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In early May 2012, we set out from Vilnius for the countryside of northern Lithuania. 'We' was some Canadians, Germans, Lithuanians, and not-quite-Estonians united on a safari in search for elusive creatures that are found in these parts in relative abundance - farmhouse beers. Some completely untamed, some hanging on even though on the 'endangered' list, some showing seemingly boundless energy. And that was just the Canadians who gave birth to this journey.

All images link to larger versions. Photos by Phil Carmody. All typos are mine, however.

The evening before our departure, we met up at Bambalynė, in Vilnius, always a good choice for well-crafted beers from many of the 'little guys' in a comfortable environment. In the photos, 'Goldilocks and the Three Beers': 'Is this too big?' 'This is too small!' 'This is just right!'

Night gave way to morning ... the breweries trip began

Stops on the tour:

Gintaro Baras

Our first stop was a brewpub in Molėtai, a lovely building where the brewer - who has a good taste in music, by the way - had some bottles of Belgian-style stout waiting for us, in addition to the regular fare (a light and dark beer and a gira). Some ate his freshly made pizza, and all headed downstairs for a look at the facilities.

Under the table
way under the table

Utenos - only joking!

As tempting as this rather larger operation was, we had other places to be.

l_img_4016.jpg l_img_4017.jpg l_img_4018.jpg


Though their 'Keptinis' beer doesn't follow the tradition behind that name - a style that involves making loaves of mash - it is still tasty and Kupiškio maintain the tradition of selling unfiltered beers to willing drinkers.

l_cimg_0647.jpg l_img_4020.jpg l_img_4019.jpg
l_img_4022.jpg l_img_4023.jpg l_img_4024.jpg
l_img_4026.jpg l_img_4028.jpg
l_img_4031.jpg l_img_4030.jpg l_img_4032.jpg
l_img_4033.jpg l_img_4027.jpg


Our next stop, in Biržai, was a two-parter. At the Rinkuškiai brewery, the things mentioned with the greatest pride were the headway that Rinkuškiai have made into the export market - for example, they now ship to Africa - and their use of 100% malts in their beers. Also of note are that some of Rinkuškiai's beers come as strong as 12% (far above the legal threshold to be established next year). We bought one at their shop and will see how it ages.

l_img_4040.jpg l_img_4042.jpg l_img_4045.jpg
l_img_4046.jpg l_img_4049.jpg l_img_4048.jpg
l_img_4052.jpg l_img_4051.jpg l_img_4053.jpg
l_img_4056.jpg l_img_4055.jpg l_img_4058.jpg
l_img_4057.jpg l_img_4059.jpg l_img_4061.jpg
l_img_4064.jpg l_img_4065.jpg l_img_4054.jpg

For a pleasant meal and environment, we visited Rinkuškiai's lovely associated restaurant, Alaus Kelias. Upstairs was a miniature museum of traditional brewing

l_cimg_0648.jpg l_cimg_0649.jpg l_img_4036.jpg
l_img_4035.jpg l_img_4038.jpg l_img_4037.jpg
l_img_4067.jpg l_img_4071.jpg l_img_4072.jpg
l_img_4077.jpg l_img_4079.jpg

And now ... a drink!

l_img_4080.jpg l_img_4081.jpg


The site of the Beer Bus's next destination was a rebuilt brick building that goes back a long way in brewing. In Soviet times, the manor hosted Communist Party officials' many events and brewed special beers for them. Now, the beers are available for everyone to enjoy, and enjoy we did.

Then, as the moon rose higher in the sky, we missed the Astravo brewery, but we would not go thirsty...

l_img_4094.jpg l_img_4082.jpg l_img_4095.jpg
l_img_4084.jpg l_img_4085.jpg l_img_4086.jpg
l_img_4087.jpg l_img_4088.jpg l_img_4089.jpg
l_img_4091.jpg l_img_4092.jpg l_img_4093.jpg
l_cimg_0651.jpg l_img_4099.jpg l_img_4098.jpg


'Some farmer in Biržų' welcomed us into his home with homemade cheeses and several 'just one more bucket's of beer, brewed by open fermentation in the basement. The berry beer was a bit adventurous, but pretty much everything - including the 'third running' - would put many of the commercial breweries to shame.

l_img_4096.jpg l_cimg_0654.jpg l_cimg_0653.jpg l_cimg_0652.jpg

Evening 1, sharing

Sharing on the first night of the safari proper included comparing of notes amongst the Canon fan club and sharing of Canadian, local, and other beers. Evening came and morning followed - the first day.

l_cimg_0655.jpg l_cimg_0656.jpg l_cimg_0657.jpg l_cimg_0661.jpg

Morning 2, exploring

After a night under the watchful eye of the local wildlife but before everyone else woke up to hit the road again, we went for a brief wander outside. We decided not to use the slide into the lake, though.

l_cimg_0664.jpg l_cimg_0668.jpg l_img_4100.jpg
l_img_4108.jpg l_img_4107.jpg l_img_4110.jpg


Some elements of this brewery's history, dating back to 1686, are a matter of public record. For example, at one time, everyone along the water was required to produce malts, beer, or vodka. Others are a matter of legend - for instance, after the Swedes burned down the Rathaus and the brewery, legend has it that the latter was chosen for repairs first.

l_img_4111.jpg l_img_4112.jpg l_img_4113.jpg
l_img_4115.jpg l_img_4116.jpg l_img_4117.jpg
l_img_4118.jpg l_img_4119.jpg l_img_4114.jpg
l_img_4121.jpg l_img_4122.jpg l_img_4123.jpg

Dvareliškiu Alus

The next stop was a quick one - we picked up the beers that were waiting for us, loaded them into the Beer Bus, and were then on our way again.

l_img_4125.jpg l_img_4128.jpg l_img_4127.jpg


In Pasvalys, we stopped at Morkūno (Jolus), where we were told that they were not brewing at the moment (the last batch was for New Year's). The brewery were making preparations to expand a couple of years ago, but changes in excise tax that treat all breweries in the same way, regardless of size, put the kibosh on that.

l_img_4129.jpg l_img_4130.jpg

Hill of Crosses

Some of us then went on a sojourn to the 'Hill of Crosses', a pilgrimage site that dates back at least to the uprising in the 1800s and more recently served as a place of expressing rebellion against Soviet ideology. We decided not to try counting the crosses that people have left here over the years.

l_img_4143.jpg l_img_4144.jpg l_img_4146.jpg
l_cimg_0671.jpg l_cimg_0674.jpg l_cimg_0672.jpg
l_cimg_0673.jpg l_cimg_0679.jpg l_cimg_0675.jpg
l_cimg_0677.jpg l_cimg_0678.jpg

Rozalimo brewery tap

The next stop was the beautiful wood-filled environment that serves as the Rozalimo brewery tap. The prices too had an old-fashioned charm: we paid about 40 cents per 33 cl glass. After a shashlik for lunch, Davra was next.

l_cimg_0680.jpg l_img_4149.jpg l_img_4150.jpg
l_img_4152.jpg l_img_4153.jpg l_img_4154.jpg


We arrived just after closing time at this brewery, which could be described as the 'biggest of the small guys'. Here, we nibbled on tasty bacon and drank the fine wares while being regaled with tales such as that of the Varniuku beer, originally made as a fittingly dark beer for a local crow-themed festival. We would not leave without accepting an extremely generous take-away portion.

l_img_4157.jpg l_img_4156.jpg l_img_4159.jpg
l_img_4161.jpg l_img_4160.jpg l_img_4162.jpg
l_img_4163.jpg l_img_4164.jpg l_img_4165.jpg
l_img_4167.jpg l_img_4170.jpg l_img_4172.jpg
l_img_4173.jpg l_img_4175.jpg l_img_4178.jpg
l_img_4180.jpg l_img_4181.jpg


At Grigoniu, we were showed round the facilities by a neighbour. This brewery stands out in being one of the few whose tradition involves not actually boiling the wort.

l_img_4182.jpg l_img_4183.jpg l_img_4185.jpg
l_img_4186.jpg l_img_4187.jpg l_img_4188.jpg


Our next stop was a visit to the alewife of Jovarų, who follows traditions such as filtering on canvas and reminisced about the family storing yeast at the bottom of old wells to settle ('I have to go dig up some yeast'). This much-lauded brewery's future is uncertain, and not all of the old-fashioned approach is a matter of choice - it would be expensive to replace the 70-year-old equipment (...'so we'll die with it') - but the result is tasty beer that left us feeling as if we were in the land of milk and honey around the table in her mini-museum-style attic.

l_img_4189.jpg l_img_4190.jpg l_img_4193.jpg
l_img_4194.jpg l_img_4196.jpg l_img_4197.jpg
l_img_4200.jpg l_img_4202.jpg l_img_4203.jpg
l_img_4205.jpg l_img_4208.jpg l_img_4209.jpg
l_img_4211.jpg l_img_4210.jpg


As it grew dark, we headed to the day's last brewery, Joalda. In Soviet times, they offered beer deliveries - connecting the hose of a beer truck to whatever vessels the customer had to hand. Today, they offer several beers, some worryingly strong, that may not be exciting but are made with skill.

l_img_4212.jpg l_img_4219.jpg
l_cimg_0681.jpg l_cimg_0682.jpg
l_cimg_0683.jpg l_cimg_0685.jpg l_cimg_0686.jpg

Evening 2, sharing

Evening 2 was spent on quite a large estate (Millhouse), again shared by local wildlife, and and on quite a large pile of beers. We did what we could, before we rose on another frosty morning and set off.

l_img_4131.jpg l_img_4133.jpg l_img_4137.jpg
l_img_4134.jpg l_img_4135.jpg l_img_4138.jpg
l_img_4139.jpg l_img_4223.jpg l_img_4224.jpg
l_cimg_0687.jpg l_cimg_0688.jpg l_cimg_0689.jpg
l_cimg_0692.jpg l_cimg_0694.jpg l_cimg_0695.jpg
l_img_4228.jpg l_img_4229.jpg l_img_4231.jpg

On the road, day 3

Before our first appointment, we had dried fish to fight, beer to discuss, and whatever Phil is thinking about to think about in the morning sun.

l_cimg_0697.jpg l_cimg_0702.jpg l_cimg_0706.jpg


The building says 'There's no beer in heaven, so we'd might as well drink it here'. Standing with our mugs in the brewery museum outbuilding, we were told of the brewing process (he uses malt loaves and no boiling, uses steam for sterilsation, and doesn't share his yeast with anyone except his daughter - who will succeed him), the brewery's history (while farmers each brewed their own beer, Čižas beer was procured for special occasions), and his philosophy on second and third 'runnings': 'You don't do that with coffee...'.

l_img_4232.jpg l_img_4233.jpg l_img_4235.jpg
l_img_4237.jpg l_img_4238.jpg l_img_4242.jpg
l_img_4244.jpg l_img_4246.jpg l_img_4247.jpg
l_img_4248.jpg l_img_4251.jpg


The word that came to mind here was 'steampunk'. This facility, while housed in an architectural heritage building, is only a couple of years old. While young and a very compact brewery, it promises big things - such as a Belgian-style beer. The drinks we had here, tapped from the fermentation vessels, were tasty ones.

l_img_4257.jpg l_img_4254.jpg l_img_4262.jpg
l_img_4266.jpg l_img_4267.jpg l_img_4264.jpg
l_img_4269.jpg l_img_4270.jpg l_img_4271.jpg
l_img_4273.jpg l_img_4268.jpg l_img_4274.jpg
l_img_4275.jpg l_img_4276.jpg

Su Puta

At the Su Puta beer kiosk - a splendid idea that - bottles were filled for us from behind glass.

l_img_4277.jpg l_img_4278.jpg l_img_4279.jpg
l_img_4280.jpg l_img_4281.jpg


Early in the evening, it was time for a private screening of a new film featuring several of the farmhouse-brewing scene's characters we've come to know, such as Šnekutis (incl. playing with his moustache). Accompanying the film was the screening of a most tasty new beer, which we would sample the next day at the brewery.

l_img_4285.jpg l_img_4286.jpg l_img_4282.jpg
l_img_4288.jpg l_img_4289.jpg

Piniavos's bar + Tree of Keys

The film was being shown also, to several of those featuring in it, at our next venue. Outside is a tree to which men nail keys to this day, in a pagan ritual that should free them from the evils of ex-wives and such.

l_img_4292.jpg l_img_4293.jpg l_img_4301.jpg
l_img_4305.jpg l_img_4314.jpg l_img_4316.jpg
l_img_4317.jpg l_img_4321.jpg l_cimg_0708.jpg

Evening 3, sharing + sauna

After the night's sharing, a sauna was proposed by the breakaway party who'd remained at the pub, courtesy of the Širvenos brewer. Once we'd left the building and gone a few tens of kilometres, we were fairly sure that the sauna wasn't as local as we'd assumed. The question of the night was 'Why are we having a sauna in the middle of the night in the middle of the countryside?'. There were no regrets, but we did decline the offer of a 3am brewery trip.

l_cimg_0710.jpg l_cimg_0712.jpg l_cimg_0713.jpg
l_cimg_0715.jpg l_cimg_0716.jpg l_cimg_0720.jpg


While their strong beers (up to 12%) will say farewell with the new laws' entry into force, they're not worried here. Efforts seem to be afoot to emphasise a focus on quality beers. Seven beers, two runnings, patchy Soviet brewing vessels soon to be replaced, and pride in special German filtering sand.

l_img_4328.jpg l_img_4329.jpg l_img_4345.jpg
l_img_4330.jpg l_img_4332.jpg l_img_4333.jpg
l_img_4335.jpg l_img_4337.jpg l_img_4339.jpg
l_img_4340.jpg l_img_4341.jpg
l_img_4343.jpg l_img_4344.jpg

Alaus Purslai

A tall building in which they - by now, you may have worked out how this goes - brew beer. Not many breweries left now on our itinerary...

l_img_4347.jpg l_img_4348.jpg l_img_4349.jpg


A very big pub, a tasty bean concoction and some drink to fortify us, and table football battle scars for Phil.

l_img_4350.jpg l_img_4351.jpg l_img_4352.jpg
l_cimg_0723.jpg l_img_4353.jpg l_img_4354.jpg

Miežiškių and Trakiškių

There are two breweries in the same building, sharing facilities that at the moment are mostly unused (we checked out Miežiškių first). They are transitioning to weaker beers and trying new recipes and a new mash process ('Now I remember what it's called [in English]! Oh, it's secret.'). Here we again had the new beer that we'd greatly enjoyed at the film screening and tried another experimental one, using cannabis. And we saw yet another of the many local variations of northern Lithuanian beer jug design.

l_img_4355.jpg l_img_4356.jpg l_img_4358.jpg
l_img_4360.jpg l_img_4361.jpg l_img_4362.jpg
l_img_4365.jpg l_img_4366.jpg l_img_4363.jpg
l_img_4368.jpg l_img_4372.jpg l_img_4371.jpg

Evening 4, Šnekutis Old Town

Back in Vilnius, we rewarded ourselves with some favourites at Šnekutis, run by a former brewer who decided to share the farmhouse beers with a larger audience. He now has two outlets, so the obvious thing to do after visiting this one was to go the other, in the Užupis district.

l_cimg_0726.jpg l_cimg_0728.jpg l_cimg_0731.jpg
l_cimg_0733.jpg l_cimg_0734.jpg l_cimg_0737.jpg

Evening 4, Šnekutis Užupio

Martin's able directions saw us to the other Šnekutis without a hitch. This venue fits well in this World Heritage Site artists' community environment. We headed back into the centre, to Visų Šventųjų ('All Saints') and made our farewells as the evening drew to a close and we prepared to return to our respective places of origin.

l_cimg_0738.jpg l_cimg_0739.jpg
l_cimg_0740.jpg l_cimg_0742.jpg

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