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first broadcast - 24th December 1966
running time - 23mins 41secs


(POLLY walks across the darkened moor in what she hopes is the direction of the cottage. Unnerved by the eerie sounds of the night, she considers back tracking to the cave. She begins to panic, sure that she is being stalked. Suddenly the ground gives way...)


(...and she tumbles into a pit. Realising that she has fallen into an animal trap about ten foot deep, she attempts to scramble out. Looking up at the edge of the pit she sees a hand clutching a dagger.)


(POLLY screams.)

POLLY: Don't.

(Then the owner of the dagger appears. It's KIRSTY!)

KIRSTY: It's yourself!
POLLY: (Surprised and then cross.) Oh, you! Of course it's myself. Who did you think it was?
KIRSTY: I thought a redcoat had fallen into the animal trap.
POLLY: By the look on your face I'm glad it wasn't. Come on. Help me out of here.
KIRSTY: Well, look, give me your hand then.

(They grab hands, and KIRSTY begins to try to pull POLLY out.)

POLLY: Wait a minute, I can't...
KIRSTY: Well, come on.
POLLY: Pull!
KIRSTY: I'm pulling!

(KIRSTY screams as POLLY's slightly heavier weight pulls her into the pit as well.)

POLLY: Are you hurt?
KIRSTY: Oh, no. Just a... a wee bruise or two and lots of dirt. Now we're both trapped.
POLLY: No we're not! Even your dour Scots lassies must have played piggy-back.
KIRSTY: What? I don't understand.
POLLY: Well, you bend down and I climb on top of you and scramble up. Look, I'll show you.
POLLY: Bend down here a minute. All right. Why can't you...

(KIRSTY bends and POLLY manages to climb onto her shoulders. KIRSTY tries to rise but finds it difficult with POLLY's weight on her back.)

POLLY: You okay?
KIRSTY: Quick, will ye! You're no light weight. Oh, go on. Hurry! Come on.

(POLLY, at the top, starts looking about for a handhold for pulling herself up. However when she looks about to see if it is safe, she sees a light bobbing down the nearby path. Soon the owners of the light appear - English soldiers.)

POLLY: Shh! There's a light. Soldiers!

(POLLY climbs down to rejoin KIRSTY.)

KIRSTY: Redcoats? Oh, we're cornered.
POLLY: No we're not. They'll soon pass.

(Above them, a very weary Lieutenant ALGERNON FFINCH. He is leaning on a soldier while attending to one of his boot heels. The soldier that is supporting him stumbles and ALGERNON falls forward.)

ALGERNON: (To the other soldiers.) Halt! (To his helper.) You dolt.

(This causes ALGERNON to explode with fury to the rest of his soldiers.)

ALGERNON: Couldn't catch a couple of wenches, could you? Call yourselves soldiers? The terror of the Highlands? You wouldn't frighten an one-armed dairy maid.

(He sits down and then turns to his helper.)

ALGERNON: Well, I've done enough walking for one day. Go and fetch my horse. If you're not back within one hour, three-hundred lashes apiece. Imbeciles! Give the lantern to me. I don't want to be left here in the dark. Right then. March!

(The other soldiers march off, leaving ALGERNON on his own by a stone wall. Meanwhile, in the pit, POLLY and KIRSTY have heard every word.)

KIRSTY: He's staying there!

(She starts to cry.)

POLLY: (Starting to get angry again.) Oh, not again! Didn't the women of your age do anything but cry?
POLLY: It doesn't matter. Listen, I've got an idea. Since our officer has so obligingly parked himself outside our pit, we'll lure him in to join us.
KIRSTY: (Starting to cheer up.) Oh, glory!
POLLY: We'll be able to deal with him. Now, this is what we are gonna do...

(Soon, at the top of the pit.)

KIRSTY: (OOV.) Help!
ALGERNON: (Putting down his chicken leg and standing up.) What's that?

(KIRSTY and POLLY make more "help" and owl noises to lure ALGERNON over - who then screams as he falls into pit. Immediately, KIRSTY pulls ALGERNON's gun from his grasp. ALGERNON spots POLLY and then tries to move, but feels the cold feel of steel behind him.)

KIRSTY: Move and I'll blow your brains out.
POLLY: She will too, so you better keep still. (To KIRSTY.) I'm going to take the sash for his feet and you take the belt for his wrists.
ALGERNON: Outrageous! Do you know that for assaulting a King's Officer you could...
POLLY: I know. But you're not in charge now. (To KIRSTY.) The next thing is his pockets.
KIRSTY: Och, no!
POLLY: Look, he's probably got money and we need it.
ALGERNON: You can't mean to rob me!
KIRSTY: Look, you and your kind have robbed our glens! Look, he's got...

(She finds the food in his pocket.)

KIRSTY: ...he's got food. Chicken and bread.
POLLY: Great! Now, my gallant officer...
ALGERNON: I've done you no harm!
KIRSTY: 'Tis no thanks to you that my father and Jamie weren't hanged. They're probably rotting in gaol in Inverness by now.


(BEN, JAMIE, the DOCTOR and COLIN are now in a room like a medieval dungeon. The walls ooze damp and are covered in green moss. Water is beginning to seep in through cracks in the rough stone walls. Illumination comes from a spluttering tar torch stuck in a bracket beside the door. Above them is a iron grille and through that the back of a SENTRY. JAMIE is by the LAIRD and as BEN looks on, the DOCTOR looks quite comfortable on a wooden bench.)

BEN: Look after him, mate. He'll be all right. Okay, mate, okay. Take it easy, take it easy. Sit down.
COLIN: We don't know yet.
BEN: A right rat hole this is, isn't it?
JAMIE: Oh, King George has worse than this, never fear.
BEN: Yeah, well, I'm glad Polly's out of it. Why did we ever get mixed up in this, Doctor?
DOCTOR: I'm glad we did. I'm just beginning to enjoy myself. (Clears his throat.) Down with King George!

(There are cheers and laughter from the other prisoners.)

SENTRY: Silence you Jacobite pigs. You don't want to feel this bayonet?
JAMIE: Oh, enjoy yourselves. So you are for the Prince after all?
DOCTOR: No, not really. I just like hearing the echo, that's all. Let's have a look at his wound, shall we?

(The DOCTOR examines the wounds on the Laird, COLIN, by pulling COLIN's plaid aside to look at the shoulder wound.)

JAMIE: Would you not be letting him now?
DOCTOR: With care that'll heal.
JAMIE: (Amazed at what the DOCTOR is doing.) Och, here's you saying you're a doctor, you've not even bled him yet.
BEN: (To the DOCTOR.) What's he on about?
DOCTOR: Bloodletting.
BEN: Yeah, but that's stupid.
JAMIE: It's the only way of curing the sick.
BEN: Killing him, more like. He's lost enough blood already.

(To BEN's surprise, the DOCTOR brings out a small telescope from one of his pockets and looks through the telescope, through the grille, at the stars in the night sky.)

DOCTOR: (After examining the stars.) Oh, Isis and Osiris, is it meet? Aquarius, Aries, Taurus...
JAMIE: Oh, aye.
BEN: (To the DOCTOR.) Now what are you mumbling about?
JAMIE: Whist, man.
DOCTOR: Gemini and Taurus. (To JAMIE.) When was the Laird born?
JAMIE: In the fifth month.
DOCTOR: That's what I thought. Now, blood letting must wait until Taurus is in the ascendant. So it is willed.
BEN: You don't believe all that codswallop, do you?
DOCTOR: Of course I do! So does he. He's never heard of germs.
JAMIE: What was that word?
DOCTOR: It's a secret word.

(The DOCTOR winks at BEN, who catches on.)

BEN: Yeah, germs, all around us.

(JAMIE looks fearfully about the walls expecting to see germs climbing up the doors and about to attack them.)

DOCTOR: Used by German doctors.
JAMIE: Oh, Ger-man. Germs.
DOCTOR: Yes. Have you got a handkerchief, Ben?
BEN: Yeah, here.

(He passes a small pocket handkerchief over to the DOCTOR.)

JAMIE: (Looking at the pocket handkerchief.) Och, that wee lassie's 'kerchief? Here, Doctor, use mine.

(JAMIE reaches into his shirt and pulls out a bit of linen which he passes to the DOCTOR.)

DOCTOR: Thank you. Just a fresh dressing.

(The DOCTOR puts the handkerchief in water.)

DOCTOR: Hello, what's this?

(Together BEN and the DOCTOR unwrap COLIN's plaid and pull out a large, square silk standard, heavily embroidered and ornate, with silken tassels. The DOCTOR holds it up and JAMIE's eyes nearly jump out of his head.)

JAMIE: Prince Charlie's personal standard.
BEN: Well what's he doing with it?
JAMIE: Protecting it! Now put it back will ye. If a sentry saw it...
DOCTOR: No wait!

(The DOCTOR takes it, opens his coat, and wraps it around his body, then buttons his coat again. The floppy, disreputable frock coat the DOCTOR wears looks little different for the addition.)

JAMIE: What are you doing?
DOCTOR: What chance do you think he has of evading the gallows with this on him?
JAMIE: Well...
DOCTOR: Besides, it's really rather nice and warm. Let's have a tune to cheer us all up.

(JAMIE reaches inside and pulls out a playing pipe. BEN groans.)

BEN: Yeah, I didn't think we'd heard the last of that.

(JAMIE starts to blow into the pipe and a lively tune starts up.)

SENTRY: Silence!
JAMIE: Whist, man!

(JAMIE stops but the DOCTOR rounds on him.)

DOCTOR: Well, you're a loyal Jacobite, aren't you? This is your tune. (To the other prisoners.) Come on everybody, join in.

(Soon everybody is chanting along with the tune.)

SENTRY: Silence, I say! I warned you rebels once! Now we'll see what a touch of the bayonet will do.

(The prisoners drown out his shouts with their singing as the SENTRY turns and runs towards the staircase leading down to the cell. The DOCTOR immediately pulls the pipe from JAMIE's lips and the young Scot hides it away as the SENTRY unlocks the door and enters the cell.)

SENTRY: (Pointing his gun at the DOCTOR.) Now then! You!

(The DOCTOR slips back into his "German" voice.)

DOCTOR: Ah, thank heavens. Did you hear that tune?
SENTRY: Heard a rebel dirge.
DOCTOR: They were singing it to drive me m... out of my mind. As I'm a loyal subject to King George the Second!
SENTRY: Now what's that got to do with me?
DOCTOR: They know of a plot to murder your general, the Duke of Cumberland.
JAMIE: What!

(Angry mutterings from the rest of the prisoners.)

BEN: Oh come off it, Doctor!
JAMIE: I knew he was not one of us!
DOCTOR: Take me to solicitor Grey. Perhaps we're in time to prevent it!
SENTRY: Why didn't you speak about this before?
DOCTOR: Well, it's only just discovered! That rogue is party to it!

(The DOCTOR points at JAMIE, who, furious, flings himself forwards to throttle the DOCTOR, but the SENTRY intercepts him with a bayonet levelled at his chest. All this happens over shouts of protest. The DOCTOR gives BEN a quick wink to prove that it was a trick and then walks out of the door. The SENTRY backs out and slams the door behind him.)

BEN: (Nodding approvingly at JAMIE.) Well done, mate.
JAMIE: (Rounding on BEN.) What do you mean? Why don't you go and join your friend?
BEN: Oh, calm down. Can't you see it was all a fiddle?
JAMIE: Fiddle?
BEN: Well, a trick. A ruse, to get out of here.
JAMIE: I don't understand you.
BEN: Oh, blimey, look. Outside he's got a chance to get away and rescue us. What chance do you think he's got paddling around in here?
JAMIE: Aye, nevertheless, I'm still worried.
BEN: Now don't you worry about him, mate. Worry about us. See that line?

(He points up to a dark line which runs all the way around the circular cell.)

BEN: Well that's where the water level comes up to, and tonight is not my bath night.


(In the light from the lantern, POLLY is counting out ALGERNON's money.)

POLLY: ...seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty. Twenty guineas. (Looking up at KIRSTY.) How far do you think it will get us?
KIRSTY: I've never seen so much money in all my days.
ALGERNON: You'll both hang for this, you know?
POLLY: You're very fond of hanging, aren't you Mr... Hey, what's your name?
ALGERNON: I refuse to tell you.
POLLY: Oh, we're very brave all of a sudden. Watch him, Kirsty. He must have some form of... Aha, yes.

(POLLY searches ALGERNON, and beneath his waistcoat finds a large, crescent-shaped, identity disk, as worn by all English Soldiers. POLLY pulls it out and reads.)

POLLY: Algernon Thomas Alfred Ffinch. Two 'f's! Lieutenant in the Honourable Colonel Atwood's Rifles. So, I bet the Colonel would be highly interested to hear how his Lieutenant 'F'-finch was captured by two girls.
ALGERNON: (His eyes widen in fear.) You would not tell.
POLLY: Oh, wouldn't we! Give me the knife, Kirsty.
ALGERNON: What are you going to do?
POLLY: Never fear, Algernon Thomas 'F'-finch, we're just after a small souvenir, that's all.

(POLLY cuts off a bit of ALGERNON's real hair from beneath his wig.)

POLLY: There we are, this piece of hair and this disk will be proof enough. In case the Colonel doesn't believe us.
KIRSTY: (Watching all this with amazement.) But... but why do we need an ally in the enemy camp?
POLLY: And I think we've found one. Right, Algernon?

(ALGERNON realises what she means.)

ALGERNON: It's sheer blackmail!
POLLY: Right again. Come on, Kirsty, let's go before his officer soldiers get back. Bye bye, Algy dear. We'll be seeing you in Inverness. Come on, Kirsty. Up you go. All right?
KIRSTY: Oh no. I...

(KIRSTY rises on POLLY's shoulders and prepares to swing out.)

4. INN

("The Sea Eagle" is a large handsome timbered building, used mainly by English Soldiers. In a room at the back of the Inn are GREY, PERKINS and a middle-aged man with a deeply lined face with a scar running across the forehead. This is Captain TRASK, master of the brig "Annabelle".)

TRASK: Well, lawyer, my old cattle boat's ready for its livestock.

(PERKINS starts to laugh, but sharp looks from GREY and TRASK kill his laughter.)

TRASK: Belay there! What in thunder are you laughing at?
GREY: It will be no laughing matter for any of us if we are caught, I can assure you. That is why we must begin loading the prisoners tonight.
TRASK: Tonight!?
GREY: Before the judges are ready to try the rebels, we'll have them all safely on plantations.
TRASK: Arh. A Highlander will do twice the work of one of your black slaves.
PERKINS: At least twice.
TRASK: (Glaring at PERKINS.) Who asked for your opinion?
GREY: Silence, Captain! I will not have my clerk bullied. I have enough evidence on you to send you to the gallows ten times over. And don't you forget it!

(There is a knock on the door.)

GREY: Come in! Well?

(The SENTRY from the prison pops his head around the door.)

SENTRY: One of the prisoners, sir. He insists on seeing you. Says he has some important information about a plot against the Duke's life, sir.
GREY: Why come to me?
SENTRY: Says he won't speak to no one else but you, sir.
GREY: Which prisoner is it?
SENTRY: The German doctor, sir.
GREY: Ah, interesting. Bring him in at once!

(The SENTRY salutes, but makes no move to go.)

GREY: Well man, what are you waiting... (Realising what the SENTRY is waiting for.) Perkins.

(PERKINS pays the guard, who then leaves.)

GREY: Now, gentlemen, I suggest you start loading the prisoners at once. Here is your warrant.

(He passes a piece of paper tied by a ribbon to TRASK.)

GREY: And to avoid comment, you better take them the back way.

(The door opens again and the SENTRY enters again.)

SENTRY: The prisoner, sir.

(He shows the DOCTOR in.)

GREY: Perkins. Trask.

(TRASK and PERKINS nod, rise and leave, watched by the DOCTOR.)

DOCTOR: Auf Wiederseh'n.

(GREY opens the leather case in front of him and brings out a small, silver-mounted flintlock pistol. He looks at it for a minute and then puts it down on the table in front of him and then nods to the SENTRY.)

GREY: You may go.

(The SENTRY leaves.)

GREY: Now, Doctor - your story. I hope it is an entertaining one. It has cost me a silver shilling. Very well then, what is the nature of this plot?

(The DOCTOR speaks, still in his "German" voice.)

DOCTOR: There is no plot.

(For a minute, GREY looks surprised, then his face darkens.)

GREY: Have a care, Doctor. You waste my time at your peril.
DOCTOR: Would the chance to lay your hands on 15,000 be a waste of your time?
GREY: (Laughs.) What would a vagabond like you know of such a sum, pray?

(The DOCTOR glances around, then opens his coat and starts to unwrap the Prince's silk standard from around his waist. GREY snatches up the pistol and levels it at him, but the DOCTOR continues to unwrap it and then holds up the standard.)

DOCTOR: The personal standard of Prince Charles Edward.

(GREY takes it from him and examines it.)

GREY: Indeed.
DOCTOR: Whoever was entrusted with this standard stood closest to the councils of the Prince, you would agree?
GREY: Umm.
DOCTOR: He would also know where the Prince was most likely to run to.
GREY: Which prisoner carried this standard?
DOCTOR: That must remain my secret for the time being.

(GREY looks up sharply.)

GREY: There are ways to force your tongue.
DOCTOR: But why employ them, since we are both on the same side? The 30,000 reward for the capture of the Prince is surely enough to satisfy both of us.

(GREY comes about and searches the DOCTOR's face.)

GREY: Arh, you have some fresh information as to his whereabouts?

(The DOCTOR leans forward.)

DOCTOR: I am on the track of some, but I need a free hand.

(As GREY leans forward to hear the DOCTOR's muttered confidence, the DOCTOR yanks the standard from the table over GREY's head, snatches up the pistol and starts forward.)

GREY: Ahh!
DOCTOR: Don't cry out. I'm not very expert with these things and it just might go off in your face. Turn around and put your hands behind you.
GREY: You'll pay for this!
DOCTOR: Just keep very still. There, now turn around.

(The DOCTOR turns GREY around and ties him up with the Prince's standard, and then takes the handkerchief out of his pocket as he pushes GREY back into his chair. As GREY starts to open his mouth again...)

DOCTOR: Why, great heavens, man, your throat.
GREY: What?
DOCTOR: It's so swollen. Does it hurt you?
GREY: No of course not.
DOCTOR: Say "ahh".
GREY: What?
DOCTOR: "Ahh".
GREY: Ahh. Oh!

(GREY opens his mouth wide and the DOCTOR stuffs the handkerchief into it.)

DOCTOR: I've never seen a silent lawyer before.

(There is a knock at the door, and for a second the DOCTOR panics. Then he spots a large cupboard in the corner, which contains some cleaning gear. The DOCTOR yanks the door open.)

DOCTOR: Would you mind just, ah, waiting in here? Another patient, you understand?

(He pulls GREY into the cupboard and closes the door on the lawyer's outraged face. He latches the door, goes back to the table, and sits beside it.)

DOCTOR: Enter.

(The door open and PERKINS comes in. His face turns to astonishment when he sees who is behind the desk.)

PERKINS: Oh, ah, pardon, I thought that...
DOCTOR: You thought what?
PERKINS: The, ah... the Solicitor?
DOCTOR: Your master is a very sick man. He's gone to lie down. It lucky for him I was called in time.

(As he speaks, the DOCTOR stands up and stares across at PERKINS, who shrinks back from the DOCTOR's intense gaze.)

DOCTOR: Well, great heavens man, your eyes!

(PERKINS nearly jumps out of his skin.)

DOCTOR: Your eyes. Come over here, to the light. Your eyes, man.

(The DOCTOR strides around the table, pushes PERKINS back over the table and, bringing out a magnifying glass from his capacious pockets, he begins to examine PERKINS' eyes.)

DOCTOR: You suffer from headaches?
PERKINS: No I don't.

(The DOCTOR bangs Perkins' head on the table.)

DOCTOR: Oh dear. No headaches?
PERKINS: Well, uh. Oh!
DOCTOR: Oh dear. (Fiercely.) You call me a liar?
PERKINS: Well, no, no, no, no. Me head does ache.
DOCTOR: Of course it does, what did you expect? Your eyes.
PERKINS: M... m... me eyes! W... w... what did you find?
DOCTOR: Print blindness. You read too much.
PERKINS: Well, t'is true, I'm a clerk. What must I do?
DOCTOR: You must rest them, for at least an hour.
PERKINS: But, I...
DOCTOR: That is my prescription. Ignore it at your peril! Now, lie down on the table. That's right. And put this over your eyes and rest them for at least an hour.

(PERKINS lies back on the table. The DOCTOR removes the little man's cravat and ties it around his eyes. The DOCTOR then starts to tiptoe back towards the door, leaving the clerk on the table. As he does so, a muffled thumping comes from the cupboard.)

PERKINS: What's that knocking?
DOCTOR: Knocking, it's not knocking, it's in your mind. In your eyes. Now rest your eyes, and the knocking will grow fainter, and fainter, and fainter. One hour, remember.
PERKINS: One hour, Doctor. One hour.

(The DOCTOR blows him a kiss and then leaves. The muffled knocking from the cupboard grows louder.)


(ALGERNON, after having a rough night sleeping in the pit, hears voices from above.)

ALGERNON: Sergeant!
SERGEANT: Where are you sir? I can't quite see you.
ALGERNON: I'm down here, man!

(ALGERNON looks up and sees the SERGEANT looking down on him. He is surrounding by two other soldiers, all laughing their heads off.)

SERGEANT: Oh, there you are, sir.
ALGERNON: What took you so long, you jackanapes?
SERGEANT: Well, we made the best time we could in the dark, sir. It's hard to see our way, you see?
ALGERNON: Well don't just stand there. Get me out of this infernal hole!
SERGEANT: All right you two, I'll handle this. You go and stand guard by the Lieutenant's horse.
ALGERNON: (Commanding voice.) Well, come on, man. Help me out!
SERGEANT: (Looking down into the pit.) Well, it's, ah... it's very deep, sir.
ALGERNON: (Getting annoyed.) Get me out at once or I'll order you five hundred lashes apiece!
SERGEANT: Oh, don't misunderstand me, sir. I'm willing enough to try, but you see, ah... we're not used to pulling officers out of pits.
ALGERNON: Confound it, man, what are you jabbering about?
SERGEANT: Well, I mean to say, sir, you see, ah... Officers don't usually fall into pits.

(ALGERNON finally sees what the SERGEANT means. He is asking for a bribe to get ALGERNON out.)

ALGERNON: You'll regret this, Sergeant.
SERGEANT: Ah, ah, this isn't me, sir. You see, it's the men I'm thinking about. I mean, they're not used to it, like. I mean, ah, they're going to be very slow, sir. And they're going to be very dry.
ALGERNON: (Searching his pockets.) I see! Well, here's some money to drink with and I hope it chokes you!

(Then he realises that POLLY and KIRSTY have taken all his money.)

ALGERNON: Stab me. (Trying to cover this up to the SERGEANT.) You'll, ah, get it when we return to Inverness. Well, for the last time, man, get me out of here.

(The SERGEANT starts to scramble down over the edge of the pit.)

6. INN

(TRASK enters the room where he earlier left GREY.)

TRASK: We've started shipping them across.

(He takes in the scene of PERKINS lying on the desk.)

TRASK: What in thunder?
PERKINS: I'm resting me eyes.
TRASK: Damn your eyes. Where's your master?

(The banging from the cupboard suddenly resumes, louder than ever.)

PERKINS: The Doctor says he must rest too.
TRASK: Rest?

(He goes to the cupboard, opens it and looks down on GREY.)

TRASK: Now what have we here then? A pretty sight you look, lawyer. And what might this be a cure for - St. Vitus's Dance?
GREY: Oh, release me you fool.

(Laughing, TRASK does so, and GREY marches over to the now shaking PERKINS.)

GREY: You let him escape!
PERKINS: Well, I didn't know. I... i... it's me head.
GREY: (Foreboding.) One more such folly, t'will need no further cures.

(TRASK examines GREY's rope and is astonished to see what it is.)

TRASK: The Prince's standard!
GREY: Aye, he used that to trick me with. He won't get far. Perkins, summon the watch! (To TRASK.) And you, get those prisoners aboard before the soldiers get here.


(PERKINS, relieved to have got off so lightly, scurries away down the corridor, looking for some SOLDIERS. As he runs past the scullery, he fails to spot the DOCTOR crouched under a table laden with dirty, greasy pewter and wooden platters. At the sink there is a large, red faced buxom woman (MOLLIE) working a pump handle and dipping the dishes in the cold stream. Suddenly a ROUGH VOICE comes down the corridor.)

ROUGH VOICE: (OOV.) Mollie, where are ye?
MOLLIE: All right, all right.
MOLLIE: Quist your noise, I'm coming.

(Once MOLLIE is out of sight, the DOCTOR creeps out of hiding. Apart from the tubs, the DOCTOR spots a long clothes line by the main fireplace. To his disgust, the DOCTOR sees that all the clothes on it are female: large gowns, petticoats, aprons - some plain, some embroidered. The DOCTOR shrugs and turns to the door, but then turns back and, after looking around again, takes his coat off and starts taking some of the clothes off the line.)

(Meanwhile, MOLLIE, carrying another batch of dirty clothes, comes down the corridor, and is surprised to see a woman leaving the scullery. She is wearing a mob cap which almost completely covers her face, a gown, an apron, and a large cloak thrown about her shoulder. The woman is obviously quite aged and hobbles along towards the washerwoman. MOLLIE passes her and then turns round and stares at the stranger.)

ROUGH VOICE: (OOV.) There must be some grub around here somewhere.

(MOLLIE shrugs and turns back to her work.)


(TRASK is walking along the upper level of the jail, looking down at the unfortunate prisoners beneath. Some soldiers are waking them up for TRASK's inspection.)

TRASK: That's two of them, and room for one more. (Pointing to another.) Here!
SENTRY: (Shoving the one TRASK has chosen.) Oi, you, come on.

(He checks him, but finds he is dead.)

SENTRY: He's done for.
TRASK: The next one, you swarb.

(He takes three more steps and then looks down into the next cell. BEN, JAMIE and COLIN are now standing on the top step. The water has already risen to their waists. TRASK points to them.)

SENTRY: (Pointing to JAMIE.) You. You'll do.
TRASK: Out with the others.
SENTRY: Come on, all three of you. Outside! Move!

(The SENTRY opens the door gingerly, sending the water swirling over two more steps. The three prisoners gratefully join him. They walk up the corridor, shivering and dripping. Beneath them, TRASK moves onto the next dungeon.)

TRASK: Pipe down there, you swine. Pipe down there, you hear?

(The three join the other chosen Highlanders.)

SENTRY: Now look lively!


(They start to march down the road, heading for the cluster of tall masts that indicates the river. As they pass the Inn, which is next door to a warehouse, an old woman staggers out and collides with the group of prisoners. BEN nearly knocks her over.)

BEN: Sorry.

(The "Woman" (AKA The DOCTOR.) pulls himself up and after a quick look at BEN hobbles away.)

TRASK: Watch your feet, you swarb. Out of the way you. (To the SENTRY.) Right, open up.

(The SENTRY unlocks the door and TRASK and the other guards start to shove the prisoners in. Behind them, the DOCTOR watches.)

SENTRY: Come on through. Get a move on, now. Get lively.

(As they enter the warehouse, BEN finds himself next to JAMIE. In the warehouse some guards remove some barrels and open a door, through which BEN and JAMIE can see wooden steps leading downwards.)

JAMIE: Where's your friend?
BEN: Polly? I don't know. Safe, I hope.
JAMIE: And Kirsty too, they're well out of it. But I mean the Doctor.
BEN: I dunno. He'll be here though, don't worry.
JAMIE: Yeah, in a wee moment it'll just be too late.

(TRASK spots them talking.)

TRASK: Silence, you two! Unless ye wants a taste of this!

(He waves his gun at them.)

TRASK: Right, you're all going down there. Right, Pat, down he goes.

(The Highlanders are marched down the steps.)


(The Highlanders are grouped at the bottom of the steps.)

SENTRY: (From above.) Right, Mr. Trask, that's the lot.

(The trapdoor is closed but, there is light from above.)

BEN: Well, where are you taking us?
TRASK: You'll find out soon enough.

(Soon the passageway leads to the river on which a medium-sized boat is floating up and down.)

JAMIE: You've not a mind to drown us, have you?
TRASK: Ha! Wouldn't pollute the firth with ye. Get in the boat.
BEN: Quick, we can make a break for it and swim!
JAMIE: I can't swim.
BEN: Now you tell me.
TRASK: (Bellowing at them.) In the boat! Right, off.

(BEN and JAMIE are forced into the boat which is then rowed off.)


(The barrels are put back into position as a "woman" enters the warehouse.)

SENTRY: All right, Fred. Come on, let's move.

(The DOCTOR tries to get in the way of the SENTRY but he tries to push her out of the way. The DOCTOR takes on a "old woman" type of voice.)

DOCTOR: But, officer...
SENTRY: Go away will you.
DOCTOR: (Holding up a bottle.) I've bought a wee drop of broth for Mr. Trask.
SENTRY: Well, he's not here, miss. He's gone. He's not here.

(The DOCTOR waves the bottle beneath the SENTRY's nose.)

DOCTOR: Will you have it officer? It's a pity to waste a nice hot broth.
SENTRY: Oh, all right, I'll have it. It's a cold night outside anyway.

(The DOCTOR gives the SENTRY the bottle. Another guard comes over to see what's going on.)

SENTRY: What are you looking at? There's not enough here for two. Go on, get back to your post! Go! Move!

13. SHIP

(TRASK climbs about the ship and then turns and shouts down at the Highlanders in the boat.)

TRASK: Belay there, you swabs! In case you're thinking of escaping, there's Jim Mews for ye.

(All eyes are on a bound figure of a man. He is tied by his hands.)

TRASK: He didn't find it an happy ship, so I'll find him another berth where he'll be happy!

(BEN and JAMIE watch as the man is pushed over board. The man crashes into the water. JAMIE and BEN wait for him to surface but he doesn't. Time goes by, but he still doesn't surface.)

TRASK: Once aboard the Anabelle, that's the only way you'll get off her. Straight downwards! Arh.

(The bubbles of the man trying to breathe underwater slowly trickle to a stop.)

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