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The Dominators

Episode Four

By Norman Ashby


(From outside explosions are still ripping through the concrete fašade of the museum, as the building finally succumbs to gravity, rumbling down in clouds of smoke.)

TOBA: Stop.

(Toba smiles at the destruction he has caused.)


DOCTOR: But Jamie was in that building!

(Rago advances menacingly upon the Doctor who shuts up. The large frame of the Dominator wheels around and addresses Toba.)

RAGO: Silence! You deliberately disobeyed my order?
TOBA: My life was threatened and a Quark destroyed.
RAGO: Yes, because of your own actions!
TOBA: Are you suggesting I should have let him escape?
RAGO: And where would he have gone? We are on an island Toba, these creatures cannot escape.

(He glares evilly.)

RAGO: Now listen to me carefully, and this time you will obey my instructions. Send these creatures back to the central bore position, I want it cleared ready for drilling.
TOBA: But the Quarks will do it more quickly!
RAGO: We must conserve their energy for drilling purposes, you know the power levels are low!
TOBA: Command accepted. Quark, bring these creatures.

(A nearby Quark bibbles and Rago ascends the dais. Toba and his group move towards the exit.)

RAGO: Leave the inferior types.

(A Quark blocks the Doctor and Zoe's path.)

RAGO: Toba!
TOBA: Yes Navigator Rago?
RAGO: I have not yet dismissed you.
TOBA: But the creatures!

(Rago steps down from the dais.)

RAGO: Quarks, take these specimens back to the drilling site, await the arrival of Dominator Toba.

(Two quarks shuffle away.)

RAGO: You two! Over there.

(The Doctor's Quark herds he and Zoe back towards the map wall.)

DOCTOR: Alright, alright.
TOBA: May I ask..?
RAGO: You may ask nothing. You are here to listen.
TOBA: I am listening.
RAGO: Probationer Toba, I'm far from satisfied with your conduct on this mission.
TOBA: I protest!
RAGO: Be silent! I am beginning to wonder if you have the qualities of intelligence and detachment necessary in a Dominator.
TOBA: Where have I failed?
RAGO: You have repeatedly destroyed the creatures and installations of this planet to no purpose!
TOBA: My purpose was to protect us both.
RAGO: Protect?! These creatures are harmless primitives. You acted out of your desire to gratify a need for pointless destruction.
TOBA: Was it by softness that the Dominators became masters of the ten galaxies?
RAGO: It was by ruthlessness Probationer Toba; that which threatens us we destroy, that which is too weak to harm us we ignore.
TOBA: Are they so harmless, these primitives? They've disobeyed us, they've attacked us - even here on this small island. The rest of the planet may be preparing to attack us even now!
RAGO: I will investigate the more advanced type of alien for myself. You will concern yourself with obeying my orders and nothing more. I will report your conduct to fleet leader.

(He walks away.)

TOBA: And I shall protest at yours.

(Rago freezes, and slowly moves to fix Toba with a steely glare.)

RAGO: What did you say?
TOBA: You've jeopardised our mission by unnecessary softness! You've humiliated me before members of an inferior race. Perhaps it is you who is not fit to be a Dominator?!
RAGO: You have the insolence to threaten me?
TOBA: It is not unknown for a leader who is unfit to be replaced!
RAGO: It is not unknown for a mutinous subordinate to be executed!
TOBA: You would not dare!
RAGO: Quark! Place Dominator Toba under restraint.

(The Quark wanders over to Toba.)

TOBA: Quark, return to the prisoners.

(The robot makes to move away...)

RAGO: Quark! I am the senior Dominator, you will obey me!

(Sorting out it's inner conflict, the Quark advances on Toba again.)

RAGO: Well Toba?! Shall I order molecular force, or do you submit?!
TOBA: I submit.

(He looks sheepish.)

RAGO: Quark, return to the prisoners.

(The Quark wanders back to the Doctor and Zoe.)

ZOE: What was all that about?
DOCTOR: A little internal dispute I fancy, mm?

(He notices the Quark returning.)

DOCTOR: Oh dear, oh!

(In the centre of the ship Rago is still lecturing Toba.

RAGO: You are fortunate that I still have need of your services. You will supervise work on the drilling site and make sure nothing delays your task.
TOBA: Command accepted.

(He rushes out. Rago stops by the dais.)

RAGO: You two. Here!

(The Doctor and Zoe join him. Rago's voice gains a soft decadence of total control.)

RAGO: I have some questions to ask you about your planet. You will be advised to make sure your answers are satisfactory, for your own sakes...


(Toba angrily marches towards Kando, Teel and Balan with two Quarks.)

TOBA: You two! Clear the site. Quark, guard them. Old man, follow me. Quark!

(Toba and Balan move off with the Quark following, the remaining robot turns it's attention to Kando and Teel.)


(They resume clearing the rocks.)

TEEL: I wonder if Cully made it to the shelter?

(Kando looks at the tangled remains of the museum.)

KANDO: They'll almost certainly be dead if they were under that. Looks very quiet.

(A short distance from where she is looking a small patch of rubble shifts slightly.)


(Jamie makes an effort to turn a metal periscope which is set into the ceiling as Cully descends the ladder leading to a hatch above. The shelter is sparsely decorated with a bunk and a few old storage lockers. High up in the ceiling is a metal grille.)

JAMIE: Nuh...No. No use, I can't see a thing. There must be tons of stuff on top of it, same as the hatch.
CULLY: Well, we just have to sit and wait until someone comes and digs us out.
JAMIE: You think they'll find us then?
CULLY: Well of course. Balan told me where the this old shelter was, so surely they'll be able to work it out.
JAMIE: Oh, I wish you'd told us about this place sooner. We could have got down here straight away.
CULLY: What, and miss exploding that Quark? That was a tremendous shot!
JAMIE: Aye, maybe so. I just hope the Dominators don't take it out on the others.
CULLY: I wonder if those Quarks are still hanging about up there?
JAMIE: Aye... If only we could open that hatch.

(He ascends the ladder and heaves against the trapdoor.)

JAMIE: No, it's no good. Feels as though the whole building's sitting on top of it.

(Jamie jumps down panting heavily and rubbing his neck.)

CULLY: Jamie, perhaps it is?
CULLY: What's the matter?
JAMIE: Just been thinking; have you noticed how stuffy in here it's getting?
CULLY: Yes, now you mention it.
JAMIE: Aye, that's the only ventilator shaft I can see and... Hey if that's blocked we'll suffocate!

(They both rush back to re-examine the hatch.)


RAGO: And this leader Senex, he is in the Capitol city?
DOCTOR: Well I'm not sure, ah...
RAGO: Quark, molecular force!

(Zoe gets sucked towards a nearby wall where she sticks.)

RAGO: I asked you a question.

(He glares maliciously as the Doctor looks helplessly at Zoe.)

DOCTOR: Yes, you did.
RAGO: Well?
DOCTOR: Yes, yes Senex is at the Capitol.
RAGO: These Dulcian travel machines, how do I summon one?

(The Doctor makes a show of looking forlorn.)

DOCTOR: Well you can't. The-the terminal at the survey unit was destroyed wasn't it?
RAGO: Yes... By Toba. Prepare this ship for take off!

(A Quark burbles at his order.)

DOCTOR: But a-a-are you going to take your own craft to the Capitol?
RAGO: I have no alternative.
DOCTOR: Well actually, now I come to think of it I-I-I-I do know where there is a capsule.

(Rago turns from the instruments.)

DOCTOR: I-I I didn't tell you about it before because I-I'm not sure that it works, it has some loose wires and things. But I'm-I'm sure that you'd be able to fix it.
RAGO: How big is this machine? Will it be able to transport a Quark?
DOCTOR: Oh dear, I don't...
RAGO: Then it is useless to our purpose, we will use our own machine.
DOCTOR: Well actually, now-now I come to think of it, if you were to take out one of the seats a Quark might fit inside.
RAGO: You will show me this machine.
DOCTOR: Oh yes.

(He bows a little and scurries towards Zoe.)

RAGO: Quark. Prepare to transmit recorded data on work habits of tested specimens. Contact direct Fleet Leader.

(The machine chirrups.)

DOCTOR: Don't worry Zoe, the effect soon wears off.
ZOE: Why did you tell him about the capsule?
DOCTOR: Well if he takes this craft we won't be able to investigate it will we?
ZOE: But why do you want to?
DOCTOR: To find out what sort of power unit it has. Then we can tell what the Dominators are looking for on Dulkis. Besides, if they take us to the Capitol we won't be able to search for Jamie, will we?
ZOE: That's true. Hey, wait a minute though; he might be alright if he and Cully...

(Rago sweeps back.)

RAGO: Silence! You will lead me to this travel craft. Quark, release the female. Follow.

(A Quark turns off the molecular force and Zoe walks from the wall.)

DOCTOR: There...there you are, you see?

(The Quark ushers them out with an impatient chirp.)

DOCTOR: Alright, it's alright!


TOBA: Enough! Quarks, take up drilling positions.

(The robot acknowledges.)

TOBA: Old man, stand that drill between those Quarks over the drilling site.

(Balan does so.)

TOBA: Attach force units.

(The Quarks clip their boxy little arms either side of the drill.)

TOBA: Operate.

(Balan shields his eyes from the harsh glare as the Quarks activate the ultrasonic drill. Toba notices a new Quark.)

TOBA: Quarks, cease drilling. Report.
TOBA: Command accepted. Continue operation.

(The Quarks start up again.)


(Rago peers into the belly of the beached travel capsule.)

RAGO: Hm, a primitive machine, but functional. The circuits need repairing. Minimal task.

(Moving back to the Doctor.)

RAGO: So, you were telling the truth.
DOCTOR: Of course.
RAGO: I'm glad you appreciate that to attempt sabotage would be pointless.

(Toba appears.)

TOBA: You sent for me.
RAGO: Yes. I'm going to the alien leader to investigate potential slave force. You will remain here and complete the drilling operations.
TOBA: Command accepted. You are travelling in this alien machine?
RAGO: Yes.
TOBA: Is that wise? It could be dangerous.
RAGO: I have tested it, it is operable. I will take a Quark for protection. You will command in my absence, but I expect to find the same number of alien specimens on my return.
TOBA: Command accepted.

(Over to one side the Doctor and Zoe are whispering to themselves.)

DOCTOR: Why didn't you tell me about this underground shelter before?
ZOE: Well I'm sorry, but we haven't had a chance. Balan told us about it, and with any luck Jamie and Cully might have found their way down there.
DOCTOR: Well it's possible, it-it's possible...
ZOE: And if they have, they should be alright shouldn't they?
DOCTOR: Well, well I think...
TOBA: You two! Follow me.
DOCTOR: Oh yes...

(He holds a hand up in a pacifying gesture.)

DOCTOR: Alright!

(They leave.)


(Jamie and Cully are Trying to force the hatch open by combing their efforts. They have removed a long pole-like section from the bunk, and are bracing it against the hatch, but to little avail.)

CULLY: Gnnnh... Oh, it's no good, it's stuck again!

(They rest a moment.)

CULLY: Oh what shall we do?
JAMIE: Look, there's only one thing to do; try again! Now come on will you?!

(With a grim determination they resume the struggle to free themselves.)


(The pile of rubble shifts back and forth a little. As a large chunk of masonry rolls away from the main mess, the hatch pops open.)


(Cully looks amazed by their success.)

CULLY: We... We did it!
JAMIE: Aye. Well, no point in hanging around eh?

(Jamie ascends the ladder.)


(Jamie cautiously pokes his nose above the rubble, gratefully breathing in lungfuls sweet, fresh air.)

JAMIE: Huh. All clear.

(He climbs out, followed by Cully, but ducks down as he sees a Quark taskmaster mercilessly slaving Kando and Teel a few metres away.)

JAMIE: Oh no, Quarks again! They must be all over the place. Hey, I wonder how many there are?
JAMIE: Well the Dominators don't seem much good without them, do they?
JAMIE: We destroyed one Quark, why not another?

(Cully's tone raises in surprise.)

CULLY: Attack the Quarks?
JAMIE: Shhh! Yes.
CULLY: But we had a laser gun before. And that's hidden under all this lot now.
JAMIE: Look, there wasn't a laser gun where I come from, yet us McCrimmons still dealt with the redcoats right enough.
CULLY: Redcoats?
JAMIE: Aye, they were... Och, never mind! Look, are you with me?
CULLY: Well...why not?
JAMIE: Good! First thing to do is estimate the strength of the enemy. Come on, through there.

(They leave.)


(Jamie's head appears over the top of the cliff and he looks down. Below are the two Quarks and their drill, still working away. Cully's head joins Jamie's, but Jamie pulls him out of sight. They both gaze down again, but a little more cautiously.)

JAMIE: Five so far. Look, you take that side, I'll look around up here.

(Cully walks for a little way, then starts a sound behind him. Jamie scrabbles down towards Cully, and grabs him to prevent himself from falling.)

JAMIE: Sorry, I slipped. How many?
CULLY: Two more, and you?
JAMIE: Same here.
CULLY: Balan's down there with those two. They seem to be doing some sort of drilling.

(Drilling Quarks.)

JAMIE: Aye, they're drilling in four places. It must be pretty important to the Dominators.
JAMIE: Right let's start some trouble.
CULLY: But what can we do?
JAMIE: Oh I've a wee idea that should just stir them up a bit. Come on!

(Jamie leads Cully away by the hand.)


(A Quark approaches Toba and burbles.)

TOBA: Report.
TOBA: Is the centre site cleared yet?
TOBA: Report progress to Fleet Leader direct. Operations proceeding as planned.

(The machine signals it's understanding and walks off past the Doctor and Zoe who are already being guarded.)

ZOE: What are they up to?
DOCTOR: I don't know. We must find out exactly what they're drilling for.
ZOE: Not a chance with this thing guarding us.
DOCTOR: Yes... If only we could create a diversion for a moment.


(Jamie lobs a rock at the drilling Quark from a short distance away. It stops working and as the machine looks around in confusion, Jamie throws another.)

JAMIE: Take this you wee tin kettle!

(The throws another rock as the Quark spots him and builds up firepower in its weapons.)

JAMIE: Argh!

(Jamie ducks as a section of cliff to one side of him erupts in a miniature explosion.)

JAMIE: Ah, ya missed me!

(He throws a final rock, then runs. The Quark chases him through a nearby valley firing wildly, the force blasts missing Jamie by fractions each time.)

JAMIE: Now Cully!

(High above Cully heaves. A large boulder rolls over the edge of the cliff and down towards the Quark. Moments later it lies under pieces of broken rock, twitching feebly. Its usually chirrupy voice tails off as the smashed power units run down.)



(On the wall, a Quark-shaped light is blinking on and off as an alarm siren blares.)

TOBA: Another Quark has been destroyed! Quark, follow.

(He exits with the Quark.)

ZOE: Somebody destroyed a Quark? But who?
DOCTOR: Only one person here's strong enough to do that.
ZOE: Jamie! Then he and Cully are alive!
DOCTOR: Yes, alive and kicking by the sound of it! This is just what we needed, now there's no time to waste.

(He rushes up onto the central dais and glances at it.)

ZOE: What are you looking for?
DOCTOR: Well now's our chance to investigate the power unit and-and find out what fuel this ship carries.
ZOE: Well the Quarks use ultrasound. So presumably it must be a fuel capable of producing a high enough energy quotient to sustain an amplifying complex of considerably sophisticated design.
DOCTOR: Yes, must be pretty powerful too.
ZOE: Yes, well that's what...

(She notices his expression and fold her arms snootily.)

ZOE: Well if you don't want my help...
DOCTOR: Oh I do, I do, I do, Zoe!

(He skips around her.)

DOCTOR: Now, where do you think these power cells are located?

(He wanders over to the far wall and Zoe ascends the dais to look it over for herself.)

ZOE: Well if the Quarks do use ultrasound to propel this craft...
DOCTOR: No. Ultrasound has no horsepower, as such.

(He moves to another console and continues to make his examination.)

ZOE: Oh no. Well what do you think they use then? No solid fuel rockets surely.
DOCTOR: No. More-more likely to be electromagnetic - probably produced by... Ah yes!

(He rushes over to a boxy metal column in towards the rear of the chamber. The face of the column is constructed from a clear crystalline material behind which a mass of packed circuitry illuminated from below by a strange ethereal light. Below is a small, blank inspection hatch.)

DOCTOR: Here we are Zoe! Help me to get the inspection cover off.

(They struggle the hatch off and peer at a mass of blazing coils that descend deep into the bowels of the craft.)

DOCTOR: Here we are, now then...

(He frowns.)

DOCTOR: Oh dear.
ZOE: What?

(The Doctor removes a small Geiger counter on a string from his pocket, and lowers down the well. As it goes down the rate of clicks increase.)

ZOE: Atomic fission reactor?
DOCTOR: No... No not exactly. But it's radioactive material of some sort.

(He reels in his device, pockets it and with a click his fingers.)

DOCTOR: Zoe, this is a storage unit! That accounts for the strange disappearance of the radioactivity from the island. This unit sucked it up and stored it!
ZOE: But then why are they drilling out there?


TOBA: A Quark has been destroyed old man, who did it?
BALAN: I don't know.
TOBA: Quark, report.
TOBA: Who was it?
BALAN: I didn't see, I was here being guarded by your Quark.

(Toba grabs Balan by the shoulder.)

TOBA: Is there a hostile force on this island?
BALAN: No! We have no such...
TOBA: Then who destroyed the Quark?!
BALAN: I don't know...uhh!

(Balan is thrown to the ground, Toba moves to his two Quarks.)

TOBA: Quarks, search the island. Destroy any aliens unaccounted for.


TENSA: To remain passive is in itself a course of action.
BOVEM: Director, Tensa speaks for the emergencies committee. Who else is competent to advise? We must do as he says.
SENEX: Bovem, you say we must do as Tensa says, but that is negative for we can do nothing. This is our tragedy. Perhaps if we were to show these creatures we mean no harm?
SECOND COUNCILLOR: It's always possible that they mean harm to us.
FIRST COUNCILLOR: But why should they? Surely no civilised race would indulge in purposeless violence?

(Rago bursts into the chamber to the accompaniment of gasps from the assembled Councillors. Tensa leaps back as the Dominator sweeps through the room carefully taking it all in.)

TENSA: Look!
RAGO: You are the council of this planet?
SENEX: Yes, I am the Director.
RAGO: You control the population?
SENEX: Yes. We presume that...

(Bovem gets up, but Rago simply shoves him aside.)

RAGO: I require information.
BOVEM: If you'd care to make an appointment!
COUNCILLOR TWO: There is, I'm sure, the correct procedure.
RAGO: Listen and obey me!
TENSA: Such discourtesy to our Director is not to be borne!
RAGO: Silence! You will provide me with certain statistics, open your files.
TENSA: Really sir, I must protest!

(Rago regards him as he would a bothersome gnat, his voice dangerously quiet.)

RAGO: Protest? You defy me, you defy a Dominator?
TENSA: Senex is our leader and as such he demands respect!
RAGO: I warn you, a Dominator must be obeyed. Your leader is nothing to me, I respect only one thing - superior force!

(He strides back to Senex.)

RAGO: You will obey my command.
TENSA: Sir you would do better to request rather than command!
RAGO: Silence!
COUNCILLOR ONE: Yes, perhaps if we were to explain the correct Dulcian procedure to you?
COUNCILLOR TWO: After all, your visit doesn't need...
RAGO: I will give you no further warning!
TENSA: I insist that you conduct this meeting in a manner acceptable to the Dulcian...
RAGO: Quark, destroy!

(Tensa screams, slumping to the ground and smoking profusely as Rago's Quark obediently toasts him like an overdone joint of bacon.)

RAGO: I have no wish to repeat such action. Let it serve to teach you that a Dominator must be obeyed without question. You, Director. It will be necessary for you to place at my disposal a certain number of the strongest of your species.
SENEX: You wish our assistance?

(Rago seems amused.)

RAGO: Assistance? You are indeed an ingenuous race. I require slaves! Nothing more, nor less.
SENEX: Slaves, but...
RAGO: Do not defy or question a Dominator, obey! Unless you wish to join your fellow countryman!
SENEX: Had you come here in peace we would have done our utmost to assist you, but...
RAGO: Dominators do not seek assistance - what we need we take!
SENEX: Always by force?
RAGO: If necessary. We control an entire galaxy, our war mission is spreading to colonise others. Our Quarks must be released for this task, therefore we must replace their workforce on our home planets.
SENEX: So you require our people as slaves?
RAGO: Yes.
SENEX: So we shall be transported to your planet?
RAGO: Those who are selected will be fortunate, they will be saved.
SENEX: Saved? From what? What of the rest of our people?
RAGO: Enough questions, you will obey my commands! I shall require only the strongest of your species. You will be informed exactly how many I require.

(He points down to the charred cadaver.)

RAGO: Remember, you can be crushed as simply as that if you do not cooperate. Quark follow.

(They exit leaving a bewildered council. Bovem moves to examine Tensa.)


TOBA: A drilling site has been attacked and a Quark destroyed. Who is responsible?
KANDO: Cully, he must be!
TOBA: What do you know about this?
TEEL: How can we know anything? We've been here working!
TOBA: Silence!

(He grabs Kando and viciously twists her arm.)

TOBA: ...Talk!
TEEL: Leave her alone!

(Toba throws her aside.)

TOBA: Do you dare to defy a Dominator?
TEEL: Just leave her alone!

(Teel rushes towards Toba who casually grabs him and forces him to the floor with sadistic enjoyment.)

TOBA: Obviously you must be taught a lesson! Quarks, target!

(Two Quarks stand to attention.)

KANDO: Oh no!

(Toba holds her back as she attempts to help Teel.)

TOBA: No-one attacks a Dominator! Quark, power!

(Teel screams and writhes as the machines electrocute him.)

KANDO: Oh stop!

(Toba nods and the Quarks fall silent.)

TOBA: Well, who was it that attacked and destroyed the Quarks?
KANDO: It must have been Cully.
TOBA: The man Cully is destroyed!

(He grabs her arm.)

KANDO: Then he must have escaped. There's no-one else on the island!
TOBA: Yeah there is! The other stupid one, the boy... Where would he hide?
KANDO: I don't know!

(Toba thinks for a moment, then decides upon a course of action.)

TOBA: Bring these back to the Dominator's craft. Help him! One of you creatures must know where the boy is. And you will tell me. Follow!

(The Quark chatters.)


DOCTOR: And Jamie really destroyed another Quark?
BALAN: Yes, I feel sure it was Jamie.
DOCTOR: Yes er, Balan...

(He avoids a menacing Quark as he paces the room.)

DOCTOR: Balan, can you remember where the...where the scientists who exploded that first atomic device got their materials from?
BALAN: Many years ago, but I think that it was somewhere in the Northern hemisphere.
ZOE: That's the other side of the planet. Then why are the Dominators drilling here?
BALAN: Oh they can't drill too deep here because the crust is too thin.

(The Doctor snaps his fingers.)

DOCTOR: But perhaps that's why they've chosen this place! The magma - the molten core of the planet, could that be radioactive?
BALAN: No. If so we'd have been aware of it from the minor eruptions we have from time to time.
ZOE: But this whole operation was to refuel their fleet, but how?
DOCTOR: It's these drill holes that intrigue me. One at each corner of a square, and one directly in the middle. But why, why? Oh!

(He looks up as the door raises with a hum and Toba moves in.)

TOBA: Put them with the others.

(The Quarks move Kando and Teel towards the main group.)

TOBA: Now, I want to know where the other creature is, the boy. The other stupid one. He has destroyed a Quark and defied the Dominators. Where is he?

(Stood in a line with no hope of escape, the group remains silent.)

TOBA: Quark!

(The robot moves into position beside him, its stubby little arms outstretched as if to administer a lethal mechanical hug.)

TOBA: You will die one by one unless you tell me. Kill!

(The Quark builds up the power and empties its force units into Balan who screams horribly, dying wreathed in a choking fug of his own cooking organs.)

TOBA: You! You're next, you know the boy, where is he?

(The Doctor stands shifting uncomfortably under Toba's harsh gaze. The room is completely still as all assembled including the Quarks watch the Doctor for his reaction.)

TOBA: Answer or you will die!

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The Doctor
Patrick Troughton

Ronald Allen

Kenneth Ives

Frazer Hines

John Hicks
Gary Smith
Freddie Wilson

Quark Voices
Sheila Grant

Johnson Bayly

Arthur Cox

Giles Block

Felicity Gibson

Wendy Padbury

Walter Fitzgerald

Council Members
John Cross
Ronald Mansell

Alan Gerrard

Title music by
Ron Grainer and the
BBC Radiophonic

Script Editor
Derrick Sherwyn

Barry Newberry

Peter Bryant

Morris Barry

(C) BBCTV 1968

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