuan L. Lord syphoning fuel from the tank of a car. The two men weren't stealing the fuel. They explained to the worker that they had filled the tank with the wrong type of fuel and their car wouldn't run. They were attempting to empty the tank of off-road diesel fuel liberated from the construction company's tank. The employee rang the police, who arrested Chase and Lord.

Since fleeing Austria and becoming an Australian citizen 50 years ago, Harry Seidler has designed several Sydney landmarks and received the Order of Australia medal for his services to architecture. When he recently applied for a change of voting address, he was told that the immigration department revoked his citizenship almost 20 years ago. It seems that Austria had quietly reinstated his citizenship in 1985 and Australian law doesn't allow such dual citizenship. Following media attention, the 82-year-old Seidler's Australian citizenship has been restored because he hadn't deliberately sought Austrian citizenship. An inquiry has now been launched into 200 cases of wrongful detention, generally in remote camps.

The Florida media reported on dive boat captain Ralph Chiaro's last trip. When he was leaning into the hatch to perform engine maintenance while driving his company's boat back to Key West, his hair became entangled in the engine's machinery. Subtropic Dive Center reported that he died instantly. The Coast Guard is investigating.

In a story from Darwin, Australia, a 30-year-old man attempted to scale a multi-storey building after locking himself out of his flat. He fell, landing on the roof of a parked car. Undeterred, he tried again to climb the building. Senior Sergeant Andrew Cummins of the Darwin Police said: 'The second time he landed on his head and was taken to Royal Darwin Hospital suffering head injuries.'

Speaking for the Johannesburg police, Cynthia Kleinhans said a man entered a woman's home in Tembisa through the bathroom window and, when she awoke and saw the intruder, repeatedly raped her. The attacker then fell asleep. The victim and her neighbours locked the man in the house and contacted the police, said Kleinhans, who added that when police arrived at the house, the man was still sleeping.

Yukimichi Yasuhiko, a jobless and homeless man in Japan, is charged with intimidating two primary-school boys in a Nagoya park. Arrested after the boys fled to a nearby police box, the 54-year-old Yasuhiko admitted to threatening the boys, ages 9 and 10, with a paper cutter when they refused to drink with him. Yasuhiko was quoted as telling investigators 'I recommended that the children drink alcohol; I got infuriated after they refused to do so'.

Robert Norton of Illinois enjoyed gardening in the nude and continued doing so despite 20 arrests since 1962 in response to complaints by a neighbour. Norton has died at age 82. The World War II veteran specified that he wanted to be buried without any clothes on, but his brother, Jack, who is a minister, said 'he's not going to be buried in the nude'. Instead, the deceased's body is going to wear grey trousers and a matching shirt.

A Seattle man who was ticketed for speeding in Minnesota decided to pay his $120 fine in pennies. Clay County District Judge John Pearson said the court personnel are the wrong target for revenge if a motorist is angry at the ticketing officer. Judge Pearson also made the motorist wait in the courthouse while Court Administrator Jan Cosette had the coins coined at the bank and returned with the appropriate amount of change, in pennies.

The UK's Advertising Standards Agency upheld a complaint from someone who received a leaflet at home that advertised 'the best handjob in town'. The leaflet, intended for windscreens in company car parks, advertised Luton-based Scrubbers car wash. The watchdog agency said the leaflet for manual car washes was 'likely to cause serious or widespread offence and was inappropriate to be viewed by children'. It urged that Scrubbers take greater care when distributing its leaflets.

Teddy Claire Akin, 28, of Ocala, Florida, wanted his wife to leave him. To this end, authorities said, he concocted a story about killing a hitch-hiker and leaving the body in the woods. Wife Felicia then rang the Marion County Sheriff's Office to report the crime, and her husband repeated the story to investigators, adding a few details. He produced a Utah man's wallet as proof. After the police failed to find a corpse with dogs and an air unit, Teddy explained that he'd hoped the story would help in getting a divorce and that he had found the wallet on top of a newspaper stand, said Sue Livoti for the sheriff's office. The authorities were successful in contacting the wallet's owner. Captain Thomas Bibb said Teddy is probably going to be billed for the cost of the seven-hour search.

The coach of a Little League baseball team based in Methuen, Massachusetts, said an umpire's decision during a state tournament game demoralised his team, who lost. The Eagle-Tribune reported that the incident took place when a bilingual assistant coach shouted instructions in Spanish to the Methuen team's 14-year-old pitcher and catcher, who are immigrants who speak little English. The umpire ordered the team to use only English. Lance Van Auken, a spokesman for Little League International, said the decision was incorrect and without a basis in rules and regulations. The umpire is going to sit out the rest of the year.

Robert McDonald, a 45-year-old former Hollywood stuntman from Florida, has over the last two years created a replica Viking ship from 15 million ice lolly sticks. He had the help of two volunteers in making the 15-metre longship, which he plans to launch today in Amsterdam. His long-term plan is to sail it across the Atlantic. McDonald said: 'I never want to look at glue again. I don't think I will be in a hurry to look at ice cream sticks again.'

After an evening of drinking in Italy, Belgian tourists Tim Grobben, 31, and Ben Stinkens, 21, passed a villa in the Laglio, Lake Como, area where they'd heard that George Clooney lives. They pressed the intercom button and said 'Ciao - it's George'. 'They were amazed when the gate slid open; it was like the story of Aladdin where he says "Open sesame" to the cave door and it opens', the men's lawyer said later. The pair wandered into Clooney's gardens and were caught only after the housekeeper went out to look for Clooney. They were released and could still be charged with violating a domicile.

Germany's Sabine Hilschenz, 39, is charged with killing nine of her children and burying the newborns in her garden at her former residence in Brieskow-Finkenheerd, Brandenburg. After someone clearing a garage discovered a skeleton in a fish tank, an investigation revealed tiny human skeletons in flower pots and buckets as well. Hilschenz admitted to giving birth to the babies but claims she does not remember killing them - she said she had drunk heavily before each birth, to cope with labour pains 'alone and without any help', according to state prosecutor Annette Bargenda. Hilschenz has four living children, ages 20, 19, 18, and 18 months. Police did not confirm reports that she is now pregnant again.
Hilschenz is thought to have moved house several times, taking most of the bodies with her. Bargenda said that in at least seven of the cases Hilschenz 'knows she put a covering over each child; she said she woke or sobered up only after the children were already buried'.

Former Lincoln, Illinois, police officer Diana Short was jailed and set to be tried on charges of cultivating marijuana in her basement. Authorities say Short asked daughter Brianna Strohl to collect the necessary materials and manufacture methamphetamine in order to raise enough money for the final $7,500 Short needed for bail. Logan County Jail inmates apparently provided a tip leading to the arrest of the 24-year-old Strohl. Short's bail is now set at $25,000 and Strohl's at $10,000.

Small-time entrepreneur Sharon Rivera, of Columbia Falls, Montana, has been inundated with telephone calls to her toll-free phone number from Missouri Medicaid recipients who received a letter erroneously providing her number as that of a help line for the hearing impaired. The mailing, sent to 339,000 people at a total cost of $80,000, told them of benefit cuts. Rivera described her frustration at not being able to communicate to many of the callers that the number was one digit off. She said: 'This has been a nightmare for me [...]. And I honestly am feeling very, very sad for the people who call', many of them elderly people who were weeping or cursing.

According to Florida's St. Petersburg Times, a judge has sentenced 38-year-old Christopher Offord of Panama City, Florida, to death for killing his wife with about 70 blows from a claw hammer 'after spending a happy interlude with her'. Offord had apparently responded as he did because he didn't want to stop watching sport on television and return to bed with her. Judge Dedee Costello explained that 'her desire to cuddle after sex does not justify the extremely violent, brutal response of the defendant'.

According to court records in Montana, Jessica Lynne Durham of Gardiner asked friend Brandi Nichols to photograph Durham's 18-month-old daughter smoking marijuana from a bong, as it would be 'cool' to send the pictures to High Times magazine. Nichols also testified that Durham let the girl smoke pot because she wasn't eating or sleeping enough. A federal judge sentenced Durham, 24, to five years in prison.

In April, Anheuser-Busch wrote a $5,000 cheque intended for the South Carolina Republican Party. However, the cheque went to the Democratic Party instead, through what Anheuser-Busch's regional director of governmental affairs in Washington called 'a series of administrative oversights'. The Democrats deposited the cheque. After months of wrangling, they have now returned the money to Anheuser-Busch. The Republicans said this occurred only upon threat of a lawsuit.
Democratic Party executive director Lachlan McIntosh stated that, while it would have been more direct to send the money directly to its intended recipients, 'nobody should expect us to write a check to the Republican Party'.

The Connecticut police report that modelling agent Michael Britt, 42, gained the confidence of three teenaged girls and then sexually abused them. He allegedly explained to one of the young women that having sex with him would help to give her the distinctive walk that is required of a model. Britt, who also worked as a cleaner at an abortion clinic in his agency's building, is accused of raping another in the guise of applying a special abortion cream for her. He is also accused of telling one of the teens that he was a prince who wanted to have her child so he could claim his inheritance. He has pleaded not guilty.

Ohio's Akron Beacon Journal reports that three 14-year-old boys agreed that the last two to remain awake at a slumber party were to play a prank on the third. Police reports state that one of the two 'winners' was the party's host, Kwesi Bromley. To fulfil the pact, Bromley boiled a bowl of water in the microwave oven for seven minutes and then began to pour it over the back of the sleeping teenager. The third boy tried to push the bowl away and was splashed in the face in the process. He and the sleeping boy suffered second-degree burns and were quickly taken home by Bromley's mother. The mother of one of the injured boys was charged with endangering the welfare of her son, for not seeking medical attention for him.

A woman living in Villa Rice, Georgia, returned from a holiday to find that her home had been burgled. According to sheriff's investigator Alan Lee, she hit the redial button on her home's telephone and reached the mother of Kevin Tucker. Tucker, 23, had apparently rung his mother for a ride after breaking into the home. The mother didn't oblige and collect Tucker and 18-year-old girlfriend Brittany Leigh-Anne Smith from the scene of the crime, but the pair were still easy for the police to find. They were arrested shortly after checking out of a motel. Lieutenant Shane Taylor said that when the two encountered the cops, 'both pointed their finger at each other'.

New Hampshire's Concord Monitor reports that those behind an April burglary at a truck dealership were unable to shift their ill-gotten gains: 10 Segway motorised scooters. An anonymous tip recently led Concord police to all of the Segways and their accessories, safely stored in a garage and collecting dust. Detective Todd Flanagan said 'I think the burglary was very well thought out; I think what wasn't thought out was how they were going to profit from this'.

After company director Melvyn Reed underwent a triple bypass heart operation in central England, he tried to stagger his visitors' visits, but that didn't stop his three wives showing up at the same time to visit him in hospital. The 59-year-old Reed's wives realised that something wasn't quite right, and they had an impromptu meeting in the car park. Reed turned himself in on May 12 and has now been handed a four-month suspended sentence for bigamy by the Wimbledon Magistrates' Court.

David Owen Rye of Simi Valley, California, was annoyed by a car alarm sounding near a block of flats, so he went outside and fired at least three bullets into the offending Toyota Camry, which silenced the alarm. Rye, 48, went back inside. He enjoyed the peace and quiet until an officer with a bullhorn ordered him to leave his flat. Sergeant John Adamczyk said Rye has been booked for investigation of reckless discharge of a firearm and felony vandalism.

Kris Bryan returned to her Lawrence, Kansas, home to find people loading her belongings into vehicles. She said she told the unexpected guests: 'That's my apartment - there's been some mistake'. The freebie-hunters then showed her an advert from the Lawrence Journal-World that said items left at 1319 Tennessee Street would be discarded if not claimed. The intended address was 1339 Tennessee Road. While the people Bryan saw in person returned what they had taken, she said that over $3000 worth of items, including a television set and her seven-week-old kitten, had already disappeared without a trace.

Early Thursday morning, exasperated motorists summoned the Indianapolis police to a junction to deal with a car that wasn't budging. In the car were three men who had apparently fallen asleep while waiting for the traffic light to change colour. Officers noticed that two of the men had handguns in their laps. Drugs were found in the car as well. For the Indianapolis police, Lieutenant Lloyd Crowe said that these items, plus money in the car, could be part of a drug dealing operation.

Prosecutors in Virginia say 24-year-old emergency medical worker Joshua Phillip Martin placed a cardiac defibrillator against fellow medical worker Courtney Rhoton's side and discharged it. She died three days after the incident, with a preliminary autopsy report listing electric shock as the cause of death. Officers are trying to figure out whether horseplay or something else was involved. Police chief and former paramedic Mark Mitchell called the incident bizarre. Martin has been indicted on a charge of involuntary manslaughter.

A concerned citizen found a mobile telephone and turned it in to the police. The mobile, which belonged to Zachary Hicks, 20, of Woodland, California, carried photos showing marijuana and money. Perhaps predictably, a drug bust followed. Five people, including Hicks and his room-mate and girlfriend, were arrested. Cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine, a stolen handgun, scales, and money were confiscated. Narcotics team commander Roy Giorgi said: 'We encourage suspects to continue taking photos of drugs and money.'

Canada's Bryan Pinn, 65, and Bill Dalrymple, 56, have abandoned their plans to marry under Canada's same-sex-marriage law. The best friends explained that they had planned to take advantage of a loophole: the law doesn't require that the couple getting married be gay. The plan, which Pinn described as an act of political satire and an attempt to save money on account of tax implications, met with public outrage. Pinn said: 'If this is going to cause mayhem, we don't want to be the tethered goats - it's out there now, discuss amongst yourselves.'

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that the driver of a minivan rolled down his window to release a cloud of marijuana smoke, gaining the attention of officers in a nearby cruiser. Police spokesman John Mirabelli said that the officers pulled the vehicle over and discovered about 160 kilos of marijuana inside. The driver, 21-year-old Prospero Pesqueira, was charged with possession of cannabis and cited for having a bogus driver's licence. Four years of validity is typical for US driver's licences, but his bore a 2048 expiry date, according to the police.

Joseph G. McQuade apparently entered an Arkansas woman's garage and broke into her car, cutting himself in the process on the window glass he had broken. Blood spurting from his wrist, he kicked in a door to the woman's home and asked for help. He told homeowner Avis Pilcher, 78, that he had cut himself while being chased. Pilcher rang the police to ask them to assist McQuade. When officers found blood in the garage, McQuade was arrested. He was taken to an area hospital for treatment.

31 August 2005

Indiana's Brookelyn Walters, 26, convinced the couple who employed her at a gymnastics company that she had leukaemia. Mike and Erin Booher said they agreed to let Walters stay in their home so they could care for her. She boasted a shaved head, had an apparent IV port, and injected herself with a clear liquid as part of her 'treatment'. When her hair began to grow back, Walters told the couple's five-year-old daughter that it was because of her prayers.
After staying with the family for a month, Walters told them she needed emergency brain surgery, so the Boohers took her to a nearby hospital. The reaction of a doctor to her story prompted the Boohers to check Walters out online. There they discovered that she'd been sentenced to probation earlier this year for pretending to have cancer in order to collect contributions.
When she was a university student, Walters shaved her head and for three years pretended to be deaf. Ball State paid for an interpreter for her, and a sorority and fraternity raised money for her nonexistent medical bills.

The Australian media report that on Friday a domestic flight from Brisbane caused a national terror alert. According to a Department of Transport and Regional Services spokesman, the cause 'was an inadvertent use of a code word' by the pilot of a twin-engine turbo prop in his radio transmissions to air traffic control. It took two hours for authorities monitoring the flight from a Canberra command bunker to establish that the craft had not actually been hijacked.

Japan's Mainichi Shimbun reports that a doctor at Shiga Hospital was annoyed by a patient's squirming on the operating table and complaining about pain. The doctor, whose name was not released, said 'shut up' and then slapped the patient. The doctor walked away from the operating table. He later returned to sew up the patient, and the intended surgery was completed weeks later by another doctor. Shiga Hospital officials have apologised, and the doctor, who is in his 30s, has been suspended from his duties for three months.

The AP reports that police in Truman, Arkansas, arrested Jeff McDoniel for passing a bogus $50 note. Police Chief Larry Blagg says McDoniel had simply glued a photocopied '5' over the '1' on a $10 note. It still said 'ten dollars' on both sides and featured the wrong president's image, among other things. Workers at the lumber firm where McDoniel used the counterfeit $50 didn't notice that the money was suspicious until they were preparing a bank deposit.

Christopher Sheridan Hoar, a 56-year-old Florida man, was jailed in October on charges of pointing a gun at his wife and threatening to kill her. In December, he tried to get a hit man to kill her in exchange for $10,000 and a vehicle. The hit man was in reality an undercover detective, and Hoar was charged with solicitation to commit murder. Last month, Hoar again approached an undercover detective for purposes of wife-killing. This time, before arresting him, detectives showed Hoar a photograph of his wife lying in a pool of fake blood.

Sheriff's deputies in Harlingen, Texas, arrested John Kislek for sexually assaulting a three-year-old girl whose parents were staying at his home. A man had reported peering through the home's front window and seeing Kislek indecently fondle the girl, then sexually arouse his dog and force it on the girl. Sheriff Omar Lucio has said medical evidence bears out this account, but Kislek claims that the man who reported the incident is a liar with a grudge against him and that 'the dog and I was playing'.

Ohio's Marion Star reported that a woman carrying her 20-month-old grand-daughter bent down to look at a chained-up pit bull belonging to the girl's second cousin. The dog took hold of the girl, Sway Sontag, who lost one ear and part of the other to the dog before her two sisters helped rescue her. The county sheriff shot the animal when retrieving the ear. Charges are pending against the dog's owner. Sway's father, Dominic Sontag, said: 'You know that when get [sic] a pit bull that they have a tendency to bite, and they just left it chained up out back.'

A woman in Arnold, Pennsylvania, reported to the police that she found an unfamiliar man asleep in her bed at about 2:00 in the morning and that he took $20 from her shirt pocket when she tried to wake him up. She said she summoned the police after he told her to leave him alone. Officers arrested Ernest Demar Boyd, 32, for breaking and entering, as well as robbery. They also found 17 rocks of white powder in his pockets.

Haley Hilderbrand, 17, thought it would be nifty to pose with a Bengal tiger for her senior pictures, studio photographs customarily taken before the final year of US high school. At the Lost Creek Animal Sanctuary, a family-owned rescue facility for exotic animals abandoned by their owners, the photo-shoot tiger escaped from its handler and mauled Hilderbrand to death. The tiger was killed.

Pennsylvania's Gazette News reports that Meghan Renee Blake of Newville climbed into her Honda Accord while quite possibly intoxicated. In the Veterans of Foreign Wars building's car park, she took her car out of park. The police reported that the car then travelled down a hill by the parking area and, with its wheels turned to the right, started back up the hill when reaching the bottom. It stopped when the front end ran over Blake, who had fallen out. She was freed by emergency response personnel and, according to officers, taken to hospital for treatment of minor injuries.

The South Dakota Highway Patrol reported that 55-year-old Texan Michael E. Johnson died when the motorbike he was riding was hit by a portable toilet falling from a trailer. After the impact, Johnson and his motorbike were thrown into the other lane and struck by another biker. A third motorcycle ended up in the ditch after trying to avoid the debris on the road.

Iowa's Des Moines Register reports that Jessie Joe Hill decided to play cop and pull a fellow driver over with the aid of a flashing yellow light on the dashboard of the pickup truck he was driving. While Hill was cautioning Edin Beganovic about his driving, an authentic police officer stopped to ask Hill what he thought he was doing. Hill explained that he was taking Beganovic to task for running a stop sign. After his arrest for impersonating a police officer, the 32-year-old Hill was charged (for the 11th time) with driving with a suspended licence. He was also charged with theft of the pickup.

In news from last week, 54-year-old Sami Habbas, a US citizen of Palestinian heritage, reported being upset on receiving a credit-card application solicitation addressed to 'Palestinian Bomber'. Habbas, who has lived in the US since age 3 and received an honourable discharge from the army in 1969, rang JPMorgan Chase to report the issue. Several operators said, after pulling up his information: 'Yes, Mr Palestinian Bomber, how can we help you?', ABC News reported. Chase apologised and blamed a third-party vendor for supplying an imperfect list of names and addresses.

A custodian at the First Baptist Church in Peru, Indiana, has been arrested for making methamphetamine at his workplace. Richard J. Mosley was arrested after officers found materials used to make the drug inside his church, where he has worked for five years. Searching Mosley's home and pickup truck, sheriff's deputies found a loaded handgun that had been reported stolen, among other firearms, and meth-cooking manuals. Miami County Sheriff Ken Roland said that Mosley manufactured the drug late at night in the church attic, with the ventilation system helping to control the smell. The Rev. Bob Adelsperger, a pastor at the church, said: 'If you read the scriptures, there are worse things than this - although, at the moment, it doesn't seem like it.'

In other methamphetamine-related news, Jason Coates of Tracy, California, threw a bag from his truck window when he noticed that the police were closing on him and about to force him to stop. The bag contained rubbish. Alameda County Sheriff's Deputy Steve Angeja said that, in contrast, a fast-food bag found in the vehicle contained three ounces (85 g) of methamphetamine. Also in the truck was the suspected drug dealer's 13-year-old son, who was taken into protective custody. Angeja reported that the 35-year-old Coates 'was visibly shaken when he was told he had tossed the wrong bag'.

Norway's Drangedalsposten reports that Inger Livold rang the police to report that she was growing marijuana in a flower bed outside her retirement home. She explained to the cops, who tore out the illegal plants, that she had simply scattered birdseed in the garden from a bag. Livold, 81, explained: 'It was my grandchildren who noticed it - "Hey granny, that's hashish you have there; you can't grow that in your garden", they said.'

On 7 August, former federal prosecutor John Loftus, on Fox News, reported the address of a home belonging to alleged Islamic radical Iyad Hilal, or so he thought. Hilal moved three years ago. Randy and Ronnell Vorick, who own the home, said people have shouted profanities at them and spray-painted 'terrist' [sic] on their property. The police are now providing special protection, but Randy said he remains scared to leave his children at home when he goes to work. The couple seek a public apology. 'Mistakes happen [...]. That was the best information we had at the time', Loftus told the Los Angeles Times.

Over the weekend, the London Zoo held a temporary exhibit featuring Homo sapiens. Live humans were on display to show humans' natural behaviour as well as 'to highlight the spread of man as a plague species and to communicate the importance of man's place in the planet's ecosystem'. The eight humans who were part of the display were separated from other primates by an electric fence. They were volunteers and allowed to go home each night.
One disappointed visitor to the zoo complained about the humans: 'They're not doing anything.'

A father in Canton, Ohio, told investigators that his wife and her 17-year-old adopted son had been living at a Super 8 motel for about a week and having sex. He turned over e-mail and other information indicating that the relationship had been going on for several weeks. The mother and son also allegedly drank alcohol and cut themselves together at the motel. When questioned, the mother admitted to having sex with her son once during an alcoholic blackout, according to the complaint, telling investigators that 'it's the weirdest thing; we're just two needy people - when he turns 18, he wants to marry me'.
The woman and her husband have temporarily closed the Fun on the Farm day-care centre they run in their home. Five of the couple's other children have been removed from the home. The father retains custody and may visit them. An adult daughter said she was physically, emotionally, and sexually abused in the home, according to the complaint.

Michael Lyons, a 45-year-old man from Savannah, Georgia, apparently thought it would be clever to pull what the local media describe as a prank on a bank teller as part of a celebration of his daughter's birthday with her friends. He told a 13-year-old girl to give a bank teller a 'this is a stick up' note while he was withdrawing money from a cash machine. The teller sounded the alarm, and officers arrested Lyons, who was waiting with the rest of the girls. He has been charged with criminal attempt of robbery by intimidation.

Japanese Airline pilot Kosuke Yasue, 42, was arrested for stealing flight crew uniforms and jumbo-jet operation manuals, which he offered for sale online. Yasue, employed by All Nippon Airlines, is thought to have taken the items from a study room in January. While ANA bought back the manuals online after realising they were missing, the uniforms have not yet been accounted for. An ANA statement called the situation 'extremely regrettable' and said Yasue would be punished severely. The police said Yasue explained that he had needed the money.

A new policy at Northamptonshire's Weavers School is intended to address 'the reality [...] that the F-word is part of these young adults' everyday language', according to headmaster Alan Large. A tally is to be kept on the board, and students using the word more than five times in a given class period are to be 'spoken to'. Parents have reportedly lambasted the approach, which Conservative MP Ann Widdecombe described as employing 'Alice in Wonderland reasoning'.

Authorities are uncertain how a male prisoner at Texas's Wilson County jail managed to get himself locked up with eight female inmates. Chief Deputy Johnie Deagen said: 'We're assuming the motive was sexually related, but [...] everyone says nothing happened.' Officials believe Joseph Krist, 34, might have moved a mop and bucket from his cell into a vestibule separating his cell from that of the women, then remained in the vestibule until the women's cell door was opened remotely by an employee so they could collect the mop.

According to Wisconsin's Fond du Lac Reporter, an area man rang emergency services to report an accidental shooting. He had been using a screwdriver in attempts to dislodge a round from the chamber of a pistol. The round left the chamber when the weapon discharged. The bullet struck the man in the abdomen. He was taken to St. Agnes Hospital for treatment.

New Hampshire physician Terry Bennett says that he gives a lecture on weight loss to many of his overweight patients. One of them claims to have felt insulted when Bennett told her she was obese and needed to lose weight. She wrote a letter to the Board of Registration in Medicine, which forwarded it to the state attorney general's office. Bennett said the attorney general's office tried to get him to agree to attend a medical education course as a way of settling the matter. 'Did I sleep with somebody? Did I give somebody [illegal] drugs? Was I careless? No. End of story', he said. Bennett added that he hadn't meant to offend the woman by trying to tell her the truth.

Reuters reports that three men, aged 18 to 19, tried to steal fuel from a farm in the small New Zealand town of Waipukurau. The police said the trio syphoned fuel into a petrol-driven vehicle. Then, when the car wouldn't start, they examined the fuel pipe with a cigarette lighter. The vehicle burst into flames. Senior sergeant Ross Gilbert said that 'it wasn't a major whodunnit' and that, 'fortunately for them, there is no criminal charge for stupidity'. They were charged with theft, though.


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