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first broadcast - 22nd April 1967


(Using a screwdriver as an improvised wrench, the DOCTOR is struggling to get the lid off one of the packing cases, unaware that his activities are being watched on a monitor by SPENCER in the secret room. SPENCER lifts a microphone to his mouth. The DOCTOR gets the lid off the case at last and finds himself looking at a body. He examines the features of a middle-aged man, who looks vaguely familiar. (It is, in fact, MEADOWS, whom the DOCTOR glimpsed briefly in Air Traffic Control.) Suddenly the DOCTOR hears a voice - a blurred distorted voice that sounds very like BEN.)

VOICE: (OOV.) Somebody, help me... please... I'm suffocating...

(The DOCTOR moves cautiously back towards the inner office. He moves into the office and the voice comes again.)

VOICE: (OOV.) Quickly, somebody help me please... I'm suffocating... Help me, please!

(The DOCTOR looks round puzzled. He heard the voice quite loudly, but there is no one there. Suddenly he spots a panel sliding shut, high in the wall - a panel that had covered a loudspeaker. As the panel shuts, another one slides open, revealing a nozzle. White vapour begins hissing from the nozzle, and the DOCTOR whirls round and dashes for the door. But it is already shutting in his face. He shoves at it, but it is locked fast. The DOCTOR turns back to the nozzle. Curious to the last, he holds out his hand to test the vapour. It is icy cold. As the DOCTOR snatches back his hand the room is already starting to spin around him. Shuddering convulsively, the DOCTOR slides to the ground.)


(SPENCER smiles coldly as the DOCTOR falls gasping to the floor. During this the episode titles are shown. SPENCER's smile fades as, instead of relapsing into unconsciousness, the DOCTOR staggers determinedly to his feet, grabs a handkerchief from his pocket and lurches towards the gas-nozzle with the evident intention of blocking it. SPENCER watches incredulously...)


( the DOCTOR wads the handkerchief and rams it into the nozzle aperture, reducing the flow of gas to a few stray wisps. Again, SPENCER smiles. He touches a control in front of him and a second, higher panel slides back revealing another nozzle and soon the gas is once more hissing into the room. A little woozily, the DOCTOR studies the second nozzle. It is too high to reach, but somehow he manages to drag a chair beneath it. Then, grabbing a duster from the desk, the DOCTOR begins climbing on the chair and blocks it. He then notices that he is being watched from a camera. He takes off his black frock-coat and covers the camera with it. SPENCER studies the monitor, astonished at the little man's powers of resistance and he is reaching for the control when suddenly the monitor screen goes blank. Irritably SPENCER jabs at its controls, but he is quite unable to bring it back to life. Switching off the gas flow SPENCER opens the secret door and goes through.)


(The first thing he sees is the DOCTOR's shirt-sleeved body, huddled by the overturned chair. A glance at the wall explains the failure of the monitor. SPENCER kneels by the DOCTOR's body and is in the process of lifting the body up to drag it away when something cold and metallic touches the back of his neck and he knows no more... The DOCTOR bounds to his feet, slipping the pen-like freezing device into his pocket. He snatches his coat from the wall and dashes out of the office and through the hangar, past the crate with MEADOWS's frozen body and out onto the tarmac.)


(We see a plane landing and a view of the main building. It is clear that we are moving from the hangar to the main concourse.)


(Near the kiosk, while ANN DAVIDSON is dealing with some young customers, CROSSLAND has been talking to JAMIE and SAMANTHA and it is clear that they have told their stories to him. SAMANTHA obviously feels her problem is being pushed aside as she speaks.)

SAMANTHA: Yeah, but what about me brother?
CROSSLAND: I'm afraid I've got something more serious to look into first Miss. If this young man's telling the truth, a colleague of mine's been murdered.

(Suddenly JAMIE spots the DOCTOR hurrying across the concourse towards them. His hair is all in a mess. JAMIE jumps up.)

JAMIE: Ah, Doctor! There's a man here wants to talk to you.
DOCTOR: (Worried and preoccupied.) Oh, who is he?
JAMIE: Err...
CROSSLAND: There you are sir.

(CROSSLAND holds out his warrant card and the DOCTOR peers at it.)

DOCTOR: Detective-Inspector Crossland... Scotland Yard!
JAMIE: Aye, I've told him everything.

(CROSSLAND produces a photograph.)

CROSSLAND: Have you ever seen that man?

(The DOCTOR studies the picture.)

DOCTOR: Well that's the man we found in the Chameleon Tours hangar!


(SPENCER is just recovering from the effects of the freezer-gun when BLADE strides into the hangar office.)

BLADE: The Doctor's body. Where is it?
SPENCER: (Getting slowly to his feet.) He... escaped. His intelligence is far above normal beings.
BLADE: Above yours, perhaps.

(BLADE looks at his watch.)

BLADE: I must leave, the flight to Zurich is ready to take-off. You will remain here.
SPENCER: For what purpose?
BLADE: To atone for your incompetence. The Doctor must die - and you must do it.


CROSSLAND: All right then Doctor, we'll go and see the Commandant. I want him to hear your story.
DOCTOR: Well he... he wasn't every impressed with it the last time.
CROSSLAND: (Firmly.) This time, he's going to believe you!

(The DOCTOR rises.)

DOCTOR: Well, if you think so. Jamie, stay here and keep an eye on the kiosk. We shan't be long.

(A little belatedly, CROSSLAND turns to SAMANTHA.)

CROSSLAND: And don't worry about your brother, Miss. We'll find him for you!

(The DOCTOR and CROSSLAND hurry away. SAMANTHA gives JAMIE a disgusted look.)

SAMANTHA: A fat lot of good that Inspector's going to be.
JAMIE: Ah, but he believes us.
SAMANTHA: Oh yeah, but that doesn't mean to say he's going to do anything.

(She jumps up.)

SAMANTHA: I think I'll go and have a look round that Chameleon Hangar.

(JAMIE gets up too.)

JAMIE: Ah, not by yourself!
SAMANTHA: Well, I suppose it would be better if I had a man with me.
JAMIE: Aye! Oh, if only the Doctor hadn't told me to watch this place.
SAMANTHA: (Crossly.) Oh, do you always do everything you're told?
JAMIE: No! But the Doctor trusts me.
SAMANTHA: (Airily.) Yeah, that's your trouble isn't it. All right stay here.

(She gives him a pathetic look.)

SAMANTHA: After all, they can only murder me. Ta-ra.

(She turns to go. JAMIE is torn. He hates the thought of letting the Doctor down, but it is against his chivalrous nature to let a young lady go unescorted into danger.)

JAMIE: Don... Oh... Wait a minute. I don't suppose anything will happen here, do you?
SAMANTHA: Well since they closed the kiosk, it's hardly likely.
JAMIE: And we won't be long away, will we?
SAMANTHA: (Briskly.) Well, that depends on what we find. Ar, come on kid!
JAMIE: In any case, you'll need me to show you the way there!


(While the controllers look after the planes, JEAN turns around and looks on as CROSSLAND and the COMMANDANT talk to the DOCTOR.)

COMMANDANT: (Wearily.) All right, all right, I'll accept that you found a body. But I still want to know where you come from, and why you have no passport.
DOCTOR: Oh, but surely that's unimportant...
COMMANDANT: It is not unimportant to break the law!
CROSSLAND: Sir, I think we're going to have to let him tell us in his own way.
COMMANDANT: Oh very well. Make it brief!
DOCTOR: Thank you. I have just carried out a search of the Chameleon Tours hangar. In a packing case, I found the body of a man.
CROSSLAND: You never told me that, Doctor. Another dead man!
DOCTOR: No, he was in a stupefied state, a sort of coma.
COMMANDANT: Who was this one?
DOCTOR: I don't know his name but I have a feeling he's one of your employees.
COMMANDANT: Oh, indeed.
DOCTOR: In fact, I think he may be in here.

(He goes down to the controllers and takes a look at CHAMELEON-MEADOWS.)

CHAMELEON-MEADOWS: Taxi, following southern taxi way for departure runway two-seven...

(CHAMELEON-MEADOWS turns and looks at him. The DOCTOR turns away and goes back to the other two. He takes out the pen that he took from SPENCER.)

DOCTOR: Do you know what this is?
COMMANDANT: It looks like a fountain pen to me.
DOCTOR: Things are not always what they seem.

(CROSSLAND tries to take the object from the DOCTOR's hand.)

DOCTOR: Oh careful! It's dangerous. Chameleon Tours are not quite what they seem either.

(The COMMANDANT looks baffled.)

COMMANDANT: No, and what's your theory?
DOCTOR: Well, I'm afraid you won't believe it when you hear it. First, Inspector Gascoigne was murdered with a ray gun. However...
CROSSLAND: A ray gun?
DOCTOR: A weapon that has not yet been developed on this Earth.
COMMANDANT: (Snorts.) Oh, really!
DOCTOR: There you are, you see, I knew you wouldn't believe it, what's the use?

(Strange as his story is, CROSSLAND finds there is something oddly convincing about the little man's evident sincerity.)

CROSSLAND: No, now be patient, sir, we are trying to understand you.

(The DOCTOR draws a deep breath.)

DOCTOR: Very well. Next, I believe Chameleon Tours to be merely a front, a cover.
DOCTOR: For the mass kidnapping of young people.
COMMANDANT: And is all this supposed to be taking place in my Airport?
DOCTOR: Yes - at this very moment!


COMMANDANT: Oh, that's quite enough. Can't you take that fellow into custody?

(CROSSLAND shakes his head.)

CROSSLAND: Well, I'm very sorry, sir, but you know he hasn't broken any law, except for this immigration business, and that's not my responsibility.
DOCTOR: But Brian Briggs is your responsibility.
COMMANDANT: And who is he?
DOCTOR: He is a young man who went on a Chameleon Tour and vanished.
CROSSLAND: Ah now, come on Doctor, wait a minute. We're not certain of that yet.
DOCTOR: Well, he's nowhere to be found.
DOCTOR: And neither are my two friends! Which to my mind proves my point. Chameleon Tours are a cover for the abducting of young people.
COMMANDANT: (Sarcastically.) And just where do you think they're taking them?
DOCTOR: Well, in view of the facts that I've already presented, the ray gun, this pen and err... one or two other things. I think we're dealing with people who are not from this planet.
COMMANDANT: That hardly answers my que...

(He brakes off as he realises the full implications of the DOCTOR's remark.)

COMMANDANT: What did you say?
DOCTOR: (Sadly.) You see, I knew you wouldn't believe me.
COMMANDANT: Oh, this is absolute, arrant nonsense!
CROSSLAND: (Sceptical.) Um, look Doctor, I think you ought to produce some evidence to support all this.
DOCTOR: Evidence! What about this pen?

(The DOCTOR brandishes the pen-like device still in his hand.)

COMMANDANT: A pen! Do you call that evidence?
DOCTOR: I'll demonstrate it for you.

(The DOCTOR looks round. It is a quiet moment in Air Traffic Control and one of the operators has come back from the canteen with a tray of tea which he is passing out amongst his fellows. The DOCTOR turns to the nearest controller, who has a steaming cup of tea in his hand. It just happens to be the CHAMELEON-MEADOWS.)

DOCTOR: Excuse me. Would you mind helping us?
CHAMELEON-MEADOWS: I don't understand.
DOCTOR: Could you hold this cup out in front of you, hmm?

(He holds up the cup of tea and the DOCTOR points the pen-device at him. His face twists with fear and he backs away. The DOCTOR looks curiously at him. There is something familiar about the man's face, and suddenly the DOCTOR realises - it is the face of the frozen body in the crate at the Chameleon hangar.)

DOCTOR: Oh perhaps you've seen one of these before?

(Aiming not at the man but the cup of tea the DOCTOR presses the firing button. The CHAMELEON-MEADOWS gives a yell of fear, drops the tea and turns and flees from the room. JEAN picks up the dropped cup of tea.)

JEAN: It turned to ice!

(The saucer has smashed but the cup has not. Moreover, it seems to be still full of tea. JEAN gives a cry of surprise when she touches it. She holds it out.)

DOCTOR: (Quietly.) Do you call that arrant nonsense?


(There is no one about at the Chameleon hangar when SAMANTHA and JAMIE arrive, and they are able to begin their search without anyone trying to stop them. JAMIE takes the hangar, and SAMANTHA the office. SAMANTHA searches through what seems to be an endless pile of routine paperwork without success. Then leaving the desk she begins searching the shelves. On the highest shelf she finds a brown manila envelope. She opens it and finds it full of postcards. SAMANTHA takes one out at random and studies it. The front shows an idyllic woodland scene. On the other side is an address and a scrawled message.)

SAMANTHA: Dear Mum and Dad, have arrived safely in the Black Forest. Will write again soon. Love Tim.

(Putting the card back, SAMANTHA checks another postcard.)

SAMANTHA: Dear Dad, I...

(And another.)

SAMANTHA: Dear Mum...

(The big envelope is full of such postcards, all bearing very similar messages. Clutching it, she runs out into the hangar where she finds JAMIE prizing the lid off a big crate. It is empty.)

SAMANTHA: JAMIE! Jamie, look what I've found!

(She shows him the envelope.)

SAMANTHA: There must be fifty postcards here. That should make that inspector do something!

(The thought of her brother's unknown fate brings sudden tears to her eyes and she brushes them away with the back of her hand.)

JAMIE: Aye, you're right. And I know where to find him.

(He notices SAMANTHA's tears.)

JAMIE: You're a brave wee lassie. No time to greet now.
SAMANTHA: (Fiercely.) Oh, get off! I've got something in my eye, come on!

(She starts forward but then stops.)

SAMANTHA: Where are we going?
JAMIE: Commandant's Office.

(JAMIE leads the way.)


(The COMMANDMENT and CROSSLAND are looking over the pen device in amazement. Both are now speaking to the DOCTOR with new respect. JEAN gives some papers to the DOCTOR.)

JEAN: Doctor.
JEAN: Um, here are the remaining flight schedules for Chameleon Tours you wanted.
DOCTOR: Thank you my dear.
COMMANDANT: What a nasty little device.

(CROSSLAND takes it.)

CROSSLAND: I think I'd better get that checked over sir.

(Suddenly the door is flung open and SAMANTHA bursts in, JAMIE close behind her. She hurries over to the DOCTOR, holding out the envelope.)

COMMANDANT: What the devil?
JAMIE: Doctor! (To SAMANTHA) Samantha, down here. (To the DOCTOR) Doctor! Picture postcards, look at them!
COMMANDANT: (Shouting over the others.) ...the limit. I will not have my control room invaded!

(The DOCTOR takes the envelope and begins studying the contents.)

DOCTOR: What, not even for these?
CROSSLAND: Why? What have you got there?
DOCTOR: I think it's the further evidence you require, Inspector.

(He spreads the postcards out on the COMMANDANT's desk.)

DOCTOR: Yes, just as I thought.
CROSSLAND: (To SAMANTHA.) Where did you get these?
SAMANTHA: In the office in that hangar. You see what they mean?
DOCTOR: All falling into pattern. This envelope is addressed to somewhere in Germany.
SAMANTHA: Yeah, Dem Chameleon Reisen, Freiberg. That means Chameleon Tours.
COMMANDANT: Just what are you all talking about?
SAMANTHA: Well, you see. They give out these cards and get the kids to write home to their parents before they go. Then the Chameleon Tours lot take the cards abroad and they post them back to Britain.
CROSSLAND: So the parents think the children have arrived safely.
SAMANTHA: Doctor, what do you think does happens to them?

(Before the DOCTOR can answer, the COMMANDANT butts in.)

COMMANDANT: Now, now, now, this is all mere sup... supposition.
SAMANTHA: (Flaring.) Oh, to you, maybe. But one of those kids happens to be my brother.
COMMANDANT: (Quietly.) Your brother?
CROSSLAND: (To the COMMANDANT.) Aye, sir. This is the young lady whose brother's missing and you see she did get a card from him in Rome.
COMMANDANT: But why would anyone want to abduct these young people?
DOCTOR: (Abstractedly.) Well, if we knew that we wouldn't be sitting here.

(He has picked up the sheaf of Chameleon Tours flight schedules and is studying them absorbedly.)

COMMANDANT: Inspector, can I have a word with you?

(He moves over to a quite area of the room, beckoning the Inspector to follow him.)

COMMANDANT: You don't think this fellow's a little unbalanced to you?

(CROSSLAND looks thoughtfully at the Doctor.)

CROSSLAND: Oh maybe a wee bit unorthodox, sir. But after all he's given us the only lead we've got so far. If you could just see your way to giving him a free hand.
COMMANDANT: A free hand?!
CROSSLAND: Just to poke around a little bit, sir.
COMMANDANT: Do... Don't you think it's safe to let the fellow roam round the Airport?
CROSSLAND: You can rely on us to keep an eye on him, sir.
COMMANDANT: (Grimly.) Alright, but on your head be it!
CROSSLAND: I personally will investigate Chameleon Tours. Then I'll report back to you here if I've found out anything; but in the meantime if you could just keep everything going as normal, you understand. We don't want them to get wind of anything.
COMMANDANT: No, no, no, no ,no.

(They go back to the DOCTOR's party.)

COMMANDANT: Doctor. I'll give you the freedom of the Airport for twelve hours. Heaven help me. At the end of that time I shall expect you back here with some real facts this time.

(The DOCTOR puts down the schedules and rises, looking at the clock.)

DOCTOR: Thank you, Commandant.

(SAMANTHA hugs JAMIE who looks glum but a little happy at being hugged.)


(The CHAMELEON-MEADOWS is reporting to SPENCER in the little room at the back of the Chameleon Tours kiosk.)

SPENCER: Did they believe the Doctor?
SPENCER: What do you mean?
CHAMELEON-MEADOWS: I think he suspects me. He turned one of our own weapons on me - forced me to leave.
SPENCER: You fool. You should have stayed. Now we do not know how much he has discovered.
CHAMELEON-MEADOWS: Even if he has discovered the secret of our mission here, they will never believe him. These Earth minds cannot stretch that far.
SPENCER: Of course, the truth is beyond their intelligence. Except for that Doctor.
CHAMELEON-MEADOWS: I know where he is, I could kill him.
SPENCER: You're going to - but not at the risk of your own safety. We still need you in Air Traffic Control.

(SPENCER opens a secret drawer in the desk and takes out a round device, the general size and shape of a button. He hands it to MEADOWS.)

SPENCER: Here, take this... attach it to him. When we are ready I shall activate the mechanism with this.

(SPENCER takes a small black box from the drawer and slips it into his pocket.)

SPENCER: That should put paid to him once and for all.
SPENCER: Don't delay. I want him dead before Captain Blade returns.


(The DOCTOR, JAMIE & SAMANTHA are waiting by a deck watching the radar. Meanwhile JEAN fills out and stamps the passes the COMMANDANT has rather grudgingly signed.)

JEAN: Doctor, I have made out a pass for you and for your two friends.
DOCTOR: Thank you very much.

(He stands for a moment obviously wondering what he should do next. One of the controllers, HESLINGTON, comes over to him.)

HESLINGTON: Excuse me, sir. There's a Chameleon flight coming in now.

(The DOCTOR follows him over to his console, and HESLINGTON turns up the gain on a speaker. BLADE's voice comes over the intercom.)

BLADE: Alpha Delta Sierra XRay Lima calling Gatwick Airport Control.
HESLINGTON: Gatwick Control to Alpha Delta Sierra XRay Lima.

(CHAMELEON-MEADOWS comes over and stands by the technician at a console close by.)

HESLINGTON: Gatwick Control to Alpha Delta Sierra XRay Lima. I will now give you your heading.

(The DOCTOR turns to JEAN who is at his elbow.)

DOCTOR: How many flights do they use a day?
JEAN: Seven or eight.
DOCTOR: How many planes do they use?
JEAN: Four. I could get their registration numbers if you like? Why do you ask?
DOCTOR: Eight flights a day and only four planes. Is that normal?
JEAN: Oh yes. They have a very quick turn-round. I mean, after all they're only on short haul flights. You know, all the holiday centres: Spain, Rome, Athens, the Black Forest...
COMMANDANT: (At his desk.) Jean, where's the file on winter schedules.
JEAN: Excuse me.

(She goes back to her desk and the DOCTOR stands studying the radar screen in front of him.)

DOCTOR: Which is the Chameleon plane?

(HESLINGTON indicates a blip.)

HESLINGTON: Oh that one, sir. Look, he's turning left at Dunsfold. I shall hold him now over Epsom until I can give him landing clearance.
DOCTOR: What's the range of your radar?
HESLINGTON: Hundred and thirty miles, sir. Why?
DOCTOR: Oh, I was just wondering when this plane first appeared?
HESLINGTON: I've no idea, sir. We don't notice them 'til they start to call in. Oh excuse me a moment.

(He speaks into his mike.)

HESLINGTON: Gatwick Control to Alpha Delta Sierra XRay Lima.


HESLINGTON: (OOV.) Climb to ten thousand feet and hold in Epsom control zone to wait landing clearance.

(BLADE repeats the instructions.)


BLADE: (OOV.) Alpha Delta Sierra XRay Lima to Gatwick Airport. Climbing to ten thousand feet and holding.
HESLINGTON: Ah, you were saying sir?
DOCTOR: How long do you hold them after take off?
HESLINGTON: Once they've left Gatwick control zone we've finished with them.
DOCTOR: Oh I see. That means they might be anywhere.

(Unable to relax with the DOCTOR about, the COMMANDANT comes over.)

COMMANDANT: Aren't you rather wasting your twelve hours, hanging around here disturbing my people?
DOCTOR: I don't think I've been wasting a minute, but ah, I'll go if you insist.

(He turns to JAMIE and SAMANTHA.)

DOCTOR: Sam! Jamie!

(As he moves away, CHAMELEON-MEADOWS moves too. He bumps into the DOCTOR, grips his shoulder to steady himself and manages to slip the button device beneath the lapel of the DOCTOR's coat, where it clings, almost invisibly.)

DOCTOR: Oh it's all right. It's quite my fault. Haven't I met you somewhere before?
CHAMELEON-MEADOWS: I don't think so.

(The DOCTOR smiles.)

DOCTOR: You must have a double.

(Leaving Meadows looking distinctly uneasy, the DOCTOR leads SAMANTHA and JAMIE away.)


(We see a plane landing.)


(The Chameleon Tours kiosk is open again now, and SPENCER is behind the desk. He looks up as CROSSLAND approaches.)

SPENCER: (To a customer.) OK? Thank you.
CROSSLAND: Excuse me. Are you the Manager?
SPENCER: I'm looking after bookings. Can I help?

(CROSSLAND produces his warrant card.)

CROSSLAND: I'd rather rather like to speak to the man in charge.
CROSSLAND: I'm a police officer.
SPENCER: Is there some trouble?
CROSSLAND: I'd prefer to speak to the person in charge.
SPENCER: Well that's Captain Blade. He's um, just returned from one flight - he's taking off for another. He's rather busy at the moment.
CROSSLAND: Perhaps I could go out to the plane.

(It is quite obvious that CROSSLAND has no intention of being put off.)

SPENCER: I'll err, have to see about that. Just a moment please.

(...and he disappears into the back of the kiosk.)


(SPENCER switches on a monitor and BLADE's face appears.)

SPENCER: A detective wants to see you.
BLADE: Does he suspect anything?
SPENCER: I don't know.
BLADE: All right, send him over to the plane. We'll deal with him.


(This time the DOCTOR and JAMIE are searching the Chameleon hangar office while SAMANTHA goes off to telephone her worried parents. JAMIE stares at the wall, then gives the DOCTOR a disbelieving look.)

JAMIE: Are you sure this is the right room, Doctor?
DOCTOR: Jamie, have you ever known me to be mistaken?
JAMIE: (Emphatically.) Aye.
DOCTOR: Hey. Now watch out.
JAMIE: What?
DOCTOR: That's the wall the gas-nozzles came out of.
JAMIE: Well, there's nothing here now!

(The DOCTOR checks the wall.)

DOCTOR: You're right. Well that's clever. That's very clever. Oh well, makes life simpler for us. Now...

(He moves to the wall.)

DOCTOR: ...the man I froze came from here somewhere.
JAMIE: Aye, he would. A solid wall.
DOCTOR: Well somewhere in that solid wall there's a door.
JAMIE: Aye, and we still haven't found Ben and Polly. What do you think's happened to them?
DOCTOR: I don't know. P.. p.. perhaps if we find that... that door, we'll find them. Come on, you take that end and I'll take this.

(He points to different ends of the wall.)

JAMIE: Right.

(JAMIE and the DOCTOR start removing various items from shelves along the walls.)

DOCTOR: We must hurry. Inspector Crossland's keeping them busy at the moment, but he'll be no match for them. If he presses them too far...


(CROSSLAND is standing in the small but full first class section, just behind the flight deck. From the main section of the plane there comes the low hum of chatter and occasionally a burst of laughter. The rest of the plane is full of excited young people. Captain BLADE is standing by the doorway to the flight deck with ANN DAVIDSON, now in the uniform of a stewardess who is now taking passengers' coats.)

BLADE: You'll find that the whole plane conforms strictly to the International Standards of air safety. I can't think why anybody should have complained about us?
CROSSLAND: Did I say anyone had complained? I'm not enquiring about safety. My enquires are about a missing boy, a passenger on one of your flights, and there's also the business of a colleague of mine, Detective Inspector Gascoigne, who was last seen in your hangar. He's believed to have been murdered.
BLADE: That is indeed a much more serious matter.
CROSSLAND: Aye, I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to hold up this flight a while, while I ask you some questions. If you wouldn't mind coming to the Commandant's office?
BLADE: Well if you'll just excuse me for a moment, Inspector, I... have some... arrangements to make.

(He goes through into the flight deck and ANN DAVIDSON follows, going passed CROSSLAND.)

ANN DAVIDSON: Excuse me, please.
CROSSLAND: Aye, I'm sorry lass.

(CROSSLAND waits for a minute or two, thinks about lighting his pipe and then suddenly becomes aware of a rising hum of engine noise. They are about to take off! CROSSLAND hurries to the flight deck, throws open the door and steps inside.)


CROSSLAND: Captain Blade...

(He brakes off. BLADE is waiting for him to one side of the door, a strangely-shaped pistol in his hand. With numbed astonishment, CROSSLAND realises it must be some kind of ray gun. However, the biggest shock is that the plane doesn't have the usual controls - no steering controls, nothing except instruments and controls which don't look like they belong in a plane.)

BLADE: I shouldn't move any further if I were you. This gun proved remarkably effective in dealing with your colleague, Inspector Gascoigne.
CROSSLAND: (Dully.) You killed him.
BLADE: Unfortunately an error. You Earth men are more use to us alive. Sit down there!

(He gestures towards a chair at the rear of the flight deck. CROSSLAND sits, and immediately ANN DAVIDSON operates a control in the back of the chair. Metal clamps slide out, fastening CROSSLAND firmly in place.)

BLADE: That's better. (To ANN) This Earthman is a particularly fine specimen, don't you think?
ANN DAVIDSON: Perhaps the Director himself.
BLADE: Exactly.
CROSSLAND: Look, I don't know what you two are planning for me, but I must warn you of the long arm of the British law.
BLADE: I don't think it'll reach where you're going.

(He moves a microphone to his face.)

BLADE: Chameleon Flight four-one-three to control. Request start up.


(At last the DOCTOR has realised that one of the box-files is fixed to the shelf it stands on. He pulls it to the left, and the secret door slides open.)

DOCTOR: Jamie, look!
JAMIE: Hey...

(The DOCTOR and JAMIE enter the little control room and look around. The DOCTOR goes to the corner cabinet and opens it. There is nothing inside but a chair.)

JAMIE: What's that, Doctor.

(The DOCTOR sniffs the atmosphere inside the little chamber.)

DOCTOR: Someone who's not used to the Earth's atmosphere. Very interesting...

(He turns around.)

DOCTOR: Ah, TV monitor set. Let's see what we can see.

(The DOCTOR looks at the monitor screens and begins fiddling with their controls. One screen lights up, showing SPENCER at the kiosk talking earnestly to a young traveller. Another shows them a room holding some kind of medical equipment.)

JAMIE: Hey, wh... what's that?
DOCTOR: Well it looks like a hospital. Jamie, we're getting warmer, which is a change from the last time I was here. Come on. Let's see if there's a first aid post in Gatwick Airport.


(SPENCER has finished with his young traveller and is making a routine check of the office monitors. To his rage and astonishment, one of them shows the DOCTOR and JAMIE leaving the hidden control room. Angrily, SPENCER takes the black transmitter box from his pocket. On the monitor he can see the DOCTOR and JAMIE in the office. He hears JAMIE's voice.)

JAMIE: Should we clear up the mess, Doctor?
DOCTOR: No. Let's get along to the first aid post.

(They go out into the hangar, and SPENCER picks them up on another monitor. As they reach the bottom of the steps he activates the transmitter - and smiles as the DOCTOR suddenly staggers and collapses.)


(JAMIE looks on in horror as the DOCTOR writhes on the floor. He seems to be pawing feebly at his lapel.)

DOCTOR: My back!
JAMIE: What?!

(It takes JAMIE a second or two to find the device behind the lapel. When he does, he snatches it away, giving a cry of pain as he hurls it from him. The device obviously burned the Scot as though it was red hot. The DOCTOR slumps back unconscious, white-faced and still.)


(ANN DAVIDSON moves along the cabin, towards the flight deck, attending to the passengers as she goes.)

ANN DAVIDSON: Please take a...

(One of the passengers takes something from a tray.)

ANN DAVIDSON: Thank you. You can unfasten your seat belts now. Thank you.

(ANN moves further down.)

ANN DAVIDSON: Thank you. Everything's alright?


(ANN DAVIDSON comes back onto the flight deck.)

BLADE: Good.

(BLADE switches on a monitor above his head, and CROSSLAND, still clamped helplessly in his chair, looks down the long central aisle, with row upon row of young passengers on either side. They sit docilely in their places. BLADE turns to CROSSLAND and smiles.)

BLADE: You wanted to know what was the secret of Chameleon Tours. Well Inspector, see for yourself!

(BLADE pulls a lever in the control panel in front of him. CROSSLAND stares at the monitor in unbelieving horror. Suddenly the rows and rows of seats are empty. The entire plane-load of passengers has disappeared...)

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