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first broadcast - 30th September 1967


(In a tent, a man, dressed in climbing clothes, lies sleeping in a sleeping-bag.)

JOHN: Aahh!

(This wakes the man from his sleep. TRAVERS looks at the other bunk in the tent. It is empty.)


(He goes outside the tent, grabbing his rifle as he does so.)

TRAVERS: John, where are you?
JOHN: (Yelling.) Aahh! Aahh!

(TRAVERS reaches his companion but finds John lying on the ground - dead. Beside the body stands a large hairy beast. The beast snaps the rifle in two and knocks him to the ground...)


(Later on, the TARDIS arrives but we see the landing inside the craft. The DOCTOR, JAMIE and VICTORIA stare up at the mountainside on the scanner as the landing noise fades away.)

DOCTOR: (Delightfully.) I don't believe it! Marvellous! After all this time.
JAMIE: Oh, what's so marvellous about that?
DOCTOR: Well don't you see, Jamie, its the Himalayas! And I do believe we're in exactly the right... now wait a minute.
JAMIE: The Hima - what?
DOCTOR: Shh, Shh.

(VICTORIA decides to help JAMIE with the location.)

VICTORIA: The Himalayas, Jamie. They're mountains.
JAMIE: Aye I can see that. Hey is it the Earth, Doctor? I don't fancy another tangle down the Cybermen's tomb.
DOCTOR: No, no. Shh, Jamie, Shh! Yes of course it's the Earth. Yes...yes I think I'm right... yes...
JAMIE: Where are these mountains?
VICTORIA: Don't you know where the Himalayas are? They're in India. Well at least I think so...
DOCTOR: Yes, that's it! I knew it! I knew it! It's incredible. Right! No, no, not India. This is Tibet. That's where we are, Tibet. Now, there's no time to be lost. Come along, Jamie, we must find the ghanta.
JAMIE: The what?
DOCTOR: The ghanta, the ghanta. I put it here somewhere. Come along, Jamie, help me.

(The DOCTOR pulls out an old trunk and starts hunting for the Ghanta, a Tibetan holy bell. JAMIE starts to help and we hear something in the chest breaking.)

JAMIE: Hey what am I supposed to be looking for?
DOCTOR: I told you it's...

(He finds a small object with bells on it.)

DOCTOR: Good Lord, I haven't seen that for years.
JAMIE: Oh, that's the ghanta then?
DOCTOR: No, no, no, no. It's a... well... whatever it is... it's nice to see it again.

(He puts it back in the chest and continue to search.)

DOCTOR: Thank you. Come along, Victoria.

(JAMIE finds some bagpipes in the chest.)

JAMIE: Hey, Doctor, would you look at these. You never told me you had these.
DOCTOR: No, Jamie.
JAMIE: Hey I could fix those easily.
DOCTOR: Yes I was afraid of that.
VICTORIA: Jamie, you're getting as bad as the Doctor.
DOCTOR: Come along, help me find the ghanta.

(JAMIE, sadly, puts the bagpipes down.)

VICTORIA: It would help us considerably if we knew what we were looking for.
DOCTOR: (Snaps.) Ghanta!
VICTORIA: But what is it?

(The DOCTOR stares at both his companions and seeing that they don't know calms down.)

DOCTOR: Oh, what is it, you don't know. Oh, it's a bell.
VICTORIA: (Slightly laughing.) Oh, it's a bell, Jamie.
JAMIE: Oh, a bell. Oh, well now we know what we're looking for.
DOCTOR: Yes, it's a Tibetan bell, actually. A holy relic. This one is quite small, it has a dragon on it. And it has rather an interesting history, it was...

(He finds a large fur coat in the chest.)

DOCTOR: Oh! Ah ha, yes I'll have that. Ah ha, yes, it's just the thing for this climate. You might as well find yourselves something while you're about it.

(He puts the coat on and shows it to VICTORIA.)

DOCTOR: How do I look?
VICTORIA: (Just stopping herself, laughing.) Doctor, you look beautiful.
DOCTOR: Yes, I thought I might. I think I'll go and have a scout around. Now you two find the bell, it's very important.
VICTORIA: Oh, but why do you want it?
DOCTOR: Because down there it's going to guarantee us the welcome of a lifetime!
VICTORIA: Down there?

(The DOCTOR opens the door and leaves the ship.)

JAMIE: Oh, don't ask me. When you've been with the Doctor as long as I have, you begin to realise you don't know what he's talking about. (Returning to the chest.) We better find this bell of his.
VICTORIA: (Turning a switch on the console.) Wait a minute, Jamie.
JAMIE: Hey come and give us a hand.
VICTORIA: I want to see where the Doctor's gone. Now if I turn this to the left... it should... a ha that's it.

(The picture on the scanner moves to the left. JAMIE finds a sword in the chest and starts to wave it about.)

JAMIE: Hey, now would you look at this. Oh, that's marvellous.

(He points to something on the scanner.)

JAMIE: What... Hey, what's that?
JAMIE: A great sort of hairy beastie. Turn the thing back.
VICTORIA: (Turning the switch again.) Oh.
JAMIE: No, to the right.
VICTORIA: (Struggling with the switch.) I am!
JAMIE: Downwards. That's it, there!

(We see a small furry creature bouncing down the path. JAMIE see what it is and starts to laugh.)

JAMIE: Oh no, my mistake. The great hairy beastie, it's the Doctor.

(They both laugh.)


(The DOCTOR walks up the mountain, stops and breaths in the fresh mountain air.)

DOCTOR: Yes, ah, yes.


(A large bunch of buildings and a courtyard appears on the scanner.)

VICTORIA: A monastery!
JAMIE: Aye, that will be where he's gone.
VICTORIA: I wonder why he wouldn't take us?
JAMIE: You can never tell with the Doctor. Hey, just thought. Do they let lasses into monasteries?
VICTORIA: I don't know. Oh, don't say that.
JAMIE: Oh never mind, I suppose he'll manage somehow.
VICTORIA: (Referring to a large box.) Hey, shall we open it?
JAMIE: I don't think so, the Doctor may not like it.


(Wandering up the mountain the DOCTOR comes across an enormous footprint, then out of the corner of his eye something moves. Troubled, he turns and starts to makes his way back towards the TARDIS, while from behind a boulder further up, a large hand and shaggy form begins to emerge.)


(JAMIE is putting some climbing boots on.)

VICTORIA: Apart from climbing boots I really think you ought to wear something warm.
JAMIE: I tell you I'm a Highlander, the cold doesn't affect me.
VICTORIA: There's a great deal of difference between the Highlands and the Himalayas, Jamie.
JAMIE: Aye, they're bigger.

(The DOCTOR re-enters the TARDIS.)

VICTORIA: Oh, there you are Doctor. I found this bell thing you were looking for.
DOCTOR: Oh, splendid, splendid.
VICTORIA: Is the monastery far? Can we come too?
DOCTOR: Mmm, yes. Oh, no. One thing at a time, Victoria. We must find this ghanta.
VICTORIA: Oh, here.
DOCTOR: Oh, um.
VICTORIA: Is this where we're going, Detsen?
DOCTOR: Um. Detsen, yes that's the name of the monastery, but I'm afraid you're not going. Well not yet a while anyway.
VICTORIA: (Surprised.) Doctor!
DOCTOR: No I think it would be better if I went alone.
JAMIE: You've seen something haven't you? Would it not be better if I went with you?
VICTORIA: Is there something dangerous then, Doctor?
DOCTOR: Oh, good heavens no! No, there's nothing for you to worry about. Now you stay here with Jamie, inside, and I'll be as quick as I can.

(He turns back towards the open doors.)

VICTORIA: Oh ah, Doctor.

(She gives the Ghanta to the DOCTOR.)

DOCTOR: Oh, ha ha. I nearly forgot it.

(He leaves the TARDIS and the doors close behind him.)


(Picking his way back down the mountain the DOCTOR finds TRAVERS' campsite and sees JOHN's dead body with its neck broken and the broken rifle. Puzzling, the Doctor picks up TRAVERS' discarded rucksack and continues towards the Monastery.)


(Meanwhile, JAMIE bangs his fist on the console with boredom.)

VICTORIA: Oh, I'm getting bored. Let's go outside.
JAMIE: No I don't think we should.
VICTORIA: All right I'll go by myself.
JAMIE: Oh no you won't! You won't leave me here by myself.
VICTORIA: (Laughing.) Oh come on, we needn't be long.
JAMIE: Aye, well just a quick look then.

(VICTORIA opens the door.)


(The DOCTOR arrives at the gate. Surprising, the door stay closed.)

DOCTOR: Anybody here?

(No answer.)


(VICTORIA scans the view from just outside the TARDIS while JAMIE is still inside.)

JAMIE: What can you see?
VICTORIA: Come on, it's a marvellous view.

(JAMIE leaves the TARDIS, shivering but trying not to let VICTORIA see it.)

JAMIE: Aye, so it is. Now come away back.
JAMIE: Because the Doctor said that... Well if you must know, I am cold.
VICTORIA: (Laughing.) Didn't I tell you. Now why don't you go and get that coat?
JAMIE: Because I'm not leaving you out here on your own, and that's final.

(VICTORIA stares over JAMIE's shoulder and spots something odd.)

VICTORIA: Jamie, look!
JAMIE: What is it?
VICTORIA: Footprints. Look at the size of them.

(She follows the prints around the police box.)

VICTORIA: Something's been walking around the TARDIS. What could it be, Jamie, a bear?
JAMIE: Whatever it is, it's pretty big. We better get inside.
VICTORIA: I'd like to find out what it is first. Wouldn't you?
JAMIE: Look we must be careful. This could be dangerous. Wait while I get that sword.

(He dashes back inside the craft.)


(The DOCTOR pounds on the Gate. But there was no answer. So he tries again.)

DOCTOR: Hello there.

(No answer, but when he pounds the door for the third time, the door creeks open. The DOCTOR, puzzled, pushes open the door and moves inside the Monastery.)


(Here, again, the DOCTOR finds not a soul. He looks, with a puzzled look on his face, in different parts of the Courtyard but finds no one.)

DOCTOR: Hello! Where is everybody?

(After a minute silence, the DOCTOR hears the gates closing behind him. With a large smile, he turns and starts to speak...)

DOCTOR: Oh, ah ha, there you are. I thought... I thought for one... moment.

(...Then he sees that the monks approaching him from the gate have their weapons raised ready for an attack from the DOCTOR. Two of the warrior monks (KHRISONG & THOMNI) move forward to speak.)

KHRISONG: What do you want here?
DOCTOR: I've come to...

(Suddenly TRAVERS appears, and seeing the rucksack that the DOCTOR picked up at the campsite, explodes with anger.)

TRAVERS: (Furious.) Look he's got my rucksack.
DOCTOR: (Noticing that he still has the rucksack.) Oh that.
TRAVERS: (Stepping towards the DOCTOR with fists raised.) You murderous devil!
KHRISONG: Who is this man?
TRAVERS: I don't know, but this is mine all right.
THOMNI: But you said...
KHRISONG: Be silent. You said it was a beast that attacked you.
TRAVERS: Yes, but it was dark, remember. All I could see was a vague shape, but I felt it's hair. Well it's quite obvious now that it's this coat he's wearing.
KHRISONG: (To the DOCTOR.) Why did you attack this man?
DOCTOR: Me! I haven't attacked anyone! I found the haversack on the mountain.
TRAVERS: He's lying!
DOCTOR: I also found a dead man!
TRAVERS: Yes and you killed him!
KHRISONG: Enough! Seize him.

(Two of the Warrior Monks grab the DOCTOR roughly by the arms.)

TRAVERS: But you can't possibly...
KHRISONG: Silence. This man accuses you of one crime, but there have been many others. If you are responsible, be sure you will be punished. Take him away.
DOCTOR: But this is ridiculous. Why don't you listen to me? Where are you taking me?

(But the Monks drag him away without saying another word.)

TRAVERS: Watch him carefully, Khrisong, he's dangerous.
KHRISONG: This is possible.
THOMNI: We do not know he is the attacker.
TRAVERS: Of course he is! I've just said he's so.
THOMNI: Why then did he come here?
KHRISONG: That, also, we shall discover.

13. CELL

(The DOCTOR is shoved in a small cell with just a straw bed in it.)

DOCTOR: (Amazed.) The welcome of a life time?


(JAMIE, now wearing the coat from the TARDIS, and VICTORIA follow the footprints to a cave in the mountainside.)

VICTORIA: (Pointing at the cave.) Jamie, look!
JAMIE: Aye, that'll be where the beastie lives, right enough. And it's as far as we're going.
VICTORIA: Oh we can't turn back now.
JAMIE: We can and we will, it could be dangerous.
VICTORIA: How do you know? It may be quite harmless.
JAMIE: With feet that size?
VICTORIA: Well just a quick look inside.
JAMIE: Look, if that animal is dangerous we could be walking into a trap.
VICTORIA: Oh but Jamie...
JAMIE: No, we're going back, I mean it.
VICTORIA: Jamie. Look...

(But JAMIE spots something just inside the cave.)

JAMIE: Hey! Wait a minute.
VICTORIA: Well what is it?
JAMIE: Look there, just inside the cave.
VICTORIA: Where? I can't see anything.
JAMIE: It looks like a beam of wood.
VICTORIA: (Laughing.) Oh it can't be.

(But this pips JAMIE's interest.)

JAMIE: It might not be an animal's den after all. I'm going to take a closer look.
VICTORIA: Oh but Jamie...
JAMIE: (Firmly.) Look, a wild animal's one thing - I'm not afraid of a man!

(They enter the cave and more of the wooden beams are discovered.)

JAMIE: This is a man's work all right.
VICTORIA: Oh let's go back, Jamie.

(She hears something.)


(Further down the cave, JAMIE turns to be greeted by...)


(...VICTORIA rushing down the cave towards him.)

JAMIE: Hey, come and a look at this.

(He points to a strange glowing pyramid of silver spheres.)

VICTORIA: (Pointing back to the entrance.) Jamie, listen! There's something coming!
JAMIE: Get back.

(At the entrance, a large creature lumbers up and seals the cave by pushing the boulder back.)

15. CELL

(The DOCTOR reflects on his "welcome" and then moves his bed under the window to seek escape, but there is none, for a 100 foot drop lies behind the window. TRAVERS's face appears at a grill on the door of the cell.)

TRAVERS: (Taunting.) Its a 100 foot drop outside that window.

(The DOCTOR looks down at the drop.)

TRAVERS: There's no way out you know.
DOCTOR: (Cheerfully.) I didn't think there would be.
TRAVERS: How did you track me down?
DOCTOR: (Puzzled.) Track you down? I don't even know who you are.
TRAVERS: Don't play the innocent with me! It won't work. If it wasn't for my expedition you wouldn't be here. Hmm. You're one of those wretched newspaper men.
DOCTOR: (Totally puzzled.) Paper Men? I wish I know what you are talking about?
TRAVERS: Oh yes! You laughed at me in the press didn't you. "Travers - the mad anthropologist". After that, even my own Society wouldn't finance me. (Firmly.) But I know they're here. Twenty years I've been searching.
DOCTOR: Twenty years!
TRAVERS: I've staked my reputation and every penny I own on this expedition. Now, when I'm close to finding them, you want to steal my glory! Just for the sake of a cheap headline.
DOCTOR: Finding them? Finding what?
TRAVERS: (Getting angry at the DOCTOR's words.) Don't pretend. They're here. Somewhere on these mountains.
DOCTOR: (Almost shouting.) What are?!
TRAVERS: You know! The Yeti! The Abominable Snowmen!

16. CAVE

(JAMIE has been trying to push the boulder.)

JAMIE: Oh, it's not use, I can't shift it.

(He turns to VICTORIA.)

JAMIE: Perhaps there is another way out of here. I'm gonna see what's down there.
VICTORIA: Oh no! Don't! There may be more of them.
JAMIE: Aye, there might. That's why I want you to stay here.
VICTORIA: Oh no...
JAMIE: Look, you're safe enough for the moment. If you need me just yell your head off.
VICTORIA: (With a little fire.) Don't worry, I will!

(JAMIE runs down the cave.)

17. CELL

(The DOCTOR is not getting through to TRAVERS.)

DOCTOR: But it could have been the Yeti that attacked you.
TRAVERS: (Firmly) Rubbish! The Yeti are timid creatures. They're shy...
DOCTOR: But...
TRAVERS: They're afraid of men.
DOCTOR: But... Why me!? Why say I did it?
TRAVERS: (Feverishly) You want a clear field don't you. I discovered the Yeti! The honour's mine, but you want to take it from me. Why, you even murdered my companion just to get a cheap story for your newspaper.
DOCTOR: That is ridiculous.
DOCTOR: Whoever killed your friend had enormous strength.
DOCTOR: (Spreading his arms open.) Well, could I have done it? Well, could I?

(TRAVERS sees this is the case.)

TRAVERS: No. I'm not going to discuss it any further. (To himself.) There's work to be done. The expedition must go on!

(Laughing he turns to the DOCTOR.)

TRAVERS: Khrisong will find out the truth!

(TRAVERS closes the grill.)

DOCTOR: Travers! Travers, come back!


(KHRISONG, and his sub-ordinate THOMNI, confront two aged lamas in the monastery's courtyard - RINCHEN and SAPAN.)

KHRISONG: We have the word of the Englishman, Travers.
THOMNI: But how do we know he is telling the truth.
KHRISONG: Why should he lie? In any case, I am not so concerned with the death of Travers's companion. Four of our brothers have been slaughtered. That is my concern.
RINCHEN: Had we not agreed that the Yeti were responsible?
KHRISONG: True, Rinchen. But have we not also wondered why? They were so rarely seen, timid. Then, suddenly they become savage... Did we not wonder why? Did we not wonder what or whom had brought this change? And now, here is this stranger and Travers accuses him. He may be a cause. I ask you again. Let me put it to the truth. Now.
RINCHEN: You are asking us to condemn a man to certain death.
KHRISONG: I am Chief Warrior. Is it not my duty to protect you?
RINCHEN: But not by taking a man's life.
KHRISONG: (Firmly) Yes, if it is necessary.
SAPAN: No! Only the Abbot can decide. Songtsen alone can approve such measures.

(A large gong is heard.)

RINCHEN: It is time for prayer, my brothers.

(SAPAN and RINCHEN start to leave. KHRISONG and the chants of the brothers can be heard.)

KHRISONG: (Angry and impatient.) Wait! We must decide now!
RINCHEN: No, Khrisong. After our meditations we will consult the Abbot.

(RINCHEN and SAPAN move away.)

KHRISONG: This is foolishness! Time will be wasted! Do they wish more of our brothers to die before I'm allowed to take action.
THOMNI: There is no other way.
KHRISONG: There is, for me. Let them meditate. Let them consult. I, Khrisong, will act! Bring me the prisoner.

19. CAVE

(Back in the cave, VICTORIA starts to hear noises from outside the cave. The boulder starts to move.)

VICTORIA: (Shouting down the cave.) Jamie! Jamie, it's coming back!

(JAMIE arrives and pushes VICTORIA behind him.)

JAMIE: Get back in there!
VICTORIA: Oh, is it safe?
JAMIE: Aye. Now go on!

(VICTORIA starts to move down the cave when the boulder is finally push back and the Yeti enters the cave. JAMIE moves forward and faces the creature with his sword.)

VICTORIA: (Watching.) Jamie, get back! It will kill you!

(The Yeti wrenches the sword from JAMIE's grasp and snaps it in two.)


(The Yeti then advances on Jamie. Victoria screams...)

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