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The Seeds of Death

Episode Five

By Brian Hayles and Terrance Dicks


(Zoe starts to creep back along the dais as the Ice-Warrior turns.)

PHIPPS: Look out Zoe!

(The warrior's gun flashes and Phipps dies in a distorted haze of treacly air. Zoe is cornered, standing on the dais before the pulsing screen of lights there is nowhere she can run in time to escape from a second deadly blast. She looks desperately at Fewsham as a rabbit caught in the headlights of a speeding car.)

ZOE: Well help me can't you?! Help me!

(Fewsham nervously shakes his head at Zoe as the Ice-Warrior, with a deliberate laggard grace borne of pure sadism, aims it's weapon. Fewsham rushes up to the warrior and attempts to pull its arm, and gets swatted out of the way like an annoying bug. He gets up and tries again, and the warrior turns and knocks Fewsham about a bit, but before it can aim at Zoe again it puts it's two clamp-like hands to it's head and falls to the ground overcome by the efficient heating system of the base just in time. Zoe jumps down from the dais and skids across the floor to where Fewsham is groggily lying.)

ZOE: Are you alright?
FEWSHAM: Yes I-I am. Who are you, what are you doing here?
ZOE: Oh well nevermind that, I thought you were on their side!
FEWSHAM: Is that what they all think?
ZOE: Oh well you have been helping them haven't you.
FEWSHAM: I had no alternative, they'd have killed me!
ZOE: Well look, where are the other Ice-Warriors?
FEWSHAM: I think they've gone to their ship, but they'll be coming back, we must get out of here.
ZOE: Oh but how?
FEWSHAM: Look, I can get you back to Earth. T-Mat is working again.
ZOE: Oh! Well I'll get back to the others and tell them the good news.

(She rushes over to the maintenance hatch and slips away.)


(With Jamie and Kelly still hiding, the Ice-Warrior walks towards the door, but before it can get there the Doctor begins to moan deliriously to himself. The warrior turns and walks back over to the table he is lying on.)

DOCTOR: Ohh. Oh ooh oh. Oh my... Oh Victoria, Jamie... Ah...oh.

(As the creature aims at the defenceless form of the Doctor Jamie leaps out and brings his metal bar crashing down on the Martian's sonic-gun damaging the sensitive weapon. The warrior knocks Jamie into the middle of the room with a swipe of it's massive arm Kelly rushes forward to assist and is similarly knocked aside. Jamie runs at the creature for another attempt but it anticipates this and grabs his wrists in it's clamp-like hands. Crying out in agony, Jamie is forced down to the floor.)


(The warrior lets Jamie go and aims it's weapon at Kelly.)


(The Moonbase's heating system rapidly zooms towards 80 degrees.)


(Moments later it's head sinks into it's crusty carapace and it collapses onto the floor, whether it is as a result of a discharge it's own damaged weapon or simply the heat is unclear.)

DOCTOR: Oh...oh well done Jamie!
KELLY: Are you alright?
DOCTOR: Yes, I think so...ooh. Or a little bit dizzy, it's so hot in here!
JAMIE: Aye, lucky for us. Zoe and Phipps turned the heating up just in time.
DOCTOR: What? But-but where are they now?
KELLY: They went though the maintenance tunnel to the main control room.

(As the Doctor mops his forehead with a red and white spotted handkerchief he notices Zoe crawling out of the maintenance hatch.)

DOCTOR: Ah, Zoe!
ZOE: Oh Doctor! Oh are you alright?
DOCTOR: Yes, I-I think so.
ZOE: Good.
JAMIE: Where's Phipps?
ZOE: He's dead, an Ice Warrior killed him.
KELLY: Well how did you manage to escape?
ZOE: That other man helped me.
KELLY: Fewsham?
ZOE: Yes.
KELLY: Well I thought that he was working for them!
ZOE: He saved my life.
KELLY: Doesn't sound much like Fewsham.
ZOE: He attacked a warrior. He's also got T-Mat working again.
DOCTOR: Well do I gather we can get back to Earth then?
ZOE: Yes, I think so.
KELLY: Well let's not waste any more time.
ZOE: No, come on.


(Radnor paces about the control room.)

RADNOR: Well that's all we need!

(Eldred wanders over.)

ELDRED: What is it?
RADNOR: Gregson's here.
ELDRED: Gregson eh?
RADNOR: Sir James Gregson.
ELDRED: United Nations Plenipotentiary.
RADNOR: Minister with special responsibility for T-Mat.

(Eldred grins mischievously.)

ELDRED: ...And your boss in other words!

(The door opens and a small silver haired officious-looking gentleman steps into the room unseen by Radnor.)

RADNOR: Oh don't!
GREGSON: Radnor I've read your report.

(Radnor guiltily snaps to attention.)

GREGSON: I can't make head nor tail of it.

(He looks down his nose at the Professor.)

GREGSON: Who's this?
RADNOR: Ah, Professor Eldred sir.
ELDRED: How do you do.

(Gregson ignores Eldred and strides over to examine a workstation.)

GREGSON: Ah well.
RADNOR: He's helping me sir.
GREGSON: This breakdown of T-Mat, er what is the position now?
RADNOR: Er, still no contact yet with Moonbase.
GREGSON: And what are you doing about it?
RADNOR: We've got people up there.
GREGSON: How did you get them there without T-Mat?
RADNOR: We sent a rocket sir. Professor Eldred is an expert in rocketry.
GREGSON: Oh I see. And er, what happened to the rocket.
RADNOR: Well it's rather difficult to say sir. We lost radio contact with it soon after take-off.
GREGSON: Is that all you've done?
RADNOR: Oh no. No, my Chief-Technician Kelly has also gone to Moonbase.
GREGSON: Oh, more rockets?
RADNOR: No sir, she went by T-Mat.
GREGSON: But T-Mat isn't working.
RADNOR: Well T-Mat started to function again sir, so Miss Kelly went to the Moonbase wher-with a repair team.
GREGSON: So you had a full report from her?
RADNOR: Well no sir, er soon after take off er, T-Mat ceased to function again.
GREGSON: But this is quite ridiculous! T-Mat out of action and then this sudden outbreak of some sort of crop blight.
RADNOR: Ah, now you see sir, think that's connected...
GREGSON: As for this incredible story about a monster from outer-space...
RADNOR: Well you see Sir James I think I owe you an explanation...
GREGSON: Er, what happened about this creature? Have you any more news?
ELDRED: No, it seems to have completely disappeared.

(Eldred moves to a transparent map of the local area and points.)

ELDRED: It was reported here. Then it was seen by some workmen here, and the last sighting was by the Weather-Control Bureau there.


(The Ice-Warrior plods on through the foamy sludge. A huge shadow falls across an engraved plaque which reads "Weather-Control STATION". It continues on towards a futuristic-looking building and up a ramp. It casually pushes the large metal door open and walks inside. In the grounds the foamy mass continues it's advances.)


(A member of weather station personnel is checking some reading on a clipboard, when he hears a hissing breathing coming from behind. He looks at the warrior in astonishment, and attempts to run away, but the creature blocks the way to the exit. The technician rushes towards a small catwalk at the back of the room and runs to the middle and stops squinting at the warrior as if he expects it to be pursuing him, in seconds he is dead. Turning from the corpse, the warrior lumbers over to a small console marked "Weather-Control UNIT" and pulls the levers one by one towards the "DRY" setting. It then fires it's weapon at the machine locking the levers and warping the casing and creating numerous dribbling rivulets of molten metal.)


(The Doctor, Kelly and Fewsham are talking while Jamie and Zoe hover in the background.)

FEWSHAM: But I had to help them or they would have killed me!
KELLY: Alright Fewsham, there'll be a full tribunal when we get back to Earth. We've no more time to waste here, we must T-Mat back to Earth immediately.
DOCTOR: But if we're all going who is going to dispatch us?
FEWSHAM: Look, there's a way of doing that.
FEWSHAM: Here this is a time-switch.
FEWSHAM: It delays transportation by ten seconds.
DOCTOR: Oh I see, very ingenious.
FEWSHAM: Now I'll dispatch you and follow using the time-switch.
DOCTOR: Righto. Jamie, Zoe Come along. I think this could be quite fun you know.
JAMIE: Oh ar.

(The Doctor, Jamie and Zoe get into a cubicle. Kelly moves sternly to Fewsham.)

KELLY: Fewsham, that time-switch was down on the maintenance report as being inoperable.
FEWSHAM: We repaired it.

(Fewsham operates a control and the occupants of the cubical vanish with a rush of wind.)

JAMIE: In you get Miss Kelly.

(Kelly opens her mouth to protest.)

JAMIE: Look I'll use the time switch. You'd better hurry or those Ice Warriors could be back any minute!


(The Doctor, Jamie and Zoe disembark the cubicle on Earth.)

DOCTOR: You know, I-I find T-Mat travel rather disappointing. There's no sensation at all.
RADNOR: Where have you been?
RADNOR: And what have you been up to all this time? And where's Miss Kelly?
DOCTOR: Oh well...

(There is a chime and Miss Kelly appears in the cubicle.)

DOCTOR: Miss Kelly, Miss Kelly! What's happening up there?
GREGSON: Will somebody kindly tell me what's happening down here? Who are these people? Is T-Mat working again?

(There is a confused gabbling of questions and answers from all sides.)

DOCTOR: P-please! Let us answer one question at a time!
ELDRED: Doctor, do you know there's been a alien here?
JAMIE: An Ice-Warrior, here?
DOCTOR: Jamie I am not surprised. They have taken over the whole of Moonbase.
RADNOR: What about the crew?
KELLY: All dead except for Fewsham.
RADNOR: And you left him there?
KELLY: Well he said he'd follow using the time-switch.
DOCTOR: He should be back.
RADNOR: Well what's happened?

(Kelly checks the report.)

KELLY: I thought so! The time-switch is out of order.
DOCTOR: What? But... But he said he was going to repair it!
KELLY: He was lying.
RADNOR: But why?
KELLY: Well he's obviously working for them!
DOCTOR: Then why did he let us escape?


(Fewsham stands alone in the control room when he hears a cold hissing breath. He slumps himself over the console as Slaar shambles into view. Laboriously the Ice-Lord makes his way over to the dais and walks across, turning the heating down as far as it will go.)


(The thermometer creeps down towards zero.)


(Fewsham gets up and walks across the dais to the Ice-Lord. They stand silhouetted against the glowing screen.)

SLAAR: What has happened here?
FEWSHAM: The others, they got in through the grille and turned up the heating.
SLAAR: Where are they now?
FEWSHAM: They went back to Earth by T-Mat.
SLAAR: Why did you not go with them.
FEWSHAM: I refused. That's why they attacked me.
SLAAR: Refused? Why?
FEWSHAM: What do you think would have happened to me back on Earth? I'd have been executed as a traitor!
SLAAR: So you hope to live longer by staying here. You value your life, that is good. You will live if you help us when the invasion fleet arrives.
FEWSHAM: You're going to land on Earth?
SLAAR: No, our warriors will land here on the moon. When the seed pods have done their work on Earth it will be time to commence the second stage of our plan.


(The Doctor orates the people in Earth-Control like a professional tactician.)

DOCTOR: But don't you see gentlemen? The invasion of Moonbase, the taking over of T-Mat, the seed pods, the arrival of an Ice-Warrior; it's all part of the same plan!
RADNOR: Plan? What plan?
GREGSON: But all the incidents are so unrelated, this fungus everywhere, what's that got to do with it?
DOCTOR: Well I'm not sure yet... Have your people been able to make anything of it?
RADNOR: Well it's indestructible. We've attacked it in every possible way, but without success.
DOCTOR: Yes, but have you tried to understand it?
RADNOR: Are you suggesting we should psycho-analyse it Doctor?
DOCTOR: I'm only suggesting that instead of trying to destroy it you find out it's composition and purpose!
ELDRED: Well there's laboratory equipment in my workshop - you can use that.
DOCTOR: Good. Then we must find a sample.
RADNOR: Well no problem about that, the gardens are full of the stuff.
DOCTOR: Fine, then there's no time to be lost.
ELDRED: I'll get some equipment for you.
RADNOR: Uh, Doctor. Do be careful, those pod things are deadly.
DOCTOR: Don't worry I've already had experience. I'll be careful.

(The Doctor and Eldred wander off.)


(In another section of the base Jamie, Zoe and Miss Kelly are sipping drinks from straw-pocked milkshake cartons.)

ZOE: But why did Fewsham stay on the moon?
KELLY: Pretty obvious. He was too scared to come back here and face an inquiry.
ZOE: But he wasn't afraid to stay up there with the Ice-Warriors. Well, given the choice I know which I'd rather face.
KELLY: There's no time to worry about Fewsham, we must get T-Mat working.
ZOE: But I thought T-Mat was working again now?
KELLY: It is working - still controlled from the moon. I must find a way of controlling it from the Earth.
ZOE: But is that possible? Don't you need the moon as a relay?
KELLY: There might be a way... I must talk to Commander Radnor about it.

(Kelly exits.)

JAMIE: Zoe look, do you think that the Doctor knows what he's doing messing about with that foam stuff?
ZOE: Oh don't worry Jamie. He'll be alright.
JAMIE: Oh yes.


(The Doctor scrapes some of the fungus away from the mass with a plastic spatula and deposit it into a glass beaker. Before him a large wobbly pustule expands and erupts gassily in his face causing him to jump back with his handkerchief over his mouth. Throwing caution to the wind he rushes back to the foam and scrapes the beaker along the surface filling it to overflowing in seconds. He surreptitiously rushes away from the deadly fungus.)


RADNOR: Do you really think it could work?
KELLY: It couldn't be as effective as the Moonbase of course, which handles up to two-million microwave channels simultaneously - the satellite would take just a few thousand.
GREGSON: But that would be enough for vital food supplies.
RADNOR: But surely we can't use the normal communications satellites, they're not programmed for T-Mat.
KELLY: No, we'd have to send up a specially programmed one.
ZOE: But that would mean using a rocket wouldn't it? I thought that no-one used them nowadays?
KELLY: Not manned rockets, but we do send up satellites for communications.
RADNOR: How soon can you get one up?
KELLY: Well I don't know. If it were given top priority...


(Under the microscope fungal fronds spread out.)

DOCTOR OOV: Yes i-it's organic.


(The Doctor looks up from the microscope. All around him is a tiny makeshift lab.)

DOCTOR: It's live. Definitely a fungus composition ah...

(The Doctor picks up a model of beads and wires that represent the molecular structure of the fungus.)

DOCTOR: You're sure that this is correct?
ELDRED: As far as I can make out it is.
DOCTOR: A molecule of five atoms absorbs oxygen. You know a complete blanket of this would reduce the oxygen content of the Earth's atmosphere quite drastically.
ELDRED: According to my calculations to one twentieth of normal.
DOCTOR: And make the Earth completely uninhabitable to the human race, but exactly like the atmosphere of Mars.

(He gazes in admiration as the sludgy foam struggles out of the neck of it's glass beaker.)

DOCTOR: Look at that, even without vegetation to feed on it's still active.

(Suddenly a pustule-like pod begins to grow amid the slime.)

ELDRED: Look out Doctor, if that thing explodes in here the fumes will kill us. Come on Doctor!
DOCTOR: Just a minute, there must be some way of...

(He rushes to a collection of glass vials and beakers and begins to snatch them at random. One by one each is tipped over the pustule, but none seem to slow it down in the slightest.)

DOCTOR: Sulphuric acid...hydrochloric acid...nitric acid...

(In desperation he snatches a nearby glass beaker and empties that over it, the results are instant. The pod shrinks and the foam begins to melt away.)

ELDRED: You've done it! Well what was it, w-what did you throw on it?

(The Doctor offers the beaker to Eldred.)


(Zoe is listening to a report by the computer, trying to trace the location of the warrior.)

ZOE: So that warrior is still roaming around loose somewhere.
JAMIE: But why did they only send one of them?
ZOE: Well perhaps he's got to report back somehow.

(The Doctor's face appears on the video-link.)

DOCTOR: Is Commander Radnor there please? Uh...Aha, Zoe! Is Radnor there?
ZOE: Ah, no he's in conference with Miss Kelly and Sir James Gregson.
DOCTOR: Ah I see. Zoe it's the most wonderful news, we've found a way of destroying the fungus!
ZOE: Well what is it?
DOCTOR: Water. Ordinary water.
ZOE: Oh but Doctor surely water would...
DOCTOR: There-there's no time to explain now. Ah, apparently there is a Weather-Control Bureau somewhere - I want you to get in touch with them.
ZOE: Well can't you reach them on the video-phone?
DOCTOR: Well, no. No-no, I've tried, but they're not answering or it's..or it's broken down or something.
ZOE: Well what do you want me to do?
DOCTOR: Well get in touch with Commander Radnor and ask him to get hold of the Weather-Control Bureau people and to make rain. As much rain as possible all over the entire country!
ZOE: Alright Doctor I'll tell him.
DOCTOR: Right. Professor and I are coming back now.
ZOE: Yes.
DOCTOR: Goodbye.

(The screen plips off.)

ZOE: Oh but Doctor, suppose that... Oh.!
JAMIE: Hey, er, how do we get hold of Commander Radnor.
ZOE: We'll ask the computer.
JAMIE: Do yo know how it works?
ZOE: Yes of course.

(She addresses the machine.)

ZOE: Put me in touch with Commander Radnor at once.
ZOE: But this is urgent, I must talk to him at once!
JAMIE: Oh now what do we do?
ZOE: Well we just have to go to the Weather Bureau ourselves!
JAMIE: But we don't know where it is!
ZOE: Well we'll have to try and find it. Come on!
JAMIE: Oh Zoe!


(Two Ice-Warriors wheel in an oddly shaped piece of machinery resembling the huge twisted coil of an electromagnet, but with a screen and a set of controls built into the top.)

SLAAR: There.
FEWSHAM: What is it?
SLAAR: Communications unit from our ship. Connect it to the solar batteries.

(Fewsham examines the top of the apparatus.)

FEWSHAM: What's this section for?
SLAAR: That does not concern you.
FEWSHAM: I can't connect equipment if I don't know what it's purpose.
SLAAR: It transmits a directional beam signal.
FEWSHAM: A homing device. You'll use it to guide your Armada onto the moon?
SLAAR: You will not ask questions. You will do as you are told!


(Jamie and Zoe creep around the side of the building keeping out of the advancing foam and slip into the open doorway just in time.)


(They enter a long corridor.)

JAMIE: Hadn't you better close that door?
ZOE: Why?
JAMIE: In case that warrior's still prowling around out there.

(Together they struggle the large metal door closed and Jamie twists a circular mechanism to lock it tightly.)

JAMIE: Now that should keep him out. Come on.

(They walk off down the corridor.)


(They descend a set of steps.)

JAMIE: Well where is everybody?
ZOE: I don't know. Well let's try and find the main control room, come on.

(Zoe notices the dead technician on the catwalk.)

ZOE: So that's why nobody answered the video-phone.
JAMIE: Hey and look at that!

(He rushes over to the weather-control apparatus and tugs at the levers with all his might but they are locked in position.)

JAMIE: No, it's no good. They're locked in position.
ZOE: Well don't you see, what the Doctor said. Water - Rain. Well it all makes sense now! They don't want it to rain on the fungus.
JAMIE: Well-ssh! It's a warrior, hide!

(They slip behind two lighting panels as the Ice-Warrior appears and looks around the room suspiciously.)


(Slaar is the communications unit to talk to an older, senior ranking Ice-Warrior. On the screen of the unit is an image of the Grand Marshall, resplendent in his glittering jewelled helmet.)

GRAND-MARSHALL: Are all the preparations complete?
SLAAR: Yes Grand-Marshall, the seed pods have been dispatched to the major cities of the world and the Moonbase is in our hands.
GRAND-MARSHALL: Good. Our fleet is approaching the gravitational field of the moon. Is all prepared?
SLAAR: Everything is ready. I shall guide our ships in on the homing beam signal frequency.
GRAND-MARSHALL: Fuel supplies are at marginal level. There must be no misjudgments!

(Unseen, Fewsham's hand slips towards the switch of the video-link.)


(Another rocket stands on a pad waiting for the signal to take off.)

TECHNICIAN: Final checkout checkout routines under way.


(Kelly watches the rocket's progress.)

KELLY: I hope they know what they're doing. It's been years since we sent up a satellite.
RADNOR: Are you quite sure that the communications aspects will function?
KELLY: Yes, once that satellite's up T-Mat will be able to handle two...two thousand microwave channels.

(Eldred and the Doctor wander into the room.)

ELDRED: What's going on? Someone's sending up a rocket?
RADNOR: Look, look! What the devil's happening?

(The video-link monitor flicks on to show a picture of the control room on the moon.)

KELLY: I don't know it's... Yes, Moon-Control!
DOCTOR: The sound, can you turn it up?

(Sound pipes out of the monitor image of Moon-Control.)

FEWSHAM: Shouldn't we test the directional beam?


SLAAR: It is not necessary!
FEWSHAM: But it is operating on Moonbase power, I can't guarantee the pulsing rate will be the same.
SLAAR: Very well - test it!


DOCTOR: Commander Radnor, can this be recorded?
RADNOR: Well yes...
DOCTOR: Well quickly man, it's vital!
RADNOR: The transmission coming in on the video machine is to be recorded

(They watch what happens on the screen.)

SLAAR: The Device is operating?
FEWSHAM: Yes. Oh, wait a moment, um I must check the connections...


FEWSHAM: If the er, power fails there'll be no signal to guide your fleet onto the moon.
SLAAR: There must be no failures.
FEWSHAM: I realise the importance of that. If your fleet overshoots the moon, nothing will stop them going into an orbit around the sun.
SLAAR: They will not overshoot!
FEWSHAM: Of course not, but since their fuel supply is at a marginal level, if anything did go wrong, they'd never be able to regain moon orbit.

(Slaar notices the camera and strides towards the console where Fewsham is sitting.)

SLAAR: This video device is operating. You have betrayed us!
FEWSHAM: Every word has bee heard on Earth!
SLAAR: Kill him!


(The people in the control room can do nothing but watch as the drama unfolds before their eyes.)


(Fewsham twists grotesquely and slumps over the Martian communications device. Slaar points to the video-link camera in the ceiling and the Ice-Warrior fires it's weapon again.)


(The picture of Moon-Control on the video link fades into darkness.)

TECHNICIAN OOV: Countdown about to commence. Minus three minutes.
DOCTOR: Cancel the launch!
KELLY: Why, what do you mean?
DOCTOR: We can use that satellite to mislead the Martian invasion fleet.
DOCTOR: Well don't you see? Poor Fewsham deliberately let us overhear their homing signal. We can imitate that signal with a homing device of our own in the satellite!
RADNOR: Commander Radnor. Top priority message to satellite launching site. Cancel launch, repeat - cancel launch!
DOCTOR: If we can deflect their Armada half our battle is be won!
RADNOR: But there's still all that fungus stuff everywhere.
ELDRED: Well we've solved that one. Plain ordinary H20, water!
RADNOR: Water?! Well all we need to do then, is to make it rain!
DOCTOR: Well haven't you already done that? haven't you been in touch with the Weather-Control Bureau?
RADNOR: You've only just told me!
DOCTOR: But I sent you a message over an hour ago! Didn't Zoe reach you?
KELLY: An hour ago we were in conference.
DOCTOR: Oh I see. Well perhaps Zoe went to the Weather-Control people herself?
ELDRED: Doctor, the Weather-Control Bureau was the last place the warrior was sighted!
DOCTOR: What?!

(He runs towards the door.)

RADNOR: I'll have a squad of security guards over there right away, hadn't you better wait Doctor?

(But the Doctor is gone.)

RADNOR: Get me security!


(The Doctor sprints across the grounds, pokes his nose over a large metal perimeter wall and gazes out across a vast foamy living lake slooshing guard over it's new territory. A large pustule expands and erupts more sludge in the Doctor's direction as if mocking him. Pressing his handkerchief to his nose and mouth he strides through a gateway and waist-high into the alien mass. As he reaches the door of the Weather-Control Bureau a pustule behind him disgorges another torrent in his direction, as if it were trying to bury him. Another one sprays a jet of vapour into the air.)

DOCTOR: Zoe, Are you there? Zoe!


(The warrior approaches the panels Zoe and Jamie are hiding behind, then stops as there is a pounding sound from down the corridor.)

DOCTOR OOV: Zoe! Jamie! Let me in!

(The creature strides away towards the source of the sound.)


DOCTOR: Zoe, Jamie Zoe! Ohh!

(He moves out of the doorway as another vapour pustule attempts to spray it's deadly load into his face, then fans the spores away with his handkerchief. He sees a wave of sludge gushing towards him.)

DOCTOR: Oh no!

(He tries to move back into the doorway, but loses his footing and falls head-first into the soup. The Martian fungus has won.)

Episode Six

The Doctor
Patrick Troughton

Frazer Hines

Wendy Padbury

Louise Pajo

Ronald Leigh-Hunt

Alan Bennion

Steve Peters
Tony Harwood
Sonny Caldinez

Computer Voice
John Witty

Sir James Gregson
Hugh Morton

Weather Station Operator
Peter Whittaker

Title music by
Ron Grainer and the
BBC Radiophonic

Story Editor
Terrance Dicks

Paul Allen

Peter Bryant

Michael Ferguson

(C) BBCTV 1969

Transcribed by


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