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by Brian Hayles

first broadcast - 2nd December 1967


(On the screen in their ship, the VARGA and ZONDAL watch VICTORIA contacting the base on the dead ARDEN's wrist communicator. They aim the crafts gun and prepare to fire.)

ZONDAL: Ready to fire.

(VARGA flicks a switch.)


(The gun can be seen withdrawing.)


VARGA: Not yet.
ZONDAL: She has betrayed us. She must be destroyed.
VARGA: Let her talk first.
ZONDAL: They will know our numbers.
VARGA: They will also know she is alive. She is a bait.


(The DOCTOR and CLENT watch VICTORIA on their screen.)

DOCTOR: Victoria, tell us more about the warriors.
VICTORIA: Er, they're from Mars...
CLENT: (Interrupting.) They're not important. Have you seen the propulsion unit of the spacecraft, girl?
VICTORIA: Oh, propulsion unit?
CLENT: The engines!
VICTORIA: Oh yes. They're busy repairing them now.
CLENT: What kind are they? It's vitally important.
VICTORIA: I... I've no idea!
CLENT: Well, reactor turbine? Ion jet? Anti-gravity? Think girl!
DOCTOR: Can you describe them to us, Victoria dear?
VICTORIA: Yes, yes I think so.
CLENT: Well hurry girl!

(The DOCTOR looks agitated with CLENT.)

VICTORIA: Look it isn't easy. Now I have to have time to think...

(The picture is replaced by static.)

DOCTOR: Victoria? Victoria what's happened? Are you alright? Answer me!

(VICTORIA fades back into view.)

VICTORIA: I'm alright.


VICTORIA: It's the glacier. It's moving all the time.
DOCTOR: (From the wrist communicator.) You're not hurt?

(She shakes her head.)

CLENT: The engines, tell us about the engines!


(The ICE WARRIORS watch VICTORIA on their screen.)

VARGA: She has told them enough. Bring her in.

(Two warriors move off to re-capture VICTORIA.)

ZONDAL: Destroy her.
VARGA: You are wrong Zondal. She must answer some questions first. Why are they so interested in our engines? Why are they afraid?


(THE DOCTOR and CLENT continue their conversation with VICTORIA.)

VICTORIA: There's... there's someone coming!
DOCTOR: Victoria... Victoria. Can you see the base from where you are?
VICTORIA: Yes. Yes I can.
DOCTOR: Do you think you can get back to it?
VICTORIA: I can give it a try.
DOCTOR: Well, get in contact again as soon as you can! Good luck!


(VICTORIA finishes talking, and immediately sees TUROC coming through the spacecraft door. She moves into a narrow, body-width crevasse. There is a small shake, and more ice falls. She moves behind a ridge about a metre into the crevasse, and turns to see TUROC, who has not yet noticed her.)



(He moves across the room to a machine. It has a circular screen, an old telephone-style dial, and a dispensing compartment at the bottom.)

DOCTOR: This is an automatic chemical dispenser is it not?
DOCTOR: How does it work?

(CLENT follows him over.)

CLENT: Well, you choose the category of the article that you want by, er, indicating it on one of these little chaps here.

(THE DOCTOR does so, and it moves around so another side is facing him.)

CLENT: Jolly good. And er, now you dial the precise chemical formula that you want there.
DOCTOR: May I? There's something I need rather desperately.

(THE DOCTOR dials two numbers on the dialer and retrieves the small plastic cup from the bottom of the machine. He peels off the cover.)

CLENT: Oh, what's that?
DOCTOR: Water.
CLENT: Indeed.

(THE DOCTOR drinks the glass.)

DOCTOR: Ah, that's better. Now then, let's see. Jamie has vanished.

(He dials in a number.)

DOCTOR: Victoria's on her way back to the base.

(Another number is dialed in.)

DOCTOR: And neither of them can help us with our main problem.

(He dials in the final number. A small phial is produced at the bottom of the machine. He picks it up.)

DOCTOR: An exact description of the spacecrafts propulsion unit.
GARRETT: That will? (She points at the phial.)
DOCTOR: I will.
CLENT: With the help of ammonium sulphide?
DOCTOR: We know these creatures come from Mars, don't we? What do we know about their planet's atmospheric conditions?

(CLENT motions for GARRETT to answer.)

GARRETT: Chiefly nitrogen with virtually no oxygen or hydrogen.
DOCTOR: Then they're not going to enjoy this little concoction much, are they?
CLENT: What? You mean you plan to use it as a kind of... toxic gas?
DOCTOR: Well, if I'm going to an alien spaceship it may come in handy.
CLENT: Now don't be ridiculous. We've lost Arden already.
DOCTOR: Arden fell into a trap. I know what to expect.
CLENT: I, I, I refuse to allow you to go!
DOCTOR: Splendid! You go instead then!
GARRETT: No one can be spared! Least of all Leader Clent!
DOCTOR: I can be spared. I've done all I can here. The ioniser will work without me. I'll start getting ready then.
CLENT: But if anything goes wrong with the countdown!
DOCTOR: Oh, you'll manage.
DOCTOR: It's as simple as this: someone has to get to the spacecraft, find out what sort of propulsion unit it has, and bring the information back to you! Or we can't use the ioniser! Now, who better than me?
CLENT: I've come to regard you as Penley's replacement. And, um... alright, alright! But it's strictly under protest!
DOCTOR: Thank you.
GARRETT: How will you get the information back to us?
DOCTOR: Ah. Now I don't suppose you have a, a, a, a small radio transmitter?
CLENT: No, our video links are the only communicators available. Pure sound is no longer in use.
DOCTOR: Oh, well you won't see me, but you'll hear me.

(He goes over and CLENT gives him a wrist communicator.)

DOCTOR: As soon as I get to the glacier face I'll switch it on and you'll overhear. I hope.
GARRETT: Is that all you're taking?
DOCTOR: Why, what else do I need?
CLENT: But the Warriors are armed!
DOCTOR: But I'm not going to fight a duel.
GARRETT: But you must be in a position to defend yourself!

(THE DOCTOR gets his fur coat off the coat hanger on the wall.)

GARRETT: They'll try to kill you out of hand!
DOCTOR: Oh, I don't think so.

(He indicates the ammonium sulphide.)

DOCTOR: This is my defence.
CLENT: But how can you rely on that? They've already proved themselves to be utterly ruthless.

(THE DOCTOR puts on his coat.)

DOCTOR: I think they'll listen to me.
GARRETT: You mean you're going to let them take you prisoner?
DOCTOR: That is exactly what I'm going to do.


(TUROC has spotted VICTORIA and has trapped her in the crevasse. She races off further down, and TUROC follows. She looks back and seeing nothing, thinks she has avoided him. But, TUROC moves around into view of her, and she screams. Reaching a dead end, she punches her way past a thin layer of ice, into another part of the cave, which she climbs into. She notices her wrist communicator has gone, and thinking she has evaded the ice warrior, she moves back to find it. However, she gasps as she sees him bashing his way easily through the ice. She hides behind a nearby ridge of ice, and TUROC walks straight past her. She can see the communicator on the ground right behind him, and as she reaches down to get it, TUROC turns around. He marches quickly towards her and grabs her by the wrist, just as another avalanche takes place, and the roof of the cave begins to fall down.)


(PENLEY is tending over the still unconscious JAMIE, while STORR prepares the next meal.)

PENLEY: I think he's gonna wake.

(STORR moves over to watch.)

PENLEY: Pulse isn't too good.
STORR: His fever's gone.
PENLEY: Well, his body is young. It will heal.
STORR: Then, why you looking so worried?
PENLEY: I don't know yet. The weapons they used on him - they're curious.
STORR: Aye, scientifically designed, of course.
PENLEY: This is no time for debates.
STORR: Aye, it's easily said. I'll away and fetch a fresh drink.

(JAMIE wakes up at this moment, and begins to struggle with PENLEY.)

JAMIE: You'll not keep me prisoner!
PENLEY: Stay still!

(STORR races back.)

JAMIE: No get away out of it!
PENLEY: Storr!
STORR: Stop fighting!
JAMIE: You'll not keep me!
PENLEY: We're your friends!
STORR: We saved your life!
JAMIE: Oh, ooh.

(He clutches at his head.)

JAMIE: Oh my head. Ah.

(PENLEY tries to apply a sponge-like pad to his head.)

JAMIE: What you doing to me?
PENLEY: I'm going to try and ease your pain with this tranquiliser pad.
JAMIE: I don't believe you!
PENLEY: Now you must trust us. We know about your friend. We may be able to help.
JAMIE: Victoria? Well where is she?
PENLEY: In the alien spaceship.
JAMIE: Alien?
PENLEY: These warriors are not of our time. Nor of this planet.
JAMIE: So, how would you know all that?
STORR: Ah, because he's a scientist. He can produce an explanation for anything.
JAMIE: And you?
STORR: I'm a loyalist.
JAMIE: A loyalist!
STORR: Ah! They've told you have they?
JAMIE: Aye! But there's no time to talk. I came here to rescue Victoria.
PENLEY: You're in no way...
JAMIE: (Interrupting.) Oh, just you try me. Here give me a hand.

(STORR moves over to help him up from his bed.)

STORR: He's not as bad as you say Penley.
JAMIE: Your scientists aren't always right!
STORR: Ah ha! You hear that Penley!

(JAMIE cannot stand up.)

STORR: But, your legs are still weak.
JAMIE: (Panicking.) My legs! I can't feel my - I can't stand!
STORR: Oh, is this what your stupid drugs can do?
PENLEY: Don't be a fool, Storr. Of course it's not the drugs.
JAMIE: Well what is it then?
PENLEY: Well their weapons must have affected your central nervous system.
JAMIE: You mean I'm paralysed?


(VARGA monitors the spacecrafts controls, while ZONDAL returns from outside.)

VARGA: Where is the girl?
ZONDAL: Turoc has not yet returned.
VARGA: He must find her.
VARGA: We need her to draw an intelligent being from the base.
ZONDAL: To find out the kind of reactor they use.
VARGA: Yes. Without the ______ fuel elements we are helpless.
ZONDAL: And if they have them?
VARGA: We shall take them.

(Two more warriors enter through the door.)

VARGA: Is the fuel completely run down?

(One of them nods. They then move off.)

ZONDAL: If the scientists succeed in melting the ice?
VARGA: There will be floods.
ZONDAL: No hope for our engines, then?
VARGA: Or for us.
ZONDAL: The gun is our only chance.


(VICTORIA is in the cave with TUROC. The dead ice warrior is covered in snow, having been crushed by the ice. However, it still holds onto VICTORIA's arm with a vice like grip that she cannot move.)

VICTORIA: Help! Oh, somebody help me! Ugh! Help! Somebody!

(There is the sound of more ice movement, and some of the roof of the cave falls down.)

VICTORIA: Arrgghh! Oh no! No! Oh please! Help me somebody! Please help me!


(PENLEY and STORR are still tending to JAMIE.)

PENLEY: Well, there's nothing more I can do for him. That's the last of the tranquiliser pads.
STORR: Do ye... understand his illness?
PENLEY: No, and I've no way of knowing the cause.
STORR: Well, there's one way we can save him.
STORR: To befriend the aliens.
PENLEY: Oh don't be a fool Storr!
STORR: Oh they'll help us. I'll talk to them. They'll understand.

(He moves over to a table to put on another fur coat.)

PENLEY: But they're warriors, trained to kill.
STORR: Ach, only in self-defense, surely.
PENLEY: Oh rubbish no! We've got to get the boy back to the base.
PENLEY: For the boy's sake.
STORR: Oh, ye, ye, ye trying to trap me! There's no return for me to the civilisation that Clent represents. This is where I stay.
PENLEY: Do you think the aliens are any better? They killed Arden.
STORR: Ar, they were afraid.
PENLEY: They're ruthless, they place no value on human life.
STORR: Well I'll talk to them. Someone has to.
PENLEY: We don't know what they're capable of, or why they're here.
STORR: Well, I'll ask questions first, then act.
PENLEY: It may be too late then.
STORR: We'll see.
PENLEY: No - wait! Storr, look, you don't know what you're running into!
STORR: Now don't try and stop me! You look after the boy.

(STORR leaves.)


(STORR is making his way towards the ice warriors' spacecraft. He hears the calls of PENLEY.)

PENLEY: Storr! Storr! Storr! Storr!

(STORR hides behind a ridge, with a rock ready to hit PENLEY with. He then hears, from the other direction, the cries of help from VICTORIA.)

VICTORIA: Can you hear me! Help! Oh! I'm trapped!

(STORR moves off in her direction. A few moments later, PENLEY moves past, and after avoiding another landslide, takes the wrong way. He soon runs across THE DOCTOR.)

DOCTOR: Oh, oh it's you again, is it?
PENLEY: Has anyone passed this way?
DOCTOR: No. Are you looking for someone?
PENLEY: A rather ragged fellow. Like me.
DOCTOR: No, nobody. Not even like me.
PENLEY: Then I'm too late. There's nothing I can do.
DOCTOR: Can I help you?
PENLEY: Well you've helped me once already. Why didn't you give me away, or stop me at the base?
DOCTOR: Well why should I? I don't believe everything Clent tells me.
PENLEY: This boy. He's your friend.
DOCTOR: You know where he is? Is he hurt?
PENLEY: Come this way.


(VICTORIA is still trapped and calling for help as STORR enters.)

VICTORIA: Help me please!

(He moves over to her.)

VICTORIA: Who are you?
STORR: Never mind about that now.
VICTORIA: Would you release me please?

(STORR struggles with TUROC's hand and manages to open it enough for VICTORIA to remove her hand.)

STORR: Wh, what happened?
VICTORIA: I run away and the warrior caught me. The ice fell...
STORR: You ran away? But why?
VICTORIA: The warriors - they're evil. They killed Arden. I think they want to destroy the base.
STORR: They are against the scientists?
VICTORIA: I know, but they won't listen. They think the ioniser is a weapon against them.
STORR: Ah, it's true. A weapon of destruction.
VICTORIA: Only to destroy the ice.
STORR: Ah, it will destroy civilisation.
VICTORIA: Anyway, thank you.
VICTORIA: Ah, where were you going?
STORR: Uh well, your friend, the boy.
VICTORIA: Jamie! Jamie, he's alive! Oh, is he alright?
STORR: Ah, he's desperately ill. I'm going for help.
VICTORIA: But where?

(There is another rumble, and part of the roof falls down again.)

STORR: We'd better move out of here - quickly!


(VARGA exits the ship to ZONDAL and one other warrior, who is working on the gun.)

VARGA: Is it ready?
ZONDAL: We are checking the motivator. Realign harmonic frequencies to target points.

(Inside, another warrior changes some settings.)

ZONDAL: When do we attack the base?
VARGA: Soon, Zondal, soon. Has Turoc returned?
ZONDAL: Not yet Sir.

(There is another shake.)

VARGA: The ice, it is alive.

(As the ice warriors move off to the side, STORR and VICTORIA reach the cave.)

VICTORIA: The spaceship!
VICTORIA: You came here on purpose?
STORR: Of course!
VICTORIA: I'm not coming with you!
STORR: Oh, but you must! We must! You'll - we'll be safe! They'll listen to me.
VICTORIA: But they won't! You can't trust them.
STORR: Arh, they're against the scientists and the ioniser. That's good enough for me!
VICTORIA: Is that your reason? I think that's wicked!
STORR: Ar, they'll understand.
VICTORIA: Let go of me!

(The warriors come back into view of the trio.)

VARGA: Where's Turoc?
VICTORIA: He... he was crushed by the ice.

(VARGA moves his sonic gun threateningly up to VICTORIA's face.)

VARGA: I give you your life. You run away. Because of that, one of my men is dead!
VICTORIA: Honestly, it wasn't my fault!
VARGA: Take her inside.

(VICTORIA is dragged inside.)

VICTORIA: You're not going to kill me are you?

(VARGA turns his attention to STORR.)

STORR: My name is Storr. I'm a scavenger. A loyalist.
VARGA: You are from the base?
STORR: No, I'm against the scientists.
ZONDAL: You know nothing of their machines?
STORR: No, I don't want to. Their intentions are evil. I want to help you destroy the scientists.
ZONDAL: You. What good are you to us?
STORR: Oh well, I know the land around here. I've lived here all my life.
VARGA: You are not a scientist. Only a local native.
ZONDAL: Useless and unnecessary.
STORR: Oh, but I want to help you!

(VARGA and ZONDAL use their guns on STORR, who screams in pain as he falls to the ground, dead.)

VARGA: Now, to question the girl.


(THE DOCTOR is just finishing fixing up JAMIE, while PENLEY watches.)

DOCTOR: There we are!
JAMIE: Good to see you again, Doctor.
DOCTOR: Ah, won't be long before you're on your feet again, Jamie.
JAMIE: How long?
DOCTOR: Well, that depends. You've had some sort of shock to your brain, it's affected your nervous system.
JAMIE: I will walk again, though?
DOCTOR: Oh, yeah, of course you will. It's just a matter of time, that's all.
JAMIE: Aye, well I'll take your word on that.

(PENLEY takes him to one side.)

PENLEY: What can we do for him?
DOCTOR: Well the base is the only place he can be treated.
PENLEY: Yes I know that, but he can't get there alone.

(There is more rumbling, and the sound of glass breaking in the distance. Parts of the ceiling fall.)

PENLEY: That's the glacier. It's moving forward even faster.
DOCTOR: Yes. It'll flatten this place in no time at all.
PENLEY: Alright. I'll help you take him back.
DOCTOR: Well that's just it, you see. I, I can't go, there's something I must do.
PENLEY: Well you don't expect me to face Clent alone? That mouth-piece of the computer? He's got a printed circuit where his heart should be!
DOCTOR: He's a man with a mission. I don't think he can afford to reject you.
PENLEY: Well that's not the point. Anyway, what are you gonna do?
DOCTOR: I must speak with the warriors.
JAMIE: No Doctor!
PENLEY: Well what can you do alone?
DOCTOR: I have to see whether Victoria got away safely, and I must find out whether this spacecraft is a danger to the ionisation program. I, I admit it won't be easy.
JAMIE: Doctor, if you go to the warriors you'll be their prisoner!
DOCTOR: Their guest I hope, Jamie.


(CLENT is staring at the screen showing glacier activity.)

CLENT: Look Miss Garrett, look. The glacier's moving. That's the fifth surge today. The ioniser just isn't holding it anymore.
GARRETT: But we daren't increase power beyond the minimal.
CLENT: Well I know the risk if the spaceship explodes. ____ radioactivity level. We'd only replace one disaster with an even greater one.
GARRETT: But you must make a decision soon.
CLENT: No decision to be made yet! Computer can act only when given adequate information. We still don't know enough about the alien reactor.
GARRETT: Suppose we never know? Suppose the Doctor never returns?
CLENT: We'll face that if and when we have to.
GARRETT: But you must have a plan in mind, surely?
CLENT: I'm pinning all my hopes on the Doctor. He must succeed.

(THE DOCTOR is seen on the control room's communicator screen.)

DOCTOR: Here we go, Clent old chap. Wish me luck.


(Avoiding another avalanche, THE DOCTOR makes it to outside the spacecraft. He reaches the door and knocks on it.)

DOCTOR: Anyone at home?

(As he walks around, the big gun moves into shooting mode. He weaves under it.)

DOCTOR: Open up. Come on, open up, I say! Very well, I shall count to ten. One... two... three... ah!

(The door opens, and THE DOCTOR walks into a small square room. Mounted into one of the walls is a video screen on which is VARGA.)

VARGA: Who are you?
DOCTOR: I never answer questions until I'm addressed properly.
VARGA: You will answer now.

(THE DOCTOR has a defiant look on his face.)

VARGA: Very well. You are standing in the airlock of this spacecraft. Unless you answer my questions, within ten seconds I will take atmospheric pressure around you down to zero.
DOCTOR: But if you do that my body will explode!
VARGA: One... two... three... four...

(THE DOCTOR looks extremely worried as a small dial on the wall quickly moves toward its lowest level.)

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